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136: Everything is Energy: Quantum Bio-Electric Approaches to Anti-Aging – with Dr. Darrell Misak

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Our guest this episode has a highly unusual medical background. 

Dr. Misak first began his medical studies in pharmacy, earning a degree in Pharmacy from West Virginia University. He is still a Registered Pharmacist today. 

But “Doc Misak” wasn’t satisfied with pharmacy only. He has always been fascinated by how things work. Going back to childhood, Misak was always tinkering with things to see how they operated. Misak liked taking things apart – like his bike – and putting them back together to learn how something “functions.”

His obsession with functionality is why he ended up becoming a Functional Doctor. When Misak looks back at his career, he says “it made perfect sense” for him to go from Pharmacist to Functional Medicine. Because Dr. Misak isn’t one to “stay in a box.” One day he discovered by accident that functional medicine was about studying the root causes of disease and going deeper into how different bodywork areas work together. He got hooked. Misak quickly flew out to Oregon to attend one of the nation’s top functional medical schools. 

While in school, Dr. Misak also studied compounding pharmacy – which is preparing custom formulated medications for the unique needs of individual patients. 

Dr. Misak will blow your mind in this episode – from his 5 phase approach to functional health – to his jaw-dropping discoveries in anti-aging, telomeres, and groundbreaking developments in quantum bio-electrical energy and health – get ready for this exciting conversation! 

Most pharmacists “stay in their lane,” never breaking out of that trained paradigm. Misak’s combined expertise in functional medicine is why you will want to tune in. Our host Wade Lightheart declares this to be one of the BEST Awesome Health podcasts EVER at the end of the show. 

In this podcast, we cover:

  • Dr. Misak’s remarkable personal journey to becoming a highly sought-after functional doctor
  • The emerging quantum energy component to healing
  • A fantastic tool called a “multiple wave oscillator”
  • Dr. Misak’s 5 phase approach to health
  • How to modulate and measure your “vital force” and energy efficiency for a longer life
  • Why you need to frequently test your urine and saliva using ph strips and a refractometer
  • What are “telomeres,” and how are they the doorway to longevity?
  • Dr. Misak’s supplement recommendations
  • What Dr. Misak thinks about the current COVID-19 vaccine

“We are electrical.” 

At one point during the interview, Dr. Misak said: “Even naturopathic doctors today are taught to use drugs as first-line therapy to control people before they broaden out. I kept finding, wait a minute, I do not see the cures that you talk about in nature here. I can get these cancer patients to feel better, but I’m not breaking through with the cures. 

That led me down a giant rabbit hole where I learned about Dr. Carey Reams and the Reams biological theory of ionization. Instead of taking apart an atom, he’s like – how do you put things together. And he learned that we are electrical. Einstein said in his theory of relativity that everything’s relative. That energy is the same as matter. So you are heat and electricity. Tesla, you know, if you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think of frequency and vibration. 

But nobody teaches health on the level of quantum energy.” 

Now, Dr. Misak IS teaching health from a quantum energy perspective.

Let’s “run your numbers” to get to the root causes of your health issues.

As a functional doctor, Misak does complete and thorough testing on his patients. He collects the data on pretty much everything – from blood work to food allergies and more. 

Dr. Misak talks about bioelectric energy’s impact on our body chemistry. When numbers are up or down, these provide tons of helpful information for someone trained like Dr. Misak. 

One thing he says in this interview: “I can have people come in, run their numbers, and I don’t even look at why they came in to see me, because I can tell them everything that’s going on with them by looking at their numbers because each variable that’s away from normal has a symptom pattern presented with it. 

So chemistry is what makes up everything, right? You have positive charges, negative charges, cations, and anions. Electrically, they make up your atoms, which make up your molecules. 

So if you understand what the chemistry is dictating everywhere down the line, you know what the ideal is. You start correcting the chemistry electrochemically, and then everything starts to fix down below. You begin seeing hormonal effects normalizing. You start seeing blood pressure improve. Then you start supporting the liver, pancreas, lungs, adrenals, thyroid, whatever it is – those things begin to fix themselves. 

But the chemistry will tell you where the weaknesses are and what you need to begin supporting.”  

Dr. Misak is a brilliant yet humble man who can present science in a digestible format for people who didn’t go to medical school. There is so much brilliance in this interview. These show notes do not do this episode justice. Episode 136 is a highly recommended conversation you don’t want to miss. 

Unlock more energy – Dr. Misak can help you find your keys. 🙂 

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Read The Episode Transcript:

 Wade Lightheart: Good morning. Good afternoon. And good evening. It's Wade T. Lightheart from BiOptimizers with another edition of the awesome health podcast. And today I am pumped because we have someone that is going to talk about some really cool things like bio electric, chemistry telomeres in anti aging. Our guest today is Dr. Darrell Misak, who is a W.V.U. Pharmacy graduate, who later became a licensed naturopathic doctor after earning his degree at national college of naturopathic medicine in 2000, realizing the pitfalls of traditional medicine and pharmacy. Dr. Misak has been searching for truth in health, which directed him to naturopathic medicine. And to explain the truth through his five phase optimal health approach. I'm excited to hear, learn about more about that with a goal to teach and change the world. Dr. Misak has been published multiple times in naturopathic doctor news and review the M D N R U like abbreviations performs, regular lectures podcasts, and does YouTube videos teaching an analytical and quantum bioelectric approach of health to optimize personal energy efficiency.

 Wade Lightheart: And of course that results in natural health restoration. Dr. Misak welcome to the show. Oh, I'm excited. I am too. We had a little chance to catch to, to, to start before here. And you touched on a couple of, of items that I think is super cool and that is bio electric chemistry in anti-aging before we get into all that I would like for you to kind of start, like, how did you get started in this whole field? What attracted to you? And then, you know, that the kind of like the, this pursuit of truth and how it took you into naturopathic doctor from, from pharmacy, not the most common path here. So what first attracted you to pharmacy? And then what caused you to kind of change courses inside of that in your pursuit to come up with some of these unique ideas, theories, and applications that you put forth?

