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Change Your Life Weekend A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Health Experience

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When you want the latest, cutting edge health information to come to life… people motivated to take action… and want a perfect blend of intense passion and easy-to-implement health tactics, Wade is the answer.

Wade leads with his heart and his keynotes, webinars and interviews are backed with fact-filled information. Wade makes the entire audience, and those he speaks to, feel like a true peer. And as a result, he gains maximum attention and involvement.

He has been called “an electrifying speaker that has the unique ability to transfer his drive, motivation and wisdom in your mind and heart every time he’s on stage.” His compelling stage presence delivers high-energy, interactive experiences that truly transforms the audiences lives.

Wade is a thought leader who’s methodologies are helping people of all ages achieve and maintain a more dynamic, energetic and better quality of life.

Where Wade Has Spoken Before

Truth About Cancer LIVE


Mike Westerdal's Critical Bench

Enagic Global Convention 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2016, 2017

Brandon Carter LIVE

Ben Greenfield Podcast

These engagements have collectively reached millions of people all over the world.

keynote speaking & interviews

Wade Lightheart is a dynamic speaker, with a message that hits you in the head and the heart! Whether you have a large crowd or small intimiate groups, audience members love engaging in Wade’s no-pitch/no sales-hype presentations, and meeting planners look like heroes in the process.

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Wade’s Top Speaking Topics

  • The 7 Ways to Activate Awesome Health

  • The 3 Biggest Secrets for Fixing Broken Digestion, Metabolism and Health

  • How to Supercharge Your Protein Digestion, Muscle-building and Fat-burning

More Topics Wade Can Speak About

  • Fix Digestion
  • Eliminate Gas/Bloating
  • Overcome Gluten Sensitivity
  • Boost Metabolism at ANY Age
  • Build Muscle Naturally
  • Maximize Protein Absorption
  • Overhaul Health/Fitness in ONLY 15 Minutes-A-Day
  • Optimize Hydration through TECHNOLOGY

Podcasts / Partner Webinars / Digital Platforms

Looking for someone who is funny and engaging, while providing immense value that is simple, actionable and life-changing? Wade Lightheart is just that person who delivers every time! A true professional who will leave a lasting impact adding massive value to your audience’s life.

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Podcast Appearances

How to BiOptimize Your Gut & Digestion

Bulletproof Radio >

I don't want to not eat bread or pasta for the rest of my life. I find them enjoyable...

Ben Greenfield >

The importance of enzymes. Everything from thinking to blinking requires enzymes.

Enzymes 101 >

Why You're Not Jacked: The Power of Enzymes w/ Bioptimizers

Real Chalk #58 >

“It doesn’t matter what the diet is, it matters how your body is able to utilize that diet.” ~Wade Lighteart

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Optimize Your Gut And Microbiome With Wade Lightheart

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The fifth leading cause of death is digestive illness. Learn to fix your digestion with my guest Wade Lightheart.

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The Health Bridge – Enzyme Essentials with Guest Wade Lightheart

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Stomach Bloating Causes: What’s Wrong With Me?

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Healing the Gut & Restoring Physical Health

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Video Testimonial

Dave Smith www.MakeYourBodyWork.com

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