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The Ultimate
Nutrition System

The last resource you’ll ever need to achieve and maintain your health & fitness goals - for good

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  • Craft the perfect nutrition for YOUR life and health goals with the Ultimate Nutrition System

  • Everything you need to learn in the limited-time hardcover copy of the 500+ page Ultimate Nutrition Bible

  • Learn YOUR way with lifetime access to the Ultimate Nutrition Course

  • Track & ensure your success with access to the Ultimate Nutrition App

  • Reinvigorate your life with bonuses including our Ultimate Nutrition Supplements Guide and a FREE copy of our best-selling book From Sick To Superhuman… AND MORE


While you can buy the Ultimate Nutrition Bible for $39.99+ shipping, we can only offer FREE shipping and FREE bonuses with the purchase of the Ultimate Nutrition System Bundle. You’ll be in good company - over 98% of buyers have picked the $97 limited-time offer on the Ultimate Nutrition System.


Woman looking through the window
  • “What’s the best diet? Keto? Vegan? Intermittent fasting? What even are those?!”

  • “What’s the best diet for losing weight?”

  • “What’s the healthiest way to eat? Are fats bad or good? Are carbs evil? I’m so confused”

Over the last 20 years of helping nearly 1 million customers with their nutrition and health at BIOptimizers, we kept hearing questions like these again and again.

Is it possible you have even asked these questions yourself over the last few months?

We knew there had to be a better way than chasing diet after diet after diet… After all, there are only two things we all need to remember about dieting:

Diet comparison Woman looking through the window
How diets work over time

After hearing so many of our customers share these struggles, we knew we had to do something. So, we fused 50 years of combined experience with scientific evidence to create the world’s most complete nutrition guide to show you how to create the perfect forever-diet for YOU.

It took us years of researching, writing, and consulting with doctors + industry experts, but we’re finally ready to unveil the Ultimate Nutrition System, which will guide you JUDGMENT-FREE through every SCIENCE-BACKED step to craft the ideal foods to eat to live YOUR best life. You’ll finally be able to ignore all those “diet” books written by influencers who don’t know you and aren’t considering your needs, like:

Your unique and personal physiology

Your unique and
personal physiology

Your genetics & family history

Your genetics &
family history

Your gut biome

Your gut

Your life goals and health goals

Your life goals and
health goals

Your unique and personal physiology

Your unique and
personal physiology

Your genetics & family history

Your genetics &
family history

Your gut biome

Your gut

Your life goals and health goals

Your life goals and
health goals

But we didn’t want to stop with just our paradigm-shifting book, The Ultimate Nutrition Bible
(published by the legendary 40-year-old publisher Hay House)...

Ultimate Nutrition Course

We also spent weeks in Hollywood to create our

Ultimate Nutrition Course

to walk you step-by-step through this life transformation. Think of the Ultimate Nutrition Course like having unlimited access to the authors of a health-improvement book explaining every detail for you to ENSURE you get the results you desire.

Ultimate Nutrition App

We’ve also created the

Ultimate Nutrition App

and a whole bundle of bonus guides to ensure you ACHIEVE and MAINTAIN your personal definition of success, but more on those later. First, we’d love it if you could take a moment to check out this special preview video of the Ultimate Nutrition System before you keep reading. Just scroll down a tiny bit more and you’ll see the video - we’ll be right back with you below the video.

Ultimate Nutrition App
Diet Wars

PS: We keep writing “we” on this page (there we did it again!) - just so you know, “we” is Matt & Wade, the co-founders of BIOptimizers - a company we’ve run together for nearly 20 years. The Ultimate Nutrition System is the product of an ongoing BATTLE we’ve had as friends and business partners over what the best diet system is - and this 540+ page book is the result of looking to settle that battle.

Matt Gallant
Matt Gallant Signature

CEO and Co-Founder of

Wade Lightheart
Wade Lightheart Signature

President and Co-Founder of


Your Journey to the

Healthiest version of yourself
begins here

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The short answer is: YES. But with one important note: diets “market” to you using promises of quick results (which never seem to be LASTING results), while The Ultimate Nutrition System can support you in creating the perfect nutrition plan for YOU that fits your lifestyle, your goals, and your genetics.

To put it simply: by investing in the Ultimate Nutrition System, you’re taking back control from the companies that market special secrets or “hacks” to hit your goals. Instead, you’re investing in the knowledge and support to build the perfect “forever diet” for YOU.

Here’s more detail on everything included in the Ultimate Nutrition System
- we hope you’ll join us on a journey to the Ultimate version of YOU!

