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175: Take a TRIPP to Digital Psychedelic Wellness with Nanea Reeves

“Let’s stop calling it ‘mental health’ and just call it ‘health’” 

We understand the mind-body connection in today’s modern world like never before. We know how our physical health affects our mental health and how our mental health affects our physical health. For example, we know that changes in the microbiome link to striking differences in a person’s mood, attitude, and behavior. 

Yet today, the percentage of people struggling with their mental health is at an all-time high (at least since mental health has been documented.) With the pandemic, dramatic economic disruptions, and societal shifts comes a slew of stressors that are slamming people around the globe.

We currently face a mental health crisis of monumental proportions.

What can we do? 

Cue the futuristic synthesizer music: humanity can turn to VR (Virtual Reality) for relief.   

Our guest on the show, Nanea Reeves, has the credentials to speak on the future marriage of VR and mental healthcare with her 15-year resume in digital distribution, video game technologies, and mobile application development. She was also an early investor in Oculus. 

But that’s not all! – Nanea is also the CEO and Co-Founder of TRIPP. This award-winning wellness platform that uses scientifically based, researched technology applications that address mental health issues with non-chemical digital alternatives.  

So far, the results are stunning and promising! 

This episode is one of those deep, futuristic, mind-blowing conversations that our host, Wade T. Lightheart, is known for on the Awesome Health Podcast. Nanea’s speaking talents are on point. (She has given 3 TEDx talks.) You will enjoy the knowledge she brings to the table. Nanea is also an avid meditator and video game player.

Speaking of video games, they get plenty of negative press. And VR has its share of critics. You don’t want to miss this episode – come with an open mind, and you will discover the positive benefits that VR and video games can bring to our mental health. 

In this podcast, we cover: 

  • How a girl from Hawaii ended up in Silicon Valley building digital companies
  • Some benefits to playing video games
  • The impact a mental health crisis at age 15 had on Nanea
  • The soul and what happens to us after we die
  • The number one cause of mental health struggles
  • Nanea’s meditation practice
  • Psychedelics
  • A surprising trend in women CEOs
  • What TRIPP can do for you
  • The Oculus Quest VR Headset
  • Steps TRIPP takes to build trust with users
  • Overview of the clinical studies TRIPP is in, including addiction recovery

Girls empowered with video games – here’s how:

Nanea shared about a recent conversation she had with another woman who is spearheading an initiative that is not only educating minor girls on how to navigate through their videogame experiences in a way that avoids the creeps and predators out there. 

Nanea says, “I think the most important thing is to help children on online communities where people are having conversations, how to do this safely. They need to learn how to identify predators and not make themselves vulnerable. Never give out your phone number, location, those kinds of things. That’s the first thing you have to protect kids from.”

“I was talking to a woman at an electronic arts show who is spearheading this initiative. They want to help make these online communities (like Roblox or Minecraft) much safer. There are content moderators, but this is kind of like the digital version of stranger danger.”

“I’ve seen some amazing videos of little girls in Minecraft getting into a creepy conversation and being able to handle themselves. That’s really cool.”

Be open to incredible new experiences in your life.

At one point in the interview, Nanea shares how a friend of hers kept insisting (it felt like pestering at first) that she attend the next Burning Man. This friend told her it would be good for her. 

At first, she resisted the idea. Nanea held a lot of pre-existing ideas about Burning Man. Until finally, Nanea decided to give this event a chance. 

“So I did all the preparations as if I was a Burning Man dork. I thought, ‘if I’m going to do this, I’m going all in. We went together, and my friend got me into one of the oldest, most well-respected camps to get the true experience.”

“There was a moment while being at Burning Man where I realized not only was it better than I expected, but I also realized how I had not allowed myself ever in my life just to be present in the way I was there. I rode a bike with people I had just met and looked at art in a creative outfit I put together…I thought, ‘how many other amazing experiences did my judgment keep me away from?”

“Sadness overwhelmed me. But it was kind of this opening for me to just look at this experience unfolding – which is what Burning Man is all about.”

“You just go with whatever occurs at the moment and look at the opportunities as they present themselves. I walked away from the Burning Man experience, thinking about why I don’t allow myself to discover what would happen – being mindfully aware in the present moment and seeing where the universe wants me to go, as opposed to just having a plan.”

“This is where the idea for TRIPP showed up – you should build something that is a real contribution.”

Your mind is powerful. How encouraging to find some technology that is good for your brain! Be sure to tune in and hear how this unique VR created by Nanea is poised to make significant breakthroughs in many areas – including mental health, which is exciting. And if you have concerns about the amount of time your children spend on video games, Nanea is someone who can speak with authority on the surprising benefits. 

Check out this episode – take a TRIPP to digital psychedelic wellness!

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