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Best Probiotic For Men: A Guide

For the most part, it can feel like the best probiotic for men is something that we just don’t talk about like we talk about women’s probiotics. There are many reasons for this, but it’s important to recognize that men have just as many unique health concerns that can be impacted by gut health as…

Best probiotics for men

For the most part, it can feel like the best probiotic for men is something that we just don’t talk about like we talk about women’s probiotics. There are many reasons for this, but it’s important to recognize that men have just as many unique health concerns that can be impacted by gut health as women do. Men deal with issues every day that can easily be traced back to the health of their digestive systems, including bloating, gas, and constipation. However, probiotics take things even further – they can help with colon health, digestive health, and even prostate health. Men can gain many benefits just from taking a probiotic, so why do so many men avoid taking them? Part of it is because finding the best probiotic for men can be quite difficult – there are many different brands, strains, and forms of probiotics. Whether you are experiencing digestive health pains or you just want to boost your immune system so that you can perform at peak levels, adding a probiotic to your daily routine can be extremely beneficial for men of all ages. 

We have taken a lot of the confusion out of finding the best men’s probiotic in this guide. Take a look:

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are good bacteria that you can get naturally through food intake. However, most people don’t particularly enjoy the foods that are abundant in probiotics. That is why probiotic supplements are so popular. Your body has natural bacteria that are both good and bad for you – and both are necessary to help your body function properly. For probiotics that are specifically designed for men, they target digestive health and how that impacts the rest of your body. The best probiotics for men can help with maintaining a healthy weight, optimizing performance, and preserving muscle strength. 

At this moment, you have millions of microscopic cultures inside of your digestive tract called floras. Their job is to break down the enzymes and nutrients in everything that you eat, extract the valuable nutrition, and help to move the remainder through your digestive tract.

Knowing your bacteria levels and what those bacteria are can be helpful in getting a snapshot of your health. You can take probiotics to not only control (at least in part) what strains are in your body but how you feel – they will balance everything out and get your body working like a well-oiled machine. 

Over time, regular probiotic usage can help to get your body back to its natural level and prevent some of the most common problems plaguing men. 

For more information on the best probiotic for men, contact BiOptimizers today.

The Best Probiotics For Men Support Healthy Digestion

Most men will tell you that the signs of indigestion, particularly gas, are just things that men have to deal with as they age – but that isn’t the case. Those symptoms might be signs that there is something going wrong, although some can be healthy. However, if you are starting to see your constipation, gas, and indigestion levels peaking at certain times, like when you eat a particular food, when you exercise (or don’t exercise), or when you are stressed, then your body has a problem that isn’t natural or healthy. Much of the natural flora that your body produces and takes in exists in your stomach, which is why your stomach is often the first to give off a signal that you aren’t eating well. 

The best probiotics for men can treat:

  • Stomach Pain
  • Indigestion
  • Upset Stomach
  • Lactose Sensitivity
  • Nausea
  • Heartburn
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation

The best probiotics for men take colon and digestive health and put them at the forefront. With the best probiotic, there are mechanisms in place to ensure that they get delivered to the appropriate parts of your body that need them.

For more information on the best probiotic for men, contact BiOptimizers today.

Probiotics Geared Toward Men

There are many, many health products on the market today geared toward men, but very few of them are probiotics. Still, as a necessary part of any healthy routine, there are some fantastic options for men looking to increase their digestive health. 

The most common issue helped by probiotics starts in the gut: indigestion. When you aren’t digesting your food properly, you start to feel generally bad all over your body. With the best probiotic for men, you will not only regulate digestion, but your colon health will also improve – and when those things happen, you will have more immunity. 

Best Probiotics for Men: Storage

Storage is a huge problem for many men when it comes to supplements that they take. For some reason, it seems to be an “out of sight, out of mind” situation. Many probiotics need to be refrigerated to keep them working at peak condition. However, this is just recommended and you can still get the benefits of a probiotic if you simply store them in a cold, dark place where you store the rest of your medicines. 

One of the biggest problems is that people forget to take their probiotics and then they don’t get all of the benefits. This is why we recommend putting it in a place where you will see the bottle frequently so that you will be reminded to take them every day.

Men’s Probiotics and Immune Health

If you don’t have a healthy immune system, the rest of your life can be negatively impacted. Probiotics help immensely with immune health. Some strains will get to work immediately, helping to preserve your good health and help you fend off any sicknesses that cross your path. 

Probiotics not only fortify your immune system, but they also make it possible for you to recover from illnesses more quickly, eliminating the drawn-out symptoms of colds, stomach viruses, and other common issues that make us miserable.

Best Gluten-Free Probiotics For Men

Many men have already discovered that they feel better when they don’t have gluten in their diets, but they decide to take probiotics to feel as good as possible. Taking supplements can be difficult if you are actively eliminating gluten because there are so many supplements that contain gluten or have a risk of being cross-contaminated during manufacturing. Most probiotics are free from gluten, though there are a few that are not. However, if you have other dietary concerns, such as dairy or soy, you may want to read the labels.

If you suffer from any allergies or intolerances, (or you are avoiding certain ingredients for ethical or health reasons) you want to find a probiotic that doesn’t include those ingredients. With so many options, finding a probiotic for men that also suits your particular needs will be easy.

For more information on the best probiotic for men, contact BiOptimizers today.

What To Look For In The Best Probiotic For Men

As you shop for the best probiotic for men, you’ll want to make your choice based on your body and your symptoms, not on anything else. Everybody is different and requires different things based on a number of factors. It is best to gain at least a basic understanding of the terms used on the packaging or online descriptions. Even for those who know about supplements, it can be quite confusing.

The best probiotic for men will have billions of Colony Forming Units (CFU). Just like other vitamins and even prescription pills, probiotics have a dosage. These are measured in the number of cultures that they pack into each capsule. You can use this to gauge how powerful something is and how it will work for you. The higher the number of CFUs (usually measured in the billions), the more flora there is in the product.

Every probiotic for men will have specifically targeted strains. Probiotics are categorized by the types of bacteria used in manufacturing. These types (or strains, as they are commonly called) will vary in each probiotic and can be specially designed to target symptoms that you experience. A single probiotic capsule can contain as many as twenty-five targeted strains, which is why it is possible to treat so many different things with a single product.

Along with the actual probiotics, they can also contain minerals and extracts. By including this in the formula, you are able to increase the nutrients you bring in and, sometimes, the probiotic may even take the place of other supplements and vitamins. It is also great for those who do not get enough vitamins or nutrients in their basic diets.

For more information on the best probiotic for men, contact BiOptimizers today.

The Best Probiotic for Men: A Checklist

Want the best probiotic for men? If you are shopping around and need to find something that will work for you, look for the following options:

  • Non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free
  • Shelf-stable formula
  • Designed for colon health
  • Helps protect prostate health
  • Promotes a healthy thyroid
  • Easy to swallow
  • Vegetarian (if applicable)

Get The Best Probiotic For Men Today

There are so many different probiotics on the market today, including some that are perfectly designed for men’s health. Part of what you need to do to get the best probiotic for men is looking at how you feel on a daily basis and determine what health problems you want to tackle first. 

BiOptimizers has a variety of probiotics to choose from that are perfect for those who are just dipping their toes into probiotics, or for those who have been using them for years. Taking a holistic approach to your health will help you to get more in tune with your body. Men need different things in order to perform in all aspects of their lives, so getting a probiotic that is developed with all aspects of a man’s body in mind is essential.

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