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The Microbiome

The Microbiome

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There are no specific diseases; there are specific disease conditions.
Florence Nightingale


The Microbiome, what is it and what does it do?

The microbiome is the internal terrain of the body that houses over 100 trillion microorganisms commonly referred to as beneficial bacteria. It was once thought that approximately 7 trillion cells made up the structure and biological functionality of the body. It has now been learned and widely accepted that the micro biotic organisms of the body are the dominant factor in all areas of health revival and sustainability. Beneficial bacteria out compete our cells by a factor of 10 – 1 for residence in our inner terrain. Our microbiome is like a biological garden that is affected by endogenous (internal) and exogenous (external) influences. This includes food choices, supplements, thought patterns, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, inorganic clothing, chlorine, vaccines, prescription (and non-prescription) drugs, etc. In my health lectures I often point out the word biotic translates into life therefore antibiotic is an anti-life technology where a probiotic is a pro-life technology. The corner stone concept that supports my work is moving away from a culture invested in death technologies and cultivating a culture of life affirming technology. Probiotics as an example are one of the great technological innovations that support all functions of the life cycle as bacteria are responsible for life first and foremost.

One of the grand miseducations of the twentieth century was the model of pasteurization brought forth by Louis Pasteur in the mid 1800’s. He believed that microbes (germs, bacteria) were solely responsible for all states of disease so he set out to eliminate bacterial influences through the process of high heat treatment. This was during a major turning point in American history where the chemical model of medicine was becoming the dominant direction and all forms of vitalism (healing through food & herbs) were being discredited. Scientists such as Claud Bernard and Antoine Bechamp voiced that if one could alter the PH (potential hydrogen) of the inner environment opportunistic organisms could not proliferate. Pastuer ignored these notions and continued to focus on killing bacteria opposed to understanding their role in the body. The philosophy that created pasteurization is the same that created the vaccine and antibiotic industry. The germ theory created by Pastuer is rooted in a neurotic fear of the world around us and within us.

Probiotic supplements, fermented foods, and kefir beverages are a foundational strategy for health. Up to 80% of the immune system is governed by our gut flora (beneficial bacteria). When the delicate balance between beneficial bacteria and non-beneficial bacteria becomes inverted our immune system is the first thing to be affected. This homeostatic balance of bacteria is called a biosis. When we have an imbalance it is called a dysbiosis. The most common symptoms associated with a chronic dysbiosis are sluggish digestion, constipation, cloudy thinking, excessive bad breath (halitosis), achy joints, low energy, and overall decreased motivation. Due to the fact many children and adults have been born by caesarean section and/or were raised without their mothers direct milk they are missing critical genetic material that negatively impacts their immune function. This leaves someone susceptible to developing pathogenic infections over time such as viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic. Probiotic therapy is one of the best biological defense weapons nature has allowed us in the age of abundance. A primary philosophy of these teachings is every problem that shows up in our world contains the seed of its very solution. One of the biggest health challenges everyone faces is immunological collapse and the solution has been presented.

Research has uncovered that our current modern day phenotype (human expression) has produced a genetic inferiority in comparison to our pre-neolithic ancestors. The work of Dr. Westen Price in the 1930’s revealed that the more civilized humans become the more age-associated breakdowns they develop in the form of osteoporosis, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and dental problems. What has now been brought to the surface is humans in the twentieth century showcase an entirely different micro biotic inner-echo system than our ancestors. Due to the extreme sanitation and germ phobic model western medicine currently operates under the biotic strains of past generations have been lost. This means that our ancestors had a completely different diversity of bacterial species or verities living within their gut-rainforest, so to speak. It is often considered that children who play in the dirt, spend time in nature barefoot, do not use excessive hand sanitizers, eat organic non-sterilized produce, are breast fed, and receive no antibiotics or vaccinations are supremely healthier than their more domesticated counterparts (medically maintained children).

Overall these studies reveal that human microbiome data has been preserved in some coprolites, and these preserved human micro biomes match more closely to those from the rural communities that to those from the cosmopolitan communities. These results suggest that the modern cosmopolitan lifestyle resulted in a dramatic change to the human gut microbiome.

Insights from Characterizing Extinct Human Gut Microbiomes, PLOS ONE Vol. 7, December 2012

Written by Ronnie Landis

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Excellent article. Thank you for this post. Is there a list of references in the event the reader would like to re-affirm the content? If no references are available, is there a recommended location for the reader to learn more on our gut microbiome and how “cosmopolitan communities” can be come more “rural” ie reverse our current situation?

Wade Lightheart
April 3, 2016 5:05 pm

I would check out Pubmed’s recent articles on this topic. It’s literally exploding every day with new information.


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