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The Key To Superhuman Results
Is Synergy

Perhaps the most underrated strategy in health is to maximize synergy. Synergy is when you combine two things to create a more powerful result. For example, 1 + 1 = 10. When we combine two or more products together we call that a “stack”. Stacks are how you get the best results possible.

Yes, by combining the right formulas in the right way, you can often increase the effectiveness by 10 times. We’ve proven this many times in our BioLab at the Burch University in Sarajevo. Sometimes by combining formulas we have improved the results by 1,000%.



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The Keto/Paleo Diet Stack Design

This is the ultimate keto/paleo diet stack because:

  • kApex maximizes the breakdown of fats and protein found in the keto and paleo diets, and transports the fat into your liver and mitochondria to burn for all-day energy
  • B

    Benjamin S.Verified Buyer


    Exactly as advertised

    I don't write reviews often, but kApex is a solid product. It simply does what it's intended to do. It helps burn fat and ensures energy. It works great for me on a low-carb, high-fat diet. I've tried tons of supplements over the years, and most are hard to tell if the're working or not. That is not the case with kApex.

  • P3OM synergies with kApex because of its proteolytic activity, meaning you will absorb even more valuable amino acids from your food
  • Randy

    Get All Your Nutrients From Your Food

    Absolutely phenomenal addition to any body! Getting all of your nutrients from the food you carefully prepare is vital. This product has many attributes for clean healthy access to a glowing digestive and immune system!

  • HCL Breakthrough then enhances kApex and P3OM even further by breaking down the food in your stomach, which makes the enzymes in kApex and the probiotics in P3OM more efficient at their job
  • P

    Patrice P.Verified Buyer


    No Indigestion Or Acid Reflux

    I take HCL with confidence that I will digest my meals without indigestion or any acid reflux. This works for me and I'm in great appreciation for this product.

  • When you combine all 3 you have the best digestion and energy possible in combination with the keto/paleo diets

About the Stack

  • Improve digestion and support the gut flora on low-carb diets, including ketogenic and paleo diets
  • Relieve stomach from high-fat meals by maximizing fat digestion
  • Help with keto flu, fatigue, weakness, and cravings during keto-adaptation and carb withdrawal
  • Support healthy bile flow and stomach acid levels
  • Enhance mitochondrial function and activate anti-aging pathways
  • Support healthy insulin sensitivity
  • Boost liver ketogenesis and detoxification
  • Promote healthy and balanced stress response
  • Support energy, stamina, and cognitive function
  • Support cardiovascular health
  • P3OM supports a healthy gut microbiome and protein digestion
  • 100% plant-based, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly