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Optimal Health Stack

Optimal Health Stack

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MassZymes × 4

Most Potent Enzyme Formula on The Planet - Now with AstraZyme

250 Caps

P3-OM Probiotics × 4

The Single Probiotic Strain Proven To Supercharge Digestion And Kick Bad Bacteria’s Butts

120 Caps

HCl Breakthrough × 2

Prevent Acid Reflux + Heartburn - All-Natural, 100% Plant-Based

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Optimize Your Overall Health

Upon awakening and before bed on empty stomach:

  • 6 MassZymes
  • 3 P3-OM

With each meal consume:

  • 6 MassZymes
  • 3 P3-OM
  • 2 HCL

For this stack, you’ll need:

  • 4 bottles of MZ
  • 4 bottles of P3-OM
  • 2 bottles of HCL

Additional information


Size MZ

250 Caps

P3-OM Probiotics

Size P3OM

120 Caps

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