 Dr. Darrell Misak: Well, with my youth at WVU, I could get incriminate myself as to why I went into pharmacy.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: Life changes. God moves us in many ways and things like that. And then it's that pursuit of truth. But what it is is we all have our, we all have our gifts and mine is how to take the system apart and figure out how to make it work. You know? So I, I take, I used to take bicycles apart. I took cars apart. I, I, you know, I'm a tinker person, you know, how do you do, how do things work? You know? And then I just when I went to pharmacy school, the classes that I love were anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, you know, medicinal chemistry, pharmacokinetics, how does it work? You know? And and then when I went to what happened is I, I graduated once a year up on a bicycle for three months, came back, started working at Duke medical center and clinical oncology and general medicine.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: And, and when you see these people dying and all you're doing is picking a drug approach that is going to save the most amount of money for them. That's trying to accomplish something in the lab work, you start watching like, wait a minute in biochemistry. We learned that in a catabolic state, vitamin C and B vitamins are needed in order for the body to why can't we give it to these people? You know, like, well, there's no research it's before I had five kids. And remember you had to go to the, the medical libraries and you had these great big mesh terms, and you had to flip through the huge books and Google, and you flip through those huge books. And then you'd find a listing of periodicals where you were looking for particular things, and then you had to go up in the stacks and pull them out and photocopy them.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: Right? So I started pulling out articles about vitamin C and certain B vitamins, having these positive effects and, and in cancer States. And they're like, well, this has been refuted that had never been refuted, but what it did, it led me down that first rabbit hole, you know, and started learning about people like Ralph Moss and, and the cancer, you know, the cancer diaries and the things that he's worked on showing natural approaches that how to, how to do the same things with natural medicines. And, and it just kept, you know, and then I learned about Julian Whitaker and Whitaker wellness Institute, and he was like incorporating natural therapies with medical. And he mentioned these naturopathic doctors. I'm like, what the hell are they? You know, and next thing, you know, I'm flying out to Oregon and checking out the best year and national college and I'm checking the schools out and it's just like, this is where I'm supposed to be.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: So move out there for five years, went out with one kid, came back with three and and what made it through naturopathic medical school did compounding pharmacy while I was out there. And so learning how to make all those hormones and all that other stuff. And and that was just a, another blessing move back towards Pittsburgh. Cause my wife grew up here. I had two more kids as we got there and, and started a practice a little over 20 years ago. But then the rabbit hole just kept getting bigger, you know, because you know, what you learn in naturopathic medical school is how to diagnose and how to treat right. It's how you break down. You diagnose things, but here's natural approaches to it. Let's, let's look at food sensitivities. Let's look at some of the concepts of natural medicine, but you know, even naturopathic doctors today are taught to use drugs.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: First-Line therapy to control people before they broaden out. And and I kept finding, wait a minute, I'm not seeing the cures that you talk about in nature here. I, you know, these cancer patients, these auto-immune, I can, I can get them to feel better, but they're not, I'm not breaking through with the carers. And, and that led me down this big rabbit hole that eventually I learned about Dr. Carrie Rhames and arrange biological theory of ionization that a human body that instead of taking a part in Adam, he's like, how do you put things together? And he learned like we are electrical. You know, Einstein said it was a theory of relativity that everything's relative. That energy is the same thing as matter. So energy or you are heat and electricity, you know, and then, you know, Tesla, you know, if you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think of frequency and vibration, but nobody teaches health on the level of quantum energy.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: They all teach in on a cellular concept. So if you look at some of my earlier writings before I learned, I wrote about cellular optimization and things like that. But I started learning about this quantum approach that when you break down the ashes and go back to this planet, you're, you're composed of, of minerals, calcium phosphorous, potassium, 85 trace minerals. And the minerals in you dictate your body's ability to generate energy because how the energy is utilizing. So what we're doing is correcting your soil. And what we're doing is we're measuring the efficiency of how that is going. So rain teaches you how to do an analytical approach of measuring your urine, looking at sugars, pH of the urine and the saliva conductivity of the urine, the cell debris, the turnover and nitrates that give an idea of protein building versus protein breakdown and what it does.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: It creates this picture of where the weaknesses are in the body, where it's, where it's going too slow, where it's going too fast, what nutrients are needed in order to correct it and how, and he had a, what he did is he figured out a mathematical equation for the line of least resistance or the most energy efficiency for a human, for op for biological systems. And so if we know what perfect is any variable away from perfect, and you know how to modify that para variable towards perfect you improve health. And so that's when I started seeing the miracles, you know, autoimmune conditions, tumors, shrinking weird type of stuff, where we don't treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose, we analyze. And we say, Hey, you need this, stop this. And it just, it just became a beautiful thing. And now I've written a book and trying to get people to, and I've written articles and naturopathic doctor news and review, and I'm screaming saying, Hey, you gotta learn this stuff, man. This is awesome.

 Speaker 4: Awesome. I love all of this. And you know, years ago I was first introduced

 Wade Lightheart: To the concept. I think it was way back in 2007, actually earlier than that in around 2000, I got exposed to the effects of trace minerals and things like that and health or from a guy that walk Dr. Wallach. Exactly. And I went to a lecture with him and I was blown away at the amount of information to this guy actually knew. He was just like, they were just, he would just like, it was like a like a chess master. They were throwing things out and he was explaining it and go to as like, wow, there's something to it. Years later I got exposed to all the trace minerals. We actually produce that in our primary gen V and private genome. And then I, I ran into a guy by the name of Dr. Tenent, who said healing is voltage and, and talking about this, and now this is kind of emerging into kind of work like you're doing, which is explaining, you know, quantum the quantum aspect.

