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164: A Truly Holistic Approach to Wellness – with Aleks Rybchinskiy

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A Truly Holistic Approach to Wellness – with Aleks Rybchinskiy 

When a health practitioner calls themselves “holistic,” you often discover they either do not fully understand the definition of the word “holistic” or are misusing the term. 

A genuinely holistic approach to health covers the person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. However, too many “holistic health practitioners” only focus on one or two of these areas. Focusing only on the physical does not address the mental or spiritual. Some wellness coaches only focus on supplements while never including any other form of therapy on a more granular level. 

Meet Aleks Rybchinskiy. This young man and his partner Sara offer one of the most holistic wellness services available today. 

Aleks is a co-founder of Primal Fusion, which takes “holistic wellness” seriously. In this episode, you will discover the exciting health education and holistic wellness therapies offered at Primal Fusion. Aleks points out that Primal Fusion does not do any intentional marketing. Instead, the business is growing through word-of-mouth referrals because of Aleks and Sara’s truly holistic approaches to their clients. 

His journey shared during this episode is remarkable – how Aleks is filled with so much incredible knowledge while barely graduating high school. You will hear about his near-death experience at age three and how he emigrated from Ukraine and is bilingual despite never taking any English classes growing up.

Aleks specializing in wellness education and primal integration for optimal living as a co-founder of Primal Fusion. 

He is a Master CHEK Practitioner and Neurosomatic & Holistic Therapist with over 15 years of clinical experience. Alex works with celebrities, pro athletes, and “regular” folks from all walks of life. 

Tune in, and you will see how Aleks guides his clients and students to live in harmony with themselves and each other in a holistic way: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

In this podcast, we cover: 

  • Aleks astounding journey as a semi-pro football player to a holistic wellness practitioner  
  • How Primal Fusion is helping many people overcome various ailments
  • Why do so many people at the end of their rope contact Aleks for help?
  • The seen vs. the unseen concerning your health
  • How Aleks uses intuition and stubborn curiosity instead of textbooks to help his clients get well
  • What holds people back and what accelerates others to holistic health
  • What are injuries and ailments on a spiritual level?
  • The vision and direction of Primal Fusion 

“I know how to make a human healthy.”

During the show, host Wade T. Lightheart asks about the type of person that typically walks through the doors of Primal Fusion Health (or works with them virtually) – What kind of person does Aleks typically work with? 

Here is his interesting response: “It’s funny because everyone was telling me to “get a niche.” But what I figured out is the best niche for me is to ask the Great Spirit to bring me all the people no one can figure out. I will figure it out, and I’ll take the time needed to find answers.”

“These are the people that have tried everything, but they still can’t figure out what’s going on with them. That is the most common thing I hear.”

“So, I put them through our ringer – 300 pages of paperwork and four to eight assessments. Then hours of bodywork. Getting their movement. Their childhood traumas. The full history of their life.”

“What we do is find the biggest holes to fill. If you have a sinking boat, you don’t worry about the little holes until you patch up the big holes. Eventually, that boat is going to thrive – then you can build a bigger boat. That seems to be our niche: people who can’t figure out what’s going on. One of our patients has been through 20 surgeries in the past 24 months. He’s had organs taken out of his body, and he asks, ‘Can you help me?’ I’m like, I don’t know, but I know how to make a human healthy. Let’s try that first.”  

Aleks doesn’t take the word ‘holistic’ lightly. 

A Painful Epiphany in the Middle of a Football Game

Aleks is a gifted athlete with the physical build of a football player. In fact, at one time, he played semi-pro football as a means to reach the NFL. 

Several years ago, Aleks was working as a manual therapist while playing football. During a game one day, his hand was smashed by another player’s face mask. In the middle of a game, Aleks looked at his swollen hand and thought, “what am I doing?” Immediately, he decided this would be his final season. 

However, Aleks still felt a stir to compete and moved on to competitive volleyball. Again, he experienced injuries. 

That’s when he knew “something’s off here.” The epiphany that hit him during a football game reached complete revelation at this point: Aleks realized his purpose in life is not to compete with others. 

He says, “I’m not meant to compete. I am meant to be a horse of a human being, but I’m not here to place first. I’m not here to take time away from my life: my family, my studies, and patients and clients.”

Aleks says what he is here to do is to show his clients that “you don’t have to exercise.” 

Say what?

“I haven’t trained in ten years. I am still extremely fast. I can still pull 400 pounds off the floor. I still lift heavy rocks.”

“It took me a long time to realize all that wasn’t for me.” 

This episode is perfect for anyone who feels like they are at the end of their rope. Are you looking for answers to your unique health and wellness? Listen in to this show. Aleks is a gifted healer who truly brings a holistic approach to his clients and his educational content. This world now needs patient practitioners who are not in a rush, who take the time to approach clients as individuals with unique needs. Aleks rejects all cookie-cutter protocols. You will quickly see why his wellness business is exploding. 

Check out this episode –  holistic, cutting-edge therapies could lead to your wellness breakthrough. 

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