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What is the BIOptimizers Member Loyalty Program?

The BIOptimizers Member Loyalty Program is an exclusive member loyalty program that lets you save on every order you make on You will be able to earn and spend “BIObucks”.

What are those? Let us explain…

Once you become a member of this free program, you will be able to earn BIObucks when you place orders on

For those of you who enjoy our Subscribe’N Save benefits...they just got better than ever before.

You will earn BIObucks which you can use towards future subscriptions effortlessly, meaning each time your subscription renews, you will earn additional BIObucks

But wait…there’s more…

If you were to place a one-time-only order on you will also earn BIObucks. That's right, we have made this exclusive program available to you, no matter how you like to shop. Whether you love the ease of our Subscribe’N Save or prefer to place one-time orders at your convenience, BIObucks are here to take your shopping experience to another level.

What’s The Point Of BIObucks Anyway?

BIObucks is our way of thanking you for being part of the BIOptimizers family.

We're always looking for ways to add value for our customers, and BIObucks is designed to do just that - help you get more for your money while enjoying our high-quality supplements.

This loyalty program allows you to save on future purchases, while getting the products you love.


BIObucks are what you earn every time you place an order on as a member of the BIOptimizers Loyalty Member Program. Simply place an order and you’ll earn BIObucks to use at a future time.

The BIOptimizers Member Loyalty Program is 100% free and gives you the chance to earn BIObucks and save on every order you make on

You will also get access to exclusive content, such as our 84-day “Awesome Health Course".

Enhance your BIOptimizers journey with BIObucks.

Becoming a member is super easy. All we need is your email address and you can begin earning BIObucks on your very next order. To begin, click the “Sign Up / Sign In” button on this page.

Yes, joining is absolutely free.

Currently, the BIOptimizers Member Loyalty Program is available to US residents on only. For more information on who qualifies to become a member, please feel free to read our T&C here:

Yes, of course. As long as you’re a US resident and meet the eligibility criteria, you can become a member and begin earning BIObucks on your very next order placed on

We understand the joy of shopping locally for your favorite BIOptimizers products. This is why we’ve made an effort to have our products stocked in stores near you.

That said, unfortunately, the BIOptimizers Member Loyalty Program is currently only available for purchases made on This means purchases made from retail stores, international distributors, and others will not apply at this time.

For more information, you can visit our T&C here:

Calculating BIObucks is simple. Every Subscribe’N Save order will earn you 1.5% back in BIObucks. You will earn 1% back on one-time purchases you make on

For example: When you spend $200 on a Subscribe’N Save order, you automatically earn $3 (or 1.5% back) in BIObucks. When you spend the same $200 on a one-time order, you still earn $2 (or 1% back) in BIObucks, which is credited to your account.

Once you join the BIOptimizers Member Loyalty Program, you will automatically earn BIObucks on every purchase you make on

Once your account has a BIObucks balance, you will be able to use some or all of your BIObucks to pay down any future order. Simply decide how many BIObucks you want to use during checkout.

Yes, you can. If you purchase a Gift Card, you will earn 1.5% in BIObucks on Subscribe N’ Save orders and 1% in BIObucks on one-time purchases.

BIObucks are earned on the total dollar amount spent upon checkout on

If you read through the FAQs above and still have a question, please contact our Customer Care team by emailing [email protected] or calling: 1-800-719-BIOP (1-800-719-2467)


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*For US Residents Only