The Ultimate
Nutrition Bible


The Ultimate Nutrition Bible is the only guide you’ll ever need to choose the right diet that will help you reach your health, aesthetic, and performance goals… AND help you maintain those results.

This is not some rigid, generic diet guide. The Ultimate Nutrition Bible provides a science-based, yet easy-to-understand nutrition framework you can customize and evolve to match your unique physiology and goals.


By reading The Ultimate Nutrition Bible,
you’ll learn:

  • Why every diet works short-term but fails long-term

  • How to manage hunger (even if you’re a stress-eater!)

  • How to achieve AND maintain your weight loss, muscle gain, and mental performance goals

You’ll also learn how to succeed in a world full of the competing and conflicting “nutrition philosophies” of popular diets like keto, paleo, intermittent fasting, and plant-based options.

Here are some of the top breakthroughs our readers have told us about
from each chapter of The Ultimate Nutrition Bible:

The real reason 97% fail with weight loss

The Real Reason
97% Fail with Weight Loss

Chapter 1

“I’d never heard of the hormone ghrelin until I bought the Ultimate Nutrition System - now I know why dieting has never really worked for me and how to defeat the ghrelin gremlin lol!”

quote-checkPauline S.

Why every diet works...

Why Every Diet Works... (For a While)

Chapter 2

“ooook I love this chapter guys, all of this resonates with me SO MUCH as someone who’s had diets work and then suddenly stop working (so frustrating) THANK YOU for writing this so I know which mistakes to avoid in the future”

quote-checkSteph P.

The top 17 reasons most diets fail

The Top 17 Reasons Most Diets Fail

Chapter 3

“I’m pretty stoked that I’m not going to need to give up pizza. I want to have abs and look great as much as the next guy, but giving up pizza is just out of the question.”

quote-checkJeff A.

AND 32 additional chapters clocking in at over 540 pages, including:

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

How to Win on
Any Diet

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The Simplest Secret of Every
Successful Dieter

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

How to Succeed with a
Muscle-Building Diet

Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Assembling the Ultimate
BIOptimization Master Plan

Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Your Gut Biome



Manifesting Your
Dream Body

We didn’t just write the most complete, unbiased nutritional book of all time.
We also created the most complete nutritional video course ever as a companion to elevate your learning,
with rich visuals and BONUS content from Matt & Wade, found exclusively in….



It’s a visually stunning course that will keep you engaged and interested as we work through all 35 modules of the Ultimate Nutrition Bible.

Pro athletes know that visualization is the one of the most powerful techniques for producing life changing results.

That’s why we spent a week in Hollywood with a world class film crew to create a platform for you to reinforce your reading, and visualize your goals so that you can make them come true. 


PLUS you’ll get access to BONUS content that can only be found in the course. You’ll get to hear from Matt & Wade as they share their experience, and see powerful, dynamic graphics that will bring your learning to life.

Encapsulating 540+ pages of industry leading nutritional content, the course is your ultimate learning companion that will walk you step-by-step through this life transformation, complete with a quiz after every module to elevate your absorption of the information.

Here’s a tiny taste of the life-changing information you’re going to get…


The Five EPIC Journeys You Can
Take with Your Body


“I had no clue that my body could be capable of so much. It’s been 10 years since I last played ball, but now I feel more athletic than I ever was when I played!”

quote-checkTony P.


The Ultimate Fat Loss Masterplan: How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off Forever


“Seeing the Fat Loss Masterplan explained on video was SO helpful. I’ve never been more motivated to kick my extra weight to the curb!”

quote-checkSusan M.


How to Integrate Fasting Into Your Life


“I’m pretty stoked that I’m not going to need to give up pizza. I want to have abs and look great as much as the next guy, but giving up pizza is just out of the question.”

quote-checkZach T.

Learning on your own can be HARD….

But it doesn’t have to be! Make it EASY on yourself. Enrich your learning with engaging content AND gain unparalleled access to the authors.

  • Is this the right diet for me?

  • Is this the right diet for me RIGHT NOW?

  • Am I doing this diet the best way possible?

Get answers to your most burning questions.

The video course allows you to ask questions for each chapter and our team will respond. This is an incredible extra value that can only be accessed from the Ultimate Nutrition Course, included in the Ultimate Nutrition System Bundle.

Your success is our measuring stick. That’s why we’ve bundled the Ultimate Nutrition Bible with additional tools to create a system to provide you with what you need to ensure your success.

We didn’t stop with a book and interactive video course, we also created
a program that you’ll have in your pocket at all times.



