Neuroscientists Shocked
As Rare Mongolian
Restore Lost Brain Power


Dear Friend,

Are you tired of forgetting important details that limit your productivity?

Do you feel embarrassed when a friend's name vanishes from your memory mid-conversation?

Are you fed up with forgetting key tasks, deadlines, and info that drain your brain power?

Would you like to stop feeling frustrated and finally unlock your memory so you can work smarter, think faster, and maximize your productivity?


If you find yourself nodding "yes," you're not alone.

Many people struggle with a faulty memory that hampers their productivity and brain performance.

They struggle with memory, focus, and mental clarity.

And all too often, they laugh it off and blame their “aging brain.”

But deep down, these lapses leave them worried.


Maybe you can relate?

You desperately long to recall facts and details that used to be locked into your mind with ease.

Your thinking feels sluggish, like your brain is soaked in molasses. Tasks that once breezed by now take 3x longer. And you make silly mistakes that never would have slipped by you before.

At parties, you often struggle to keep up with conversations. Friends gently say you seem “off your game” lately.

The last thing you want is to be the partner who repeatedly forgets important dates and occasions, putting strain on your relationship.

Or the person at work who needs repetitive instructions while colleagues whisper that you've lost your edge.

These occasional lapses leave you feeling like a fading version of your former self.

You begin to wonder if your mind will continue deteriorating or if you’ll lose your treasured independence entirely.

A dark cloud of uncertainty hangs over you as your confidence and sharp mind steadily slip away. You desperately long for the effortless mental agility that used to define you.

It’s A Terrifying Place To Be…

When your mind slips a little more each day.

When you know you’re not as sharp as you used to be but feel powerless to stop the decline.

You desperately long for your old mental sharpness. But deep down, you worry your best days may be behind you.

Luckily, revolutionary new research from places like Harvard, Yale, and Oxford has uncovered a simple morning ritual that can reawaken your cognitive potential.

Imagine names and numbers you struggle to recall now sticking firmly in your mind.

Breezing through your morning routine focused and attentive, no longer distracted or frazzled.

Your memory becomes sharp as a tack.

You rattle off birthdays without hesitation and recall precise details from meetings last week.

Learning new skills becomes exciting again, not frustrating.

You master the golf swing you've worked on for years as your body finally links the sequence.

Your thinking feels lightning-quick as you breeze through new software tutorials or language lessons.

Your mind grasps complex topics with the ease of your college years.

And your creativity surges as you make new connections between ideas.

The truth is…

You Can Reawaken Your Full Cognitive Potential

How do I know?

Because not long ago, I was right where you are now.

I struggled to remember details that used to stick firmly in my mind.

Simple tasks that once breezed by now required all my effort and concentration.

Learning new information felt nearly impossible. My mind resisted retaining anything new.

I constantly felt overwhelmed just trying to keep up. Following conversations now required total focus just to grasp the topic.

In meetings, I stared blankly, unable to contribute any meaningful insights anymore.

Every mental lapse dealt a blow to my confidence, making me worry my best days were gone.

But everything changed when I discovered a simple morning ritual that reawakened my cognitive potential.

Within just days, mental fog vanished.

My clarity and focus felt renewed beyond anything I imagined possible.

Work once again became easy and engaging as my thinking felt focused and quick.

Learning became exciting and new skills stuck with me.

In the span of weeks, I went from struggling to keep up to feeling mentally sharper than I had in my entire life.

And The Difference Was Night And Day

Hi I’m Matt Gallant…

I’m the CEO and co-founder of one of the fastest-growing supplement companies in the world.

And this letter is one of the hardest and most exciting letters I've ever written…

The hardest because I’m about to reveal something I’ve never shared publicly…

And one of the most exciting because what I’m about to share with you led to an incredible breakthrough discovery that not only saved my brain…

But helped me take my memory, focus, and productivity to the next level…

Rebuilding connections that five years of drug and alcohol abuse destroyed…

Allowing me to achieve what many would consider an extremely high level of success.