 Wade Lightheart: And I think we hear this term a lot quantum and we're conditioned in kind of this Newtonian paradigm of causality, a goes to B B goes to C, C to D, which is primarily what has been the lens from which we view the world, which is allowed for certain level of predictability in the world. It's why we have the things that we do. But now we see this emergence of the quantum concept, which was pretty much figured out in physics almost a hundred years ago. That is really the paradigm that we're operating from, but it has not been ripped into the mainstream popular. It's starting to emerge and kind of the quote unquote, new age, Joe dispense that kind of things. But as a scientist, as a researcher, as an naturopathic doctor, can you explain to the best way possible for our listeners, what you mean by this quantum component in involved in healing? Because I think that's, I think there's a lot of mysticism around there and I'd like to blow that out too.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: Okay. So, so I teach a five phase approach to health, right? So phase one is clean up your environment, pure air, pure food, pure water, EMF protection, you know, lower the load on the body. Phase two is test and know what the stressors are on your body, whether they're heavy metals, whether they're foods, you know, get those burdens off the body. Phase three is support where you give your body what it needs. And you relatively increase your body's ability to handle a threshold of what it can tolerate, because it now has what it needs. And then your phase four is detoxification. Your body will naturally detoxify. And phase five is mental is self-awareness okay. So that's that five phase concept. But the reason I bring that into it as natural medicine teaches a total load theory. And then the burden is, is that you can handle this

 Wade Lightheart: Stress, but when you exceed it, okay,

 Dr. Darrell Misak: My body can do this, but it can't do this. But this is where most people focusing, because they have so much stress on their body, right? So what you got to do is get below your threshold. So the in natural medicine, they teach us as a total load, your mental, emotional, your spiritual, your environmental, your total body burden load. When we exceed the load, our body can't do everything. Carrie rains explained it this way, the day that you consume more energy than you get from your food is the first day disease. And that like, Whoa, let's put it all in perspective. So now you're talking about food being not just kilocalories and heat forming units, but something is happening here. As the food breaks down, disintegrate separates, there's an electrical discharge traditional. And then Kerry reams. If you look at our BTI and look at the concepts, you can explain all the other concepts that come in and, and what, why they work, why they're not working Rhames, explain that we have transformer glands and food breaks down.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: It gets converted. It goes to transformer glands. It gets converted. Transformer glands throughout the body are correlate with acupuncture points. So he connected Eastern and Western medicine, you know, acupuncture. I use electric dermal testing by electroacupuncture by vol because vol he was up for a Nobel prize because he, I did it. He, the guy with the way the story goes is Reinhard bull fit, German scientist and physician. You know, he was he diagnosed with bladder cancer and if he did traditional therapy, he knew he was a goner, but he was told, Hey, you go get acupuncture and they'll get you better. So he went and had acupuncture got cured of, of bladder cancer. And then he's like, well, how the hell can that happen with all the science and what we know? So he came up with the genius idea, you know, to measure electrical activity at acupuncture points, you use a little probe, you're measuring, you're measuring galvanic current.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: And then he identified where an energy, how much energy was supposed to be imbalanced points and where they're too high it's it's yang, excess, and where they're low it's it's yen, not enough energy. And then he figured out that when you found weakened points that you could put something into the circuit that would balance him. And then he was curing people. Well, then he became pseudoscience. Right, right. Because, but it's all energy measurements. Same with Royal rife, Royal rife running electrical frequency is finding frequency specific that would vibrate with microbes. And when that frequency tuned in, then microbe would explode. And they showed that there's plea and morphism that there's all these microbes that already live in us. That goes back to Interline. And these other researchers looking at live blood since the 18 hundreds, but that's what I got dry blood up behind us on the microscope, you know?

 Dr. Darrell Misak: And but you can look at blood, you can look at the health of the cells and based upon the patterns that are there, that means something's happening in the body. You know? So I just kept analytically stepping back. So when you're asking quantum, quantum is energy, you know, and so yes, you can use tuning forks. They are frequency, Solfeggio frequencies have been shown. It has specific effects on the body rife. It's right there. Be George Labatt, ski, multi wave oscillator, 98% cure rate with terminal cancers. You know, what happened to his work? You know, there was a guy named Charlie Brown, who, who started making multi wave oscillators and the FDA attacked him in the 1980s and said, you can't produce a machine without claiming that there's any contraindications. He won the lawsuit, but he went broke in the process.

 Wade Lightheart: I actually have used a multiple wave oscillator and have witnessed firsthand it eliminate scar tissue in front of my eyes, people who had scars and use the multiple layers. And that's the big wooden blocks in the case that it's just crazy device. And I have one in the back. It is absolutely my, and it's, it's it's mind bending. It totally distorts what you believe is possible based on the information. And you start to realize how paradigm blindness and there's a thing called the reticular activating system is that, for example, if you go out and buy a brand new red Volkswagen SUV, you notice every single Volkswagen SUV and especially the red ones. And because we just have so much information. So part of the programming that's been involved, particularly in the West around pharmaceutical medications, the treatment of disease through, you know, attacking the problem as opposed to looking to the source cause the bodywork.

