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P3-OM Probiotics

P3-OM Probiotics

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  • PATENTED PROBIOTIC: P3-OM uses a patented process (patent #: 5,895,758) to dramatically enhance L. Plantarum—one of the most studied probiotics ever—resulting in a new super strain that can digest the protein-coating of pathogens like yeast, mold, viruses and even parasites.
  • BOOSTS AMINO ACID ABSORPTION: The proteolytic nature of P3-OM means it helps convert protein into usable amino acids that feed your brain, gut and muscles.
  • FREEZE-DRIED FOR MAX POTENCY: P3-OM uses this process to keeps the beneficial bacteria “dormant” until they make contact with water again.
  • NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED: P3-OM maintains its maximum shelf-life and potency at room temperature, which means you always get the CFU count listed on the bottle
  • UNPARALLELED DOUBLING POWER: P3OM doubles every 20 minutes as long as it has nutrients to feed on.

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“More Is Better”? NOT For Probiotics!
This Navy SEAL Single Strain Exposes
Why Nearly All Probiotic Products FAIL

According to a shocking new study, multi-strain probiotics with “billions” of bacteria per serving DON’T WORK.

Two studies published in the prestigious journal, Cell, noted that these probiotics “couldn’t colonize their GI tracts.”

The researchers even go so far as to suggest that multi-strain probiotics should NOT be universally given as a “one-size-fits-all” supplement.

They also said the same about yogurt, kefir, and other probiotic foods.

In other words, they don’t help your immune system… weight loss… skin… energy or anything else they claim.

This data was further confirmed by the billionaire, Naveen Jain.

His Viome testing team discovered that commonly consumed probiotics DON’T make it into people’s gut tests.

The Single Probiotic Strain
Proven To Supercharge Digestion And
Kick Bad Bacteria’s Butts

While multi-strain probiotic products don’t like up to the hype — researchers recently discovered a “proteolytic” (protein-digesting) single strain with nearly miraculous properties.

First, you need to know why a probiotic that breaks down protein in the gut is a game-changer…

Undigested protein is a leading cause of autoimmune issues, digestive problems, gas, bloating, weight gain… even aging.

By cleaning up the undigested protein in your gut…

… what was a graveyard for suffering and potential disease…becomes a fertile garden for optimum nutrient absorption, metabolism, and energy.

Second, all pathogens (bad guys like yeast, mold, viruses, parasites, and others that make you sick)—are protein-based lifeforms.

So a probiotic designed to attack and kill foreign proteins is the ultimate defense.

This is why researchers referred to it as the “Navy SEAL” of probiotics.

Because they’d simply NEVER seen any probiotic that was so ruthless at attacking foreign invaders and toxic bacteria that ruin your health…and age your body.

It’s so effective at defending you, in fact, it’s PATENTED.

Eating This One Nutrient Can Turn Back The Clock 
On Years Of Digestive Damage And Leave You 
Feeling Young And Vibrant Again

Life is just too short to spend in pain, misery, and feeling dissatisfied with your body.

It’s too short to be afraid of every food you eat worrying that you’ll gain fat or suffer from gas, bloating, feeling sluggish, or feelings of depression.

You want freedom. Freedom to live your life and enjoy all the pleasures in it.

And you know what?



This SHOCKING Video Demonstrates The Real Life Digestive Benefits Of Using P3-OM™ Probiotics

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