More importantly, this discovery can help YOU optimize YOUR brain power, too.

It Felt Like My Brain Was Damaged Beyond Repair

You see, I've been devoted to building companies since I was 16 years old…

I guess you could say that it’s in my genes.

Back then, I was full of bold ideas, and I had the work ethic to make them happen.

I launched business after business, thanks to my ability to soak up information with ease.

My quick problem-solving skills helped me spot opportunities that others missed…

And I had a relentless drive to turn each of those opportunities into a successful business.

In my early 20s, my brain felt like a Ferrari running on jet fuel.

I could juggle intricate business deals, effortlessly memorizing critical pieces of information.

Names and numbers locked into my mind on the first pass, and my thinking was incredibly quick and focused.

I solved complex problems that most people find impossible, coming at them from creative new angles…giving me an unstoppable edge.

Competitors couldn't keep up, thanks to the speed at which I operated.

To me, obstacles were nothing more than opportunities to flex my mental muscles.

I felt like I could do anything, and I relished every second of this nonstop mental sprint.

But then, everything changed.

I Fell Deep Into A 5-Year Spiral of Hardcore Drug Addiction And Alcoholism...

It hit me like a brick wall.

Almost overnight, I went from a sharp and ambitious entrepreneur to a drug-addled disaster.

For five long years, I was completely out of control. I abused hardcore substances daily, mixing anything I could get my hands on.

My addiction corroded everything in my life, including my closest relationships. I pushed away business partners and destroyed every venture we created together.

And in my drug-induced haze, I even lost my marriage.

This downward spiral took a toll on my health, my finances, and my reputation.

I lost everything that mattered…

Ultimately ending up in a very dark place, consumed by self-hatred and regret.

Eventually, I hit rock bottom…

And thankfully, with courage and support, I got clean and have been sober ever since.

However, even after years of sobriety…

My Brain Was Nowhere Near Its Former Glory

Unfortunately, the substance abuse had taken a devastating toll on my cognition and memory.

I struggled every day with basic mental tasks…

Things that once came so easily to me were now struggles.

I forgot names and details that should have been locked in my mind.

My thinking felt sluggish, and I couldn’t seem to learn anything new.

Tasks that took sharp focus left me mentally exhausted, and I couldn't concentrate or problem-solve like I used to.

And my businesses suffered.

I struggled to achieve even moderate success, and for the first time in my life, everything felt like a grind.

This went on for four long, frustrating years, even after getting sober, and I feared that I had permanently damaged my most vital asset - my brain.

Worst of all, during this time, I watched my once-brilliant grandmother, Helena, descend into dementia, and I worried that my substance abuse might have put me on the same tragic path…

I Thought I Was Alone

But over the past decade, I realized that it’s a lot more common than I ever imagined.

Millions of people suffer daily cognitive frustrations…

Their minds betray them, their brains no longer firing on all cylinders.

Of course, many are quick to blame old age, but doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

The truth is, new research shows that major lifestyle factors are really to blame.

Things like:

  • Mindlessly snacking on processed junk all day rather than foods containing brain-nourishing foods.

  • Letting high-pressure deadlines and family demands keep you stuck in chronic stress mode for years.

  • Vegging out night after night instead of working up a good mental and physical sweat with a challenging new hobby.

  • Or being exposed to toxins like pollutants, mold, and harmful chemicals.

Over time, these corrosive factors chip away at your brain cells, leading to the real culprit…

Plummeting neurogenesis in your brain.

Neurogenesis is the creation of new neurons in your brain that play a vital role in memory and cognitive performance.

Especially in an area of your brain called the hippocampus which contains stem cells that form new neurons.

But neurogenesis can decline sharply.

Without a steady supply of fresh brain cells, new connections can’t take root.

Existing links wither without rejuvenation, and your brain can no longer reshape itself in response to new learning…

Resulting in memory glitches and foggy thinking.

