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034: How to Get Your Best Sleep with Matt Gallant

Sleep is absolutely critical to being healthy. But do you know how to get your best sleep? Answering that question and SO much more is my dear friend and business partner, Matt Gallant. We start the show by talking about how he got interested in the topic of sleep. When he was in his mid-20s…

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Why You Should Get Tomatoes In Your Diet Plan

There are many foods we should be eating on a regular basis. Most of us realize this but few of us act on it. You can do all the research in the world about what’s healthy and what’s not. But at the end of the day, if you aren’t actually preparing meals with healthy foods…

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033: The Psychology and Physiology of Fitness Training with Benjamin Siong

What role does psychology play in fitness training? A significant role, and our guest, Benjamin Siong, today explains why. I recently met Benjamin at Canfitpro 2019 conference in Toronto. Canfitpro is a professional event where world-renowned experts on health, fitness, performance speak. He was one of those speakers and as the founder of Australia’s premiere…

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Best Steps To Rid Yourself Of Acne

If you’re someone who’s suffering from acne on a regular basis, you might be wondering what you can do to resolve this issue. You’ve tried topical treatments and while they may work, the issue is that they significantly dry out your skin. Leaving you with skin feeling less than amazing. As dry skin is almost…

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Why You Need To Get Peppermint Oil In Your Life

If you’re someone who’s into natural remedies and are always on the hunt for new ways to ensure you are feeling your best, you may have dabbled in essential oils before. Using essential oils can be a fantastic way to give your health a boost when it’s needed and can serve to heal many ailments…

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032: Evolving Your Health with Dr. Stefan

He’s sometimes known as Dr. Amazon, and he is the embodiment of Eastern mysticism meeting Western science and ideas. It was no easy journey for him to reach that embodiment, and today he is sharing his well-earned wisdom on today’s episode of Awesome Health Podcast. Despite growing up in a traditional household, Dr. Stefan marched…

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Why Tomatoes Are A Must Have Food For Your Diet

When was the last time you ate some tomatoes? And I’m not referring to the ketchup you had with your French fries or the tomato sauce found in your canned spaghetti. I’m talking about real tomatoes – tomatoes that came from the vine, you chopped up and ate? If it’s been awhile, that’s something you’ll…

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