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10 Surprising Benefits Of Probiotics

What are probiotics and more importantly, how can probiotics help you see superior success with your nutrition plan? If you are looking to take your health to a whole new level, one product that you will want to consider getting into place is probiotics. Most people don’t fully understand all the many benefits probiotics have…

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What are probiotics and more importantly, how can probiotics help you see superior success with your nutrition plan? If you are looking to take your health to a whole new level, one product that you will want to consider getting into place is probiotics.

Most people don’t fully understand all the many benefits probiotics have to offer and as such, write these off as something they really don’t need.

Don’t be mistaken. If you do not possess an appropriate level of healthy probiotics in your system, it is going to influence every single element of your overall well-being.

Probiotics are known as the “healthy bacteria” that resides in your digestive tract and assist with the proper breakdown and utilization of the foods you eat, as well as helping to foster a stronger immune system.

Few people realize that your gut makes up about 70% of your immune system overall, so if you are not tending to this element of your health, you may find that you fall ill far more frequently. In addition to that, it’s important to note that your gut is home to between 500 and 2000 different species of microorganisms, demonstrating just how diverse your gut biome really is.

To learn more about what probiotics are and how they can assist you, check out the video below.

So now that you have a primer on probiotics,  what benefits will they offer? Let’s look at 10 very good reasons why it’s critical that you get probiotics into your day.

1. The Production Of Enzymes That Destroy Harmful Bacteria

The first important benefit of these good probiotics is the fact they will help with the production of enzymes that destroy harmful bacteria in your body. It’s important that you achieve the proper balance between ‘good’ bacteria and ‘bad’ bacteria in your system.

When the levels of bad bacteria begin to overcrowd the levels of good bacteria you have, that’s when problems begin, leading to disease, digestive distress, and just a general feeling of being unwell.

Without the enzymes to destroy harmful bacteria, it’s quite easy for your numbers to grow rapidly, especially in today’s age where we are eating a diet that is so rich in processed foods.

The overconsumption of sugar, GMO foods, and grains are some of the top reasons that levels of good bacteria decrease.

2. Improved Immune Health       

As noted in the introduction, one of the most important roles of good bacteria in your body is keeping your immune system in tip-top shape.

Your immune system is responsible for fending off disease, accelerating the healing of damaged tissues and cells in the body, as well as keeping you feeling your best.

When your immune system is weakened (as it is sure to become when you have too much harmful bacteria in your gut), you are essentially inviting harmful bacteria to enter your body where they will multiply in number, contributing to the development of disease.

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Those who have poor immune health tend to fall ill with every cold and flu virus they encounter and in addition to that, may also be at an increased risk for autoimmune conditions as well.

While good lifestyle choices such as keeping your stress level low, getting enough sleep at night, and getting a dose of physical activity each and every day can go a long way towards boosting your immune health, getting adequate levels of good probiotics is one of the most beneficial things that you can do.

3. Reduced Gas

Without a doubt, one of the biggest reasons many people turn to probiotics in the first place is to deal with gas and digestive issues.

If you are suffering from gas on a day to day basis, this could be because your body isn’t breaking down the food you are eating as well as it should be. When the body takes longer to process the food due to a slow-moving digestive system, this produces gas as a byproduct.

When you supplement with probiotics, they will help with the entire digestive process ensuring things move along as quickly as possible, thus reducing the instance of gas you experience.

With a more complete breakdown of food, you’ll also have better overall bowel regularity, which can help with managing gas as well.

4. Optimized Vaginal Health

If you are a woman reading this, you may want to consider probiotics for what they can do for your vaginal health.

Most think that probiotics will mostly influence their gut health, but these healthy bacteria can also help to keep a good natural balance in the vaginal tract, reducing the risk for vaginosis, yeast infection, and urinary tract infection.

While there isn’t a lot of scientific literature out there yet to support this connection, many women do report eating probiotic-rich yogurt when they are suffering from yeast infections does help lower their degree of symptoms and shorten the duration of the infection.

5. Reduced Blood Pressure

One condition that’s currently running rampant in today’s society is high blood pressure. High blood pressure levels often come in conjunction with cardiovascular heart disease, diabetes, and in some cases, stroke.

If you eat a diet high in salt, over-consume processed and/or sugary carbohydrate-rich foods, or you are suffering from a high amount of stress in your day to day life, this can all lead to high blood pressure levels.

