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  • Improve keto, low-carb, and paleo digestion
  • Boosts AMPK (an enzyme that promotes energy production) in muscles by 52% and fat cells by 300%
  • Ups ATP (energy) in your liver by 22%, which makes the liver better at ketogenesis and detoxification
  • Amps adiponectin (a hormone from fat cells that promotes fat loss and healthy blood lipids, while balancing inflammation) by up to 248%
  • Improves sensitivity to important blood sugar regulating hormones by increasing glut4 by 488% in fat and muscle cells
  • Helps lower inflammation
  • Boosts cardiovascular health
  • Helps reduce bad cholesterol
  • Support fat and protein digestion
  • Prevent digestive upset from high-fat meals
  • Aids digestion
  • Increases energy
  • Reduces keto flu and fatigue during keto-adaptation
  • Improves exercise performance, especially on a low-carb or ketogenic diet
  • Enhances fat loss (when combined with proper exercise and nutrition)
  • Improves mitochondrial health and activates anti-aging pathways
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Get Your Digestion To The Optimal Zone

Get Your Digestion To The Optimal Zone

kApex® is a one of a kind supplement designed to support a keto diet. Our CEO Matt Gallant has been on a keto diet for 26 years and coached hundreds of people through it. He observed that many people struggle with keto flu and digestive problems, which prevent them from fully benefiting from ketosis.

kApex® is a 100% plant-based formulation that supports a smooth transition into ketosis and reduces potential side effects of keto-adaptation by:

  • Providing the digestive enzymes to help break down fats and proteins, along with dandelion root to increase bile flow
  • Increasing mitochondrial function and fat burning pathway, which optimizes ketogenesis
  • Boosting energy, cognitive function, and stamina
  • Supporting healthy trace mineral levels

Optimize the Digestive Process

  • Full-spectrum proteases and lipases that are active at a variety of acidity/alkalinity levels
  • Dandelion root to stimulates healthy bile production and flow, and promotes liver health
  • Betaine HCl supports healthy stomach acid levels, which is important for overall digestion and gut movement
  • Astrazyme contains systemic plant-based enzymes and herbal extracts, which reduce gut inflammation and support an overall balanced immune response

Mitochondrial/Energy Production/Fat Burning Support

  • L-carnitine helps bring fatty acids into the mitochondria, which may help with fat loss
  • Ubiquinone (CoQ10) reduces oxidative stress and boosts mitochondria function, which have anti-aging effects
  • InnoslimⓇ increases the AMPK pathway, which increases energy production in fat and muscle tissues
  • Extracts of astragalus and Panax notoginseng in InnoslimⓇ and AstrazymeTM work as energy-boosting adaptogens. They boost brain function, combat fatigue, maintain metabolism, and promote performance in stressful situations, such as keto-adaptation.
  • Trace minerals provide cofactors for metabolism and digestion


Tri-PHase Protease (Protease 6.0, Protease 4.5, Protease 3.0), Lipa4 Lipase (Lipase Fungal - Japan, Lipase Fungal - China, Lipase Fungal - Mucor javanicus, Lipase Fungal - Aspergillus niger), L-Carnitine Powder, Innoslim®, AstraZyme (proprietary blend of enzymes, extracts of astragalus & notoginseng, and trace minerals), Betaine HCL, Dandelion Root Powder, UbiQuinone (CoQ10), Trace Mineral

Other Ingredients: Rice Extract, Capsule (Vegetable Cellulose and Water).

Benefits of Taking kApex®

  1. Optimize Digestion

    Many new ketogenic eaters experience digestive upset from consuming a lot of fat because they start off with a suboptimal digestive process. kApex® contains betaine HCl, proteases, lipase, and dandelion root that promotes optimal digestion and prevents such digestive upset with high-fat meals.

  2. Support Muscle Building and Maintenance

    Ketogenic diets include much less protein than a typical bodybuilder’s meal. You may also be in a caloric deficit and unable to train as hard. These factors may make it harder to preserve and build muscles. A key to preserving muscles and exercise performance throughout keto-adaptation is to ensure that the proteins you eat count. The proteases in kApex® ensure that all the proteins you eat are fully broken down, so that the amino acids are absorbed.

    The dandelion root stimulates bile production, whereas lipases that are active at varying acidity ensure that the fats are fully broken down.

  3. Improve Energy, Cognitive Function, and Well-Being

    Many new keto eaters experience keto flu, which include temporary fatigue, brain fog, and decreases in performance. Keto-adaptation calls upon your stress response system to provide energy before your body can optimally burn ketones for energy. kApex® addresses these sticking points with energizing ingredients in InnoSlim and trace minerals. These ingredients energize you by speeding up your metabolism and working as adaptogens to support your stress response system. Even when you are keto-adapted but have yet to reach full metabolic-flexibility for high-intensity exercise performance, the energizing ingredients in kApex® can help bridge the gap.

  4. Increase Fat Burning For Energy

    Your mitochondria is the fat burning furnace inside your cells. Poor mitochondrial function can cause fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, and make for a more challenging transition into a keto diet.

    kApex® supports your mitochondria function with L-carnitine, CoQ10, and Innoslim.

  5. Improve Sensitivity to Important Blood Sugar Regulating Hormones and Promote Healthy Blood Lipids

    The synergistic components in Innoslim increase the glucose transporter 4 (Glut4) to the surface of your fat and muscle cells, increasing the amount of glucose these cells absorb. Therefore, kApex® can ensure that glucose and other nutrients reach your muscle cells and help them grow, even in the environment of low-carb or ketogenic diets.

  6. Promote a Balanced Immune Response

    The synergistic components in kApex®, including Innoslim and Astrazyme, promote a balanced immune response.

