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105: Turning Limitations into Unlimited Opportunities – with JJ Virgin

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“[The pandemic] is the biggest freaking wake-up call we’ve ever had in our lifetimes. Prevention freaking matters.” 

JJ Virgin is a prominent TV and media personality. Her resume includes co-host of TLC’s Freaky Eaters, two years as the on-camera nutritionist for Weight Loss Challenges on Dr. Phil, and numerous PBS appearances, Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray, Access Hollywood, and the TODAY Show. 

JJ is the author of four NY Times bestsellers: The Virgin Diet, The Virgin Diet Cookbook, JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet, JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook and Warrior Mom: 7 Secrets to Bold, Brave Resilience, 

She also hosts the popular Ask the Health Expert podcast, with over 8 million downloads and growing. And also regularly writes for Rodale Wellness, Mind Body Green, and other major blogs and magazines.

In this podcast, we cover:

  • JJ’s incredible community of health and wellness influencers who are on a mission to help people live healthier lives 
  • A simple, inexpensive supplement everyone should be taking during this current pandemic 
  • How JJ launched her first book during the most stressful tragedy of her life
  • The steps JJ took to help her son reach a miraculous recovery after a terrible car accident
  • How to create a “badass” virtual online event that keeps people glued to their computer screen
  • How obstacles are an invitation from the universe to activate your “super self”

Finding opportunities in the middle of a pandemic requires a proper mindset

During this interview, JJ talks about the importance of mindset–she credits attitude as the most crucial key to success. Our host Wade also expressed the importance of having a positive, laser-focused mindset. Right now, our businesses and lives are experiencing some tough challenges that were unimaginable only a year ago. 

Wade said to JJ, “I’ve noticed since the pandemic hit us that there are two types of people. The first group is those who just kind of shut down and decide to wait it out till it’s all over. Then there is this other group that keeps expanding exponentially. Our company (Bioptimizers) has been that way largely because my partner Matt and said, okay, this is what it is. Let’s keep going–keep moving.” 

JJ agreed with Wade’s mindset: “Businesses have cycles of spring, summer, fall, and winter. We knew winter was coming. We were already planning for it over at Mindshare. We knew it was coming. We didn’t know a pandemic was coming. But we knew winter was coming because it’s predictable. Winter has to come. But then you have spring…look at all this and go, alright, what are the opportunities here? Where can I be of service to people who are hurting?” 

JJ Wrestles with Her Mindset While Writing Warrior Moms – a Book Clearly Out of Her Comfort Zone  

In the book Warrior Mom: Seven Secrets to Bold, Brave Resilience, JJ illustrates through a tragic story how caregivers of all stripes can be strong, positive leaders for their families. The tale she uses is her own–a sad accident her son fell into by accident. The book explores what JJ did as a mom/caregiver at that moment. 

JJ was able to tap into her “warrior spirit” and fight for her son’s life when many would have crumbled in despair. This remarkable book is a good fit right now for anyone–parent or not–who struggles with these challenging times of economic hardship. 

JJ had to overcome her fears and reservations initially when it came to writing this book. Frankly, she didn’t want to write it, because it was outside her niche of diet books – a comfortable and familiar place. 

Plus, the story of her son’s accident was deeply personal. It is one thing for a reviewer to criticize your diet book – having your personal story critiqued and publicly scrutinized was a daunting reality that JJ had to overcome. 

The criticism began right away, as her book publisher in New York questioned the book concept, telling JJ directly, “you’re a diet and fitness writer. You’re not a mindset person.” When you listen to this podcast, you will understand how absurd it is to question JJ’s mindset. JJ looked the publishers in the eye and said, “Actually, I am a mindset person. I’ve just been hiding it.” 

Her successful business career and personal life demonstrate the importance of mindset. JJ can teach us a lot about developing a successful mindset and does so in this podcast. 

Be sure to tune into this episode. JJ Virgin is not only a bona fide television star; she is also a successful business owner in the health and wellness niche. And her Mindshare Collaborative can help your fitness career to grow and prosper. (Link to the Mindshare Collaborative below.) 

