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Upgrade Your Bad Eating Habits Into Good Healthy Habits With Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Secret

If you want to improve your nutrition, start an exercise program, or simply lead a more productive, healthy, and fulfilling life, chances are you’re looking at what changes you can make to your daily living. You’re wondering what you can do to ensure success. What steps can you take to make certain that you end…

LOS ANGELES - MAY 19:  Arnold Schwarzenegger arriving at the World Stunt Awards 2002 at Barker Hanger on May 19, 2002 in Santa Monica, CA

If you want to improve your nutrition, start an exercise program, or simply lead a more productive, healthy, and fulfilling life, chances are you’re looking at what changes you can make to your daily living.

You’re wondering what you can do to ensure success.

What steps can you take to make certain that you end up at that finish line?

When it comes to success, there’s one individual who’s an excellent role model to turn to.

That person?

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Few people have achieve as much success as this man has.  First, he started coming from a rather hard background.  Just look at his name.  Before he was well-known, people had a hard time pronouncing it, never mind actually spelling it.

Despite this, he knew that he wanted to make something of himself and put forth the effort and strategies to get there.

Now, he’s gone on to become the Mr. Universe champion, a famous politician, as well as a world famous actor.

In short, there’s few things that this man has not done.  And, if you want to achieve success yourself, it’s a great idea to learn from him.  Use what he’s accomplished to help you realize how you can move forward and achieve your own levels of success.

So what’s the one thing that Arnold did that helped him get to where he was? What’s his secret – and how can you use it?

His secret was reverse engineering.  He took what worked for others and used that to help build himself up to where he needed to be.

Rather than re-inventing the wheel, he used a wheel that was already fully functional. Basically, he knew that if he wanted to short-track to success, he should learn from others mistakes, rather than (likely) making those mistakes himself as he tried to pave his own path.

If you stop and think about this, it makes sense. If you are trying to accomplish a task – be it losing 10 pounds, running a half marathon, or reducing your risk of heart disease, there are many people before you that have already achieved success.

Why not learn from them?  Why try and figure out your own approach when an effective approach has already been designed?

It makes no sense to waste time guessing and testing when you can just follow the direct path to the finish line.

Arnold knew this and that’s the approach he took.

The Power Of A Mentor

So what Arnold did, and what I highly recommend you do as well is find yourself a mentor.

A mentor can be anyone who is what you want to achieve.  This could be a personal trainer, your favorite fitness athlete, a sports figure, or just an everyday person you know who lives and breathes the healthy lifestyle.

Find someone who inspires you to be great and who has walked the road you are on.

Then, soak up their knowledge.  Ask them questions about their journey and learn from their past successes as well as failures.

With the advent of technology, you don’t even have to know this person face to face. You can speak to people entirely online, allowing them to mentor you and shape your future.

Businessman Having Discussion With Senior Mentor In Office

If you really wish, consider getting two or three mentors.  Don’t spread yourself too thin, however if there are a few areas in your life that you want to improve upon, find one mentor for each area that has the traits you wish to possess.

Spend as much time as you can with this person (and obviously, that they will allow you to) and just soak up it like a sponge. Learn what they do and how they do it.

Then start focusing on putting these into place in your own life.

This is how Arnold found himself so successful, so quickly. He surrounded himself by those who had what he wanted and ensured that he followed in their footsteps.

Creating Your Vision

Now, before you go seeking out your mentors, it’s important that you really create a vision for yourself.

What is it, specifically, that you want to achieve?  Dig deep into your soul to figure this out.  Remember that whatever it is you want, it needs to be what you truly want.

Not what you think you should want or what someone else wants for you.  Only when you truly want something will you be willing to put forth the energy and effort to obtain that goal.

Great this vision for yourself, whether it’s losing weight, getting stronger, being a better sports player, or decreasing your risk for disease.

Picture yourself succeeding. Find somewhere to sit and think about how life will look once you’ve achieve this vision.

