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004: Natural Healing, and Nutrigenomics with Katrine Volynsky

004: Natural Healing, and Nutrigenomics with Katrine Volynsky

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Katrine Volynsky joins Wade Lightheart on BiOptimizers' Awesome Health podcast to talk about natural healing, genetic testing, and more.Can you imagine healing your body after you’ve been exposed to radiation for 7 years? That’s exactly what our guest today has done, and it changed the course of her life. Katrine Volynsky is a
naturopathic physician, who has worked with Bioptimizers for many years.

Today on BiOptimizers’ Awesome Health, Katrine and I talk about how she went from a high-powered life in the finance world to becoming a naturopathic physician and healer.

She shares her thoughts on what types of tests we should have done, how to find someone who can interpret our results and where she thinks natural medicine and energy medicine are going next. Join us on episode 4 of BiOptimizers’ Awesome Health podcast!

More About Awesome Health with Katrine Volynsky

Not only is Katrine one of my best friends, she is also my go-to person for testing when I have a health issue, a challenge or a performance aspect I want to address. She’s a wealth of knowledge and we share a passion for helping people get healthier, feel healthier and live a better life.

But she didn’t start out on this path, and the story of how she became a naturopath is an interesting one so I asked her to share it.

Katrine is originally from Russia where a lot of our North American alternative medicines are mainstream there, taking things like herbs and teas and honey to treat colds, fevers is the norm. It’s also normal to garden and grow your own food and eat real foods. So early on she had a lot of exposure to natural healing practices. In everyday Russian life they went to natural methods first, before resorting to pharmaceuticals.

But when she was a child she was in Chernobyl when the nuclear disaster happened. After that she lived in an area that was getting about 40% of the reactive fallout over the following 7 years. As a result, she had a lot of radioactive particles in her body.

However she didn’t experience major issues until she was in her teens. She was given a lot of drugs and hormones, and told to stop any herbs or natural remedies. It did stop her problems at the time from what she could tell, but they didn’t do a lot of diagnostics so she could only report that her symptoms were gone.

A few years later she moved to Canada and was exposed to the North American lifestyle: a lot of unnatural food substances and a lot of fast foods, and no more vegetables from her grandmother’s garden.

She adopted a jet-set lifestyle, and while it appealed to her young adult version of a great life, it took a toll on her health. Even though she was only in her early 20s her body started to break down, and that breakdown became a significant turning point for her.

Katrine’s Healing Crisis

At that point she knew she had a choice: continue her lifestyle or get back into a natural way of healing and health. She decided to take a step back and put everything on hold while she recovered her health and her physical body. When she made that decision the journey to discovery and health and healing began for her.

The process she went through helped her understand her own body’s healing methods, and the role other factors play in our physical health like our spiritual health, our personal development, etc. She understood it’s not just about the physical, there are many other aspects that play into our healing.

In the process she got healthy in a lot of ways: mentally, physically, spiritually, etc. She also discovered a passion for health and healing, sharing what she learned and researching, etc. She laughs when she recalls that it’s the opposite of what she thought she would be doing when she was 17! She hated biology and chemistry then but now she loves to learn and discover how the body works, the biological aspects and how chemistry impacts the body.

Making such a drastic choice struck me as a difficult one so I wanted to know what it was like to leave the finance world and the path she had been on.

Katrine says everyone thought she was crazy! Her family and friends and everyone from that world didn’t understand why she was letting it all go. For her, one of the biggest obstacles was there wasn’t support from her peer group when she chose this path. With time though, she did find other people and other organizations to be a part of, and she created a new support system for herself.

She says you have to be okay with letting go of those people: don’t get into battles with anyone or try to get them to follow you. Just do your own work and if your transformation inspires them to join you then great. If not, bless them and it is what it is. You have to be okay with this, even if these people are family members!

And while that first obstacle was true for her, she says the second one wasn’t as much of a factor as it is for most people. The next challenge she’s talking about is finances. Katrine was blessed and had the financial means from her previous life to pour into her new one.

So while other people would tell her to invest in saving for her future, she invested it internally by healing her body. She was able to stop working and focus on her healing; she was blessed in that way and knows other people don’t have the same situation.

A third challenge she encountered, and a common one for many, was finding qualified help and information. Because this was 15+ years ago, there wasn’t as much information available then as there is now. She went through a lot of experimentation and healing crises that didn’t need to happen because she followed advice from people who didn’t actually know as much as they said they did.

However she can see the upside to even that difficulty, she’s glad she went through those crises and frustrations because it helps her understand what others go through.

Katrine Addresses Conflicting Opinions and Advice In Health Today

We also discuss the conflicting opinions and advice in the health world today. It leads to a lot of “analysis paralysis” because there’s so much information available and so much of it is contradictory. So I asked Katrine how she deals with that with her clients.

She says the #1 thing to do is to understand the client and understand their biology. After she does that then she can speak to them from their perspective and talk about their options. To do this, she gathers a lot of information in the beginning including their health concerns and issues, their lifestyle, even what their mom ate when she was pregnant!

From there it’s about guiding them and helping them understand themselves and their own biology. She explains how things work based on their genetics, experiences and how they are expressing those genetics. Then she takes the information they have questions about and explains how it applies to them based on their own unique makeup.

It’s about understanding the big picture and how these different modalities apply to a specific person, which is why having a coach or guide is so vital.

We also get into a really fascinating exploration of the differences in Western medicine versus natural healing. Western medicine compartmentalizes and specializes, while natural health takes a holistic approach.

So if you’re looking to optimize the body you want to look at functional ranges, Western medicine only looks at what is “normal” versus what is optimal. Normal isn’t okay! Look at North America today and you’ll see normal isn’t great! Which is why optimization and performance have become an emerging field, they look at the biological optimization of a person.

Katrine tells all of her clients that genes are their tendency, NOT their destiny, and this is true for all of us. Genes influence what diets may or may not work for us, and we can see this based on certain
genetic markers. For example we can see why some people will do better on a vegan or veggie diet because their genetics show their bodies take in Vitamin A from plant sources much easier than someone else who needs animal sources.

There’s a lot you can learn from genetic testing, but overall it helps you put together a big perspective on what will help this person and what things won’t, what will help them situationally but not in the long-term. It’s a way to see patterns and see how things can progress for a person.

Today genetic testing is relatively inexpensive but finding a qualified person to read the test results is a bit harder. There aren’t as many doctors or naturopaths trained in this because it’s an emerging field, so look into finding someone with a nutrigenomic approach and training. If you can find an MTHFR qualified and trained doctor they can give you a good perspective and information.

We wrap up the show with Katrine’s explanations on why it’s important for women to look at their thyroid and their iron numbers, why men over 50 should look at their prostate health and why she likes everyone to have their hormones tested. She also goes into great detail on why she likes certain tests to get a complete picture of a person’s health and where she thinks we’re going next with natural medicine and energy medicine.

This is truly a fascinating and insightful conversation with Katrine! I know you’re going to discover so much about genetics, testing and optimizing your health on episode 4 of BiOptimizers’ Awesome Health podcast.

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