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What’s the definition of nutrition?

Most people think of nutrition as simply eating good food. Oxford’s definition is, “the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.”


However, the accurate scientific definition is “Nutrition is the biochemical and physiological process by which an organism uses food to support its life. It includes ingestion, absorption, assimilation, biosynthesis, catabolism and excretion.” 

Our company, BiOptimizers, is devoted to enhancing all of those critical biological processes.  This article will give you the big picture as we break down “The System of Nutrification”Nutrification is the consumption, conversion, and assimilation of food into nutrients.  

clean vs dirty food

The system starts with consuming, healthy, nutrient-rich foods, breaking them down into usable components, transporting them into your bloodstream, and then assimilating those nutrients in the body.

The 3 Phases Of Nutrification: The Definition of Nutrition in Biology

Your health, aesthetics and performance will go to the next dimension when you optimize all 3 phases.  

nutrition phases diagram

Phase 1: Consume

In this phase, we flood your digestive system with the essential nutrients required for you to achieve your health and performance goals based on your genetics. 

The goal of phase 1 is to give your body all of the highest quality nutrients it needs to be at its best. This is where buying the best real food possible matters. Buy organic vegetables and fruits if possible. Buying heirlooms vegetables is possibly even better. When you buy meat, focus on grass-fed. Even better, eat wild game.

Our goal is to give our nutritional system all the macronutrients and micronutrients it needs, including proteins, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, and optimal levels of vitamins and minerals. 

The real challenge here is the modern food production systems.  The food production world has solely focused on maximizing yield and profits at the cost of nutrients.  Food today is calorie rich and nutrient poor.  Nutrients in soil have dropped between 20% and 40+% since 1975. And other data shows it’s been dropping for decades before that.  

This is simple: eat the highest quality food possible. Ideally organic, nutrient rich, toxin-free foods.  If possible eat organic.  

The ultimate is to grow and raise your own hyper-optimized food.  Optimize your soil with nutrients and grow heirloom seeds.  If you have the land, time and inclination, raise your own animals.  This is the best.  However, most of us just can’t do this.

Farmers focus on creating the biggest possible fruits and veggies and most forgo the extra expense and effort of remineralizing their soils and rotating crops.  We can expect commercialized mass farming to continue this trend and store-bought fruits and vegetables to keep declining in value and quality.

nutrition compass

Phase 2: Convert

Most of the information in the dietary world is just focused on macros: “You need this much calories, protein, this many carbohydrates, and this many fats.”   What good are these materials if they don’t become bioavailable?  Bio-workers are just as important as the raw materials when it comes to nutrition.

 Inside the body, the primary bio-workers are enzymes and probiotics. They are your “construction crew” that is working on your dream home.  They take apart macros into absorbable nutrients. If they’re not on site, you will just have a bunch of building materials.

The bio-workers break down your food into usable, absorbable components. They break down carbs into glucose, proteins into amino acids, and fats into fatty acids. 

Enzymes do over 25,000 different functions in the body. They are involved in everything from thinking to blinking.  

They deconstruct protein into usable amino acids, fats into fatty acids, and carbs into glycogen.  They enhance your body’s ability to move toxins out of the body, and more importantly rebuild tissues that have been damaged. They clean house.

This is why our company, BiOptimizers, has been obsessed with building the best digestive supplements. We’ve built the most powerful enzymes and probiotics on the market.  We’ve been testing and optimizing all of our formulas in our BioLab for several years now to beat every competitor in effectiveness. 

Probiotics are organisms that break down food even further, help fight off bad bacteria and viruses, remove toxic garbage, and run an incredible array of biological functions for digestion. They also produce neurotransmitters, immune factors, vitamins, enzymes, and many other critical nutrients for the body.

They’re one of the best weapons to protect your immunity and maintain optimal digestive function. 

Think of the enzymes as a lawnmower and the probiotics as the lawn mulcher. Together, they deconstruct food into the fuel and building blocks your body needs to be BiOptimized.

Phase 3: Assimilate

Finally, these nutrients move into the bloodstream and assimilate into building blocks or energy for the body.  Glucose becomes energy.  Amino acids morph into neurochemicals, muscle tissue, organ tissue and much more.  Fatty acids become energy, hormones, skin cells, brain tissue and more.

Assimilate is the final phase of nutrification. The amino acids, fatty acids, and glycogen cross the intestinal barrier and enter the bloodstream.

Nutrients are essentially inert substances and they require workers to put them together.

Again, enzymes do over 25,000 different functions in the body. Enzymes are the workers that do the assimilation. 

In this final phase, enzymes help reassemble amino acids into peptides and proteins. These get assimilated as muscle, organs, neurotransmitters, and much more.  

capsule fill of food

Fatty acids become either energy, brain matter, skin, hair, body fat, myelin sheath, hormones, and many other things. Who does that work? Enzymes!

Glycogen gets stored either in the liver, muscle, or turns into body fat via the gluconeogenesis process. Gluconeogenesis is a 25-cent word that means you didn’t burn the excess carbs so we’re going to store it as fat.  This is how most people become obese.  They have an excess of energy.  It’s important to note just glucose, but fat as well.  Bottom line: an excess of calories leads to body fat gain. 

The key to optimizing assimilation is keeping your body’s enzyme levels high.  We do this by taking them with our foods, plus taking them on an empty stomach.  

Another important part of the assimilation team is co-factors.  These nutrients are vital cofactors that are part of the assimilation process.  They are the enzymes’ teammates. 

That’s why maintaining optimal levels of vitamins and minerals is important.  For example, magnesium is a cofactor in over 300 of the body’s functions. We are discovering in our BioLab research that micro amounts of co-factors can multiply the assimilation by 200-300%.   This is why giving your cells all the micronutrients it needs is so critical.

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