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Are You Choosing The Wrong Probiotic Strain?

When it comes to optimizing your health, one thing that you must take into account is the probiotics you’re consuming. Sadly, many people overlook probiotics as part of their overall health picture. They focus on their calorie intake, their macronutrient breakdown, and the amount of sugar in their diet. While these are definitely all critical…

Probiotics word on tablet screen with medical equipment on background

Probiotics word on tablet screen with medical equipment on background

When it comes to optimizing your health, one thing that you must take into account is the probiotics you’re consuming. Sadly, many people overlook probiotics as part of their overall health picture.

They focus on their calorie intake, their macronutrient breakdown, and the amount of sugar in their diet. While these are definitely all critical things that must be accounted for, none of it really matters if you don’t have a healthy gut.

Maintaining good gut health means that your body is able to utilize the nutrients that you feed it, which would help to make the most of all those healthy foods. On top of that, sustaining a good gut environment also means you will sustain a strong and healthy immune system, which is the key to preventing diseases in the future.

So you might want to make it your mission to get some probiotics. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The fact is, not all probiotics are created alike and if you aren’t extra careful with yours, you may end up taking the wrong strain. Instead of taking a probiotic that will actually help improve your health significantly, you may end up taking a probiotic that really does nothing for you.

To help you better understand which probiotic strain you should be investing in, let’s take a closer look at this topic. Don’t be confused any longer.

The Problems With Many Probiotic Strains

Walk into any supplement store and you’re going to find some generic probiotic product on the shelf. The problem with these however is that often times these probiotics aren’t ideal for your gut environment.

Intense Gut Environment

Guts - Female Organs - Human Anatomy

Keep in mind that your gut environment isn’t all that friendly. It’s meant to be highly acidic, which helps with the breakdown of food and also helps to do its part in killing off invading organisms.

Sadly, often this also means probiotics themselves! Many probiotic strains do not actually survive stomach acid. Thus, they’re killed off before they can do you any good.

There’s nothing you can do about your stomach acid (nor should you want to!) so that means you need to find a probiotic strain that will be able to make it through the stomach alive.

Competition (Survival Of The Fittest)


You would think that all probiotics are out to work together to help achieve a common goal: make you healthier. This is not always the case however. The truth of the matter is that the various probiotics actually often end up killing each other, thus only certain varieties survive. Taking in the wrong types will kill off the types you need and now you have a problem.

When you consume ‘mixed bag’ types of probiotics that claim to have so many different stains, this is a common problem that you may run into. If you instead focus on just a single variety that does the job of all the most important kinds, you won’t have to worry about it being killed off as it travels your digestive tract.

Additives They Travel With

Now it’s time to talk about something other than the probiotics themselves. That is what many probiotics come with. When you take probiotics in yogurt for instance, you aren’t just getting the probiotics.

Instead, you’re getting what’s in the yogurt as well. Often this is a whole lot of sugar. Not only are you getting milk sugar, but you’re also often getting sugar that’s been added to help enhance the flavoring of the yogurt as well.

This added sugar can actually feed the bad bacteria in the gut, thus making it more likely that they kill off the good bacteria that you want. The end result is you have a very imbalanced gut environment where the bad bacteria have completely overtaken the good bacteria.

What’s more is that when the yogurt is pasteurized, this essentially kills off all the good bacteria that may be present. Keep in mind that pasteurization was created to help kill off those bad bacteria, making the dairy safe to consume. While that’s a good thing, it also means that the yogurt is really doing nothing favorable for your gut environment.

So in essence, yogurt is not where you want to be getting your probiotics from. Yet, this is often the most recommended source to get probiotics into the diet.

The only exception to this rule is if you are getting raw, organic certified yogurt that is completely unflavored and in its natural state. If that’s the yogurt you’re eating, then perhaps you are taking in a good level of healthy bacteria. But 99.9% of all people are not eating this type of yogurt. This type of yogurt tastes very acidic and sour, so is not going to appeal to many people. If your yogurt has any sort of sweet taste, that’s your clue that any probiotics that were in that yogurt are now dead.

