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EMF Basics: Grounding for EMF Protection from EMF Radiation

One often overlooked health factor that could be seriously putting you in harm’s way is that of EMF, which stands for the electromagnetic field. In today’s times, we are exposed to this at a much higher frequency than that our parents or grandparents, thanks to all the technological advancements being made. As you read this…

silhouette of high voltage electric tower with beautiful twilight background

One often overlooked health factor that could be seriously putting you in harm’s way is that of EMF, which stands for the electromagnetic field.

In today’s times, we are exposed to this at a much higher frequency than that our parents or grandparents, thanks to all the technological advancements being made.

As you read this while staring at your computer or smartphone screen, you are being exposed to EMFs.

Does this mean you need to ‘un-plug’ forever?

Not necessarily. While you need to be more aware of the impacts EMFs are having on you and take steps to minimize them, with the right approach, you can stay healthy while still working on your computer or sending that text to a friend.

The mission of the Bio Optimization program is not to necessarily avoid anything that could harm you but rather to build your body so strong that it can more effectively deal with potential problems.

Of course, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t be avoiding certain things when you can – you definitely should, but at the same time, you do have to live.

To find out more of the latest information on EMFs, check out the video below.

Before we talk about what you can do to defend against EMFs, let’s first take a closer look at what EMFs are in the first place, the impacts they have on your body, and then we’ll go forward and talk about the things that you can do to help cope.

What Is EMF?

As noted above, EMF stands for electromagnetic fields. These invisible electrical and magnetic forces take the form of a wave. They can also be referred to as radiation, which is more commonly what most people know them as.

There are a few different types of EMFs that you need to know about, natural EMFs and artificial EMFs.

Natural EMFs

Natural EMFs are those that are produced both by the earth as well as the body. In fact, every single cell in your body currently has a very low frequency of EMF, as these work together to help keep your body regulated and ensure proper functioning.

As these are such low-level EMFs, they’re often called low-frequency ELFs, which stand for extremely low-frequency radiation.

As your body is producing these naturally, as you might have guessed, they pose much less of a threat to your health. There isn’t anything you can do about these ELFs, so you simply need to know that they exist.

Artificial EMFs

Then you have the artificial EMFs. This is where things become more problematic and potentially dangerous for your health.

Artificial EMFs are going to be produced by just about every single modern-day convenience out there. This includes your alarm clock, your cell phone, your computer, as well as your TV.


As we are becoming increasingly interconnected in today’s world, as you might imagine, our exposure to EMFs is only increasing.

Stop and think for a moment about your typical day.

How much of that time is spent either staring into a screen of some sort or simply being around some form of electronic?

Chances are the vast majority. Even if you aren’t looking or talking into your smartphone, it’s glued to your side, either in your back pocket or your purse.

Even worse, many people plug their smartphones into their nightstands overnight to recharge and use it as alarm clocks.

This means you are still getting EMFs even while you are fast asleep at night –a time when your body should be recovering and completely EMF-free.

To put into perspective just how significant these are becoming in our lives in today’s world, we are currently exposed to about 100 mill times more EFM radiation than those of our grandparents.

This is a very new health burden that has erupted on the scene, and as such, more research is constantly being performed on the long-term effects it has on health.

As such, there is no conclusive data on all the potentially harmful reactions that could be taking place because of it, so it’s imperative than ever that you learn how to shield yourself against it.

To dig a little deeper, let’s take some time to explain how electromagnetic energy works.

The Electric Component

To start the process, you have the electric component. This is created by an electric charge wherever there is electricity.

Whether it’s the electricity running into your hair dryer or the electricity that’s powering up your oven, if these are plugged in, it’s there constantly running in the background.

Note that some people believe that by turning off the appliance, you can stop this electric charge, but that isn’t the case.

In order to truly stop it, you need to unplug it from the wall.  The good news, however, is that this electric charge can be blocked by placing metal housing around it.

The Magnetic Component

Then, in addition to the electric component, you have the magnetic component. This is created whenever there is a moving electric current.

This component of the equation is only going to be in place when the appliance is plugged in and turned on.

