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108: Playing Rugby at 54: How to Heal Naturally & Stay Active for Life

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Dr. Aaron Tressler was a sickly child who experienced several injuries while playing sports as a young man. Growing up in Pennsylvania with wonderful parents, Aaron found his destiny when one of his baseball teammates introduced him to a chiropractor. Aaron’s healing results through the science of chiropractic care made such an impact on Aaron that he eventually became a chiropractor himself, thus launching his dynamic career. 

Today, Aaron is a chiropractor, entrepreneur, and health expert of 30 years. Owner of In8Life – Tressler Chiropractic, he specializes in revitalizing life to the fullest naturally with chiropractic care, nutrition, exercise, and mental strength. 

As the host of the Making Pittsburgh Healthy podcast, it is his goal to educate, inspire, and provide practical application of natural health options in his community. 

He is also the author of 5 books, a Pennsylvania State Chiropractic board member, a coach, and a weight loss specialist. 

Suffering through childhood sickness and many severe injuries: 2 rotator cuff tears, broken ribs 3x, torn medial meniscus, and broken scapula at age 49, Dr. Tressler is living proof that the body has an innate healing ability as he still plays rugby at age 54.

In this podcast, we cover: 

  • How chiropractic care heals all types of people—from athletes to sickly homebodies
  • How Aaron conquers so many injuries that would force most people to retire from sports or quit active lifestyles
  • How Aaron still plays a physically demanding sport like rugby at age 54 (he has played rugby for 30 years off and on)
  • How Aaron healed naturally from a broken scapula without surgery or opioids 
  • How to develop a healing mindset
  • How Aaron uses resistance exercises for healing injuries
  • Aaron’s dietary secrets for natural healing

What Type of Chiropractor is Dr. Tressler?

There are many different types of chiropractors, and most people don’t know that fact. So Wade asked Dr. Tressler to describe the methodology he uses with patients.

Again, Aaron looked back at his university days playing rugby, where his philosophy to healing began: hands-on adjusting. Aaron would get banged up regularly playing rough sports like rugby, and he quickly noticed, after trying other techniques, that hands-on adjusting worked best for him.

Aaron also studied nutrition and effective exercise techniques. Along the way, his “faith in the body’s ability to heal” mindset developed, and he began coaching his patients on proper mindset and how important your attitude is to heal. 

Newly married, Aaron’s wife healed from asthma after struggling for 23 years. That encouraged Aaron to continue pursuing his unconventional healing practice? 

As a chiropractor, Aaron also uses x-rays, posture, and alignment to assess a patient’s physical strengths and weaknesses to support and treat each patient.

One “Out-of-the-Box” Method to Healing Injuries More Quickly

Aaron’s secrets to overcoming injuries include adding resistance movements, or weighted exercise, for faster healing. 

This approach is individualized for each person. Usually, when someone is injured, a doctor tells the patient to rest for a long time. Depending on the type of injury, the rest period can be much shorter than you think. 

For example, when Aaron sees a new patient with a broken bone, he tells them, “Okay, this is what I want you to do. You’re going to work out with weights and push them as heavy as you can.” What Aaron does and coaches his patients to do is to work through the pain. First, he helps patients new to weight training discern the difference between injury pain and the usual pain of lifting weights. 

Next, he takes them through daily resistance training where the patient pushes their limits but then backs off when they reach their pain threshold – but only for a few days. The patient should go back to pushing their limits as soon as possible.

Aaron was doing pushups within two months after breaking his scapula when most doctors said he could not do a pushup for a year. Why? Body resistance is the key to quicker healing, according to Aaron. Resistance stimulates the muscle to a deeper level. Combining the weight with movement, or “range-of-motion” enables his patients to return to work after injury much faster than expected. 

Our host Wade enjoyed this conversation, as he has been a fan of chiropractic care for a long time. The testimonials Dr. Aaron shares are astounding—people he has served recovering from injuries in six weeks instead of twelve through counter-intuitive yet effective methods. This episode is a must for anyone suffering from pain or wanting to heal from injury at a faster rate. Be sure to tune in! 

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