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BiOptimizers blog is in line with our core mission, to help you shift into peak Biologically Optimized Health, an optimal state of well-being in the body, mind, and soul. We have blog posts that answer your questions on how to improve digestion to reduce bloating and constipation, what are the most nutritious foods to consume, how to get the most from your body using biohacking techniques, how to build more muscle and lose fat, how to improve athletic performance, and so much more! We provide you with the most revolutionizing data within the health field to support your healthy lifestyle.

Psychology of Weight Loss Motivation

Every year, millions of people attempt to lose weight, yet many more want to but don’t feel motivated to do so. Is it really about motivation? Could there be more science to it?

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What Are The Best… And Worst Foods For Men?

Determining what is actually healthy for men when it comes to food choices these days is not a simple task. The field of nutrition is full of conflicting and inconclusive data, along with countless opinions and debates about what will help you or hurt you. Today we’re going to find some clarity and explore evidence based recommendations about exactly what is worth consuming and why.

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Is HIIT better than steady-state cardio for fat loss?

When it comes to exercise, most people have an outdated notion that long-intensity steady-state (LISS) cardio is best for fat loss. While it’s true that you primarily burn fat, it’s counterintuitive that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can lead to more fat loss in a fraction of the time.

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