For Transforming the Way Your Body Looks, Boosting Your Health, and Getting More Done

The Bioptimization Blueprint
  • Are you passionate about health? Do you invest time in fitness? Do you invest your hard-earned money in supplements and good food? Would you like to maximize the benefits you get from these investments?
  • Would you like to unlock the brilliance of your mind on a daily basis?
  • Have you struggled to achieve your dream body?
  • If you’ve answered “YES” to any of these questions, then this message might be the most important message you ever read.
The Bioptimization Blueprint

Discover why leading health experts are raving about this breakthrough book that takes you beyond biohacking...

Giving you TOTAL CONTROL over how quickly you burn fat and gain lean build muscle... upgrade your brain and focus to new heights… extend your lifespan and quality of life to the max.

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Are you ready for a fitter, higher-performing, more Takes You energized and productive version of yourself?

That’s what the BIOptimization Blueprint makes possible…it helps your body lean up, build muscle, boost your energy (at a mitochondrial level), remove toxins, sleep better... way too much to list.

It’s the ULTIMATE health blueprint and system for a new you.

Imagine getting compliments on how incredible you look… or getting twice as much done in half the time...

Or waking up feeling rested, energized, and ready to crush your day...

ALL because you fully optimized your nutrition, digestion, sleep, detox, training, and more.

This is your opportunity to take control of your metabolism and weight... to experience the unparalleled joy and confidence that comes from having total control over your body’s shape, health and performance.

BIOptimization is truly the next level of BIOhacking...


It’s an approach rooted in decades of experience and the latest, cutting-edge science.

And the BIOptimization Blueprint is THE BEST way to begin your journey while setting the stage for lifelong success with this proven approach to physiological transformation.

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Transform your body’s aesthetics

  • Whether it’s shedding fat
  • Building more muscle
  • Toning/shaping specific areas

We’ve designed a process for helping you upgrade whatever you want...


Boost your performance

  • Dial in your brain for peak daily performance
  • Eliminate brain fog
  • Have all-day energy
  • Sleep more deeply
  • Crush it in the gym
  • Even become 2-3x more productive

These are possible with the Biological Optimization Blueprint.


Maximize your healthspan

  • Slow down or even reverse aging
  • Troubleshoot and enhance any area of your health
  • Optimize your digestion
  • Boost your nervous system health
  • And much, much more...

This leg of the triangle is key for adding “years to your life, and life to your years”

Maybe you’ve heard of the term “biohacking”. Dave Asprey popularized the term. It’s usually the use of technology or supplements to create effective short-cuts to achieve a result. We’re huge believers, supporters and users of biohacking.

However, this book goes beyond biohacking because we’ve created a scientific process that will lead you to become biologically optimized on all levels. This is a holistic, scientific approach that uses cutting edge tests, the 7 strongest biological optimizers in combination with biohacking to produce extraordinary health, aesthetics and performance.

The BIOptimization Triangle Takes You BEYOND BIOHACKING

Maybe you’ve heard of the term “biohacking”. Dave Asprey popularized the term. It’s usually the use of technology or supplements to create effective short-cuts to achieve a result. We’re huge believers, supporters and users of biohacking.

Dave Asprey



“In your hands, you hold a book that delivers the foundational building blocks to super-human health (which Matt and Wade call “BIOptimized Health”). If you just do half of the principles, processes, strategies, and technologies in this book, you can build extraordinary health, looks, and performance.

This easy to read knowledge stems from the methods that helped me go from an obese 300 lb man down to 200 lbs, boost my IQ by 20 points and become a better businessman, father and husband.”

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