Fat Muscle Man

The more you can feel yourself ‘being’ in this picture, the greater the chances are you’ll sustain high levels of motivation to make this vision your new reality.

This vision that you have will now become your focus point and will be what drives you each and every day. It’ll be what gets you up in the morning and what helps push you forward, taking all the steps necessary to achieve success.

The Process Of Making Your Vision Reality

So now that you know the ‘how’ to get to your goals – find a mentor and set that vision, we need to talk about the steps to getting there.

You may have already heard of the concept of sets and reps. Basically, you can’t do something once and expect to be perfect at it, and likewise, you can’t usually achieve success based on just one go.

For example, let’s say you wanted to build your bicep muscle. If you hit the gym and perform a couple sets of bicep curls once, you can’t expect to see size growths to what your goals are.

It takes more work than that. You’ll have to hit the gym regularly for months, if not years, to build up appreciable size to this muscle group.

The same applies for anything that you want to succeed at. It takes work – and often, quite a bit of it.

You may have heard of the concept of 10,000 hours before. This concept states that in order to achieve success and become fully proficient at something, you need to put in 10,000 hours of work.

This might immediately cause you to feel discouraged. At 10,000 hours, if you practiced one hour per day, that’ll mean it would take you 27 years to achieve success.

But before you go tossing in the towel, giving up on the idea of achieving your goals, note that in just 20 hours, you can achieve competency.

In other words, you can master the skills that will be necessary to achieve success with little or no thought involved.

And, for many goals, such as say losing body weight, you’ll be ‘practicing’ more than one hour a day.  Weight loss is a 24 hour event as each hour of the day you’ll be choosing what to eat, how to move, and other lifestyle choices that impact the results that you see.

So if you are ‘on’ at all times, you’ll achieve end results far before 27 years are up. For many people who work hard, success can be achieved in as little as a few months to a few years depending on how much change has to happen to reach that goal.

Obviously it’ll take less time to lose 10 pounds than it would to lose 80.

So right now your main focus should be on building competency. As you go about this process, you are going to move through four different stages.

Let me share with you these four stages right now so that you can become more aware of what’s going to happen with this process.

The Four Stages Of Competency

The following four stages are stages that you’ll progress through naturally as you tally up these 20 hours.  Some people may progress slightly faster than others, but don’t get discouraged if you feel like it’s taking you a bit longer.

Depending on the task you’re learning, it may not happen as quickly as you would ideally like.

But, if you keep pushing hard, the magic will happen.

And remember, you are working at levels of competency at all the things that you’ve learned from your mentor.

They have basically painted the road map for you and now you are learning how to travel those roads.

As you go about this learning process, you’ll be developing good habits. These habits are what then fuel you going forward.

It’s important to note before continuing on that it’s because of your habits you are sitting where you are right now.

Each and every day, you are doing things, whether you realize it or not.  And these things are creating your life.

If you are currently overweight, it’s because of your day to day habits.  Perhaps you are in the habit of eating too much at night and that’s leading you to become overweight.

Or, maybe you have the habit of skipping the gym and going out for drinks with your friends. That habit is causing weight gain.

Whatever the case may be in your current situation, when you learn how to change these habits, that’s when you’re going to be able to move forward to see the results you’re after.

Habits build success. Day by day. This is the power of habit. So the whole mission here is to start putting proper habits into place in your life that will get you to that long-term goal.

And, the objective of becoming competent at something is all about creating those habits of successful people that stick.

When you fully understand that it’s your healthy habits, not so much your genetics or natural talent that lead to success, you’ll be committed to the idea of these 20 hours to competency.

Here are the four stages you’ll move through.

Stage 1: Unconsciously Incompetent

The first stage you’ll want to know about is the unconsciously incompetent stage.  This stage is basically the beginning stage where you don’t know much about the habit/focus and aren’t competent at doing it.

Child scratching head with question mark on blackboard concept f

This is the stage that sadly, many marketers pray upon as they strive to preach products or programs to people that don’t know any better.

