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Probiotic Reviews: What To Look For, How To Read Them & What To Ignore

There are so many probiotic supplements on the market today, so you may be confused about which one is best for you. In your confusion, you have probably turned to probiotic reviews to answer some of your questions. The problem? Probiotic reviews tend to cause more confusion. Suddenly, there are terms and doses being thrown…

Best Probiotic reviews

There are so many probiotic supplements on the market today, so you may be confused about which one is best for you. In your confusion, you have probably turned to probiotic reviews to answer some of your questions. The problem? Probiotic reviews tend to cause more confusion. Suddenly, there are terms and doses being thrown around that you don’t quite understand. This is common – probiotics aren’t things that many of us have grown up with and we don’t know the verbiage as we might about other reviews that we read. At the same time, it is good to learn about probiotics and understand what they can do, what they can’t do, and what you can expect. You might want to read up on reviews that cover taking the probiotics for a longer period of time: reviewers that only took probiotics for a few days or even a few weeks might not be comprehensive.

If you want to take a probiotic to help with a certain condition, such as colic in infants, colds, allergies, anxiety, weight problems, irritable bowel syndrome, or something else altogether, you may search for reviews that specifically list those conditions. Those reviews probably don’t list clinical evidence, instead of relying on some anecdotal evidence from one or two sources.

Still, reading a probiotic review can be a difficult thing to do. What should you pay attention to? What should you ignore? Let’s break it down:

Probiotic Pills Reviews

Reading Probiotic Reviews: Look For the Benefits

When reading probiotic reviews, the first thing you ought to do is look at the benefits of that probiotic – if the benefits aren’t the results that you want, it is best to just move onto the next type.

The wide variety of gut flora that you have is absolutely unique to you – no one else will have that same composition. Your colon alone has billions of bacteria from the over 500 species that we know about (and probably more that we don’t know just yet). Each one of these has health benefits that may be similar, but their reactions in your system are unique. 

Some of the strains most commonly found in probiotic reviews include various strains of Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus, and Saccharomyces. Probiotics will contain a combination of those strains. Reviews might tell you which strains are more beneficial than others when it comes to certain conditions. You can get a good idea about whether or not you can expect to see relief by looking at those reviews and comparing the benefits to how you want to feel. 

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Probiotic Reviews Shouldn’t Guarantee How You Will Feel

Probiotic reviews generally don’t announce the health of the reviewer before he or she starts taking the supplement. Does she eat a balanced diet? Did he have stomach pain beforehand? Does she have a gluten sensitivity? Is he a vegetarian? All of these “little” facts will impact how you feel on a specific probiotic.

That is why you cannot always expect a probiotic review to forecast what your experience will be when or if you take them. If you already feel great, you may not see dramatic changes to how you feel, but you may see the benefits elsewhere: you may not get sick as much, your allergies won’t be as bad, or maybe you will just have more energy.

For those who don’t feel their best, they may see results much more quickly. Eventually, this will start to feel like the new normal.

Remember that there is always going to be a transition period when it comes to probiotics. You have to give your body some time to adjust to the addition to your diet. 

Know that sometimes you will see a noticeable increase in the amount of bloating and gas that you have and you may notice some changes in your bathroom habits. These are signs that the products are working.

Once you have started taking probiotics, it can be helpful to include beans, onions, bananas, and good sources of fiber into your diet to help them work.

Probiotic Reviews Can Exaggerate Side Effects

Probiotic reviews always try to exaggerate things and sensationalize them so that people will read them over and over again. It isn’t uncommon for a probiotic review to start with some overinflated anecdote about how they felt or what happened when they went to the bathroom. 

The truth is that, especially at the start, probiotics can have some side effects. You may have headaches or feel like you have allergy symptoms as you start, but that should clear out. However, there are some supplements that aren’t gluten-free or vegan which could be causing reactions for you. 

Now, probiotics can lead to diarrhea, gas, and bloating. This is especially common as your body is changing and adjusting to the intake. You shouldn’t experience these symptoms for a long time – once you’ve been cleared out, everything should return to a calm state. These are the symptoms that probiotic reviews tend to overinflate, but they won’t tell you how to help them – but we can. Make sure that you are drinking a lot of water (more than you would normally drink) and move more than you normally do. It can also help not to wear tight clothing.

