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Live Blood Analysis – How To Know If You’re Healthy & How Live Blood Analysis Can Prevent Disease

Want to stay on top of your health journey? As part of taking a proactive step towards optimal health, it’s important to be doing a number of tests on a regular basis that will help you identify key features of your health. One test that most people are all too common with is the basic…

Close up of doctor or nurse and patient getting blood drawn.

Want to stay on top of your health journey? As part of taking a proactive step towards optimal health, it’s important to be doing a number of tests on a regular basis that will help you identify key features of your health.

One test that most people are all too common with is the basic blood test. Chances are, you’ve had one of these before.

Blood tests can check for a wide assortment of different thing things including the levels of hormones in the blood, the level of various proteins in the blood, as well as the amount of cholesterol sitting in the blood as well.

But now, a new test is starting to come into the picture. More and more people are starting to look into live blood analysis and the benefits that it holds.

Never heard of this before? Not to worry, you aren’t alone. For most people, this is a completely new concept. But it is one that could help you protect your health in the long run.

By learning more about what live blood analysis is, you could be in fact taking a very large step forward towards preventing disease.

Check out this video where I interview an expert to help you learn more about what this is and how it can help you.

So now you have a primer on the question of what is live blood analysis. Let’s look further at the differences between live blood analysis and your standard blood test.

Standard Blood Testing

Standard blood testing has been around for years and is what many doctors still rely on today.

Getting Blood Drawn

What are some of the reasons that you might go to have a regular blood test done?

Some of the ways in which regular blood testing is utilized include:

  •      Assessing your cholesterol level to try and determine where your heart health stands
  •      Looking at your iron levels if iron-deficiency anemia is suspected
  •      Looking at hormonal profiles for both males and females if infertility is an issue or if there are any sort of menstrual or erectile dysfunction
  •      Assessing both kidney and liver function by looking at proteins in the blood as well as urea concentrations
  •      Assessing blood sugar levels to determine whether someone is at risk or suffering from diabetes
  •      To look at thyroid function output if hypo or hyperthyroidism is suspected
  •      Performing pregnancy tests
  •      Identifying white blood cell count as a means of determining the health of the immune system and ability to fight off disease

So as you can see, there are a number of reasons why someone might need to go for a blood test. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Very often a blood test is the initial action taken by a doctor to try and figure out the cause of a health concern.

Generally speaking, a blood test is carried out by simply going to the testing site and having blood extracted from a vein in the arm, where it is then sent to a lab for samples.

In some cases, special preparation instructions will be given to the patient such as not eating before the test (fasting all night), not consuming any liquids for so many hours prior to doing the test, or taking the test at a certain time in the day if there is a fluctuation in hormonal levels across the 24 hour period.

Having a regular blood test is quite straight forward and after going for the test, you will then usually see your doctor for a follow-up a couple of days later where they will further instruct you on where you can go from there depending on your test results.

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How Standard Blood Tests Help

So how does this health test help you? Essentially, regular blood tests are great to use to look at what is causing certain symptoms.

If you complain of being tired all the time for instance, the doctor will send you for tests to look at your thyroid hormones as well as your iron levels as anemia and hypothyroidism are two very common reasons that fatigue may be experienced.

If you are complaining of frequent urination, you may be sent to do a blood glucose test or a kidney test as diabetes or kidney issues could be the reason behind this.

Blood tests are usually done as a means of assessing a current condition.

They can also be done to monitor a condition that is being managed. For instance, if you are prescribed thyroid medication to help control an underactive thyroid, you’ll likely have to go for blood tests every three months to ensure that the medication is keeping your thyroid hormones at an acceptable range.

Pills, 10eps

This helps ensure that the medication you are being given is appropriate and that you aren’t on the path to experiencing unwanted symptoms once again.

All in all, blood tests are used to treat and manage current conditions.

Live Blood Analysis

Which now brings us to the question of what is live blood analysis.

What to learn how to know if you’re healthy? Live blood analysis can help with that.

This type of test is carried out by placing just a single drop of blood onto a microscope slide, which is then placed under a glass slip to keep it from drying out.