These people don’t know enough about how to achieve lasting results, so they have a great tendency to fall for these ‘quick-fix’ gimmicks.

Sadly, these gimmicks often only lead to disappointment and a complete lack of results.

What’s important to realize in this stage is that it’s never just one thing that is going to lead to a massive change and you reaching your end goal.

Instead, it’s a series of things – small habits that build up over time, contributing to the bigger picture.

Don’t fall for any approach that claims you just need to do one thing – eat one certain type of food or do one certain workout.

You’ll never see the results you’re hoping for with this if you do.  Realize it takes many factors working together for optimal results.

Stage 2: Consciously Incompetent

The next stage you’ll move into is the consciously incompetent stage. This stage has the greatest potential to be frustrating.

Now you know what you need to do, you just don’t know how to do it. You may feel like you’re trying and this is met with nothing but failure.

As such, it’s at this stage that many people give up. They believe they’ll never be able to become competent.


I urge you to push through when you get to this stage. Continue to keep practicing, doing your habits as soon you’ll enter stage three and things will be looking up.

At this stage, it’s also important that you are speaking with your mentor often. Use them to help motivate you and to help keep you moving in the right direction.

People in this stage are tempted to fall back into their ‘old ways’ or to try those quick-fix short-cut approaches that just seem easier.

If you’re someone who, in the past, hasn’t really been willing to put in the work, this stage is going to be very trying.

The more of a support network you have – people you can turn to in effort to help keep you going, the better.

Stage 3: Consciously Competent

This now brings us to our next stage, consciously competent.  This is the exciting stage.  It’s at this stage that you’ll begin feeling like yes, you can do this

Mountaineer celebrates the conquest of the summit. Concepts: vic

You’ll start to notice that your efforts are paying off.

If you’ve been dieting, you may notice your body is looking leaner.

If you’re eating healthier, you’ll notice you have more energy.

If you’re focusing on strength in the gym, you may find that you can hoist the heavier weights.

Everything will be coming together nicely. It’s taking effort, but the effort is now leading you to see what it was you were after.

Stage 4: Unconsciously Competent

Which now brings us to the last and final stage, the unconsciously competent stage.  It’s at this stage that the habits you built are now automatic.

You no longer think about eating healthy, you just do.  It’s now a habit to have oatmeal and egg whites first thing in the morning rather than your old breakfast, toast and jelly with coffee.

You no longer have to struggle to turn down Friday night events in favor of doing your workout, you just go to the gym automatically.

This automatic process virtually means without thought.  It’s unconscious. You are now doing something successfully without thinking about it.

Once you get to this stage with your habit formation, if you keep doing these habits, you’ll be moving towards those 10,000 hours where you will eventually become truly successful.

This stage is also great because it won’t take as much energy from you in a psychological sense.  In the earlier stage, you may have found that doing those habits – competently, took great effort.

Now however, that effort is minimal. This then allows you to put more effort to other areas of your life where you may have other additional things that you want to achieve.

By focusing on your goals like this, one by one, you can move forward and reach the level of success that you desire in all areas of your life.

I’d recommend that if you do have multiple goals that you want to achieve, you refrain from trying to do them all at once.

Do that and you’ll soon find yourself feeling very overwhelmed. In that third stage, if you have multiple things going on and you feel like you’re working hard at every single one of them with little results, it will likely become too much.

When you just have to focus and put that psychological energy into one area at a time, you’ll be far more likely to come out successful.

So there you have the facts you need to know to get onto the path to success. All those very successful people you know – Arnold Schwarzenegger included have used this process to build to where they are today.

They realize the importance in not re-inventing the wheel, but rather, finding a mentor who can teach them their ways.

Then, once they learn what they did, they start focusing on building the habits in their day to day life that will eventually lead to them to that end goal.

If you want to guarantee that you see results and keep those results in the long-term, this is the strategy that you’ll want to be using.

Need some information on the habits that you should be building?  If you want to take control over your health, fitness, and happiness, be sure to check out my 84 day course where I will teach you the best habits to be building on a daily basis.


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