It’s like expecting lush grass in your yard, even though you haven’t watered it in years.

And according to scientists when neurogenesis drops, so does your mental performance.

You occasionally scramble to remember important dates, names, and everyday details as your memory begins to fail.

Some days, you feel mentally sluggish and hazy instead of laser-focused during deep work sessions.

You struggle with activities that once sparked your creativity, like cooking, writing, or problem solving…

Over time, this can take a real toll on your mental and physical energy and zap your zest for life.

And that’s the road I found myself on…

I Tried Everything Imaginable To Rebuild My Failing Brain

I became obsessed with recovering my lost mental edge. Devouring every scientific study I could get my hands on, hunting for answers.

I tried everything experts recommended to stoke cognition—computerized brain training, learning new languages, and even doing crossword puzzles before bed.

But the brain fog persisted.

I overhauled my lifestyle, too.

I meditated daily, carefully optimized my sleep habits, and switched to a diet high in oily fish.

But nothing moved the needle.

My motivation was my grandmother, Helena. I watched helplessly as her once-brilliant mind that could recall decades of family history deteriorated into a haze.

Seeing her frightening descent into a shell of her former self hit me hard.

Would I be next if I couldn't revive my brain connections?

I refused to settle for unproven pills that just temporarily masked my symptoms. I wanted to regenerate my brain to regain my focus and to ensure I’d stay sharp into old age.

I became desperate to unlock true healing and protect myself from that terrifying fate. There had to be something that could genuinely repair the damage at the neuronal level.

But finding the solution seemed impossible…

Then one day, I found it.

The Brain-Fertilizing Compounds That Changed Everything

I was completely demoralized, trying everything imaginable to revive my failing brain health.

That’s when I came across new research that changed everything.

It was a groundbreaking study from Harvard University, and it revealed that a protein called BDNF is absolutely essential for neurogenesis - the creation of new brain cells.[1]

BDNF, or brain-derived neurotrophic factor, is a key protein that acts like a fertilizer for the brain.

Stimulating the growth of new brain cells and strengthens connections between them.

The more BDNF you have circulating in your brain, the more neurogenesis (or creation of new brain cells) can occur.

Put simply, BDNF keeps your neuronal garden flourishing and cognition sharp.

Unfortunately, BDNF levels can plummet due to a variety of reasons…

Including age, chronic stress, poor diet, inactivity, toxins, and other unhealthy lifestyle factors.

Over time, these corrosive influences chip away at your BDNF levels, starving your brain cells of this vital molecule.

This Harvard study was eye-opening because it showed that increasing BDNF levels improved your working memory and processing speed…

Making it clear that optimizing BDNF was key to kick starting neurogenesis again so you can build new cognitive pathways and connections.

I became obsessed with finding natural ways to restore my depleted BDNF levels in an effort to rejuvenate my failing brain.

That’s when I came across a group of powerful mushrooms proven to boost brain health by enhancing BDNF production, neurogenesis, and cognitive function.

This combination rejuvenates faded brain cells and brings them back to life.

By targeting the root cause of my foggy thinking and inability to focus, I could ramp up BDNF production and rejuvenate my brain.

I call these healthy mushrooms “Brain Fertilizer,” thanks to their ability to jump-start neurogenesis.

The first “brain-fertilizing” mushroom is

Revered in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its astounding brain-boosting properties, Lion's Mane is a robust stimulant for BDNF.

One study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine demonstrated that Lion's Mane improved mood, decreased worry, and enhanced sleep in adults after two months of use.[2]

A separate study published in the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms showed that Lion's Mane contains special compounds that increase the production of another brain molecule called nerve growth factor, or NGF.[3]

And just as its name implies, NGF stimulates neuron growth.

