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112: Powerlifting for The Chosen Ones – with Juan Salgado

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His Training Career Began at Age 8

In this episode, our host Wade T. Lightheart, Co-Founder of Bioptimizers and former competitive bodybuilder, talks to a young, up-and-coming fitness trainer named Juan Salgado, CEO of The Chosen Ones training group. 

Juan’s passion for training traces back to when he was eight years old. Juan loved basketball back then and was extremely competitive even at that young age. So competitive that he organized his first training group for basketball at eight years old. He wanted to win so bad and determined his team was not practicing enough to win a championship. So Juan, the second-grader, went to Barnes and Noble, read a book on basketball drills, then after the next practice, asked all the parents if they would drop their kids off at the park for two extra practices per week. Juan hosted the exercises and found his training to be more fun than the actual games. 

Juan discovered he was one of “the chosen ones”–a professional trainer was born. For five years, he has competed in powerlifting and has been fitness coaching for nine years. His unique combination of weight loss fitness and powerlifting together is turning heads in the fitness industry.

In this podcast, we cover:

  • The ankle injury that led Juan from basketball to fitness training
  • What drew Juan into powerlifting and why the sport means so much to him
  • The differences between powerlifting and bodybuilding
  • Some weird eccentricities inside the powerlifting culture
  • Juan’s favorite thing about powerlifting and the most challenging part about the sport
  • Why powerlifters’ muscles look different than bodybuilders
  • Why Juan incorporates powerlifting into his client’s fitness training

Common Mistakes New Powerlifters Make

When asked about the most common mistakes people make when starting in powerlifting, Juan says he sees newbies doing too much too soon. He understands why—everyone automatically thinks the more weight you can lift, the better. However, there are contradicting studies out there where some results support that while other studies conclude that less is more. Most beginner powerlifters don’t know how to find the “sweet spot for volume.” Juan sees many folks trying to do too much, which leads to injuries. When people do way too much, too often, and too soon, they typically burn out and quit. 

Juan knows how to ease fitness buffs or beginners into powerlifting the right way. 

Turning His Powerlifting Passion into a Profitable Business

In the final few minutes of their conversation, Wade asked about Juan’s typical daily schedule. It’s a moment on the podcast any entrepreneur will enjoy, as these two business owners “geek out” about time management and productivity. 

You will find Juan’s daily schedule interesting. There’s a reason why he only trains a certain number of clients in a row each day.

The Chosen Ones is a rapidly growing fitness business, and Juan Salgado is quickly becoming a leader in the powerlifting community. Listen in, as the sport of powerlifting is spreading, thanks to the pioneering training methods Juan keeps developing. Powerlifting continues to grow in popularity. This intriguing sport creates physical transformations that go beyond weight loss–the added strength training through powerlifting is giving Juan’s client’s higher levels of confidence that is not achieved merely through standard exercise.

Check out this episode – powerlifting could change your life.

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