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Read the Episode Transcript:

Wade Lightheart: Good morning. Good afternoon. And good evening. It's Wade T Lightheart from the awesome health podcast by BiOptimizers. And I'm delighted today to share with you JJ Virgin, who is a prominent TV and media personality, whose previous features include co-host of TLC's freaky eaters two years as the on-camera nutritionist for weight loss challenges on Dr. Phil and numerous appearances on PBS, Dr. Oz, Rachel Ray access Hollywood, and the today show JJ is the author of four New York times bestsellers the Virgin Diet, the Virgin Diet Cookbook, JJ Virgin Sugar Impact Diet, JJ Virgin Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook, and Warrior Mom, Seven secrets to Bold, Brave Resilience. JJ hosts the popular Ask the Health Expert Podcast with over 8 million downloads and growing. She also regularly writes for Rodale, Wellness, Mind, Body Green, and other major blogs and magazines. Of course, she holds the Mindshare event, probably the premier event for healthpreneurs, shall we say? She has a who's who list of speakers. She shared the stage with including Seth Goden, Lisa Nichols, Gary Vander check Mark Hyman, Dan Butner and Mary Morrissey not to mention is good friends with the legendary Brendan Burchard. And she has taken time out of her busy schedule to share some deep insights into her journey, to superstardom as well as the challenges she met along the way, as well as the mindset it takes to be victorious in the face of adversity. JJ, welcome to the show. 

 JJ Virgin: You know, bedroom, like move beds, everything else to try to set this up. So I get it.

 Wade Lightheart: It's really bizarre. Isn't it? This whole thing. Where are you right at the moment?

 JJ Virgin: Florida.

 Wade Lightheart: Oh, nice.

 JJ Virgin: It's the best place to be because the governor here could care less about any of it so,

 Wade Lightheart: I find it so interesting. How many people in the health industry are very kind of aware of what's going on and how people outside of it just have a hard time realizing like what's in and I think it has a lot to do with we've already been censored for so long. I think we kind of understand where this is all going. So

 JJ Virgin: I don't understand to be honest with you, like it's just math and it's, it's shocking to me. I'm like, let's run the numbers. I was fortunate. I got to be in this little closed door, no tape recording session with Scott Atlas. And he said, I wrote all the numbers down for you guys. You know, it's like when you run the numbers, you're going in. Uh people actually think these numbers are correct. Not everyone's tested. I mean, the whole thing is so ludicrous that I can't make sense of it. And what he basically said is the death rate is 0.003% when you take out, you know, people 78 or older with a preexisting condition, it's 0.003%.

 Wade Lightheart: Yeah. I mean crazy, crazy

 JJ Virgin: You know, and then you have all these people not going to the doctor now for regular visits to check on, you know, their heart disease and cancer and people killing themselves and not taking their psych. I mean, it's like, Oh my God.

 Wade Lightheart: And, and like who knows what the economic consequences!

 JJ Virgin: Oh, what a coaster fuck and…

 Wade Lightheart: Totally well, Totally.

 JJ Virgin: Well, you know, like we were going to go like, here we are. If we are going to create a nation that is um lower class and upper class, we just did it because I mean, it's just killing. None of my friends have gotten hit with this except for a couple that were in the absolute like event business that couldn't pivot to online. And that was more mindset thing. But gosh, some of the people that I help and support that are more in the low mid class, they're just decimated. Its fucked.

 Wade Lightheart: You know, you've been such a great influencer for the health industry and you have an amazing backstory or New York times best seller. You've done everything that you can possibly imagine hope to and dream too. You're a hall of Famer, your New York times bestseller as, and of course you probably have the most well known and eclectic events of the year, which in the health industry, the Mindshare group, which is an extraordinary group of people that everybody wants to get into. Can you share with our listeners where that dream started and how did it get to this point? Did you ever imagine this way? Was there a point where it went, it took off, what can you give us a little bit? Maybe some of the things that people might know, because everybody looks at you today and they look up to you and you're, you've got, like you said, you you're at the top of the heap in the fitness field. And that's a tough, that's a tough position to be in, in a lot of ways, especially in today's cancel culture world, where they're just looking, everybody's looking to try and chop you down or take you apart or go after and you have to curate every statement. What was that dream that started and what fueled it and what fuels you today, I guess, is what I'd like to know.

 JJ Virgin: Well, here is a big question. I always imagined I'd be here and it was the bumpiest road to get here ever. And if I was, had an ounce of sense, anywhere along the way, I would have done what my mother told me to do was just like, go get a job. What are you doing?

 Wade Lightheart: Hahaha, Yes

 JJ Virgin: You know, there was never any big sign out there saying, Oh, she's going to be successful. Everything was kind of gearing towards the opposite. Actually, this is one of the craziest thing. I was wanting to be a theater actress. And I, when in high school I taught dance. I taught calisthenics and I went to American conservatory theater in San Francisco. I paid my own wages; my parents thought this was silly and that's what I wanted to do. So I went off to UCLA on a full ride theater scholarship, and I got there. And within a couple months of being there, I went, this is the silliest thing ever. They versus when you're at the conservatory where they have all these working actors and actresses who are amazing teaching you, when you go to UCLA, it's kind of the people who didn't make it are now professors you know.

