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118: Microdosing Medicinal Mushrooms to Help You THRIVE – with Jeremy Abramson

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“If I can rise from the pits of mediocrity, so can you.”

Jeremy is a high-energy coach who helps executives and entrepreneurs unleash their full potential. He is building a global reputation as an expert in mindful movement, mindset, mushrooms, and brain chemistry. His Thrive University podcast is where people find inspiring and empowering messages. 

Before impacting the health and wellness space, Jeremy hit a low-point when his Honda CRV became his home for nine straight nights. He had four hundred dollars to his name at that point.

He fought through the struggle and found his purpose and now helps other people rise above mediocrity — and medicinal mushrooms play a role in that process. 

In this episode, you will find out how a total newbie can safely begin microdosing medicinal mushrooms for greater creativity, awareness, and spirituality. 

In this podcast, we cover:

  • How Jeremy transformed physically from a skinny high school senior to super-fit 
  • How his fitness hobby turned into a career
  • Why he believes in expressing authenticity to the world
  • His T.H.R.I.V.E. formula for health and happiness
  • The benefits of microdosing mushrooms
  • The mistakes to avoid with microdosing mushrooms
  • Why Jeremy is excited about the future of psychedelics 

The Golden Handcuffs

Both Jeremy and our host Wade have been personal trainers or coaches with people that seem to have it all—the career, the titles, the trophy wife and boats, multiple cars, a cottage up north—yet they are still unsatisfied with life, which causes them to feel trapped. Wade describes this clientele as wearing “golden handcuffs.” 

People on the outside see their lives and are amazed when they find out how unhappy these “successful” people are inside. They have everything yet desire to “run away” and sail around the world or do something completely different. 

Can you relate?

Jeremy points out that we all average 40-60K thoughts per day and many of those thoughts are “messed up” or inaccurate. Even star athletes like Kobe or LeBron James or entrepreneurs like Elon Musk or Gary Vee have negative thoughts. 

The difference in why some people live a happy life is they can detach themselves from their thoughts. They discover that thoughts are just thoughts. Jeremy’s coaching using his THRIVE approach, along with microdosing mushrooms, can help you break free from these golden handcuffs.  

Client Kicks Addictions Through Microdosing 

Jeremy shares a testimonial about one of his clients—a male in his twenties who had already come a long way in making positive changes. His health was better. He was exercising and getting in good shape. But there was an addiction in his life that he couldn’t shake. Two addictions, actually: alcohol and vaping. This client told Jeremy, “If you can get me not to want alcohol and not smoke, I’ll do anything.” 

A microdosing protocol was set up and implemented through Jeremy. Within three months, this client was alcohol-free. He no longer craved those substances. The thought of using them made him sick. 

Medicinal mushrooms have many uses. Jeremy includes microdosing when the client’s situation warrants taking this action. 

But one thing Jeremy always tells anyone who is wanting to microdose medicinal mushrooms—determine first your why. What is your purpose?

Jeremy Abramson is a rising star in the health space. Tune in to find out more about medicinal mushrooms. You don’t have to stay stuck where you are—creativity, higher awareness, and a new outlook on life might be a mushroom away. Find out by tuning in. 

Episode Resources: 
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Book: How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan

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