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009: Using Microcurrent Technology for The Mind, Body and Spirit, with Tone Floreal

What would it be like if you could tap into the flow state regularly? Our guest, Tone Floreal, is here to share how this is possible by using microcurrent technology for the mind, body and spirit. Today on BiOptimizers’ Awesome…

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008: Renegade Fitness, with Jason Ferruggia

Our guest on today’s Awesome Health show transformed himself from a skinny, weak kid to a veteran of the weight-training world and an industry leader in fitness training. Jason Ferruggia is the founder of Renegade Fitness and the man on…

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Fresh coconut oil in half of nut on wooden table

Coconut Recipes Round-Up: 7 Great Ways To Serve This Healthy Fat

Do you fear fat? If so, it’s time to reconsider your game plan approach. The fact is, the right fats should be a part of your diet plan. The research is in and healthy fats are a must for optimal…

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007: How To Embrace The Spiritual When Following Your Passions, with Kelly Gonzalez

Peak performers in all industries share a commitment to the spiritual journey of excellence. A person who epitomizes this is Kelly Gonzalez, and that is why I’m so excited to have her on today’s episode of BiOptimizers’ Awesome Health show….

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Female Medicine Doctor Offering Helping Hand Closeup

5 Must Do Tests That Could Save Your Life

When it comes to your health, you might think you’re taking all the precautionary measures. You’re eating a healthy diet. You’ve started exercising. You’ve finally quit smoking and even cutting back on the alcohol you consume. All’s good, right? Possibly…

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006: The Fundamentals of Holistic Nutrition For Healthy Living, With Cory Holly

Welcome to episode 6 of the BiOptimizers’ Awesome Health podcast! Today I have another good friend and mentor to share with you: Cory Holly. Cory has inspired me on my journey, and he will do the same for you on…

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Episode 005 David Hall

005: The Cellerciser Changes Lives In 10 Minutes A Day, with David Hall

If changing your body and your life in just 10 minutes a day sounds unbelievable you’ll reconsider after hearing today’s guest on BiOptimizers’ Awesome Health podcast! David Hall is the creator of the Cellerciser. As a result of his device,…

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Episode 004 Katrine Volynsky

004: Natural Healing, and Nutrigenomics with Katrine Volynsky

Can you imagine healing your body after you’ve been exposed to radiation for 7 years? That’s exactly what our guest today has done, and it changed the course of her life. Katrine Volynsky is a naturopathic physician, who has worked…

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Episode 003 Udo Erasmus

003: Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill, with Dr. Udo Erasmus

Welcome back to the BiOptimizers’ Awesome Health podcast! For our third show I’m delighted to bring you the one and only, Dr. Udo Erasmus. Dr. Erasmus is the pioneer on healthy fats and has been for 30 years. He was…

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Episode 002 Scott Abel

002: The Cycle Diet And What True Health Is, with Scott Abel

On BiOptimizers’ Awesome Health podcast I have the pleasure of bringing you some of the greatest contributors to the health, fitness and wellness world. And today’s guest is a prime example: he is a world-renowned coach, former competitor and best-selling…

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