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Gaining LifeForce With QiGong, Healing Hands, Healing Touch, and Energy Healing

If there’s one person who has the utmost respect of just about everyone, it’s Bruce Lee. Despite being a mere 135 pounds, this man was able to generate a remarkable amount of force and had an undeniable level of natural energy about him. When speaking of this natural energy, we can refer it as a…

Handsome man practicing thai chi on the beach at sunrise

If there’s one person who has the utmost respect of just about everyone, it’s Bruce Lee. Despite being a mere 135 pounds, this man was able to generate a remarkable amount of force and had an undeniable level of natural energy about him.

When speaking of this natural energy, we can refer it as a system of sorts and it includes chi, prana, and life force.

You can work on building up this level of natural energy through both the foods you eat as well as through your daily energy practices.

To learn more about these energy systems, check out the video below.

Curious to learn more about how you can develop this lifeforce energy?

There are a few different exercises that can be done.

The Healing Hands Exercise

The first way to generate more natural energy is by using what’s often referred to as the healing touch.

To do this, you’ll simply bring your hands up so they are parallel to the shoulders with the elbows straight. Next, you’ll place the hands together and begin to rub them vigorously, generating heat as you do.

Woman Praying

The idea with this is that by performing this rubbing motion, you’re going to generate a high amount of natural energy throughout your body. This will be healing energy that you can then apply others.

After rubbing your hands together for so long and feel the heat build up, place your hands on another person’s head or body to help heal pain and injury.

The Rotating Hands Exercise

The next technique you can use that helps generate more lifeforce energy is the rotating hands exercise.

To do this, you’ll want to simply place the hands directly out in front of you, placing both palms pointing towards the center of the body. Offset the hands so that one hand is about a half-foot in front of the other hand.

Now, begin to rapidly rotate the hands around in a circular motion, feeling the heat and energy build up between your hands.

People practicing thai chi in park

The once you have this energy field, you can then shift it over as you may have seen people doing in tai chi practices.

Energy healing is something that you need to work at in order to achieve full capacity and be able to use it both on yourself and in others.

The best way to develop this is through practices such as martial arts, meditation, and tai chi, which we’ll expand upon below.

These all teach you how to manipulate and amplify the amount of lifeforce inside your own body. When used properly, you can then use these forces to accelerate healing, health, and high performance.

Now, another element of lifeforce that you need to know about is referred to as Qigong. This encompasses tai chi along with other highly focused practices.

Let’s give you a brief introduction to this as well.

What Is QiGong?

QiGong is an ancient Chinese health care system that utilizes the power of posture, breath, and focus to create a higher awareness and an accelerated level of healing.

The words themselves stand for life force (Qi) coupled with Gong, which refers to an accomplishment or something that has been developed through practice.

Therefore, QiGong is essentially a level of life force developed through regular focus and intention.

Those who use this practice typically refer to it as a hybrid combination of martial arts and medical treatments combined with spiritual undertones.

The entire practice revolves around using proper posture, regulating your breathing patterns, and holding a strict level of mental focus.

Tai Chi is a form of internal style of QiGong that helps to circulate the energy in your own body.  In contrast, Kung Fu is a more vigorous style of QiGong that involves emitting Qi to others.

Handsome man practicing thai chi on the beach at sunrise

Used for many years as an ancient healing system, QiGong has been regarded as a great alternative for conventional medical treatment. While it may not cure all of the modern day diseases and illnesses we face, it can certainly provide treatment for many health conditions without resorting to medicine or other techniques.

QiGong As A Form Of Exercise

When you think of tai chi, you may first thing of a form of exercise. Although a slow moving one at that, it is still an activity and a way to get your body moving.

Using QiGong practices in exercise is very beneficial as it emphasizes mental intent along with various breathing techniques – which is something that most other traditional exercise programs completely overlook.

By bringing this component into place in your exercise regime, you can accelerate the benefits that you experience.

Some of the main areas that QiGong can help you with include:

  •      Lowering your everyday stress level and making it easier to cope with external factors bringing in more stress
  •      Helping to build physical stamina so you can better keep up with the demands of day to day life
  •      Helping to increase your overall sense of vitality, through the development of greater amounts of lifeforce
  •      Helping to strengthen your immune system, causing you to become better prepared to fight off any disease or illness
  •      Improving your respiratory and circulatory system, allowing for better air flow into and out of the body. This can then go on to help enhance your daily energy as well
  •      Increasing lymph flow out of the body, accelerating drainage and decreasing the amount of toxins built up in your system
  •      Enhancing your digestive function – improving your body’s ability to excrete wastes and absorb nutrients consumed
  •      Helps combat aging, enhancing a sense of youthful vitality
  •      Increases your ability to recover faster from exercise as well as injury; meaning it could help bring long-term fitness results and benefits
  •      Can lower blood pressure, reducing your chances of cardiovascular disease and stroke.  Those who regularly utilize QiGong also typically experience less risk of other cardiovascular related conditions

As you can see, there are many benefits to making Qigong a part of your own life. When used correctly, it can help heal your body, calm your mind, and help you better connect with your spirit.

fitness, sport, meditation and lifestyle concept - smiling coupl

Those who are regularly practicing report experiencing better balance and harmony in their day to day lives and often report an increase in their mood and heaviour as well.

You’ll find you have a more positive outlook and feel more in control of all that is taking place in your life.

One of the best things about QiGong is the fact that it can be utilized by everyone, not just a small select portion of the population. Young and old can both benefit from bringing QiGong into their lives.

Here are some of the ways that QiGong can benefit different individuals.

  •      Young children are taught to better channel their energy and enhance their focus and concentration. This may yield superior school performance.
  •      Adults in busy careers learn how to develop superior focus and concentration as well, assisting with career performance.
  •      Adults may also learn how to better delay instant gratification impulses, allowing the to make superior health choices down the road
  •      Adults will also learn how to better manage daily stressors, which can then improve their health and well-being in a wide variety of ways
  •      Seniors will benefit through experiencing an increased immune system and vitality, allowing them to keep doing all the activities they’ve formerly enjoyed in their lives
  •      Pregnant women may experience a smoother overall labor process

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your background is, you can benefit from bringing QiGong into your life.

The big point to note is that regular practice is necessary. Once you have found a style of practicing QiGong that you are comfortable with, you’ll need to commit to consistent practice, sticking with it for at least 100 days.

This will help ensure you reap full benefits and that you are able to fully integrate it into your overall lifestyle.

So there you have a brief introduction to life force and QiGong. This is a concept that many people have never heard of before, but one that should be harnessed by all.

When added to your life, it can bring better health, harmony, as well as high performance.

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