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029: A Blissfully Balanced Life with Khrystle Rea

By Bio_podcast | Sep 17, 2019

  More Awesome Health With Khrystle Rea We begin with her back story: in college she experienced depression and severe anxiety including panic attacks, uncontrollable shaking, racing heart rate for no reason, etc. She also had difficulty eating and when she did it hurt her stomach. But her health issues went back even further. She…

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28: Optimal Sexual Health with Susan Bratton

By Bio_podcast | Aug 21, 2019

One area of health that isn’t often talked about is optimal sexual health. Our guest expert today is changing that! Susan Bratton is here to divulge the secrets on the often-taboo subject of sex. Get ready for a fun, playful and informative talk; we cover the 16 different types of female orgasms and 14 types…

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027: Hormones and Weight Loss For Women, with Karen Martel

By Bio_podcast | Jul 10, 2019

If you’re a woman or know a woman who has struggled with weight loss the answer may lie in your hormones. Karen Martel is here to talk about hormones and weight loss for women – weight loss resistance, plateaus, the dos and don’ts and common mistakes people make that actually set them up for failure.…

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026: Killing Cancer, Not People with Bob Wright

By Bio_podcast | Jul 3, 2019

Bob Wright is the best-selling author of Killing Cancer, Not People and is the founder and Director of the American Anti-Cancer Institute. The AACI is an eleven-year old organization that educates people world-wide regarding the real truth about cancer. On today’s edition of Awesome Health, we did into that truth as well as what to…

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Dr. Paul Maximus health tests

025: The Five Health Tests You Need with Dr. Paul Maximus

By Bio_podcast | Jun 5, 2019

The one way to be sure you nip health problems in the bud is through testing. And here to tell us exactly which five health tests we need and why is my good friend, Dr. Paul Maximus. Dr. Paul is a naturopathic physician, coach, speaker, and former natural heavyweight bodybuilding champion. With a focus on…

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024: Perfect Press Oils with Ian Clark

By Bio_podcast | May 1, 2019

Ian is the creator and founder of Activation Products, including the world-class revolutionary Perfect Press oils. Normally we don’t talk about other companies, but his oils are so revolutionary and valuable I wanted everyone to know about them and have access to them. At Awesome Health we are all about making a difference and helping…

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Awesome Health Wade T Lightheart core connections core rehab knocked up fitness pregnancy health erica ziel

023: Core Connections with Erica Ziel

By Bio_podcast | Mar 20, 2019

We all know core muscles are important, but how do we know we are using our core connections most effectively? Erica is a mom of three, a published author, a Pilates instructor, and a nutrition coach with 15+ years of experience. She’s also the creator of The Core Rehab program and Knocked Up Fitness. She…

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022: Philosophy of Health with Cory Holly

By Bio_podcast | Jan 16, 2019

What is your philosophy of health? Cory Holly has built his life based on his philosophy of health, including the Cory Holly Institute. Today CHI is in 30 countries and has educated 8,000 students. On today’s Awesome Health, Cory and I talk about how his personal philosophy and unwavering commitment to health have helped make…

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021: Doing It All The Healthy Way with Tasya Teles

By Bio_podcast | Nov 17, 2018

Our guest for episode 21 is virtually a super hero she is doing so much, and she’s doing it all the healthy way. Tasya Teles is a finance expert, restauranteur, actress, podcaster and health enthusiast. Somehow she manages to stay fit, healthy and beautiful while juggling such a busy, full life.

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