In other words, it only comes into play when there are actual electrical currents flowing through it.

The more powerful the appliance, machine, or object is, the greater the overall magnetic field will be.

Unfortunately, this component is also much harder to shield as it will easily move through steel and concrete. As such, it has no problem moving straight into the human body.

Can you see or feel this electromagnetic energy?

Nope. And that is, in part, what makes it so dangerous. Most people are simply not aware that it surrounds them wherever they go.

In fact, if you are in an area where you have cell phone reception, it’s safe to say that you are being exposed to EMFs to some degree.

The problem with EMFs is that they change the frequency of your own body’s electromagnetic fields operates. These artificial EMFs start influencing the vibration pattern of your body’s natural rhythm, which in turn overwhelms your system and creates physical, mental as well as emotional stress.

You might think that simply getting away from these electronic devices will help you avoid the unwanted side effects, but this isn’t so.

Your cells may begin to store electromagnetic radiation, impacting you for much time to come. To add to this, if you have metallic objects around you, these will only amplify the situation as they tend to collect and attract radiation.

Silhouette Of High Voltage Electric Tower

How EMF Radiation Harms You

So how does this all relate to your health?

Multiple ways.

  •      Weakened immune systems

With regular exposure to EMFs, you’ll see a dramatic weakening of your immune system, meaning you’re less able to fend off viral and/or bacterial infections.

This puts you at a greater risk of illness.

  •      Potentially increased risk of cancer development.

Studies have now linked exposure to EMF and ELF with a variety of different cancers, notably leukemia and cancers of the central nervous system.

It’s been demonstrated that the occurrence of these cancers may be most notable in young children who are being exposed to radiation.

In addition to that, studies also suggest there may be a link between exposure to EMFs and breast cancer development.

  •       It may increase your likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease

As EMFs have a significant influence at the brain level, they will lead to changes in overall mental functioning.

It’s been noted that those who sleep with a cell phone by their bedside tend to experience lower-quality REM sleep and may suffer from learning and memory problems during the day because of this.

Talking on your phone isn’t any better. When the cell phone is held up to the ear, 20-80% of the radiation from the phone’s antenna can penetrate up to 2 inches into the adult brain.

And it only gets worse during pregnancy. One study published in the Epidemiology journal noted that when women were exposed to cell phones prenatally, there was a greater chance that their baby would grow up to experience emotional and hyperactivity problems by the time they went off to their first years in school.

Pregnant women are advised, as much as possible, to avoid cell phone use during the pregnancy period.

  •      Changes the natural melatonin production rhythm’s in your body

If you’ve done any research regarding what you can do to get better sleep at night, one thing that you’ve likely discovered is that turning off all electronics is typically recommended.

The reasoning? The blue light that’s emitted from these screens meddles with the body’s natural production of melatonin, which is the sleep hormone that regulates the circadian rhythm.

When you are staring at these screens, the brain will become stimulated, making it much harder to fall asleep at night.

When you get lower quality sleep, this can go on to impact almost every element of your overall well-being as sleep is so critical to optimal health.

  •      May impact reproductive function.

If you’re a man who typically carries his cell phone is his pocket, this is another practice you need to rethink.

As it will be sitting so close to the reproductive organs, over time, this radiation could lead to infertility or erectile disorders.

One study published in the Fertility and Sterility journal noted that when four groups of men were analyzed for mean sperm count, viability, and normal morphology, as the subject’s total cell phone usage went up, there was a decline in all of these factors.

The research is clear – if creating a baby is in your future as a couple, both partners should be refreshing from using cell phones as much as possible. While men may be more impacted prior to conception, females and the baby will be heavily impacted after conception.

So there you have just a few of the major ways that EMFs are going to impact you.

As they hit every single cell in your body, the better protected you are, the healthier you are going to be.

Steps For EMF Protection

So what can you do to protect yourself and defend against EMF?

While minimizing exposure is definitely a good starting place, you’ll also want to focus on what you can do to minimize the influence of EMFs on the body.

Here are a few steps to get you started.

