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Our formula contains 100,000 HUTs of protease per capsule. There’s not a single enzyme formula on the market that can compare. We literally looked at every enzyme label we could find and they all came up short.

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Absorption Is Everything… How To Increase The Bioavailability Of Your Protein

Potent enzymes called proteases break down protein into absorbable, amino acids… which are what your body needs for thousands of functions.

It doesn’t matter if you’re consuming 30 grams of protein… or 300 grams of protein — if you don’t have a sufficient supply of enzymes to digest the protein, your body will be starving for those vital building blocks.

A great enzyme formula contains various proteases that work at different pH levels. This ensures that the protein gets broken down into amino acids at every stage of digestion.

If you’re eating meat, fish and eggs, enzymes are even more crucial because every time you eat cooked food, your body withdraws enzymes from your “enzyme bank account” to digest the meal.

The more cooked food you eat (this includes almost every protein powder) — the worse it gets.

The enzymes get drained faster and faster… leading to digestive nightmares. All this undigested protein leads to a disgusting caked up intestinal tract that blocks amino acid absorption.

The truth is: if you’re not using enzymes — you’ve got a serious handicap when it comes to absorbing nutrientss. You’re lucky if you’re absorbing 40% of the protein from your food.

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How long before a meal do you need to take these? With enzymes I find myself remembering mid-meal. I’m hoping that’s ok, but wondering what is optimal.


Hello Heather,

My name is Sheila and I am a Happy Health Concierge here at BiOptimizers! I do apologize for just responding to your great question. Systemic enzymes are taken on an empty stomach as digestion will interfere with their effectiveness. We suggest you take our MassZymes first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, or during the day to elicit a systemic enzymatic effect. To improve digestion take MassZymes a few minutes ( 15 – 20 mins) before each meal of the day. If you have any other questions, email our help desk at [email protected]. Take care and have a great day!

Yoian Eleuthere
October 9, 2018 11:40 pm

Hey Heather,

For maximum results, we suggested taking them 20-30 mins before your meals. However its okay to take them with your meals. : )


I travel a lot and am in Asia three months and return to CA every two to three months. Is it possible to subscribe and get three months supply every three months for both enzymes and probiotics?


Hello Szu,

My name is Sheila and I am a Happy Health Concierge here at BiOptimizers! I do apologize for just responding to your great question. At this time, our subscriptions are setup on a MONTHLY basis. But, there are some options we can give to you that can help you with this type of request. Please send us an email to [email protected]. Provide your questions again and myself or one of the other representatives would be more than happy to further assist you. Take care and we look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!

Yoian Eleuthere
October 9, 2018 8:52 pm

Hi Szu,

Thank you for explaining. That’s actually a super convenient feature. Thanks for asking! We don’t have this feature yet, but I am going to run it by the team tomorrow to see how soon we can get this feature to plus your experience. I will update you as soon I have confirmation from the team. (Sorry I am late with this response, we are working on getting more coverage in moderating comments here.

Thank you again! : )


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