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176: Unleash the Power of Womanhood with Dr. Sonya Jensen

Our guest this episode is helping women find their Yin & Yang balance to live more joyous, satisfying lives. 

If you are a woman who feels like you can never measure up to how society defines what being a woman looks like – take heart!  

Dr. Sonya Jensen knows how you feel. As a mother herself, a wife, and a “career woman” who runs her medical practice, she understands the modern stressors facing women today. Ladies want to be happy in their marriage and feel good about their daily interactions with their children – yet they struggle with hormones, too much on their plate, low self-confidence, and our distorted digital distractions (smartphones, etc.) 

So many women are out of balance with the yin-yang between the masculine and the feminine. Sounding at times like a family therapist – Dr. Sonya shares how she helps women improve and elevate their marriage and home life. The key is learning how to tap into their natural nurturing yin while shifting out of the more masculine yang – the warrior woman, as she calls it – to finding a balance that works much better in the 21st century. 

Dr. Sonya brings a holistic approach to her patients as a Naturopathic Physician with a background in cell biology combined with her lived experience with Ayurvedic Medicine. Together, this has given Dr. Sonya insights into the human body, providing excellent wellness strategies for women and families.

She co-founded Divine Elements Health Center, The Longevity Lab, and The Health Ignited Academy with her husband, Dr. Nicholas Jensen. 

Men listeners will be fascinated, as host Wade Lightheart certainly was during the conversation. As all men know, women are complex and mysterious. This podcast will help you better understand the women in your life! 

In this podcast, we cover:

  • How a woman can stop feeling “stretched in different directions” to a place of wholeness
  • The psychological consequences women experience in today’s world
  • What is the “duchess polarity” and the “damsel polarity”?
  • How Dr. Sonya navigates two different cultures in her family
  • Why did Dr. Sonya spend time in Southeast Asia?
  • Social media’s impact on women and how Dr. Sonya parents her children surrounding electronic gadgets
  • The differences between men and women
  • Do’s and don’ts for women
  • The future of women’s health over the next 20 years

How women can embrace their menstrual cycle to their advantage

Here is a snippet of something Sonya told Wade: “I’ll lay it out for a woman’s cycle first – understanding that hormonal peace and understanding that. Your cells respond to your environment, and that’s where all the communication is happening. So the receptors on your cells are going to be activated according to its environment so, for example, for women, if our progesterone is doing what it needs to do, it will activate the GABA receptors, and we will feel calm.”

“So, for example, in the first half of our cycle, understand that after we bleed, we can move more, we can be more action-oriented, we can be more in the Yang state, we can be more outwardly in the world, and we can fast more. We can do Keto knowing that’s what I can do at that time.”

“This is going to help us make decisions and do the things necessary to serve our body, then, and then come oscillation things shift a little bit. Testosterone goes up a little bit, so your libido is going to be a little bit higher.”

Parenting Insights: Unleash the Nurturer 

Dr. Sonya talked a lot about being a mom, a nurturer, and shifting into this mode when a woman is home, away from “the office.” 

At this point, she dives into modern-day parenting of video games and gadgets:

“As parents, we have a responsibility to understand the impact that technology is having on us.”

“We need to have open conversations with them. That’s what we started doing with our children with our Sunday night meetings. This is where we talk about all the various things going on and the challenges we face as a family.”

“We talk about technology a lot, as I recently bought my kids their first game console this past Christmas – the Nintendo Switch. We chose that one because you can play active games on it.”

“Luckily, my children like to go outside. We openly discuss how technology affects us – all of it. And often, we think our children don’t understand. But I do think they understand. We have to keep planting seeds and talk to them like they’re in the know. Like, this is what technology does.”

“At the end of the day, it’s going to be your choice because we can only control so much.” 

These few highlights only cover a fraction of this compelling episode. It would be best to tune in and discover the full vision for women’s health. Dr. Sonya can teach women how to live in the freedom of their creative energy while overcoming the baggage they carry imprinted on their minds from today’s environment. Men listeners can strengthen their relationships with women if they listen closely. 

Check out this episode – time to unleash the power of womanhood! 

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