There is no magic pill. Lifechanging transformations take time, and its consistency that’ll be the deciding factor in reaching your performance, health, and aesthetic goals, or not

As you read in the Ultimate Nutrition Bible, you’ll discover that having a training partner is one of the best ways to hold yourself accountable as you inch your way towards your goals.

THE ULTIMATE NUTRITION APP The Ultimate Nutrition App is that training partner.

Better yet, it’s your personal health coach.

No matter what your goals are, get personalized fitness and nutritional plans tailored to your needs. You'll be able to track your food intake (including calories and macros) and exercise progress with ease.

With a variety of different recipes and exercise regimens built right into the app, you’ll have all the information you need to get started on your transformation. Here are the key features:

Calorie and Macro Tracking

Calorie and Macro Tracking:

  • Receive a custom nutrient recommendation plan each week

  • Barcode scanner, over 600 recipes, and an extensive food database to cover any options you may desire

Exercise Recommendations

Exercise Recommendations:

  • Get a custom recommendation for daily movement, weight training, cardio and more

  • Check each exercise item off of your daily list and track progress over time



  • Access a vast library of over 600 delicious and nutritious recipes

  • Create your own custom recipes to easily track your favorites

Progress Tracking

Progress Tracking:

  • View informative charts and graphs to visualize your progress.

  • Reminders and Notifications: Stay on track with reminders for meals, workouts, and hydration.

In using the app, you’ll be able tie in everything you’ve learned from the Ultimate Nutrition System and put it to WORK.

Changes in your physique are not instant. Even if you don’t see a change in the mirror right away, the Ultimate Nutrition App will show you how far you’ve come and maintain your motivation.

You’ll amaze yourself with the progress you’ve made while working through the system.

Hold yourself to a higher standard as you embark on this life changing transformation, and make the most of the investment in yourself by purchasing the Ultimate Nutrition System.

And finally, at the risk of sounding like a cheesy infomercial:
but wait, there’s more…


To ensure your success with the Ultimate Nutrition System, we have six amazing FREE bonuses with the Ultimate Nutrition System full package, including 200+ recipes covering nearly every diet to jumpstart your nutrition journey. All these bonuses will be delivered to you by email shortly after your purchase of the Ultimate Nutrition System.

The Ultimate Supplement Guide (VALUE: $19)

The Ultimate Supplement Guide

This is brand new! It’s currently not for sale anywhere else. With this detailed read, you’ll learn:

  • Little-known “unlocks” for each health goal along, with supplements that target them

  • How to choose your supplement to avoid overpaying,  and the best ways to take them for each goal

The Primal Paleo Cookbook (VALUE: $19)

The Primal Paleo Cookbook
  • 81 delicious and easy-to-create gourmet paleo meals, superfood snacks, tasty sauces, and heavenly desserts

  • Nutritious ingredients carefully selected by Certified Nutritional Therapist Chef Gil Butler that puts your body into fat-burning mode and boost your energy levels

  • Indulge in your favorite treats without guilt: Chocolate Cake, Lemon Bars, Gooey Butter Cake, Tiramisu, and MORE.

The Ultimate Carnivore Cookbook (VALUE: $19)

The Ultimate Carnivore Cookbook
  • 72 delicious and easy-to-make carnivore meals, appetizers, snacks, and desserts.  Makes it easy to stay on the carnivore diet without getting bored or hungry

  • Indulge in your favorite treats without guilt: Chocolate Chip Waffles, French Toast Sticks, Cinnamon Rolls, Brownies, and much more…

The Superfood Delights Cookbook (VALUE: $19)

The Superfood Delights Cookbook
  • 82 quick and easy-to-make superfood recipes that pack more “nutritional punch per bite”.

  • Satisfy your sweet tooth, cravings, and late-night hunger pangs with delicious healthy options that are quick to whip up.

  • Rejuvenate your body from the inside out with delicious recipes such as Green Machine Smoothies, Cilantro Spirulina Lime Dressing, Spicy Pad Thai Veggie Noodles, Dragon Fruit Cheesecake, and MORE.

The Ultimate Nutrition Reference Guide (VALUE: $19)

Ultimate Nutrition Reference Guide

Inside of the Ultimate Nutrition Bible we have a simply epic number of scientific references. We thought it would be of tremendous value to create a short summary of EVERY reference. This is a goldmine for anyone who wants to dive deeper into the science of nutrition.

From Sick To Superhuman: The Ultimate Biological
Optimization Blueprint (VALUE: $19)

The Ultimate Biological Optimization Blueprint

Optimize your healthspan and lifespan… 

Get the body you always wanted and experience peak mental and physical performance on a daily basis.  