  7. Anti-Aging

    Keto diets typically have an anti-aging effect by boosting the mitochondria, while reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. kApex® augments these benefits by optimizing the mitochondria, promoting balanced inflammation and stress responses, and reducing oxidative stress.

  8. Cholesterol and Triglyceride

    By stimulating the AMPK enzyme, Innoslim inhibits cholesterol and triglyceride synthesis in the liver. Also, since cholesterol increases with inflammation, reducing inflammation tends to reduce cholesterol. The herbal ingredients and systemic enzymes in Astrazyme and Innoslim promote a balanced inflammatory response. Therefore, Innoslim may promote healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels in combination with diet and exercise.

How does kApex® Work?

kApex® supports digestive function, especially for low-carb ketogenic meals, with full-spectrum digestive enzymes that break down proteins. It also promotes healthy fat digestion and metabolism, and supports a healthy stress response, which makes it easier to enter and stay in ketosis.

kApex® can boost your workout and keep your brain lit for hours without crashes, jitters, or burnouts.

Digestive Problems on a Low Carb Diet

Some people experience constipation on low-carb diets because they contain less dietary fiber. The solution is to increase your fiber intake and drink more water.

Others experience digestive upset, bloating,and diarrhea with a high-fat keto diet. The solution is to use digestive support, such as a digestive enzyme supplement, HCl, and probiotics, that can aid digestion. Also, sugar alcohols and MCT oils, which are common ingredients in keto processed foods, can cause diarrhea and gas, and should be avoided if you suffer from digestive problems.

When To Take kApex®?

Because kApex® contains energizing ingredients, it is best to consume kApex® early in the day.

For optimal performance and mitochondrial support, start with 3 - 8 capsules (depending on bodyweight) before breakfast first thing in the morning.

For digestion, take 1 - 3 capsules with breakfast and lunch. For dinner, use MassZymes and HCl Breakthrough instead.

If you have trouble sleeping when you take it with lunch, then only take it with breakfast.

Suggested Use

Take 2-4 capsules with each meal and 4-6 capsules on an empty stomach upon waking.

Do not take kApex® after 5pm since you may experience excess energy at night and loss of sleep.

Consult your medical practitioner prior to starting any new supplement.

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kApex Questions:

What is the shelf life for kApex®?

The shelf life for kApex® is 2 years from the manufactured date, which can be found on the bottle.

Any medical conditions that warrant discontinuing the use of kApex®?

Do not use kApex® if an ulcer or gastritis are present or if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. If any adverse side effects occur, discontinue immediately.

Consult your medical practitioner prior to starting any new supplement, diet, or training program, or if you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition.

kApex® contains ingredients that are banned by the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA). Therefore, it is not apt for professional athletes.

Do you have to follow a keto diet to take kApex®?

You do not have to follow a keto diet to consume this product. kApex® is designed to improve and support your digestive system, consumption of nutrients, boost energy levels, and much more. Everyone, regardless of diet type, can enjoy these benefits.

What is the recommended dosage for kApex®?

The recommended dose for kApex® is 1 capsule per every 44 lbs (depending on weight, this could range from 3-8 capsules) on an empty stomach upon waking in the morning.

To improve digestion of the food you consume, take 1-3 capsules with meals. However, be cautious at dinner since you may experience excess energy at night and loss of sleep.

Is it okay for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers to take kApex®?

Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should consult a medical practitioner prior to starting any new supplement, diet, or training program.

When is the best time to take kApex®?

The best time is to take 4 - 8 capsules first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and 2 - 4 capsules with lunch. Taking it too late in the afternoon or evening can keep you up at night. To support digestion at dinner, use MassZymes instead.

How many capsules in a kApex® bottle?

The kApex® bottle contains 120 capsules.

  • Made in USA
  • GMP Certified
  • Manufacturing COA

Product Information

Product Dimensions:

  • Cap diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Bottom diameter: 2 inches
  • Height: 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.6 ounces


Do not use if ulcer or gastritis are present.


KAPEX® - 365-Day Money Back Guarantee

All BiOptimizers products come with a 365-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your BiOptimizers product for any reason between today and 365 days from now, just send back your remaining unopened bottles of the product and we'll give you a full refund (minus the cost of shipping and handling). If you open a second bottle, you no longer qualify for any guarantee. Reach out to our customer happiness team and they will take complete care of it.

365 Money-Back Guarantee

Why BiOptimizers Is A Different Kind Of Company

BiOptimizers Was Born From Pain And Passion.

Wade’s passion and mission for helping others optimize their health started when he witnessed his 23-year-old sister pass away from cancer. It was a heart-breaking experience that shaped his destiny. That’s when he realized that health was the most precious asset we have in this life.

Matt’s passion and purpose for helping others started when he helped his best friend lose 191 lbs in 18 months. He watched his friend’s entire life transform as a result. He went from never having a girlfriend to being married in just a couple of years.

Wade Lightheart

Wade Lightheart


Matt Gallant

Matt Gallant

Chief Executive Officer

Wade and Matt were both trainers working with pro athletes and other high performers. They both spent a decade in the gym helping people transform their health. Wade and Matt met in the gym, struck a friendship and then started a business partnership that has been going strong since 2004.

That’s right, we started selling fitness programs, digestive enzymes and organic plant-based protein in 2004. Our obsession to build the best-in-class formulas and solutions just gets stronger. Our policy is, “If we can’t build the best product in that category, forget about it.”

We’re willing to go ALL IN on the formulas. What does this mean? Our average cost per bottle is 200% to 400% higher than most of our competitors. We use the optimal, effective doses of the most researched ingredients. We know that once you experience the results, you’ll be a fan of BiOptimizers for life.

Matt & Wade
Matt & Wade


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Probiotic supplements are not drugs and therefore are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.