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Krista Whiteside

Krista Whiteside

Fitness Champ, Personal Trainer & Health Coach

Krista Whiteside is a two time Canadian Bodybuilding Bikini Fitness Champion and one of Canada's highest Nationally Ranked Bikini Fitness Competitors. Krista is also a Fitness Model, a high energy Personal Trainer and Health Coach. Krista's lifetime of experience as an avid athlete and the resolution of her own health struggle has created a passionate desire to help others change their lives.

Krista’s personal battle with a handful of troubling ailments and illnesses fuelled her interest and investigation into what creates imbalance and dysfunction within the body. Krista’s interest in a holistic approach to health paired with an insatiable appetite for learning has created a burning desire to uncover the truth and investigate the solutions responsible for obtaining powerful health.

Due to lifestyle choices, stress, the chemical cocktail that permeates our cells daily, our generally micronutrient and enzyme deficient food supply and diets, the general misunderstanding of what healthy eating really is, the use of antibiotics and prescription drugs, etc.. creates a myriad of imbalances, dysfunction, and disruption to one’s internal ecosystem. It is Krista’s belief that it is of vital importance to supplement one’s diet with high quality bio optimizers such as plant based enzymes, probiotics, antioxidant and mineral supplements. These critical aids are an essential component in the creation and sustenance of powerful health, heightened athletic performance and results. It is Krista’s unwavering belief that without exception everyone is in dire need of these particular products for the regeneration and optimization of ones health. Krista adamantly recommends these products to her clients and is honoured to be a brand ambassador for the highest quality products on the market.