Get Rid Of Wi-Fi

If you can, switch off your Wi-fi and move back to a chorded system. This will reduce the amount of EMF in your house as Wi-fi emits more powerful EMFs.

If you must keep Wi-fi, you’ll want to make sure that your router is at least three rooms away from where you spend most of your time.

Reduce Your Use Of Smart Phones

Potentially the hardest for most people to do, reducing your use of cell phones will go a long way towards helping you limit your EMF exposure.

For those who simply can’t go without, avoiding speaking with it directly to your ear will be a great start. Remember that holding it directly to the ear will allow the EMF to penetrate straight into the brain.

Holding it down below your shoulders instead is a safer alternative.


Beyond that, when you aren’t on the phone, consider turning it off. Will you feel disconnected? You bet that’s the unfortunate side effect of taking action to stop EMFs.

But you will be a lot healthier because of it. If you absolutely cannot turn it off, consider putting it into airplane mode to reduce the amount of EMFs being transmitted.

Get Rid Of All Electronics From Your Bedroom

In addition to reducing your cell phone use most of the day, you’ll also want to be sure to keep it out of the bedroom. This also goes for other electronics as well such as an alarm clock, a TV, or any lights that you have plugged into the wall.

If you really want to go a step above, you might even consider turning off the power supply to your bedroom during the evening.

Even sleeping next to a ‘charged wall’, (a well with a plug-in) can create EMFs and interfere with your sleep quality.

Get Out For A Walk


Can’t stop your 8-hour workday in front of the computer? For many people, turning off the electronics is simply not an option. They need to get by financially, and their chosen career has them sitting in front of that computer 8+ hours per day.

So how can they possibly cope?

One of the best ways is to make sure to head out and place your bare feet on the earth for at least 20 minutes a day. This helps to ‘ground’ them.

When you do this, the positive electrons that are in the form of free radicals that build up in the body are balanced out as the earth creates a negative grounding charge.

Grounding Techniques

Alternatively, if you are unable to get out and put your feet on the real earth’s surface, you might also want to consider getting yourself a grounding mat or pad.

These pads are designed to mimic that effect, helping you defy these positively charged electrons.

Back in previous years, when humans were hunting in the wild or out farming all day, this grounding process happened naturally. In today’s world, however, where we rarely spend lengthy periods of time walking outside, it’s less likely to occur.

Those who practice grounding techniques on a day-to-day basis can notice a number of positive benefits, including:

  •      Lower amounts of inflammation in the body
  •      Decreased levels of chronic pain
  •      Enhanced sleep quality
  •      Improved overall energy levels
  •      Decreased stress and cortisol
  •      Lower frequency of headaches
  •      Improved recovery time from exercise and injuries
  •      Enhanced adrenal health

If you are someone who rarely gets outside, using grounding techniques in the form of mats placed inside your office, home, or wherever you happen to be will be highly effective at offsetting the negative impacts of the EMFs you encounter.

If you’ve never heard of EMFs before, this is likely a big eye-opener for you. Don’t let this information scare you too much. You do have to live, and only you know what level of changes you’ll be able to make in your day-to-day routine.

Do remember, however, that the more you can do to move in the right direction, the healthier you will likely become.

It’s worth the effort when it comes to defending against EMFs.

To learn more about how you can bio-optimize your entire body so that you can naturally fight back against EMFs and help live your healthiest life yet, be sure to check out my 84-day course.

It contains all the information you need to know, including a morning and evening ritual that will ensure you are always on track.


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  1. Jenny Farmer on March 8, 2016 at 2:58 pm

    What is a grounding mat or pad? Where can I get one of these and how do you apply them?

    • Wade Lightheart on April 3, 2016 at 5:00 pm

      A grounding mat works by being plugged into the ground socket of your plug in which provides a steady souce of “earth ions” that allows you to stay connected to the earth while sitting at your desk or lying in your bed.
      There’s a ton of good one’s on Amazon.

      • Greg Chan on January 12, 2020 at 10:12 am

        Hi Wade, Ive been interested in grounding pads or sheets but dont we want to avoid plugging yet another device into the wall while we sleep to void these EMFs? Thanks

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