 Wade Lightheart: Correct. And so if I heard you correctly, you saw that you became an expert in that model, realize its limitations came around, found these kind of truths. Look at the historical aspects of how people who've made breakthroughs in this area have largely in part, ran into a lot of trouble from the special interest groups who that's disrupting their business model yet have continued on to kind of share this information. And I love that that quick illustration that you had, and I thought was really interesting is that you talked about filling up before you detoxified. Okay.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: Yeah, you do. Well, what happened is I had two clients come in today and they were both on their one was on their second. Follow-Up almost on their first. And what happens is, is that you started supporting the body and it starts generating more energy. The body says, okay, why have I been, why am I dealing with all this crap on a cellular level that now that I have the energy to deal with it, where I don't, you know, I'm generating more energy than I need. Let's get rid of this burdens. So you, you, the drain opens up, you know? And so you start to naturally, and I'm like, you're detoxifying. She's like the one on one. She's like, I feel good, but not as good as I felt on the first up. I'm like, cause you're now is when your chemistry is showing this support and we need to support it here.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: But this is when you get in the sauna. This is when you, cause now your chemistry can handle the detox, right? You have no clue how many people before I understood this chemistry stuff, where I'd have people come doing infrared, sauna, ionic, foot, bath, colonic. And then they're like, I was in the hospital this weekend. I was having these incredible pains and blah, blah, blah, because they were detoxing and detoxing, but their chemistry couldn't handle it. Cause they didn't have what they needed in order to handle the detox. But they kept telling your body to detox. When you understand this, these concepts of monitoring the urine and saliva, you know, now it's time support your body, move through it. You know? So the whole quantum aspect, you know, is how do I generate more energy for my food by choosing the food choices that are with where that either speed up your chemistry or slow it down. So like everybody in natural medicine, we've learned this concept of the vital force. You ever heard that?

 Wade Lightheart: So yeah, it was originally, I think it's been called a land via land Vitale, chi, phrana, all these different terminologies, but it's the, it's the difference between the living and the dead, the energized and the de-energized, the vitality, which we all recognize within anybody. Like for example, we see somebody that's healthy, they're radiant and healthy. We see someone that's sick, they look like they're dark and down. We even use it into our language. I'd like, I'd like for you to expand on that for us.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: Well, you know, in natural medicine, they kind of teach the concept that there's a, that you have this inherent vital force, right? And then some people just have these great vital force. They can live a crappy lifestyle and still live a life, a long life because they had this strong vital force. And they say other people have a weak, vital force. But if they live a really healthy lifestyle, they can still live that long life because they're supporting their vital force. And what I teach is how to modulate and measure the vital force by looking at the energy efficiency.

 Wade Lightheart: Oh, that's so cool. So how do you do that? How do you

 Dr. Darrell Misak: Urine and saliva testing the urine? The bricks is the refractometer. It tells you the sugar regulation. And so when sugar sugars parallel with oxygen availability, if your sugars are too low. Oh my God. I can't think I'm falling asleep, but I'd give me something to eat right now. Sugar crashing sucks, you know? And so, but if your sugars are high, like diabetics, I'm foggy brain, I can't think cause the sugar start displacing the oxygen. So you learn what to drink. Am I drinking enough water to maintain my sugars? Or am I drinking too much to flush them out? Okay. Or am I eating foods that spike up my sugars that I shouldn't be eating? So you learn by what foods are good for me. And if I'm drinking enough water pH tells the reserve measure resistance. Serines explained that the more resistance, the slower things go make sense, right?

 Dr. Darrell Misak: So the higher, the pH the slower things go. So people who say you need to be all gone, you know, and get your pH around seven. Well, you're not going to poop things. You're going to slow down. You're going to get congested. You're going to see sinus conditions. You're going to see thyroid conditions. You're going to see upper body issues. Rain showed that biologically at a pH of 6.4, right. That you have you're, you're, electrochemically, your body can flip between antibiotic or cat ionic, which can be a right spin or a less spin based upon the energy. So when you're CAD ionic and acidic, you're spinning left when you're antibiotic you're spinning. Right? And so what's interesting is what makes up about 80% of our body water, hydrogen and oxygen or isotopes, meaning that they can spin based upon the environment. It makes sense.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: Electric chemically. So range taught that it's all electric chemical on the frequency and the urine dictates the frequency of where you're at. So you learn based upon your urine frequency tells a post digestion of how well your body is processing things. And whether you need to eat foods that bring your, your pH up to slow things down or eat foods that speed it up. And we do that based upon what prominent calciums are in those foods. And then that the saliva is giving you an idea of your bile strength. And it gives you an idea of do, do I have a good digestive capacity? And when it gets too low, the liver is on fire and you'll see abnormal liver function test and really weak bile when it gets too high, it's slowing down because the liver is getting congested. Okay. So you kind of, so, and then conductivity gives you an idea of salts and your sugar to salt ratio.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: Shouldn't be over one to five. And that's why I tell people, stay away from sea salt You know, most people are like, Oh, it's great trace minerals and everything else. And it helps your adrenal. Yeah. It stimulates cortisol, but it's going to cause an adrenal burnout because high high conductivity is like electrostatic energy in it. And it causes it's like a static and you, you get nervous and anxious and you're on edge and you're you get numbness and tingling in your hands and women will cough and sneeze and lose urine. And, and you know, and so, so we try to control that conductivity and it dictates the thickness of your body fluids. When your salts go up, your fluids get thick, your blood and glutenins, you can't carry oxygen very well. So, so you see cholesterol go up and you see more stress on the liver.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: So you see the saliva pH go up and these, all these number of variable, they work together. Cell debris. We look at the amount of cells coming out in the urine to make sure that you have a healthy cell turnover because your body isn't into repairing cells, it's into replacing them. Let's get rid of the crap and build input, good, 100% energy efficient sales back in, and as they become less than energy efficient, let's kick them out. And that's kind of what, so we want to make sure that the body's getting rid of the bad cells. Then we look at nitrates, nitrate, nitrates, and ammonia, nitrates, ammonia, nitrates are toxic and assign that you're not breaking down proteins. Whereas nitrate nitrates are used for building blocks for healthy cells, which should always be higher. So you're looking at protein efficiency on whether the body's breaking down your proteins to be able to use it, to make healthy cells, or if it's not breaking down you're going to see purification overgrowth of yeast and parasites in the gut and stuff like that. So it just gives you this picture that says, Hey, this is what's going on. This is where you need support. And and where you are efficiently wise. So that's, that's how we monitor it. This home, you can do it at home.

