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BIOptimizers blog is in line with our core mission, to help you shift into peak Biologically Optimized Health, an optimal state of well-being in the body, mind, and soul.

We have blog posts that answer your questions on how to improve digestion to reduce bloating and constipation, what are the most nutritious foods to consume, how to get the most from your body using biohacking techniques, how to build more muscle and lose fat, how to improve athletic performance, and so much more!

We provide you with the most revolutionizing data within the health field to support your healthy lifestyle.

How Do Probiotics Survive Stomach Acid?

You probably know probiotics as healthy bacteria that support gut health and provide a range of positive overall wellness benefits. But they aren’t as good to you if they’re dead.…

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Does Inflammation Cause Weight Gain?

If you’re aspiring to lose weight, you may wonder why you don’t seem to make progress or almost instantly rebound once you hit your goals, especially as you get older.…

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Diet and Mental Health

Estimates now show us that one in five people struggle with mood and mental health issues, making it a growing public health concern. They can affect how people feel, think,…

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