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12 Home Remedies For Heartburn

Wondering how to get rid of heartburn fast? If you’re experiencing the discomfort that typically comes along with heartburn, there’s no question that you’ll be looking for a solution as quickly as possible.

Heartburn is an unfortunate part of life for many people, but with the right method, it doesn’t have to get you down.

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How can you put heartburn behind you? Let’s go over the top twelve natural remedies that you can use to quickly put this discomfort behind you.

1. Neutralize Your Stomach Acid 

As gross as it may sound, sometimes your best bet is to take in a spoonful of baking soda simply. Place one teaspoon of this stuff in the water and then drink it.

Baking soda will help to neutralize the acid in your stomach, bringing its pH value of it down, thus reducing the root of the problem.

Now, if you do get that reflux thing happening, at the very least, it won’t be acidic, and thus, you won’t experience the pain that typically goes with it.

When mixing this drink, keep it to no more than 8 ounces of water. If you dilute it too much, it won’t be as effective. If it doesn’t remedy the situation right away, repeat it a second time through. Don’t use more than one tablespoon (three teaspoon servings) daily.

Too much can lead to other unwanted side effects, such as swelling or nausea. If it’s not taking care of the problem, move on to another home remedy designed to eliminate heartburn.

2. Add More Acid To Your System 

This next tip may seem a little strange, but sometimes you need to fight fire with fire, so to speak. In some cases, heartburn is simply caused by not having enough acid in your stomach. When you lack stomach acid, it tells the lower esophageal sphincter to tighten and close off, so when you don’t produce enough, this won’t happen.

As a result, this sphincter gets looser, which can then lead to acid reflux which causes heartburn. If you add more acid to the stomach, however, you’ll get that tightening reaction occurring. Thus, you shouldn’t run into the issue.

To use this strategy, simply drink a few tablespoons of unfiltered apple cider vinegar added to one cup of fresh water.

Drink this before each meal (up to three times per day) if heartburn is a common issue for you.

Note that this one will be trial and error. For some people, it works wonderfully, while for others, it may actually lead to more problems. If that’s the case, discontinue using it.

3. Loosen Your Belt Notch

Okay, so it might not just be your belt notch that needs loosening, but wearing tight-fitting clothing can also make heartburn worse, so be sure that you get comfortable before sitting down for a meal.

If you are wearing tightly fitted jeans, the waistband will dig into your abdominal region, which can put pressure on your lower esophageal sphincter, which adds to the chances that you will experience reflux.

Likewise, too-tight of shirts can also do the same, so be sure that you are wearing clothing that you can easily breathe in. If you feel constricted to take a deep breath in, that’s a sure sign that your clothing is fitting too snugly.

4. Get Your Weight Down

The home remedy to get rid of heartburn that most people won’t want to hear, but it’s a fact. If you can reduce your overall body weight, you can do your part to decrease the amount of heartburn you are experiencing.

Those carrying around excess body fat typically experience an increased risk for acid reflux and are more likely to suffer from this situation after eating.

This is usually because the extra weight puts pressure on your lower esophageal sphincter, which over time, causes it to loosen.

The looser it is, as we already noted, the easier it will be for acid to move back up towards the heart, contributing to the problem of heartburn.

Get on a regular exercise program and use a healthy diet plan to control your body weight and put acid reflux behind you.

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5. Don’t Mix Alcohol With Cigarettes

Okay, so we shouldn’t mention this because this won’t be an issue if you are taking care of your health. But in case not, it’s important to realize that two very strong triggers for heartburn are smoking and combined with alcohol.

While each is already problematic for anyone trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, pair them together, and you have problems.

When these two are in combination, it weakens your lower esophageal sphincter, which makes it easier for the stomach acid to reach your heart.

Add to that the fact that alcohol already tends to irritate your stomach, and then you have a real problem with your hands.

If you are a smoker, take steps to quit. If not, to remedy heartburn to save yourself from all the other unwanted side effects that smoking will bring.

And, if you are eating a meal, refrain from drinking alcohol simultaneously. While it’s best if you just quit alcohol entirely, this may not be possible for some people, in which case, at least avoiding alcohol while eating will help prevent heartburn.