Tens of thousands of people have transformed their lives with this book, with countless 5-star reviews across platforms everywhere books are sold.

  • How to overcome the 4 main biological enemies and achieve superhuman health, aesthetics, and performance.

  • The secret to getting the best sleep of your life, waking up refreshed and ready in the morning, and achieving peak performance mode during the day.

  • Epic Powermoves and daily routines you can apply now to accelerate your journey towards Super Human health.

Renee Belz

Renee Belz

Biohacker Babes Podcast

This is the first nutrition book I have read where the authors truly understood the importance of bio individuality when it comes to creating the optimal nutrition plan. I love that they didn’t skip a single nutrition tip or strategy, and I think it will be a great resource for anyone and everyone that has ever been confused around the topic of nutrition.

Why BIOptimizers is
A Different Kind Of Company

  • "BEST IN CLASS" guarantee: Our mission is focused on customer obsession. If after trying our products you don't feel we are the BEST IN CLASS, we will refund your money

  • We work with 5 world-class formulators to create the best in class formulas

  • Customers love us: 5000+ positive product reviews

  • 99.3% customer satisfaction

  • We have helped over 570,000 legendary customers optimize their health since 2004

  • The 365 Day “Best Product Ever Or Your Money Back” Guarantee

  • One of the fastest growing companies in the USA - 2 years in a row

  • Experienced customer service: our happy health concierges are happy to help via phone at (800) 719-2467 or email [email protected]

A Final note on why
wrote this book

Ultimate Nutrition System | BIOptimizers

Wade’s passion and mission for helping others optimize their health started when he witnessed his 23-year-old sister pass away from cancer. It was a heart-breaking experience that shaped his destiny. That’s when he realized that health was the most precious asset we have in this life.

Matt’s passion and purpose for helping others started when he helped his best friend lose 191 lbs in 18 months. He watched his friend’s entire life transform as a result. He went from never having a girlfriend to being married in just a couple of years.

Wade and Matt were both trainers working with pro athletes and other high performers. They both spent a decade in the gym helping people transform their health. Wade and Matt met in the gym, struck a friendship, and then started a business partnership that has been going strong since 2004.

Ultimate Nutrition System | BIOptimizers

That’s right, we started selling fitness programs, digestive enzymes and organic plant-based protein in 2004. Our obsession to build the best-in-class formulas and solutions just gets stronger. Our policy is, “If we can’t build the best product in that category, forget about it.”

We’re willing to go ALL IN on the formulas. What does this mean? Our average cost per bottle is 200% to 400% higher than most of our competitors. We use the optimal, effective doses of the most researched ingredients. We know that once you experience the results, you’ll be a fan of BIOptimizers for life.

Matt & Wade
Matt & Wade

Thank YOU for helping us become one of the fastest-growing companies in America - 2 Years in a row.

Thank you for trusting us with your health.


CEO/Co-founder of BIOptimizers

Our 8 Promises

  • You will never be confused about nutrition and diets again. You’ll know how to build the best diet for you.

  • You will never fall prey to diet marketing lies again.

  • You will have a wide variety of effective nutritional strategies to lose excess body fat and reach your ideal weight.

  • You will know how to avoid regaining weight and stay slim forever.

  • You will know how to build as much lean muscle as you want.

  • You will know how to maximize your lifespan and healthspan.

  • You will know how to eat for maximum athletic performance.

  • You will know the best nutritional strategies to optimize your mental performance.

This is the end of Diet Wars and the beginning of your journey to a new level of health, energy, and vitality.

The future of your body is inside The Ultimate Nutrition System. You’ll get INSTANT access to the Ultimate Nutrition Course immediately after completing your transaction. Plus you’ll get all of the downloadable bonuses.

With The Ultimate Nutrition System you can do things with your body that you didn’t think possible:

Build healthy lean muscle mass

Build healthy lean muscle mass

Burn body fat

Burn body fat

Become more athletic

Become more athletic

Feel better and have more energy

Feel better and have more energy

Activate your brain to its full potential

Activate your brain to its
full potential

And live a better, longer life

And live a better, longer life

You are in control of your body.

YES… You can manifest your dream body.

Turn your health journey into an adventure.

Now is the time—right here, right now…

Let’s enjoy the journey together.

Devoted to making you the healthiest version of yourself,

Matt Gallant
Matt Gallant Signature

CEO and Co-Founder of

Wade Lightheart
Wade Lightheart Signature

President and Co-Founder of