 Wade Lightheart: This is what I love. You know, people that are presenting and I, I love how clear you are about the steps and the modulations both up and down, depending on where a person is and this five-step approach that you're talking about. And so just to unpack that a little bit further, so that we're clear for our listeners on the terminology that you illustrate early called bio electric chemistry. And, and so what is that as you would define it and how would you say the bioelectric impacts the chemistry are up? Because it seems like you just explained an upregulation and down-regulate right.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: Yeah. I can have people come in here, run their numbers, and then I don't even look at why they came, but I could tell them everything that's going on with them, by looking at their set of numbers, because each variable where it's away from normal has a symptom pattern presented with it. So chemistry is what makes up everything, right? So you have positive charges and negative charges and ions and cat islands, right? And then they make a electrically, they make up your atoms, right? And then your atoms make up molecules, right? So if you understand that the chemistry is dictating, what happens everywhere down the line. And you know what the ideal is, what the chemistry, as you start correcting the chemistry, electrochemically, everything starts to fix down below you start seeing hormonal effects start normalizing. You start seeing blood pressure. You start all these cellular concepts. You gotta support the liver. You gotta support the pancreas. You gotta support the lungs or whatever it is, the adrenals and the thyroid. Those things start to fix themselves. But the chemistry will tell you where the weaknesses are and what you need to provide the support for

 Wade Lightheart: Fascinating really, really cool information. It's so concise. So when you're looking at, someone's like, Oh, you know what? I've never heard of this. This is really cool. What should I do? Based on the paradigm that you're explaining, if I want to live my healthiest life or come overcome a debilitating condition, what would be the strategy that you would employ? What I do.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: I tell people to at least start with getting a refractometer and some pH strips, and then learn their patterns. Every time you pee, check your refractometer reading and check your urine and saliva pH and learn what the patterns are doing. Because certain people in the evenings there, they change and they go up or other people in the evenings, they go down. So when they go this direction, Hey, you need to drink more water at this time of day, or you need to eat these kind of foods at this time of day. So what it is when you're talking about individualized diet, I'm talking about individualized diet based upon how your body is reacting, because everybody's rhythms different based upon the rhythm that you're creating for yourself of when you're waking up, what you're exposed to and whatever else. And so what you're doing is you're taking a measurement and you're looking at this measurement and saying, well, at this time of day, when I'm with all these computers around me, this is what my chemistry is doing.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: And I'd say, okay, so you should eat these foods, drink more water and make sure you're taking this supplement to move it in the right direction to help you handle that stress. In the meantime, let's talk about shun guides and let's talk about some things that'll neutralize. Some of the CMF that's around you, let's talk about sacred geometry, things that you can do and, and different type of possible crystal and structures. Selenites and, and, you know, I've got crystals all around my office, you know, because it's all energy. You know, I went there, there's this incredible rock shop up in North of harmony, PA called the Appalachian rock shop. And there's this quantum businesses that work there. I'm like, I want you on my show. You know, she's just retired quantum physicists that works in a rock shop. And she's like, yeah, we did this thing over here, where we put all of this Sean Guy with courts around it, and we could measure it to farms down with electrical equipment, how much energy was coming from our building. I'm like blows you away. You know? And so it's all in there.

 Wade Lightheart: And, and you know, this is something I think that is really important because you know, a lot of people within the medical paradigm will say all that stuff is Wu was in not measurable, but it is measurable. And there's all kinds of people that have done that information. And I feel it is a disservice to the consumer, the person that is trusting those authorities. And I've always shared with people who are going to their professional. And I say, well, bring the information to educate your researcher. And if they're not open to it, you're a practitioner. Then go talk to somebody else because that person has already shut down what they are willing to know. And nobody knows everything. They're staying in their box. They're stuck in their box for whatever reason and there, and oftentimes when you're dealing with a serious challenge, you need someone that is confident that they can, if they have a box and they've given you a set of dictates, and that's not the ones you want, you need to get another opinion because we know what the result is.

 Wade Lightheart: That's going to be, it it's essentially voodoo. I mean, voodoo, I think Dr. Maxwell Maltz talked about owning the bone and the voodoo doctor would point at someone. And that, that would be it. And the person would die on the spot because everybody believed in this whole thing. And this, like, it was so strong that, that, that literally shut the person down. That's how powerful beliefs are. And so many of us are with limiting beliefs. What was before we get into this product that you've developed,uin, around anti-aging and stuff. What was, what was it like for you when you kind of escaped the paradigm you learned as a pharmacist and moved into this new paradigm? Was that a, like, what was that like? And what was your experience as a professional and then as a practitioner?

