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Increasing your nutrient absorption up to 66% can help you control weight, gain muscle and enchance your body performance

Increasing your nutrient absorption up to 66% can help you control weight, gain muscle and enchance your body performance

Digestion plays a key role in  our health, but the harsh truth is a lot of the nutrients we get are wasted, leading to accumulation of body fat, loss of muscle mass and poor body performance. But that’s in the past now. 

Being able to increase the absorption of key amino acids up to 66%1, plus breaking down sugars, starches and fats to use them as energy, can really help you achieve the body and lifestyle you’ve always desired. 

It’s time to take your digestion to superhuman levels:

  • Increase 3X your protein absorption.
  • Rid your body of accumulated waste and toxins that slow down your metabolism.
  • Boost your fat and sugar burning to enhance your energy levels.
  • Increase your mental clarity and focus.
  • Repair damaged intestinal walls.
  • Enhance your sleep quality and energy recovery.
  • Break down protein, fat, starches and sugars.
  • Support brain health & eliminate brain fog.


Your Body Only Absorbs About 18% Of The Protein You Feed It?

However, the right Enzyme Supplement can amplify it up to 68%, which is more than triple what you normally assimilate. 



MassZymes formula contains 85,000 HUTs of protease, which are the measurable units of enzymes capable of breaking down protein. This is superior to any other supplement commercially available. 



A blend of different forms of protein-breaking enzymes that allow our body to assimilate the full spectrum of essential amino acids. 

The formula also contains Astragalus and Ginseng extracts, plants widely used in ancient Chinese medicine, which boost the power of the contained enzymes and support the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

This unique blend allows your body to break down and utilize the micro and macronutrients you feed it, but the spectrum of action of MassZymes doesn’t stop there...

MassZymes doesn’t only break down protein. It contains other important enzymes required to break down fat, different forms of sugar, starches and complex carbs, so your body can fully digest them and use them as energy. This  translates into easier fat loss, muscle gain and higher energy levels. 

Tired Of Pain Of Slow Metabolism?

Tired Of Pain Of Slow Metabolism?

Have you ever wondered why you don’t feel your best after having a meal, especially when it’s a heavy one? Digestive discomfort is actually a very common thing, so you’re not alone.5 

Food is supposed to be our main source of energy and nourishment, but poor digestion can make something as basic as eating, an uncomfortable experience.


  • Bloating? Do your clothes fit tighter after eating a meal?
  • Gas? Are you constantly running to the bathroom an uncomfortable moment close to your friends and family?
  • Irritation? Do you experience a burning sensation that can take away all the pleasure from eating your favorite meal?
  • Mood swings? Are you easily irritated for no apparent reason?
  • Low energy? Do you feel as if you didn’t sleep at all, although you did?
  • Cramps? That sometimes makes you curl in pain?
  • Constipation or diarrhea? To the point you can’t predict your bathroom visits, and you worry not knowing where the nearest bathroom is?


Depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Frame 22

Crohn Syndrome

Frame 3

Liver and pancreas malfunction

Frame 4 (3)

Dangerous Food Poisoning

Frame 3 (2)

Weaker Immune System


The Big Fat Lie Of Protein, Metabolism And Weight Loss

When trying to accelerate our metabolism, gain muscle and lose fat, the very first thing we’re usually told by fitness “experts” to do is to shove pounds and pounds of protein (through our food intake and supplements) and eliminate carbs and fats from our diet. 

Protein digestion is particularly demanding to our liver since they’re such complex molecules, so overloading our body with protein would require it to go in overdrive mode ,unless you have the right supplement to do the heavy-lifting for you.3 

MassZymes allows you to accelerate your metabolism, gain muscle, and lose fat, without having to over burden your body trying to assimilate big portions of protein. Also, it contains more than double the amount of protein-breaking enzymes than the competition. 

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Scientifically proven and loved
by its users

Scientifically proven and loved by its users

This isn’t only us saying MassZymes can take your digestion to superhuman levels. We have the proof to back it up. 