Probiotic Numbers

Another big problem with most probiotics that you take is that they don’t actually contain what they claim. While the label may state that they have thousands of live bacteria present in the supplement, when samples of those products are sent to the lab, often they come back containing a little as 7% of the total amount of colony forming units (CFU’s) that the original packaged claimed. Basically, you aren’t getting what you think you are – not even close.

So as you can see, there are many factors that come into play that could lead you to choose the wrong type of probiotic. Many companies out there create products that are deceitful and use false advertising claims.

So what strain or strains should you be focusing on?

The fact of the matter is, it will come down to just one strain of probiotic – one strain that will basically work overtime and give you everything you need from a probiotic itself.

That strain?


This strain is a transient probiotic that essentially eats up all the bad bacteria and any food they have to feed off of, helping your gut get back to the natural state that it’s designed to be in.

This supercharged L. Plantarum bacteria is the most powerful proteolytic probiotic that’s ever been developed and is unique to the P3-OM product. You aren’t going to find this one anywhere else.

What are some of the benefits you’ll reap when using this strain? Expect to experience the following.

Proteolytic Activity

Like any good probiotic should do, this bacteria will help with the breakdown and digestion of the foods you eat. Namely, protein rich foods. This helps prevent those protein rich foods from sitting in the gut, eventually becoming toxic.

Anti-Tumor Benefits

Did you know that taking the right strain of probiotic may help ward off cancer? P3-OM can do just that. It may help to reduce tumor size, keeping cancer manageable should you contact it, making it easier to fight it off and win.

Anti-Viral Benefits

Tired of falling ill to the common cold and flu? P3-OM may help protect you this cold and flu season. It has anti-viral benefits, meaning it will help keep all those viruses at bay.

Ability To Withstand Stomach Acid

Gastric Acid

As we noted above, one of the biggest dangers to any probiotic is the stomach acid that it has to move through to get to the gut. Most probiotics die off when passing through this environment but that is not the case for P3-OM. This strain of probiotic has a tough outer shell that protects it from that harsh climate and ensure that it lands in the gut unharmed.

Reduces Inflammation And Insulin Resistance

Two big problems in today’s world that set you up for disease of many kinds are inflammation and insulin resistance. Sadly, many people do fall ill to these two conditions.

Inflammation most often comes about when we consume fast, processed foods or a diet that’s rich in grains while insulin resistance tends to make an appearance when we are consuming too many processed carbohydrates in the diet and constantly forcing our pancreas to pump out more and more insulin to try and control our blood glucose levels.

Diabetes, heart disease, stroke – these are just a few of the conditions that can start to occur.

Luckily, if you use P3-OM, you’ll have extra protection against both of these. Does that mean it’s a free pass to consume as many processed carbohydrates as you want?

Certainly not. But if you do happen to consume some carbohydrates, you can take comfort in knowing that you do have some back up support that will help lower the chances that insulin resistance or inflammation become a problem for you.

Helps Improve Mood And Cognition

Happy Black Woman

When you have P3-OM working for you, you’ll also see an increase in mood and cognition as well. This probiotic can be beneficial for helping to ward off feelings of depression and help improve cognition and mental processing as well.

Improved Protein Turnover

Active at the gym? P3-OM can help you see better results. This probiotic helps enhance the overall rate of protein synthesis taking place, which in turn can help increase the speed in which muscle grows and develops. In addition to that, this can also help improve total body recovery as well, ensuring that you are able to recover quickly from any other tissue damage you may sustain during the day.

Even better, if you use P3-OM regularly and as such, sustain less overall tissue damage, this may also reduce your need for sleep as well. Since sleep is the primary time the body goes into deep recovery mode to repair all damaged tissue, the less damage that is present, the less need for sleep you have.

So as you can see, this is the powerful probiotic that you want in your court when supplementing your diet plan. Don’t rely on probiotics from the foods you eat. Often those foods don’t contain nearly the number of probiotics you think they do or don’t contain the right strains that will actually help move you to a higher health standing.

Likewise, you must be selective about your supplement. You need to see research behind those claims, you want to get a patented strain of bacteria that has been proven to work well in improving all areas of your health and you need to buy from a company that you can trust.

P3-OM is the probiotic that you want to have working for you. It is unlike any other probiotic strains on the market today and will not be touched in terms of the benefits it has to offer.

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