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005: The Cellerciser Changes Lives In 10 Minutes A Day, with David Hall

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David Hall, creator of the Cellerciser, joins Bioptimizers' Awesome Health podcast to talk about his creation, his journey and the science behind it all.If changing your body and your life in just 10 minutes a day sounds unbelievable you’ll reconsider after hearing today’s guest on BiOptimizers’ Awesome Health podcast! David Hall is the creator of the Cellerciser.

As a result of his device, he has become a living legend in this industry. For over 25 years he has traveled all around the world working with doctors, celebrities, health practitioners, men and women from all ages and walks of life.

I brought him on the show because I am one of his biggest testimonials. We’ll talk about my experience with David and the Cellerciser, plus his personal journey to creating and marketing it. We’ll go in-depth on the scientific reasons his device is so effective, even with using it just 10 minutes a day.  Listen in as we cover those topics and more on episode 5 of BiOptimizers’ Awesome Health podcast!

More About Awesome Health with David Hall

To begin to tell his story David and I start at the beginning, the experience that led him to create the Cellerciser and his own personal transformation. This experience is what motivates him to this day, and his own challenges him help empathize with people wherever they are at in their personal journey.

In the 1980s David was an insurance agent in Newport Beach, California. Like a lot of other insurance professionals, he wasn’t getting enough exercise and it showed on his body. He decided he wanted to get back into shape, so he began walking up the stairs to his office on the 18th floor.

One day he was feeling strong enough to go all the way to the top so he did. What he didn’t know was that they were doing asbestos removal on various different floors of the building. The people removing the asbestos opened the doors to the stairwell on the floors they were working on so David breathed in the asbestos-laden air from those floors as he walked up the stairs.

When he got to his office his body began shaking uncontrollably and he thought he must’ve overdone it so he just went about his usual day. But when he woke up the next morning the right side of his lymphatic system had collapsed, although he didn’t know it at the time. What he did know was that he didn’t feel good, his lymph nodes were swollen and his right side was extremely tightened up.

He felt so terrible he went to the doctor, but the doctor didn’t find anything because they didn’t know what to look for and he didn’t know what he had been exposed to. He continued to feel terrible but could find no cause for it.

With no medical answers within reach, he decided to do a lot of praying and soul-searching. He had a family, including a child on the way and he wanted to live long enough to enjoy his children growing up.

Your Body Can Heal Itself

During one of his soul-searching sessions, he had a vision that led him to discover the body is made up of cells that know better than anyone else how to create, heal and maintain the body. With that realization he took healing into his own hands, learning along the way he learned about the lymphatic system and its purpose.

He began communicating with his body: he recognized that our cells understand us and they react to how we communicate with them. He understood that rather than fight against something that is wrong, it’s easier to promote what is right. By fighting against obesity, cancer or addictions chances are that you are empowering that which your body needs to heal.

For example if you are dealing with weight loss David recommends embracing who you are right now. Then see the person you want to become, write it out and do the affirmations and proclamations. Keep your focus on that person you want to become, not the weight you want to lose.

He explains it: to have what we do not have we must first become what we are not. As we become what we are not what we have not becomes the natural manifestation of the person we have now become. But in order to become what we are not we must first be able to see ourselves, each other, that which is around us and that which is within us not just as we are today but as we can become tomorrow.

When we do that it’s not that anything around us has changed, but that which is within us has changed so we now respond differently to the conditions around us and we can and do achieve a greater potential.

That’s how he shifted his health.

The Cellerciser Is Born

In the process of doing so he figured out what he needed to do to open up the lymphatic and circulatory system he discovered the mini-trampoline called the Rebounder. When he got into the industry he started using the Rebounder because the up and down movement helps open up the lymphatic system and causes increased circulation.

The lymphatic system works like a vacuum in our bodies, and by moving up and down we create negative pressure in it. So those one-way valves in the lymphatic system start sucking up and flushing out the toxins, the poisons, metabolic waste, dead cells, cancer cells, all the bad stuff is pulled into lymph nodes where the majority of our lymphocytes are located. The lymphocytes go after those cells and start to get rid of them.

In the first month of doing a routine he felt inspired to do, he dropped one notch in his belt and his arms were bigger! After that he started to take it more seriously and within six months he had a whole new physique: his stomach was flat, his double chin was gone and his energy level soared.

People at work began asking him what he was doing so he started to share it with them. Then he was invited to speak before Rotary clubs, senior citizen centers, Lions Clubs, etc. He continued doing so for about 3 years before he woke up one morning and thought why am I selling insurance?! He took his talk on the road full-time from then on.

