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Color Therapy – Healing Colors, Calming Colors & The Chakra System

Red, blue, green, yellow, orange – could colors influence your health? That is the question to be asking yourself when considering color therapy. When most people think about healing treatments, they think about conventional medicine, physiotherapy, chiropractic care, possibly even acupuncture, or pressure – never colors. But, as more research is coming out on color…

Beautiful sea with a rainbow in the sky. Karon beach Phuket Thailand, Asia

Red, blue, green, yellow, orange – could colors influence your health? That is the question to be asking yourself when considering color therapy.

When most people think about healing treatments, they think about conventional medicine, physiotherapy, chiropractic care, possibly even acupuncture, or pressure – never colors.

But, as more research is coming out on color therapy, we find that color can make a difference in your life. Every day, you encounter millions of different shades of color, and these do have an impact on your life.

Want to get a primer on color therapy?

Check out the video below, where I explain what this is all about in greater detail. While it may seem like a hokey-pokey concept, there is a lot of validity and research to back this up.

Color therapy, also called chromotherapy, is a long-standing treatment that can date back thousands of years to very early times. Originating in Egypt, China, and India, color therapy involves using light of various wavelengths and energy patterns.

Each of these colors vibrates with a certain amount of energy directed toward the body’s main chakras or energy centers.

To achieve optimal health, you need to maintain a nice balance of energy from these chakras, so that’s what color therapy is all about. Using various colors, you can rebalance any chakras that may be out of proper alignment, restoring health and well-being.

But what can color therapy do for you? How can it help you achieve better health?

Let’s give you an overview of how color therapy works and its benefits, then give you a primer on how each color impacts you.

How Color Therapy Works

Beautiful Sea With A Rainbow In The Sky

When you are exposed to color, this color will be absorbed into your eyes, skin, and skull, which then impacts you on several levels.

The vibrational energy from that color will impact your physical well-being, your spiritual well-being, as well as your emotional well-being as well. Since every single cell in your body needs a certain level of light energy, the vibrational pattern of various colors can greatly impact how your cells function and behave.

As each color is related to a different chakra in the body, if you are having issues related to any particular chakra, harnessing the power of color therapy and utilizing the color associated with that chakra may help clear up the problems.

In a moment, we’ll look at the various colors and the chakras they are related to so you can see which color you want to apply, given different conditions or issues.

Now, while this vibration pattern will influence your body’s physical health, don’t overlook the psychological benefits that color therapy can bring. For most individuals, this is where color therapy is noted to be the strongest.

For instance, when you were first developing as a baby, you were wrapped in the womb, which would give off a pink color. This would have evoked comforting feelings in you, and now as an adult, you may find that you are greeted with that same feeling once again upon viewing pink tones.

Likewise, let’s say that during your college years, you had a bedroom that was painted a dark blue color. You forced yourself to study for hours every time you entered that room. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but it was something you had to do. Over time, you dreaded being in that dark blue room because you knew exactly what it meant.

Now, later on, even though you are years out of college, you may still get that same feeling coming whenever you view that dark blue color. You may feel some anxiety or dread in your stomach coming on, even if on a subconscious level. This is because your brain has come to associate that dark blue color with that feeling of dread over studying.


The older you get, the more the chances grow that you attach certain feelings of colors. Perhaps you wore a dress or shirt the night you got engaged. You remember that night so clearly, and now, whenever you wear that color, it feels as though your entire mood is uplifted. You’re more positive, happy, and excited about all life offers.

Both of these are examples of what happens when you use color therapy. While you may not recognize this effect is taking place on a conscious level, you can rest assured it is.

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A practitioner utilizing color therapy can apply color in many different manners.

This may include:

  •      Using light boxes or lamps that radiate a certain color when giving therapy/treatment sessions
  •      Prescribing a color-based diet where the individual focuses on eating more foods of a certain color on a
         daily basis.
  •      Providing color aromatherapy or reflexology during treatment sessions
  •      Utilizing colored crystals or gemstones to achieve the proper chakra stimulation using color
  •      Using visualization and meditation combined with color therapy

When you see a specialist trained in color therapy, they will also help to provide suggestions on how you can incorporate color therapy into your everyday life.

This may mean adjusting how you dress daily to evoke certain feelings in yourself or changing how your home is decorated to help give you a certain psychological benefit.