 Dr. Darrell Misak: Well, going from pharmacy to naturopathic medicine was a no brainer for somebody who looks at how things work. Right? Guys, when I, from a pharmacist standpoint, I'm like, all we're doing is we're, we're modifying chemically how the body's reacting, but we're not supporting the mechanisms that are already there. So the transition to naturopathic medicine was a no-brainer for me. But what happened was where you learn these traditional techniques of what they call the nature of care, you know, testing people for food, sensitivities, looking for heavy metals, looking to support the Oregon systems and optimizing Oregon performance and not seeing the results of nature care. You know, I can make a cancer patient feel better, but they're still dying. You know what I mean? Those types of things. That was Bob that really bothered me, you know? And so so I kept looking and when I switched over to testing people in the chemistry, it near put me out of business because, you know, you go in and you're like, Oh, you need fish oils.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: And you need some co Q 10, and you should be taking, you know, all the collagen. And if you just do those three things right there, there's $110 a month. Keep buying it for me, you know? And so yet alone, do you need a multivitamin and let's give you some liver support. So the next thing is you go to a naturopath and you come home with all these great supportive things to support these organ systems. And you have these generalized programs that you put almost everybody on. Cause you need liver support and healthy cellular metabolism and energy, performance, and carnitine, these expensive nutrients. And if you have clients who can afford three to $400 a month, great, you know, but when I went to natural, when doing this people walk out of my office and they sometimes they're buying less than a hundred dollars worth of supplements.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: Minerals are cheap, basic vitamins are cheap. My sales went like, boom. I near put myself out of business when I switched to testing people's chemistry. But I knew it was the right thing to do. And what happened was people were like, Oh my God, go see this guy. And I don't even have to advertise because it's everybody tells their friends and it's just continually, I get referral referral, referral referral. And I don't, you know, and I have people who find me on YouTube. I have, I had somebody drive six hours from Michigan yesterday to come and see me and I send them home and they're just like, they want to buy, how do I test? Then they can go home. They can run their own test numbers. And then they can do phone consults by sending me what their numbers are. But that transition of knowing that it was the right thing to do.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: But watching that bank account to where, Oh my God, am I even going to be able to pay rent? I fail as many as four months behind on rent back in those days. Wow. Wow. That's commitment. And I'm just like, but this is right. Because what I was seeing happen was like, nothing I'd ever seen, I was watching people restore, not just feel better. You know what I mean? And I was understanding what was happening by looking at those numbers like, Oh, they're detoxing. And look, when they get the headaches, this is what the numbers do when they get this, this is what the numbers do. And I just, and, and all of a sudden, it just made nowadays, you know, I can look at a set of numbers and just say, Hey, this is what's going on with you. And people are like, I didn't even mention my right shoulder bothered me. How do you know that them? Cause that's where your body's drawing energy from there. Like it's been bothering me for about six months. What do I do? You know, I'm like, we move your chemistry to your core. And the energy has stopped drawing from there to pain just goes away. Exactly what happens

 Wade Lightheart: Beautifully said. And so articulate and well illustrated. Now that we've solved that multi lifetime riddle. Let's talk about this wonderful product that I just got from you. I just got it. Just arrived in the mail yesterday. Right here. You can see it for our viewers watching talk to us about what this product is. What's the name of it? What's it for? And how you developed it?

 Dr. Darrell Misak: Vital optometry. Okay. Based upon telomeres. So what happened was in about 2014, I heard about the 2009 Nobel prize in medicine in three physiologists. One was Elizabeth Blackburn. I can't remember the other two, but Elizabeth Blackburn wrote a book. And so that's why I remember her name. Right. And but what they did is they found telomeres had been studied for years and there are no they're associated with how our cells turnover. They're located at the end of our chromosomes D and within our DNA and has telomeres shorten bottom line, we age periods. And they knew this, but in 2000, these three physiologists figured out if we stimulate an enzyme called telomerase enzymes, make things happen. That telomerase prevents the telomeres from shortening. And basically you actually reverse age. So they had these mice that were prematurely aged to be like in their nineties, their hair was white, they were arthritic. They were cataracts. They had kidney failure there. They were demanded. They couldn't make it through mazes, a stimulated, this telomerase activity, their hair got dark. Their arthritis went away. Their kidney failure returned. Their brains grew 25%,

 Wade Lightheart: Any 5% boy, we should, we should be delivering this to all our politicians right now in an I V delivery systems.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: Well, if you want to talk politics, I was talking to you politics in a minute about it. But so anyway, I learned about this. So what did I do? I didn't have to go to the library and get out mess terms. You got Google now. So I Googled telomerase activity. How do you, and how to stimulate? It pulled up about 200 medical abstracts and just printed off like a hundred pages of medical abstracts on telomerase. And I started looking through them and I started noticing all these natural products, Gingko milk, this'll sign, a Moriam raspberry trawl and green tea and a, an elderberry and stuff like that. And and I'm like, well, you know, the way that you naturally stimulate this enzyme has all natural products. There's no, they don't know how to stimulate it with anything. That's not natural really.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: Right. But they do show that crappy lifestyles and trauma. If you had childhood trauma that you repeatedly run through your head and you've got bad cycles, and you haven't learned how to deal with your trauma and stuff like that, you're shortening your telomeres and you're shortening your life. If you have chronic stress patterns, you're shortening your telomeres and you're shortening your life. If you live on saturated fats and crappy food, you're shortening your telomeres and you're shortening your life. They show that it's some basic vitamins and minerals increase your telomere length. You know? So I started looking like, okay, are there products out there that stimulate telomerase activity? And you'll find one called TA 65 that has psycho straggling all in a straggle side, bore in it in high quantities. That if you really buy the dose that they want, you're paying a couple thousand a month in order to take the dose that they would suggest for telomere activity.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: Okay. So I turned around and I looked up and found all these herbs. And then from what, what came to mind, compounding pharmacy, naturopathic medicine. And then I looked at the earth from an eclectic standpoint. So Gingko, all of them have telomerase activity. And I incorporated that bio electric chemistry, three concepts. So Gingko has telomerase activity, but what does it do? Improves circulation to the brain, right? So brain dead increased 25%. Let's get more blood flow there and have Tom rates, activity, milk thistle, your powerhouse, your, your, your, your liver is literally a nuclear generator inside of you and milk. This will has telomerase activity while protected. I think the liver, right. Astragalus astragalus has gone back for thousands of years for immune enhancing activity for adrenal support, adaptogenic. Anti-Microbial all these wonderful benefits, but a straggler is one of the primary plants for activity, but also that's where those extracts of cycle of straggling all and a straggle aside for which I also put in this product, but low amounts, because I believe in the concepts of synergy, one plus one equals 10.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: You don't need the high amounts. You just need them to be there and get them to be utilized more, more effectively. So astragalus purslane. What is explain that we, that you're pulling out of your yard, or hopefully that we, that you're putting out of your yard and throwing in your salads, because it's the richest source of omega-3 fatty acids. What it will make it three fatty acids do. That's what your brain is. That's what all of your cell membranes. So not only did personally have telomerase activity, but let's improve the fluidity of our cell membranes. So nutrients can move across the cell membranes and have a better exchange, right? Green tea extract to alarm racer activity, but also massive amounts of illogic acids and polyphenol activity. So what antioxidant, again, more Tulum race anti-aging protective of the cells, immune enhancing. Anti-Cancer all those benefits.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: Elderberry contains resveratrol again, antioxidant circulation, immune boosting, again with telomerase activity. And then I took in that bioelectric concept added calcium phosphate. Because when I told you, you break down the minerals, calcium phosphate makes up about 84% of your body because it's the primary constituent of your bones. So most people who are acidic and they're buffering the acids in their body, that's why they divorce. That's why they develop osteoporosis because they just keep pulling from their bones. I put a little bit of calcium in there cause calcium regulates the minerals of all other minerals ability to move across your cell membranes. And it's the primary nutrient that the liver needs in order to process and generate energy. And then I put lemon. Now lemon is unique and I can talk about lemon for another hour, but lemon is the out of all foods known to mankind.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: It's the only one, that's a hundred percent antibiotic. I mentioned things for antibiotic or cat ionic in nature, cat eye on it causes clumping and ions disperse that classic commercial Dawn takes three out of your way, one drop of soap. And that soap that grease, wet, okay. Lemons will disperse, but they also, you have vitamin C antioxidant activity of anti-microbial activity and things like that. So I started making these capsules and I'd take them myself and I'd be like, Oh my God, do I really feel this good? So I'd ask some clients, you want to take some capsules? They're like, what are you asking me to be a Guinea pig? I'm like, well, I'll give you some 100% of the people I gave them to like, can I have more? They were like, please, you know, can I get more of these? So I started in 2015, okay.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: How are we going to market it? What are we going to call it via telemetry for telomeres? We got trademark, the name, we we started creating a website and and then I, I had to come up with cashflow and it was funny how the cashflow fell into place, to what I needed to order the very first amount. And it's just been a blessing. We have had people have their sex drive, come back in their seventies. We've had people say that I'm climbing mountains better than I ever had. We've had people say that my mental focus and my ability to get through my day is just incredible. I don't need the caffeine all day. You know? And so when I formulated them, I was formulating them so that you could take up to 12 a day to like, Hey, this is going to compete with TA 65 and 12 a day. You'll get these high amounts of the cycle of straggling all. And what I found is people don't need that much. At the most. I've had people take six to eight, but in general for a day.

