Mental Mastery

8 Natural Remedies To Combat Stress

Stress is an inescapable part of life. If you’re living right now, you have felt stress at some point or another. There’s no denying that. Stress also comes in many different forms. Many people often think that stress has to mean worrying about some factor in your life – be it a relationship, money troubles,…

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Top 6 DIY Nutrients For Boosting Your Brain

One of the hottest topics in the health and wellness industry right now are brain-boosting nootropics. Whether you are looking for a mental boost to help you out with your work performance, wanting to capitalize on a mental edge in the gym, or you are someone who simply would like to feel brighter and more…

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10 Ways To Boost Your Brain Power

Want to instantly get smarter? Hoping to boost your brain power? Is your career becoming more mentally demanding and feeling like you can’t keep up? When most people think of ‘health’, they tend to think of such things like heart health, body weight, and blood pressure levels. And while these are all critical elements of…

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Color Therapy – Healing Colors, Calming Colors & The Chakra System

Red, blue, green, yellow, orange – could colors really influence your health? That is the question to be asking yourself when considering color therapy. When most people think about healing treatments, they tend to think about conventional medicine, physiotherapy and chiropractic care, possibly even acupuncture or pressure – never colors. But, as more research is…

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Seize the Day with These 5 Morning Rituals

Today we have a guest blogger, Yoga Practitioner, Bianca Scalise who is sharing her knowledge and expertise on how to get your day off to a great start by practicing morning rituals.   Seize the Day with These 5 Morning Rituals – Written by Bianca Scalise What if we could do a few things every…

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