In a clinical trial showcased in Phytotherapy Research, scientists found that Lion's Mane improved scores on a cognitive function assessment in older adults with mild age-related cognitive impairment.[4]

And a ground-breaking trial from Biomedical Research found that Lion's Mane improved cognitive scores over just four weeks of use. While concentration and irritability scores also showed remarkable improvements.[5]

Now, just imagine…

Clearer thinking, improved memory, reduced worry, and a better mood.

That’s what Lion's Mane can do…

And this is only the first “brain-fertilizing” mushroom I wanted to share with you...
The next “brain-fertilizing” mushroom is wild-harvested

This rare mushroom is found deep in the birch forests of Siberia, and it's brimming with compounds that are tailor-made for cognitive enhancement.

A ground-breaking research report in Food & Function showed that Chaga significantly improves learning and memory while protecting the brain from oxidative stress.[6]

A major study published in the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules also found that Chaga protects neurons, inhibits apoptosis - scientific jargon for brain cell death - and supports the neuronal self-cleanup from waste that can interfere with brain function.[7]

What's more, researchers in the journal Biofactors reported that Chaga is packed with compounds that support the brain’s natural defense against oxidative stress—providing a natural shield against mental fog and forgetfulness.[8]

And when it comes to maintaining your brain's energy levels, Chaga has you covered there, too.

A major study published in the journal Polymers showed that Chaga extracts support healthy glucose metabolism, optimizing blood flow to your brain and giving it the energy it needs to function at optimal levels.[9]

And when combined with Lion's Mane, Chaga provides a major brain upgrade by fortifying your neurons and enhancing blood flow.

But we can take the benefits even further with the next mushroom I want to tell you about...
Brain Fertilizer No. 3

This rare mushroom harvested by hand from the heights of the Himalayas provides a surge of energy and focus for your mind.

Imagine tapping into vibrant, sustained mental energy so you can concentrate intensely for hours without distraction or fatigue. The distractions around you fade as you become "dialed in" at will, absorbed in creative work or deep study.

That’s the kind of brainpower Cordyceps can provide.

One study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine showed that Cordyceps improves learning and memory. It can help you quickly absorb new information and skills and help you make connections between ideas.[10]

In other words, it dials in your thinking as you breeze through training seminars, software tutorials, or new projects, allowing your mind to grasp complex subjects with ease.

Plus, studies in The Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences confirm Cordyceps reverses age-related memory impairment. Scores on cognitive assessments soar back to more youthful levels.[11]

Names, dates, and details you struggled to recall now stick firmly in your mind again after taking Cordyceps.

By stimulating neural growth and protecting brain cells from damage, this mushroom can refresh your mind and supercharge your focus to optimize cognitive performance.

And finally…
The fourth “brain-fertilizing” mushroom I discovered is

And it’s an absolute game-changer.

This “Queen of Mushrooms,” as it’s often called, has long been prized in Asia for its mind-enhancing benefits.

Pioneering research from the Journal of Medicinal Foods has shown that Reishi improves memory, focus, and mental clarity.[12]

And the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms confirmed that Reishi acts as a shield for your brain by supporting the neuronal self-cleanup from waste that can interfere with brain function.[13]

That’s not all…

Neural Regeneration Research published a study proving that Reishi blocks neuron death, preserves critical neurotransmitters, and supports the brain’s antioxidant defense.[14]

Lastly, a comprehensive review in Scientific Reports found that Reishi activates key signaling pathways for enhanced learning and cognition.[15]

Together, these four “brain-fertilizing” mushrooms…

Support overall brain function by stimulating neuron-protecting proteins, promoting neurogenesis, and optimizing key neurotransmitters.

They promote neuron growth and enhance neural connections…

Improve markers of memory, focus, reaction time, and information processing speed…

And provides antioxidant compounds that counteract age-related cognitive decline, protect neurons, reverse memory impairment, and increase blood flow to the brain.

My Fading Mind Came Roaring Back to Life
Within 30 days of using these mushrooms, I was shocked at my transformation.

It was like a dense fog lifting.