Over 17 individual studies have shown the effectiveness of Astrazyme for the metabolization and absorption of peptides, essential amino acids, and other nutrients like folate and omega-7 fatty acid. 


Well, it means enhancing every single aspect of your lifestyle: 

  • Get rid of undigested food buildup and toxins
  • Support mental sharpness and eliminating brain fog
  • Increase the absorption and utilization of macro and micronutrients for a better performance

And People Can Really
Notice The Difference...

Great! I'm hooked. 🙂
Really helping my body recover from 30 years of bad diet.

— Joshua H., October 22, 2020

Great! I'm hooked. 🙂
Really helping my body recover from 30 years of bad diet.

— Joshua H., October 22, 2020

Take this with every meal and your metabolic health will skyrocket!

— Ken, September 18, 2020

Take this with every meal and your metabolic health will skyrocket!

— Ken, September 18, 2020

These have helped my digestive issues so much!
I would highly recommend for SIBO and IBS relief

— Tonya W., September 13, 2020

These have helped my digestive issues so much! I would highly recommend for SIBO and IBS relief

— Tonya W., September 13, 2020

Are You Still Wondering If MassZymes Is The Right Pick For The Lifestyle You Know You Deserve?


When is the best time to take MassZymes?

Systemic enzymes are recommended to be taken on an empty stomach, as normal digestion will interfere with their effectiveness. We suggest you take our Masszymes first thing in the morning as your stomach will be empty. on an empty stomach, or during the day to elicit a systemic enzymatic effect. To improve digestion, take Masszymes a few minutes before each meal during the day.

**Please Note: Our enzymes can be used both for food digestion and on an empty stomach as well. When you take our MassZymes on an empty stomach, they become metabolic. If you take them with the food they become digestive. 

Are enzymes dangerous?

No! The enzymes we recommend are perfectly safe to consume. Do keep in mind that some people with gastritis or ulcers may not be able to consume them. But be sure to consult your health professional and ask if enzymes are safe for you to use.

Are all enzymes created equal?

No. Most brands sold in stores only work at a very narrow PH level, which means they get destroyed during the digestive process. Our Full Spectrum enzymes work at a PH range between 2 and 12, which maximizes its digestive effects. Plus, our product is the most powerful protease supplement on the market. Also, due to the high protease count in MassZymes, this can actually help reduce strength loss, and also boost short-term strength recovery when you train.

Why do you use RICE BRAN in this product?

We use stabilized hypoallergenic rice bran as an agent to prolong the shelf life of the enzymes, which can become activated by moisture. By including a stabilized hypoallergenic rice bran, we are able to offer longer shelf life and improved effectiveness of the product.

Does Masszymes (Digestive Enzymes) only digest protein?

No, our enzymes not only break down protein but also carbohydrates, fats & sugars. The Protease in our enzymes breaks down protein. The Amylase in our enzymes breaks down carbohydrates, and Lipase breaks down fats in our body.

Are these vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes, they are. The capsules are cellulose. The enzymes are fermented using plants.

Can children take this product? If so, what is the recommended dosage?

Yes, children can take this product. Give them one capsule for every 44 lbs. of body weight.

Can I empty the capsule’s contents in a beverage?

Yes, you can empty the contents of this product in your beverage of choice as long as it isn’t hot.

Is it okay for pregnant or breastfeeding women to take this product?

It’s not recommended. 

What is the recommended dosage?

You can follow the recommended dosage on the label, which is 2-3 caps before every meal, but you can customize your own dose based on the results. 

Ready To Be The Best Version Of Yourself
With Your New Optimized Digestion?

The Benefits of MassZymes Supplement Backed by Science

The Benefits of MassZymes Supplement Backed by Science

  • 1 Oben J, Kothari SC, Anderson ML. An open label study to determine the effects of an oral proteolytic enzyme system on whey protein concentrate metabolism in healthy males. J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2008 Jul 24;5:10. doi: 10.1186/1550-2783-5-10. PubMed PMID: 18652668; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC2500001.
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