Overall, there are several great benefits to using color therapy. These include:

  •      It’s a completely safe and pain-free treatment method
  •      It’s a great compliment to any holistic program where you are focusing on looking at the body and your
         health as a whole
  •      It’s a great way to address the non-physical origins of physical symptoms that may be currently taking
         place in the body
  •      It’s a relatively cost-effective treatment method and may even be used on your own for free
  •      It helps you reflect on your own beliefs/emotions and learn how subtle events in your life have played a role
         in where you are today (great for introspection!)
  •      It can often improve your nutritional standing (eating all those colorful vegetables will pay off!)
  •      It can be used for adults, teenagers, and children equally

Color therapy is best used in conjunction with other, more traditional forms of treatment in a holistic setting. By looking at color therapy and other treatments, you will help ensure that you are not forgetting or neglecting any element of your health and well-being.

So now that you have a deeper understanding of how color therapy works and how it may be applied in a practical setting let’s take a closer look at the colors and review how those will influence you.

A Primer On Colors

When assessing the colors utilized in color therapy, you must look at them from many angles. First, you want to know the meaning of the color and the psychology behind it.

From there, you also want to know the benefits of color when used in a therapeutic setting.

Let’s go over each color and give you this information.


Macro image of dark red rose with water droplets.  Extreme close

Red is the color with the longest length in the visible spectrum of light and offers the lowest overall rates of vibration. It’s associated with your root chakra, otherwise known as Muladhara.

The meaning behind love is typically love and romance, which is one reason why we associate red roses as a romantic gift, or it’s often said that red is the color of seduction. Women also often paint their lips a bright red to attract men, once again, for this reason.

Red is also often associated with energy and excitement; however, at the same time may also be associated with warmth and comfort.

The Benefits Of Red

Using the color red in a therapeutic setting, you can achieve the following:

  •      Relief from migraine headaches
  •      Lower severity of chronic pain-related conditions
  •      Stimulation of the liver, nervous system, and circulatory system
  •      Assistance with menstrual-related issues
  •      Improved strength and circulation
  •      Decreased inflammation and swelling
  •      Improved blood flow to the brain


Glass Of Orange Juice And A Group Of Oranges On Dark Board

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The next color to look at is orange. Orange is often used for stimulation and can also brew excitement and energy in the body. This is one reason you will often see restaurants painted in this color. It puts you in a happier mood, which can increase the positive feelings you experience while eating there. The more you feel these positive feelings, the more you will relate that to being in the restaurant.

Orange is associated with the second chakra, placed just below the navel, called the sacral chakra. This chakra is one of vitality and strength; in the physical realm, it is connected to the colon, bladder, and gallbladder. For this reason, it’s often the color associated with digestion and assimilation, which again explains why it is so frequently utilized in the restaurant setting.

The Benefits Of Orange

What benefits can you stand to gain from orange? Orange offers:

  •      Decreased activity of the parathyroid gland
  •      Stimulation of the lungs and thyroid gland, which can boost oxygen delivery to the body and improve
    metabolic output
  •      Decreased level of discomfort in the body, both regular cramps as well as those associated with
  •      Reduced occurrence of digestive gas, bloating, and bowel-related issues
  •      Relief from re-occurrence of hiccups


Bright yellow sunflowers and sun

Yellow is another color typically associated with happiness and tends to bring on feelings of laughter, joy, optimism, and cheerfulness.

However, it can also lead to feelings of hunger, so it is another color you’ll often see used in the food industry. Yellow may also signify anger, so some people will want to treat it cautiously when using this color.

Yellow is associated with the solar plexus charka, which is at the center of your being. This is the overall energy center of the body and is often the color that represents new beginnings and birth (or re-birth).

On a physical level, this chakra is related to the stomach, digestive organs, mid back, pancreas, and liver, so its main benefits often concern these areas.

The Benefits Of Yellow:

The benefits of yellow that you can experience from including it in your color therapy include:

  •      Assisting with night blindness (as it filters out blue light that can interfere with night vision)
  •      Increased appetite is often associated with improved food consumption (and not a good color to use if you want to lose weight!)
  •      Help with dealing with sluggish organs
  •      Assistance with the stimulation of the lymphatic glands, which can help with the elimination of toxins from
    the body
  •      Improved circulation


forest trees leaf. nature green wood sunlight backgrounds.