 Wade Lightheart: And so you take them in the mornings, you take them in the evenings

 Dr. Darrell Misak: In the morning, either two in the morning and two at lunch or all four of them in the morning, I get up in the morning and just pop for right when I wake up. And if I'm having a day where I got lack of sleep, I might take two or three morning, afternoon.

 Wade Lightheart: Do you take them with food? Or just with water?

 Dr. Darrell Misak: Doesn't matter. I actually recommend that you take them with distill water with a little bit of lemon squeezed in it because Lemon's going to disperse. So that's the ideal way is having that lemon to stimulate the bile, because what you're doing, the digestive track, the whole purpose is to solubilize things. So it gets absorbed into the blood to go to the liver. And then if you have that fresh squeeze lemon in there, that's going to act like a bile. It's going to stimulate that. It's going to normalize the pH, stimulate that liver to improve the liver's ability to take that and send it where it needs to be.

 Wade Lightheart: Super cool. I'm so pumped. I'm actually going to start, I'm going to start these things. Monday is my new start day for when I start something, I'll do it for a whole. I'll do it for the whole duration and I'll let you know how it goes. I'm super, super excited. There's 120 caps in this, in that it's a literally a 30 day supply. Of course you never know with me. I'm if I, if I, if I like it, I might decide to turn up the juice a little bit more.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: I do. I'll take sometimes I'll take about eight. What we're doing is because I think, I mean, I thank you for having me on, but anybody who mentions, what we do is if they go to the website, I got a couple of websites. One is doc Misak, doc, M I S a doc Misak. You can find my articles. You can find links to my YouTube show. You can find other podcasts and you can find the link to via allometry. The company is there, or you can go to vital arbitrary. People just don't remember how to spell it. But it's VI T E L E M O T R Y right by the But if they're there and they go to purchase it and they use bio optimizers, 10, they'll get 10% off. And that way we know that they watched the show and they heard about it, and then we can give them 10% off for trying it.

 Wade Lightheart: I, I love that. Now, before we go, I believe you mentioned that you are working on a book or you have a book that you are distilling this incredible wealth of information. I love the passion. I love the enthusiasm. I love the clarity in what you are communicating. I think it's world-class. Can you talk a little bit about that, where that's going, and then maybe some,

 Dr. Darrell Misak: The book is finished and what we've done is I've created, I've got this wonderful person that I do, my web, my YouTube shows with, and she does graphic design. So I sit there, I'm like, okay, we need something that summarizes this. And then she takes all these things and conceptually it puts it into a picture. And so what we were waiting to do is finish these, these illustrations that explain the concepts visually, cause people are like, ah, reading words doesn't mean a lot to any people, many people anymore. So we've got the concepts explained in the book with the basics of pictures of how to get started and how to do this things. But I got the book finished. We're right now, all we're doing is getting a format together to find the right publisher, a publisher, who's going to turn around and say, you know what?