Suddenly, my memory sharpened to a razor's edge again.

Names, numbers, and everyday details I couldn't recall for years now stuck firmly in my mind with ease.

My thinking felt focused, quick, and clear. I could concentrate for hours without distraction.

And the "brain strain" I felt trying to learn new skills vanished…

While complex information clicked into place rapidly.

This daily “brain-fertilizing” ritual addressed the root cause of my cognitive decline.

And I know it can help you too.

Just imagine...

Waking up feeling focused and energized without needing coffee...

Getting "in the zone" at will for intense deep work sessions...

Learning new skills faster than you did in your 20s...

And the peace of mind that comes from knowing you've turned back the clock on your brain by years, or even decades.

It may sound too good to be true, but don't let the skeptics fool you...

This is VERY real.

In fact, my results were so life-changing that I knew I couldn’t keep this to myself…

I had to find a way to share this discovery with the world…

And I knew I needed help…

So, that’s why I decided to team up with…
The Best Brain Chemist In The World

I've worked with many brilliant formulators over the years, but none compare to my partner, who I affectionately call "Mr. Noots."

Why the nickname? Because we want to keep our secret weapon under wraps.

Mr. Noots possesses an unmatched natural talent for chemistry and nootropic formulation. His passion for the field dates back to nearly blowing up his family's garage at age six while tinkering with homemade experiments.

As an adult, he channeled that passion into multiple successful companies. But he realized his impact depended on optimizing his own brain performance first.

So he devoted himself to unraveling the science of why brains decline and how to stop it.

Together, we've created what I believe is the ultimate daily brain-fertilizing formula.

We invest countless hours poring over the latest research on promising new ingredients. We rigorously test formulations until we achieve a best-in-class product.

Our sole obsession is creating monumental health solutions that can transform people's lives…

Especially when it comes to healing and enhancing the brain.

While I can't reveal his full identity, know that Mr. Noots is the infinitely brilliant force behind this formula.

He won't settle until we've uncovered the optimal way to nourish your neurons back to their full potential.

And it was this unrelenting focus that led to the discovery of three additional compounds proven to energize your brain…


The first of which is collagen.

Now, like most people, you’ve probably heard of collagen…

How it helps to support joint regeneration and improve your skin.

Well, it turns out that collagen is even more vital than that.

In fact, collagen makes up between 30%-40% of all proteins in the body, making it the most abundant protein there is…

It’s like the structural glue that holds everything together.

Especially when it comes to your brain.

You see, when your body is low in collagen…

Your neurons start to weaken, and the structural integrity of your brain starts to crumble.

One study published in Neural Regeneration Research found that collagen helps nerve cells to grow back and it assists in repairing your central nervous system...[16]

What's more, research from Gladstone Institutes showed that certain forms of Collagen defend neurons against the nasty proteins linked to severe cognitive decline.[17]

In other words, collagen plays a key role in defending your brain, keeping your neurons healthy, and enhancing brain cell regeneration...


The next compound Mr. Noots added was cocoa.

Cocoa may be delicious, but it’s much more than just a treat.

The compounds in cocoa have some serious brain-boosting benefits.

Cocoa contains flavonoids that have been shown to cross the blood-brain barrier to protect neurons. These compounds increase blood flow to the brain while supporting a balanced inflammatory response.

A comprehensive analysis in Nutritions showed that, in over half the studies, cocoa flavanols improved mood and reduced mental fatigue.[18]

Other studies revealed enhancements in cognitive processing speed, visual-spatial memory, focus, and even reaction time in older adults after regular cocoa flavanol intake.[19]

By providing a surge of neuron-protecting compounds that enhance blood flow and support a healthy response to inflammation, cocoa complements and amplifies the brain-optimizing effects of our mushroom blend.

Mr. Noots insisted we add just the right amount of cocoa to nourish the brain.

At the end of our intensive research into these brain-fertilizing superfoods...