Doctor woman with microscope in laboratory. Scientific research.

From there, it is viewed at a very high level of magnification with a dark-field microscope that then sends the image to a monitor for viewing.

How does this now differ from a regular blood test?

The things that you can measure with live blood analysis are remarkable different and can be used to get the full picture of your overall health. It’s important to note that neither test is superior. Rather, both tests should be utilized in effort to help ensure that you get the complete picture of what is going on with your health profile.

Let’s look at some of the reasons you might utilize live blood analysis.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency

One unique thing that live blood analysis can measure that a regular blood test cannot is any degree of vitamin or mineral deficiency in your body.

Each and every day, your body needs certain vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Most of us are heavily focused on getting our macronutrients in as we should – our carbs, proteins, and fats, but we pay less attention to the micronutrients of vitamins and minerals.

A deficiency in one of these nutrients however could feasibly lead to a number of unwanted symptoms and side effects.

With live blood analysis, you can see where you currently stand. By doing this, you can also take preventative methods to avoid future health problems. Sometimes deficiencies do not present immediate symptoms or side effects, but if left to carry on, they eventually will.

Allergy Information

Suspect you may be suffering from an allergy but not completely sure? Try live blood analysis. While a regular blood test will not show you accurately if you do in fact have an allergy to a certain food, live blood analysis can give you this information.

Then you can go on safely avoiding that food in question or, as the case may be, not avoiding it if there is no issue.

As more and more people come down with allergies in today’s world, this is a big benefit that live blood analysis has to offer.

Liver Weakness

Your liver is a powerful organ and each day is faced with the fact of removing toxins from your body and assisting with the elimination of waste.

When your liver is not functioning optimally, you won’t feel optimal and your energy level may be a lot lower than it otherwise would be.

In addition to this, if you start suffering from liver disease, this could go on to eventually pose major problems to your health and well-being.

Assessing Free Radical Damage

The next thing that you can use live blood analysis for is assessing the level of free radical damage that has taken place to your body cells.

This can then in turn help to identify how high your current need for antioxidants is, which can then help you plan your diet accordingly.

The more free radical damage your cells are encountering, the greater your risk factor for disease over the long term will be.

Live blood analysis can help you pinpoint this so that you are taking the right preventative measures.

The Acid/Alkaline Balance In Your Body

One important factor in establishing how healthy you are as well as your overall risk factor for disease is your alkaline and acid balance.

Most people are currently living in a state of being very acidic in nature thanks to their diet of heavily refined and processed foods coupled with a lack of alkaline forming foods.

If you eat the typical ‘meat and grains’ diet, it’s safe to say that you are verging on a very acidic state.

By learning where you are on the spectrum, you can then best make changes to your diet plan accordingly. This might mean cutting back on certain foods and adding other foods into the picture.

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Bacteria/Parasite/Yeast Development

Another element of health that live blood analysis can look at is whether you may be have bacteria or unwanted parasites in your system.

Sometimes this can occur without you even realizing it if outward symptoms are not showing, so it’s vital that you take steps to remove these from your body. Proper treatment and medication could then be followed after this information is gained.

Likewise, you can also learn if you are suffering from high levels of yeast growth in the body, which will then too require proper medical treatment.

State Of Digestion

Live blood analysis is also able to look closer at your current digestive processes. For instance, it can indicate whether there is a high amount of undigested proteins and fats sitting in the blood stream, which could indicate you may have a shortage of certain digestive enzymes or may also be suffering from a lack of the good probiotics in your gut.

Both of these can easily be remedied by simply taking a high quality supplement such as Masszymes or P3-OM.

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Hormonal Imbalances

While you can get information on hormonal imbalances through regular blood tests as well, live blood analysis can give a very close look at all the key hormones in the body, even if they are not at what would be classified as abnormal levels yet.

As hormones are involved in just about every single element of your health, this is very important information to know. Live blood analysis may help you notice slight changes from the optima range before a regular blood test would as with normal blood tests, generally your doctor will only be informed if the hormones are out of the standards of what’s considered normal.