 Dr. Darrell Misak: This is something that people need to be aware of. And what it's going to be called is health restoration by the numbers. Oh, I love it. Okay. And so, and it gives a series of numbers on the front and says, Hey, this pattern is associated with adrenal stress. This patterns associated with brain tumors, this patterns associated with whatever, you know, and it doesn't teach everything in the book about the numbers. But what it does is it helps people to understand this quantum concepts that I've been talking to you about. And all these practitioners that went before me that were geniuses that said, look, this is all quantum energy. This is why Lavazza did this. This is why Royal rife did this. This is why Reinhardt volt did this. We're measuring, we're analyzing. And we're showing you cause and effect of how you interact with this world. And this simple urine test is a way that you can learn to know how efficient you're being, because when you're generating more energy than you're consuming, you're going to watch your body start restoring simple as that, that

 Wade Lightheart: Might be one of the greatest summaries of how to overcome health challenges and to live a really vital lifestyle. I see that you have one of my favorites quotes from Thomas Edison above your desk, which I love. It's a beautiful quote. And I actually put that quote in one of my books that I wrote years ago. And I think it's great. I think you're doing, I think if Edison were here today, he'd be very proud of what you are doing and how you're initiating before we go. We'll go a little bit. We're going to go since, since I know you're not afraid of, I it's obvious, you're not afraid of going into the deep waters. I think our, or the more controversial there's, what's your opinion on the current situation that we are in when we have to be mindful of how we say things these days and what they're advocating in regards to governments are advocating medical doctors are advocating about people getting the shots and all those sorts of stuff.

 Wade Lightheart: How do you feel about all this sort of thing? I I'm I'm I'll, I'll obviously be clear. I'm horrified by what's going. I think not only is it very poor science. I think the, the fact that the public control and, and, and, and shutting off of dissenting voices is usually indicative of something that's not good history. I'm a buff of history when you don't have dissent and you don't have discussion, and you're forcing people into one version on a very limited timeline. That's usually a deep cause for concern. If you study anything about history in any subject, in any area, any thoughts about how to stay healthy during this current crisis?

 Dr. Darrell Misak: Well, number one, keep your immune system enhanced. Bingo. Okay. The straggle lists, the green tea, the things that are in there. I have yet to have a single client who's come to me who was taking my product that said that they developed a COVID number two you know, I have to stay out of the politics because you to censorship and all, whatever you just got to stay away. I can just tell you that I will never do those shots. You know, because what you're doing is you are programming your cells, which have an innate response, and you have this innate your immune system is governed to say, Hey, I can take on anything. Maybe not do the best job, but if it comes in here and it's not supposed to be in here, I will attack it. Whereas what you're doing is you're giving a shot, that's programming yourselves that says you're going to attack this and nothing else.

 Dr. Darrell Misak: And that cell is going to become a bully to where your natural protective is going to say, well, I I'm here, but that guy's pushing me out of the way. And so I'm scared of what we're going to see in 12 to 18 months after all of these people have had these shots, their body has responded. Because if you look at the small animal studies with these shots, animals die, you look at the monkeys who got these shots. They develop chronic health issues because of they weren't able to heal anymore. And so, and then they started injecting humans. And so the science is not solid for me, and this is not a vaccine. Okay. So [inaudible], they're getting protected under the vaccine where they're using a biological modifier as a drug to modify your immune response. That is human experimentation. I'm leaving it at that. And I am not saying anymore,

 Wade Lightheart: I couldn't agree with you more. And I think even as a responsible individual who is using critical analysis, we'd say it's, you know, it behooves anyone to think that we could possibly create something so rapidly and so effective with so little trials on long-term effects of anything, you know, it doesn't, it doesn't make rational or logical sense if you understand biology or the development of anything. And these things take years just for the smallest integration of anything, let alone something as sophisticated as immune system response for the, our listeners who are concerned about this and need to arm themselves. This is very difficult in the social program. I would refer them to, there is a great podcast with Bret Weinstein on dark horse and Gert Vanderbosch. And it's really interesting about, it's not emotional. It's not sensationalized, it's not politicized. It's about science, it's about science and coming to a conclusion.

 Wade Lightheart: And both of them shared the same concern that you have. The seen concern that I have is that we could be really creating a bigger problem than we imagined by this mitigation and this radical social experiment. However, I will say this on a positive note to finish this up for everyone. Life exists, despite all the unusual circumstance of that we're floating on this little blue ball somewhere in the end of the universe. And I do not believe that regardless of the bad intentions of the misinformed people, that life will not continue exists, right? It needs to do is to follow exactly what Mr Edison said and what you're advocating. And that is the Bo bolster up the immune system, the systems of the body and allow it to do what it does exactly that will support your life will give you the courage to move forward in life and live life as opposed to shut down and condense your life away from it.

 Wade Lightheart: Dr. MiniSeq, this is one of the best interviews we've had here. I think your source of information, I can't wait to get you back into the show. Please keep us posted about when the book comes out. I want to get, get you back on the podcast so that we can kind of break into the book and promote the book with our audience. I think you're doing a great service in the world. Thank you so much for joining us for having me. It's a pleasure. Yeah. And, and any can you just one last time, could you share where people can find you where they can connect with you? Social media, all that sort of stuff?

 Dr. Darrell Misak: Yeah. So the easiest way is Docmisak.Com. again, vital is the company. I do Pittsburgh alternative health. And my, my YouTube channel is doc Misak doc M I S a K, but you have to type it all the way out because when you go to search, it will not populate my name. You can type out doc M I S a and I will not populate a do not let you know that my show is on there. And I've even had people who are following my show and they don't even get that notifications. I go on every Saturday morning at at 10:00 AM Eastern standard time. I pushed it back to 10. So you West coasters can get up in the morning and watch with me, but 10:00 AM Eastern standard time. Every Saturday morning, I come on, I spend an hour just kind of giving people an understanding of what's going on with this stuff.

 Wade Lightheart: Love it. This is, this has been awesome. Thank you so much. And I can't wait to start drying your product. Thank you so much for joining us today on the awesome health podcast and for all our listeners. I think you're probably excited and delight it. Give Dr. Misak product a shot tune into his regular broadcast as he's issued. And we want to share with you, thank you all for joining us today. And I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Awesome Health Podcast. I'm Wade T. Lightheart from BiOptimizers take care and fight the good fight. You have the ability to overcome just about anything.
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