Fortunately, probiotics can help. Studies suggest that a particular strain of probiotics known as Lactobacillus reuteri can help lower LDL levels (bad cholesterol) by as much as 12 percent compared to taking a placebo.

The method by which this probiotic helps to decrease LDL is by breaking up bile salts in the liver, decreasing their reabsorption in the gut.

6. Prevents Tooth Decay

Turns out, probiotics might just make your dentist happy. While you may think the main importance of brushing your teeth each night is to avoid suffering from bad breath and cavities, there’s more to it than that.

Those with poor oral hygiene have been linked to many more serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and mothers who are suffering may also give birth to babies of low birth weight.

Probiotics,  the good bacteria, can help in killing the bad bacteria that lead to tooth decay, lessening the chances of gingivitis and the associated health conditions that go along with it.

7. Diarrhea

Diarrhea is another very unpleasant condition that many experience from time to time and when you have it, you want to get rid of it – IMMEDIATELY.

While popping a probiotic the day you are suffering is unlikely to lead to much improvement, if you make an effort to take a quality probiotic such as P3-OM on a regular basis, it can reduce the frequency of your bouts of diarrhea. And, if you do experience diarrhea, it can also help reduce the severity.

Those who are suffering from IBS related issues, leading to diarrhea can see great relief by including a good-quality probiotic as part of their everyday diet plan.

study published in the Journal Of The American Medical Association noted that those who took a probiotic were 42 percent less likely to develop diabetes compared to those who didn’t.

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8. Enhanced Skin Health In Children

Pregnant and hoping your child gets radiant, glowing skin? A probiotic may help – if you are someone who experiences eczema, that is.

Studies have suggested that when pregnant mothers use a probiotic during their pregnancy, the babies they give birth to are less at risk for developing eczema compared to those who did not supplement with a probiotic.

In addition to this, probiotics may also help improve your resilience against acne. A study published in the Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology journal found there is evidence demonstrating microorganisms in the human skin microbiome help fight pathogens and maintain homeostasis.

There is hope certain probiotics may help to protect against acne vulgaris and other skin diseases.

9. Improved Energy Level

Low levels of energy got you down? If you haven’t been feeling like your regular self lately and believe that your digestive health and gut environment is to blame, probiotics can help.

Without the proper breakdown and utilization of the food you are eating, it can be hard to achieve optimal energy levels. Think of it this way; you put a great deal of time and attention into ensuring that you eat right throughout the day.

But, if your body is not utilizing these nutrients as it should, what does this mean for your overall energy? It’s on a downward trend.

When you supplement with probiotics, digestion runs more smoothly, your body is at less of a risk for nutritional deficiency, and your overall energy levels go up.

It’s especially important for those who are exercising hard to consider supplementing with a probiotic. Because all of the exercise they are doing on a daily basis will begin to wear down their immune system.

We already spoke about the immune-probiotic connection, so athletes using probiotics should find they can bounce back faster between exercise sessions, maintaining higher energy levels for future workouts.

Probiotics won’t perform miracles – you do need to be eating right for maximum energy. However, they can certainly make difference once you start.

10. Weight Loss

Doctor measuring obese man waist body fat. Obesity and weight lo

The last benefit to note about probiotics is the fact they may help assist with weight loss results. It’s not the magical pill everyone hopes for that will make pounds just melt off your frame, but they can help make fat loss much easier.

Those who use probiotics will have a cleaner source of energy throughout the day, as mentioned before, which can help make getting through intense exercise sessions much easier.

Likewise, probiotics can also help lower gas and bloating, which don’t directly influence weight loss but do have an impact on your overall appearance. By taking probiotics and decreasing the level of bloating you are experiencing, it may look like you’ve just lost 10 pounds.

Finally, studies  also suggest being on a reduced-calorie diet to induce weight loss may have a negative influence on the level of good bacteria in the gut. Therefore, supplementing with probiotics will help you make up for this.

So, there you have ten very good reasons to consider supplementing with high-quality probiotics. They really are more than just a digestive aid. The right probiotic product such as P3-OM can take your health from good to great very quickly.

Probiotics impact just about every function of your body including your thought processes, energy levels, nutritional status, digestive health, and your immune system’s strength.

Isn’t it time you get these on your side?

Do you have any experiences with probiotics you’d like to share? Give us your story about how probiotics have influenced your life by commenting below.


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