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Probiotic Reviews: Do The Numbers Matter?

Often when you look at probiotic reviews, you will see a snapshot of information in an inset or a table – do not overlook this information. One of the most significant pieces of information is the number of colony-forming units (CFU) in one capsule. If the review doesn’t list the CFUs as at least 1-2 billion per day, find another probiotic. Some will go up to 20 billion. 

However, this one place that the reviews cannot help you apart from the facts. The amount of probiotics that it will take to make you feel better and see the benefits is something you may need to figure out on your own – and it may change over time. If you can, track the number of probiotic strains in the probiotics that you take so that you can monitor at which numbers you feel your best. Your microbiome changes over time, so you may need more or less depending on your diet, exercise levels, stress, and even the time of the year.

What Probiotic Reviews Sometimes Overlook: Guaranteed Viability

It is natural for bacteria to die over time. However, probiotic reviews should always include the potency of the capsules and shelf life. Probiotics sometimes sit in factories, delivery trucks, and then your cupboard for months. Even if you don’t take them every day (which you should) you should be certain that they will still be viable.

Reviews should tell you whether or not the manufacturers list their potency at the time of expiration, ensuring that you will get what you are actually paying for when it comes to the dosage. Avoid products that use a certain number of bacteria “at the time of manufacturing.” Instead, look for products that “best by,” “expires on,” or “take by,” with a specific date.

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Probiotic Prescription from doctor

Remember: Probiotic Reviewers Often Aren’t Scientists (Or Doctors)

It is important to remember that the people reviewing probiotics traditionally aren’t scientists or doctors – and that might be good in some cases. After all, we want the feedback to be understandable to everyone. Still, you do want to research the claims that are made in probiotic reviews. If something doesn’t seem correct to you, it probably isn’t. There are so many things that people write or assume about probiotics that are just wrong.

Of course, if you are looking at customer reviews of probiotics, you want to take all of that with a grain of salt as well. Just use your best judgment when you are reading reviews and always look at who supports those reviews – there are people and groups out there that do not want you to feel your best and take probiotics. Instead, they’d rather you use other means to handle your discomfort.

Best Probiotic reviews

What Probiotic Reviews Get Right

Of course, probiotic reviews do have value. They help to keep manufacturers honest about what is inside of their pills. Due to the popularity of probiotics, many companies are trying to sell probiotics that actually have many fewer CFUs than they say on the label. Some studies have found that certain probiotics actually contain only 5% of what they say. Reviews now contain scientific elements where they actually test the pills to ensure that what is inside of them is what is listed on the label. 

The companies that don’t have anything to worry about aren’t phased by this addition – in fact, we are happy to see these fraudulent supplements pointed out so that people don’t take them.

That being said, you should read reviews and get a better understanding of how probiotics helped people, how people took their probiotics, and how they stored them. You can glean quite a bit of information from probiotic reviews that can help you to make a transition to taking something that will help you with the discomfort you feel. 

Probiotic Reviews From BiOptimizers

In the end, you do want to be careful about how much information you glean from probiotic reviews. Even the best-reviewed probiotics may not give you the information that you want. Moreso, you want to look at the manufacturer’s website, read customer probiotic reviews, and do some investigation on your own. At the end of the day, you absolutely want to make your own review instead of relying on the thoughts of other people. Everyone has a unique microbiome and will react in different ways. We can predict how you will react and you can use customer reviews to guide your journey and talk to experts who work with probiotics, but the true review is one you have to do on your own. 

BiOptimizers has some of the best probiotic reviews that you can choose from in today’s market. Our capsules contain active strains that you need to feel better on a regular basis. They also make a great addition to your daily routine after an antibiotic regimen, health concerns, and other factors that leave your stomach feeling uneasy or upset. 

Adding probiotic capsules to your daily supplement intake can help you to eliminate many digestive and immune system concerns. Probiotics have been suggested for children, adults, pregnant women, those who are sick, and those who are healthy. You may want to talk to your doctor before starting a probiotic regime as well as read probiotic reviews to get an idea about what you want. For more information, feel free to contact us today.

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