I was genuinely astounded by the unique capabilities of these mushrooms to potentially transform the lives of thousands of individuals grappling with cognitive issues.

Our singular mission became to share this revolutionary discovery with the world.

Luckily, Mr. Noots was an expert at formulating these potent compounds into one powerful and comprehensive solution.

With his guidance, we successfully harnessed these superfoods into a convenient powdered form, giving birth to the first-ever “brain-fertilizing elixir.”

An all-in-one solution designed to rejuvenate your brain, enhance your focus, and give you clear, calm energy all day.

The formulation was refined meticulously to provide the most potent form of each ingredient.

I personally have never experienced anything like it…

And now, I want to share it with you.
The Ultimate “Brain-Fertilizing” Formula For Clear, Calm, All-Day Energy
Mushroom Breakthrough was specifically formulated to enhance neurogenesis and significantly boost your levels of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor)...

So you can restore your peak cognitive performance and feel like the REAL you again, as you enjoy lasting relief from symptoms like forgetfulness, brain fog, and slow thinking.

We take product quality and safety very seriously.

That's why Mushroom Breakthrough is produced in our state-of-the-art facility, which adheres to the highest standards, using only the safest and most potent ingredients.

Mushroom Breakthrough is also certified non-GMO, gluten-free, and suitable for vegetarians.

So, with all that being said...

You're probably wondering how you can get your hands on Mushroom Breakthrough today...

Along with how to use it for the best results.

Our goal is to make this formula accessible to everyone who wants to experience real and lasting cognitive enhancement...

But, as I mentioned... each jar undergoes a rigorous 3rd party testing process to ensure our product is effective and safe...and each scoop contains natural, high-quality ingredients that can be quite expensive and in high demand...

This is why it can take quite some time to create each batch of Mushroom Breakthrough...

And why it can also be challenging to keep up with demand.

The good news, though...

Is that once you get your hands on Mushroom Breakthrough...

it’s very easy to use…
Supercharge Your Coffee,
Enjoy On Its Own,
or Get Creative
Mushroom Breakthrough isn't your typical coffee creamer - it's an instant brain-boosting upgrade to your morning routine.

Imagine stirring it into your coffee and almost immediately feeling a wave of optimized mental clarity wash over you. A dense fog lifts from your mind as focus and concentration surge.

The rich flavors blend beautifully into any coffee or espresso drink, sparking neurogenesis to revive mental energy without the caffeine crash. I love taking Mushroom Breakthrough with my morning brew for a turbo-charged start.

Or you can enjoy its delicious taste all on its own, mixed into water, milk, or your favorite nut milk. Sip it straight up for a creamy, brain-fueling treat packed with mushrooms and cognition-enhancing compounds.

Get creative in the kitchen and use Mushroom Breakthrough as the base for smoothies, protein shakes, or even brain-boosting ice cream. The possibilities are endless.

Whether it's first thing in the AM or an afternoon pick-me-up, Mushroom Breakthrough offers flexible ways to nourish your neurons and indulge your taste buds at the same time.

Mushroom Breakthrough is the BEST mushroom formula on the market today because…

While other mushroom products only give you about half a gram of mushrooms per dose, Mushroom Breakthrough contains…

1.2 POUNDS of Mushrooms In Each Dose

What really sets Mushroom Breakthrough apart is that it combines the best of both worlds when it comes to brain and body nutrition.

Most mushroom supplements give you 500mg or less per dose. And collagen products are completely separate.

That means having to take a bunch of separate supplements just to support your brain, joints, skin, and nails.

With Mushroom Breakthrough, you get the total package in one delicious drink:

1.2 pounds of ultra-concentrated cognition-enhancing mushrooms, plus collagen to nourish your brain, hair, skin, nails, and joints.

No more popping multiple pills or powders.

We crammed the equivalent of over a pound of healing mushrooms and essential collagen into each 4oz serving of Mushroom Breakthrough.