6. Pop A Mint

One of the best ways to fight heartburn is to increase your saliva production. One great way to do that is to simply pop a mint. Not only will this help freshen your breath after eating a meal, but it may also help you sidestep discomfort.

If you don’t have a mint (or a stick of gum, which works the same way), try to prompt your body to produce saliva by thinking about the tastiest dish you can imagine.

The mind is a very powerful thing, and this might do the trick to help you get past the pain.

Also, be sure that you are supplementing with a quality digestive enzyme product, which will help you break down your food more effectively so that it’s not sitting in your stomach as long, reducing the potential for stomach acid to become a problem.

7. Drink Some Vegetable Juice

Okay, so maybe you’re someone with a picky palate, and taking back baking soda or vinegar is enough to give you a whole new set of stomach-related issues.

No problem. Try vegetable juice instead. Carrot juice, cucumber juice, or beet juice will help reduce the acid level in the stomach because they have an alkaline consistency.

Try sipping on one of these, adding some salt if necessary. Just remember that tomato juice, the most common vegetable juice of them all, is very acidic, so that’s one that you’ll want to avoid.

Keep a juicer on hand if you experience heartburn regularly, and this not only might give you a solution but also allow you to get five to ten servings of vegetables in a day.

Eating raw vegetables is also an acceptable solution if you can’t stand drinking them.

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8. Time Your Meals Better

For many people, it’s late-night heartburn that bothers them. They generally don’t experience heartburn while they are up and moving around during the day but eat that late-night meal, they’re in for discomfort.

Usually, the reason for this is that you are lying down after eating the meal, making it much easier for the stomach acid to reach your heart.

What is the solution to this problem? Time your meals better. Or consider getting up and moving around a bit more after you eat that evening meal. Take a walk, clean the house, or do something else that does not have you in the reclined position.

And be aware that eating right before you go to bed will also set you up for problems, so avoid doing that.

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9. Sleep On Your Left Side

Okay, you got home late from being out all evening and starving. Not eating is not an option, so what are you to do? Enjoy a light meal or snack, and then make sure that you try and sleep on your left side.

Left-side sleepers can help minimize heartburn by allowing the stomach to sit so fluids can pool along the greater curvature, which is furthest away from the esophageal sphincter. The result is less of a chance of the backflow of the acid back up to the heart, leading to heartburn and pain.

While you may be unable to control what you do when you fall asleep, at least trying to sleep on this side will give you the best chance at fighting off the pain.

10. Try Cinnamon Tea

Those who are into Ayurvedic medicine swear by teas to help combat heartburn, especially those made with either cinnamon or cardamom.

Try crushing a little of either spice and then adding it to a cup of boiling water or to another prepared tea that you’ve already made, if you prefer.

Try apple herbal tea with added cinnamon, and it could be a great cure to help combat this problem.

11. Take A Shot Of Lemon Juice

Yet another drink that you can consume if you want to learn how to get rid of heartburn fast is to take a shot of lemon juice.

Lemon juice, while seemingly acidic, is actually very alkaline in nature once it gets into the body. Therefore, it does a great job of neutralizing the stomach acid causing the problem.

To do this, you’ll want to juice one lemon into a shot glass. If you can, drink that straight. If that has you puckering just a little too much, add one-quarter cup of water and then drink that.

Do it quickly, and soon you’ll be finding relief.

12. Try Melatonin

Finally, one last thing you might try is melatonin. While research isn’t entirely consistent on whether this works, some people feel better after using this sleep-inducing supplement.

Take a small dose – around 1 mg prior when you feel like you would normally have heartburn-related issues, and you may find that it subsides.

Just remember that melatonin may induce a feeling of sleepiness, so this is not a good option if it’s first thing in the morning and you are heading to work or you must perform other tasks that require you to be mentally alert.

But, as a fix before you go to bed, it may just be perfect.

Finally, in addition to all of these, you’ll also want to be sure you are using a quality probiotic product such as P3-OM. These probiotics will help to strengthen your immune system and help you maintain a healthier weight, which means that you will be better equipped to fend off heartburn.

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