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The Key To Superhuman Results
Is Synergy

Perhaps the most underrated strategy in health is to maximize synergy. Synergy is when you combine two things to create a more powerful result. For example, 1 + 1 = 10. When we combine two or more products together we call that a “stack”. Stacks are how you get the best results possible.

Yes, by combining the right formulas in the right way, you can often increase the effectiveness by 10 times. We’ve proven this many times in our BioLab at the Burch University in Sarajevo. Sometimes by combining formulas we have improved the results by 1,000%.



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The Cheat Meal Stack Design

This is the ultimate cheat meal stack because:


I Can Have A Cheat Meal Without Wrecking My Digestion

Bioptimizers is the best there is, if people like Paul Chek and Ben Greenfield swear by your product then you're the gold standard. I can actually have a cheat meal now without wrecking my digestion, thanks Wade and Matt!

  • Taking Blood Sugar Breakthrough 20 minutes before a high-carb meal prepares your body to shuttle the sugar and carbs into your muscles and burn more of it for energy, rather than be stored as fat
  • Gluten Guardian breaks down gluten and dairy to prevent bloating, gas, and discomfort often experienced after enjoying a cheat meal
  • HCL Breakthrough synergizes with Gluten Guardian - the combination becomes far more effective as HCL Breakthrough breaks down the food in your stomach, making it easier for the enzymes in Gluten Guardian to break it down even further
  • These 3 formulas working in harmony make it the ultimate cheat meal stack for whenever you want to eat your favorite comfort foods bloat-free and guilt-free

About the Stack

  • This is the ultimate stack for enjoying a cheat meal without the common side effects such as bloating, gas, or the “heavy stomach” feeling
  • Blood Sugar Breakthrough increases blood sugar uptake into muscles rather than fat cells
  • Gluten Guardian contains a blend of 6 plant-based proteolytic enzymes that includes Peptidase DPP IV (an enzyme clinically proven to help break down gluten) — as well as three enzymes that break down starches and sugars
  • HCL Breakthrough relieves bloating, gas, belching, indigestion, post-meal fatigue, and stomach heaviness or discomfort after meals
  • Restores healthy stomach acid levels
  • Supports weight loss efforts in combination with diet and exercise
  • Improves energy levels and overall well-being
  • Promotes healthy carbohydrate digestion and absorption in the gut
  • Supports digestive issues relating to gut-irritating foods containing gluten or casein, found in wheat and dairy