He also had an idea: he wanted to create a mini-trampoline that had the properties of acceleration and deceleration without an abrupt stop or jarring to the body. He introduced a new design that allowed the body to accelerate and decelerate that jars the body.

Then everyone in the industry began coming out with the same design, but doing it very cheaply. So he pivoted again and created the triplex spring design, it’s a spring that has a ridge which adjusts to a heavier person or someone who jumps higher. The Cellerciser was born.

While David doesn’t make any claims about the health conditions the Cellerciser does address, he only says it makes your cells stronger and healthier and makes them work more efficiently so your body parts will work stronger, healthier and more efficiently too. And for 25 years he has been seeing the results in people around the world.

Personally, I think he has the healthiest muscles I have ever seen so I asked what makes the Cellercise so much different than other forms of exercise?

Part of his objective is to redefine exercise for the majority of people. We’ve been taught for years to buy into a methodology of exercise which manipulates the body. It isn’t natural. It works but it’s not natural. You’ll never see a dog or cat or monkey lifting weights! These mentalities don’t work: like the tearing down muscles in order to rebuild them (the no pain, no gain philosophy) or the idea that you have to get 20 minutes of aerobic exercise for your cells, or that you must sweat in order to get good exercise. David says you don’t have to do any of that!

If you are tearing down in order to build up you’ll reach a plateau, and every time you increase weights or repetitions to go beyond that plateau it gets harder and harder. When your cells are torn they rebuild by patching the tears with more proteins, which is why you are told to lift every other day so your body can repair and heal itself in between sessions.

When you tear your cells again they have to patch it again, and again the next time you tear them and so on. Over a period of time you have tears that start to deform the muscle which creates big, bulky muscles.

I experienced this myself. In 2007 I decided to do another world championship, which usually takes 20 weeks to get ready. But I used the Cellerciser in a unique way to accelerate recovery from training and accelerate fat loss, and I got ready to compete in 3.5 weeks. Then I competed in the Worlds 3 months later!

People who saw me before and during the competitions couldn’t believe my transformation. One was a doctor and naturopathic doctor who told me my physical transformation just wasn’t possible! What they didn’t know was that I was using the Cellerciser 5x a day for 10 minutes at a time to accelerate my progress. I can say I put this device to the test and it is for real!

How To Start Your Transformation

If we are talking about weight loss, let’s look at what not to do: focus on what we don’t want, look for drugs or other quick fixes because that’s what our society has taught us to do. Think about the people on The Biggest Loser TV show and the problems they have after the fact, it’s heartbreaking to hear their stories and see what happens to them after they’ve been on the show.

David explains there are 3 ways to lose weight naturally:

1. Diet.
2. Burn calories faster than we take them in.
3. Increase in metabolic processes, which is what the Cellerciser does.

To use #3 you can do something like the Jamba Run, which is a technique that he created. The biggest muscles of the body have the greatest demand for fuel, they give us the fastest results. So most exercises are going to concentrate on the thighs and the buttocks because those are the biggest muscles.

With the Cellerciser he teaches a technique where you spread your feet apart a little bit and keep your back straight (don’t lean forward). When you spread your feet apart you bend at the knee and hold on to the bar on the Cellerciser, then you run as fast as you can without lifting your off the mat.

He says no matter how good of shape you are in you won’t last longer than 20 seconds doing this, and I agree with him! It’s a killer exercise and even though I routinely squat over 300 pounds regularly, squats don’t hit the body nearly the same way as the Jamba Run does.

How The Cellerciser Creates Metabolic Transformation

Here’s what is happening in the body to create that metabolic transformation with the Cellerciser: we all know the body needs fuel. When you do reps of the Jamba Run you eat up the sugars and the glucose very quickly, those are the most readily available energy sources in the body.

It’s an intense exercise that he can only do for a minute at a time with each rep. As you continue to do repetitions you eat up those readily available fuel sources in the first few rounds. As you do more you create an incredible demand for fuel and now your body has to tap into adipose tissue or the fat we accumulate in the body. In the process this also increases metabolism.

We talk about why he only does the Jamba Run on occasion now, plus he shares a few stories of people who lost weight. David explains how the Cellerciser activates your internal systems, how it creates homeostasis in the body, and how you can heal knee issues with the Cellerciser.

We wrap up with the reasoning behind the phrase: health is wealth, and what’s coming up next for him including a new book. There is so much to unpack in this episode, prepare to be blown away by David’s knowledge, passion and enthusiasm on the 5th edition of Bioptimizers’ Awesome Health podcast!

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