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173: GMOs, Glyphosate, & the Brink of Global Disaster – with Jeffrey Smith

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Are you eating organic? After this podcast, you will be. 

Please tune into this episode if you don’t understand GMOs (genetically modified organisms.) Your long-term health is being jeopardized by these GMO lab experiments in the food supply, along with a chemical called glyphosate that Big Agro uses in a high percentage of our staple foods. Some foods include corn, wheat, oats, beans, fruits, veggies, meat, fish, and poultry. 

If you already know a bit of what GMOs are and why you should avoid them – that’s fantastic. However, behind the scenes in laboratories across the U.S., what’s taking place is downright scary. Gene modifications in agriculture are serious business for Big Agro and the consumers who eat these Frankenstein creations. 

For those who eat the wrong foods, GMOs and the glyphosate herbicide are wreaking havoc on the microbiome, opening doors to various diseases. 

This interview is a wake-up call to the seriousness of the situation and how close humanity is to become a distant memory from a cataclysmic GMO nightmare. 

No – this is not hyperbole. But take heart – in this interview with leading GMO spokesperson Jeffrey Smith, you will walk away empowered with knowledge that equips you to make positive changes for your health while also opening your eyes to the battle at hand between Big Agro and consumers. Jeffrey Smith keeps issuing his clarion call to consumers to take action -for the sake of humanity – by avoiding GMOs and glyphosate in their food. It’s time to take your passion for organic food to a higher level.   

You will discover what to do with this thorough information. 

Not one to sit on knowledge and keep it under wraps – Jeffrey is the author of 2 global bestsellers, director of five films, done 1000 interviews and 1000 lectures in 45 countries, trained 1500 speakers, and organized over 10,000 grassroots advocates for organic, non-GMO foods.

Jeffrey leads the global Protect Nature Now coalition, urging governments to stop releasing genetically engineered microbes into our environment. 

Because it only takes one irreversible gene-editing experiment to create global health or environmental catastrophe. 

In this podcast, we cover:

  • The threat of genetically engineered microbes (GEMs)
  • What glyphosate is and how it ends up in your body
  • Why food production and distribution is critical to your health
  • How the world came within two weeks of a GMO catastrophe
  • How Jeffrey became a leading voice in consumer activism 
  • The role a corporation called Monsanto plays in all this
  • What GMOs and glyphosate do to your microbiome
  • How your food can affect your DNA expression
  • What whistleblowers in Big Agro are revealing 
  • Much more!

Humanity Came within Two Weeks of a Global Cataclysmic Nightmare

Deep into the interview, Wade asks Jeffrey to explain why his message is urgently needed, not just for their health, but to get more people willing to embrace some advocacy to stop the insanity before it’s too late. 

Because there is also an existential threat to the entire planet

For example, a GMO experiment back in 1991 came within two weeks of being unleashed into nature. 

The results could have been beyond devastating – all life on earth came close to perishing. 

Tune in and listen to Jeffrey tell the whole story behind this frightening tale of humanity’s flirtation with the apocalypse.  

Here’s one insidious thing glyphosate or “Roundup” does to the body:

Wade asks Jeffrey to explain why glyphosate wrecks havoc on the microbiome? Few people know the devastating results caused by Roundup on our gut health. 

Here is an excerpt from Jeffrey’s response: “Unlike normal antibiotics which kind of carpet bombs indiscriminately both the good and bad bacteria in our microbiome – glyphosate (the chief poison in Roundup) is known to cause death among the beneficial bacteria, but not among the pathogenic (bad) bacteria.”

“Lactobacillus Bifida bacteria, and other microbes we want in our gut because they lower inflammation – they get wiped out by glyphosate. Meanwhile, negative microbes like Salmonella, e-coli, and others, these bad bacteria can resist death from Roundup.”

“A friend of mine took a model of the human gut to fit it with a microbiome from a three-year-old in Sweden, who has never been vaccinated, never received any antibiotics. He lived in a rural area, so his microbiome was pretty pristine.”

“This microbiome model was then fed food, followed by Roundup. Then he watched what happened.”

“He saw the short-chain fatty acids go down, and he saw the population of beneficial bacteria go down. He saw the diversity go down.”

“I then went through the 28 different conditions that people reported getting better from when they switched to a non-GMO diet, and I asked if there is any justification from the microbiome alone that can lead to these outcomes?”

“Every single one of these outcomes could be explained from a scientific standpoint. My friend explained that about 80% of all chronic diseases can be traced back to a disruption of the microbiome.”

“When we damage that microbiome (with GMO foods and glyphosate), we set the stage for disease. In some cases long term disease.” 

Jeffrey Smith will not stop spreading the word on the dangers of GMOs and glyphosate. The more people he educates, the sooner humanity can bring some sanity back to modern food production. 

All you need to do is tune into what Jeffrey has to say and make your own decisions. Jeffrey’s tireless efforts over the decades lay the foundation for positive change. By downloading this knowledge, listeners become food advocates and wise consumers who feel better physically while helping the environment. 

Together, we can fix our unhealthy food system and save the planet from GMO catastrophe. 

Won’t you join Wade and Jeffrey in this noble cause? 

Check out this episode – your tummy and mother Gaia will thank you. 

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