Moving along, the next color to discuss is green. Green is one of the best calming colors as it tends to help promote harmony, tranquility, and calmness in the body. It’s also associated with high levels of fertility and health and can also be associated with money.

It’s a natural and cool color and is often used in interior decorating for this reason. Painting your rooms in this color may evoke a greater sense of calm in your home.

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Green is associated with your heart chakra and is at the center of healing. As such, it can also be considered a strong healing color as well. As green is most often found in nature, this, too, yields feelings of calmness and tranquility. You’ll also find that many massage therapy centers are painted in this color, and it’s good for relieving stress and anxiety.

On a physical level, green is related to the heart, lungs, chest, shoulders, arms, breasts, and core, so if you are dealing with any issues related to these areas, you may be prescribed green as part of your color therapy program.

The Benefits Of Green

When you use green regularly, you can find relief from:

  •      The improved overall sense of well-being
  •      Discomfort and symptom relief from chronic issues
  •      Stimulation of the brain and cognition
  •      Improved digestive response
  •      Promoting the release of mucus and phlegm in the body


Beach holiday person swimming in blue ocean. Sexy bikini woman r

Blue is yet another color considered one of the calming colors in the body. It will promote serenity, wisdom, and loyalty and tends to bring out truthfulness in some people.

The color blue tends to be unappetizing, so you will rarely see restaurants painted this color. For those seeking weight loss, getting more blue in your life could be beneficial.

Blue is associated with the throat chakra, the color used to soothe your soul. As noted, it’s one of the most soothing, healing, and calming colors out there, so again, one often used in interior design. Combining blue with green makes two excellent colors to use in your home or any other area where you want to achieve a state of relaxation.

On a physical level, blue is going to impact your throat, esophagus, thyroid gland, and cervical spine, as well as your mouth, teeth, and jaw.

The Benefits Of Blue

When you immerse yourself in blue surroundings, there are some benefits you stand to gain. These include:

  •      Improved function of the thyroid and parathyroid gland
  •      Enhanced lung function
  •      Improvement from any issues related to the mouth and jaw
  •      A sense of relaxation and calm
  •      Improved weight loss results
  •      Greater sleep quality/duration
  •      Relief from skin irritations or inflammation


big purple flower macro (Allium Giganteum) - extreme close-up

Purple, a favorite color by many, often represents wealth, sophistication, prosperity, respect, and wisdom. It also has psychological meanings of mystery and exoticism as well.

This is considered your ‘third eye’ chakra and is associated with opening your consciousness and bringing awareness to a higher level. It is often associated with the nighttime and improved sensual experiences.

On a physical level, indigo is related to the brain, forehead, eyebrow, eyes, nose, carotid nerve plexus, and pituitary gland. If you are suffering from any issues related to these areas, you will want to use this for your color therapy.

The Benefits Of Indigo

When using indigo as part of your program, you will experience the benefits of:

  •      The clearing of ear, eye, sinus, and throat-related problems.
  •      Reduced swelling and pain
  •      Decreased frequency and severity of nose bleeds
  •      The soothing effect on the body
  •      Improved sleep quality


Hearts Background

Finally, the last color to note, pink, also tends to represent romance and love. It’s associated with gentleness and is considered a calming color.

Pink is related to the crown charka system, which has to deal with the level of awareness and consciousness. On a physical level, it deals with the brain, skull, and cerebral cortex.

The Benefits Of Pink

You can reap many great benefits by using pink in your color therapy.

  •      Assistance with reducing feelings of aggression
  •      Providing excellent stress reduction properties
  •      Promoting deep relaxation
  •      Decreasing your appetite levels

There you have a closer look at how you can harness color therapy in your program. Whether you choose to primarily focus on this through nutrition by including a rainbow salad daily, repainting some of the walls in your house, dressing in a certain color, or seeking treatment from a trainer color therapy practitioner, consider putting colors to use in your world.

Do you have any experience with color therapy? Please share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

Want to learn more about how to take a holistic approach to your health and well-being? Check out our complete 84-day program, where I outline everything you need to do to care for your mind, body, and spirit.

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    Royal blue for the Christ center

    With joy


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