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What Does It Mean To Have Optimal Micronutrient Levels

In this article, you will learn:
The five levels of nutrification and the “sweet spot” for   optimum performance
How to dial in all your key nutrient levels and feel amazing
The best testing methods to determine and reverse any deficiencies
And much more…

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7 Ways To Maximize Metabolism

Have you not been seeing the results you want from your weight loss efforts lately? Maybe you’ve been cutting back on calories, but the scale isn’t budging? So why is that? 

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How Sleep Deprivation And Poor Sleep Quality Ruin Everything

“The root of all evil is sleep deprivation.”
Christophe Clugston, poly-linguist and self-defense expert.

If you were to ask Matt, “What’s the #1 thing I can do to improve all three sides of the BiOptimization Triangle?” His answer would be high-quality sleep.

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7 Symptoms Of Poor Gut Health And What You Can Do About Them

Millions of people experience symptoms of poor gut health every day. These symptoms may seem normal, but they can be very unhealthy. Digestive issues, gas, and tiredness can worsen over time and often confuse us about what to do. And because your digestion is the foundation of your health, everything gets worse when it’s not working right.

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25 Stealth Toxins Ruining Your Health And What You Can Do About It

The modern diet and lifestyle may seem normal, as do feeling crummy and performing suboptimally. The truth is that there are many normal things that won’t kill you but are silently ruining your health. If your goal is to optimize your health, performance, and aesthetics, it’s important to be aware of these stealth factors and mitigate your risk.

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8 Ways Probiotics Benefit Your Health As A Man

Probiotics can benefit men of all ages because of their wide-ranging effects. While we all know that probiotics help maintain and restore healthy gut function, there are many uncommon and largely undiscussed benefits of probiotics for men’s health.

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