Often though, normal and optimal are two very different things. Live blood analysis can help you distinguish between the two.


Live blood analysis is also an excellent way to look at the levels of circulation going on in the body. Circulation is vital for ensuring proper transport of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue cells. If you are experiencing issues with circulation, this can lead to tissue related problems and may also eventually cause a decrease in overall energy levels as well.

Toxic Heavy Metals

Each and every day as you go about your life, you are being exposed to environmental toxins. Some of us, more than others. It all depends on where you live and the activities you are doing.

Live blood analysis can give you insight into how much toxic exposure you’ve had, so that you can then take steps to safeguard yourself in the future and deal with the toxins in your system presently.

Again, most people never consider this element of their health as our awareness simply is not all that great. We focus more on things we know we are doing to our body – the foods we eat, whether we consume alcohol, and so forth, neglecting what other factors may be impacting our health that are not directly caused by us (such as our environment).

Immune System Health

The next thing that live blood analysis can look at is the health of your immune system. Your immune system is taxed each and every day and has to repair all the damage the cells undergo as you go about your life.

Each night when you go to sleep, your immune system is hard at work. The stronger your immune system is, the better able it is to repair any damage and prevent future illness and disease.

If your immune system is not functioning optimally, you are basically leaving yourself vulnerable to infection, disease, and a general feeling of being unwell.

This health test can assess the strength of your immune system, so you know where you stand.

Since 80% of your immune system is found in your gut, it can also give a very good indication of the present state of your gut health.

If your immune system is not functioning optimally, that’s a very good sign that you may have more negative unhealthy bacteria in your gut than you do the healthy bacteria.

This can quickly be solved by using a good probiotic supplement such as P3-OM. After just a short while on this supplement, you will notice levels of good bacteria rising, strengthening your immune system and helping you prevent disease.

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Inflammation Levels

Finally, the last thing that you’ll want to note that a live blood analysis can help out with is determining your inflammation levels.

Most of us are suffering from chronically high levels of inflammation thanks to our diets, the environments we live in and our lifestyle choices.

For instance, simply having too much omega-6 fatty acids in your diet (which comes from fat sources such as canola and other vegetable oils) and not enough omega-3 fatty acids can lead to total chronically elevated levels of inflammation.

Additionally, eating a diet rich in processed foods and sugar can also trigger an inflammatory response in many people, potentially putting them at risk for a number of inflammatory related diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

The live blood analysis can help you identify where your levels are currently at and whether you could be putting yourself at a higher risk as well.  You can then go on to take action if you are, doing things to lower inflammation such as consuming more omega-3 fatty acids, reducing or eliminating your intake of processed foods and sugar, as well as managing stress, which can also be linked to higher levels of inflammation.

So as you can see, there are a great many things that live blood analysis can help out with that a regular blood test would not.

In the best case scenario, you would want to get both tests taken and be read by a medical professional who understands the value of having both in the complete health profile.

As live blood analysis is a much newer concept than standard blood testing is, some doctors have still not fully caught on to this and are reluctant to give it the attention it deserves.

Therefore, finding a doctor who regularly does utilize live blood analysis and understands the place it has in helping to form the complete picture will be of benefit to help ensure that you are getting the most out of this service as possible.

Live blood analysis can be a great way to help prevent disease and give you a better picture of how well the health efforts you are making to maintain optimal health are working.

While standard blood testing is typically done in response to symptoms or a condition you are now experiencing, live blood analysis is a better choice for helping to prevent conditions from occurring in the first place.

Don’t overlook how helpful this tool can be.

Have you ever had a live blood analysis taken and if so, what were the results of it? How did it help you? Share your comments below.

Want to learn more about how you can boost your health and take control over your future? Check out my 12 week program where I will cover everything you need to know from sleep to nutrition to exercise and everything else in between.


Chiang, B. L., et al. “Enhancing immunity by dietary consumption of a probiotic lactic acid bacterium (Bifidobacterium lactis HN019): optimization and definition of cellular immune responses.” European journal of clinical nutrition 54.11 (2000): 849-855.

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