This supercharged formula brings your brain fully online to maximize mental energy, creativity, productivity, and clarity.

And it provides the collagen your body craves to smooth skin, strengthen nails, support joints, and nourish connective tissue throughout the body.

Mushroom Breakthrough delivers complete mind-body nourishment without the hassle of buying a bunch of separate products.

It's the ultimate two-in-one formula for whole-body health, longevity, and performance.

That’s also why we recommend using Mushroom Breakthrough consistently for at least 90 days...

Because in many of the studies I shared today...and several more that I didn’t have time to get into, it’s been found that using ingredients like the ones in Mushroom Breakthrough for 90 days...and even 180 days or longer…

Had the biggest impact when it came to supporting your brain health and helping to relieve your cognitive symptoms.

In fact…

The Longer You Use Mushroom Breakthrough The Sharper and More Focused Your Brain Becomes

This is why we recommend grabbing at least three jars to start... and five jars if you're really serious about improving your cognitive performance.

And the good news is that making that decision is easy...

Because getting access to Mushroom Breakthrough is probably a lot more affordable than you’d expect.

The reason I say that is because our mission statement doesn’t focus on money.

Instead, we put our customers first and focus on helping people.

And our goal today is to let as many people as possible see what Mushroom Breakthrough can do for them.

In other words...

We want you to feel the difference for yourself and to see how it can unlock the door to a better and brighter future...

And we realize we’d be limited in our reach if we charged hundreds for this formula...

Which is why, instead...

We’re going to make it very easy and affordable to try this life-changing formula...

By not asking you to invest $199 or more for a month’s supply of Mushroom Breakthrough...

Even though I do think that would be very reasonable given the ingredients inside.


Today, you’re not going to have to invest anywhere near that amount...

Because right now...

You can get your hands on a 30-day supply of Mushroom Breakthrough for just $75...

That’s the best price for a single jar of Mushroom Breakthrough that we offer to the public…

And actually, it’s just the beginning….

Because when you order five jars of Mushroom Breakthrough from this website…

Which is a five-month supply, the savings become even greater…

And your investment goes down to just $60 per jar.

That’s 20% off the single jar price.

Plus, we include shipping for FREE on all orders of 3 and 5 jars.

I’m so excited that we can offer you this multi-jar savings…

Because with everything happening in the world right now…

There’s always a risk that Mushroom Breakthrough could be unavailable in the future or that the price could increase…

Which is why stocking up today doesn’t just ensure you get Mushroom Breakthrough for the best possible value…

It also means you’ll have a steady supply for months to come…

And that you don’t run into a situation where it’s 30 days from now, you’re blown away by how much sharper you're thinking is - or how you’re finally getting relief from the brain fog…

But then you come back to this website, and you either need to pay more money for another jar or, for some reason, it’s temporarily unavailable.

It's simply not worth taking the chance…

Especially when you start feeling the positive effects of Mushroom Breakthrough within the first few days…

We all know that consistency is key…

And it’s a really good idea to boost your BDNF levels and to keep rejuvenating your brain cells, day after day…

Rather than just relying on some quick fix that we both know doesn’t work.

That’s why I encourage you to stock up on your supply while you can…

By clicking below and securing the 5-month package, or whichever amount makes the most sense for you.

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And after you’ve placed your order, we’ll get to work sending your jars of Mushroom Breakthrough out to you. You’ll get all those details in a confirmation email, too, so you can track your package.

And because we’re so confident you’ll love your experience with Mushroom Breakthrough…

We’re even giving you 365 days to try it out and see what you think.

That’s right…

This breakthrough formula comes with a one-year guarantee, unheard of in this industry…

We’ve gone above and beyond to make sure that your customer service experience is always spectacular…

And that includes using a local customer support team that is easy to get hold of and always happy to help.

Their contact information is on your order confirmation page…as well as in the receipt email you’ll get…and included with every package we send out…

So seriously, getting a hold of us couldn’t be easier.

Which is why right now…

There is simply no reason not to say yes to this opportunity to try Mushroom Breakthrough…

Especially since you’ve got 365 days to test drive this amazing formula…

And see what it does for your cognitive performance and all the miserable symptoms that come with it.

Is So Effective…
We Unconditionally
Guarantee It
For 365 Days

We understand you might be skeptical, especially if you tried other mushroom supplements that didn't work.

You just read the research. Individually, these ingredients WORK. However, when combined they create powerful synergy that must be experienced to understand.

Mushroom Breakthrough works. Our other best selling formulas have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

BIOptimizers — has been in business for full years. We stand behind our products and guarantee that they will do what we say they do.

If this isn't the greatest mushroom supplement you've EVER tried, we demand you ask for your money back. If you purchase 1 bottle and you are not completely satisfied, within 365 days you may request a full refund (minus shipping & handling cost).

If you choose to save money and buy a bundle of multiple jars, you are still covered by a 365 day guarantee. If after your first bottle you are not satisfied, you can return your remaining unopened jars within 365 days of purchase and we will issue you a full refund for your order (minus the cost of shipping & handling).

Just contact us, let us know where we could be better, and we will issue you a refund (excluding any shipping and handling charges).

No questions asked.

That’s right…

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Matt Gallant, Bsc. Sc. Act/Kinesiologist

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As the CEO and co-founder of BIOptimizers, I was incredibly excited by this breakthrough.

We’re dedicated to optimizing your brain, releasing your genius within, and bringing your mental performance to its full potential.

My business partner Wade Lightheart and I started BIOptimizers in 2004, and since then have served over 162,000 clients in over 90 countries.

BIOptimizers’ goal is to boost your health, performance, and aesthetics through unique and potent formulas designed to optimize gut health.

Starting in 2021 we really wanted to focus on optimizing your MIND by reversing your brain’s neurochemical deficiencies and permanently leveling up your mental endurance…

And it’s all been powered by BIOptimizers' groundbreaking formulas and mission.

We partner with five world-class formulators and work with some of the smartest individuals in the world to create top-of-the-line, best-in-class formulas.

We refuse to compromise on ingredients or quality, and we’ve partnered with Burch University in Sarajevo to create our own BioLab, where we run constant tests to continuously improve our formulas.

We also work with one of the top Chinese herbal medicine experts in the world, along with the top enzyme scientists and the greatest plant-extraction expert on Earth, to produce the best products in the market.

Because of these incredible resources, BIOptimizers rose to the occasion and now creates miracle solutions for boosting mental endurance, memory, and mood… just like with the discovery of using the highly concentrated mushrooms found in Mushroom Breakthrough.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this far.

And I look forward to hearing about your success with Mushroom Breakthrough!

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You’ve Seen the Science, But Listen to What Consumers Are Saying

Many of our happy customers are boasting about the numerous benefits of Mushroom Breakthrough, like this one:


Simply Genius

I’m more “aware” of my surrounding the 5 senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste) are improving and coming back online with startling speed. THANK YOU! it’s more DELICIOUS!! more NUTRITIOUS! and my brain does a morning happy dance every morning, looking forward to its next dose of Mushroom Breakthrough. I am somewhat shocked at how much I like this product compared to competitor supplements. Simply Genius.

Tatiana R.


Felt this one

I rarely feel anything with other mushroom or collagen formulas. I clearly felt this one. Now I use it early in the afternoon for an energy boost without caffeine.

Renee B.


Clearer head and relief in my knees

I think I did have a clearer head and noticed my knees feel much better. Skin improved as well.

Liz B.


More mentally prepared for my day

I took 2 scoops in the morning with my coffee, the taste was a bit odd, vanilla would have been better for me. Usually within the hour I felt more mentally prepared for my day. I noticed my hair shiner and easier to comb out, if that makes sense. I’m looking forward to trying more products.

Melinda W.