 Wade Lightheart: Right. Isn't that in every field?

 JJ Virgin: It's like, what the heck is this? So, so now all of a sudden I went from these amazing teachers to the craziest weirdest classes and everyone talking about how I was going to be a waitress at this restaurant called ships in Westwood. And this restaurant had toasters on the table. It was like the worst I'm going. I did not go to UCLA to become a waitress at ships. So I promptly went, you know, I should really graduate with something that I can use. So I dropped out of the theater department, which by the way, is like impossible to get into.

 JJ Virgin: They accept 60 people a year into this thing. And I drop out and I decided to become an English major because my professor insulted me, told me that I wrote like a sixth grader, like all this horrible stuff. And I said, okay, that's what I'll do. By the way. That's not the way to do things. Like I don't believe in life. We should go out and strengthen our weaknesses. I think you should find what you're best at and amplify the heck out of it. Instead of me going, you know what, I'm a crappy writer. So I guess I'll get decent at it. So I became an English major and I graduated from UCLA and immediately went to grad school and exercise science because kind of my fourth year at UCLA, I'd still be there by the way, if they hadn't said, you know, you've too many units, you must leave.

 JJ Virgin: I'd still be at UCLA as a student. But I found exercise physiology kind of my fourth year in and nutrition, but I had too many units. I couldn't switch courses at that point. So I graduated, went off to grad school in biomechanics, which is kind of funny cause I hadn't taken any of the pre-requisites for that. And I sort of told them after the fact, you know, Oh, by the way

 Wade Lightheart: Love it, Love it.

 JJ Virgin: Um then off to grad school, then off to doctoral school and exercise phase where I started studying nutrition. And what happened along the way? Like if you look at the stuff it's like, you know, you realize life really is research and development and everything that I did along the way, all came together for what I'm doing now. But it wouldn't have made any sense. Like if you started looking at, you go what is she doing?

 JJ Virgin: Like, you know, so I go to UCLA, I'm a Tap Dancer and I do Theater. Okay. Then I start Catering. Cause I catered in high school. I literally catered for the 84 Olympics. And I watched Nadia Comaneci eating entire petty. That was for like a hundred people, watched her eat that whole thing, super, super fun thing. So I catered my way through that. So here I was in food, in performance, in writing, right. And teaching, I started teaching Aerobics in a nearby studio. Then someone doesn't, they need someone to go to someone's house to do a private aerobics class for this gal. I go do this now all of a sudden I'm a Personal Trainer, me Body by Jake and Mark Sisson. There wasn't a name for this back then, by the time I graduate from UCLA, I have a full business. I am hardly even attending class when I am on like in my workout clothes.

 Wade Lightheart:Did you have, like the unitards and in the crazy colors?

 Speaker 4: I did not rock the unitards because very hard thing to go to the bathroom, but I did... Do you remember back then they had the legwarmers , they have thong. I mean when I would walk in

 JJ Virgin: UCLA I'm like horrified in like thong leotards and you know, with tights thankfully and legwarmers, you know, and always something tied around my waist and then a headband, you know, Oh my God.

 Wade Lightheart: Well we have that in the bodybuilding world, we have the form fitting Leotards with all the crazy colors or the baggy pants.

 JJ Virgin: Oh, yeah I remember the crazy pants, because…

 Wade Lightheart: The crazy wear and all that stuff, and all that sort of stuff.

 JJ Virgin: I dated the guy who created those baggy pants; back when Automax and I used to

 JJ Virgin: Work out at Gold's gym in Venice. So yeah, it was, that was, that was a very expressive, fun time. It so yeah, so I had a full business by the time I graduated from UCLA, I had, I was like making way more than what everyone was going off to get a job to do. So I'm like, I'm not doing that. And my mom kept going and getting a job and I'm like, I don't need a job because what about health insurance? I go, I got, don't worry. I'll be fine, mom. So anyway, I was really frustrated. And it's interesting. I think everybody in life should have to do Multi-Level Marketing for a year in their life. I think that the most amazing things that you can learn happen there. And I was in Florida going to grad school in sports medicine at university of Miami. And I had a client who was a self-made multimillionaire. She had been um literally grown up in a trailer park, single mom. And she became a self-made multimillionaire in Nu Skin.

 Wade Lightheart: Wow, that's amazing. There's a lot of amazing stories in that industry.

 JJ Virgin: Incredible - Well, I was always like, you know, I didn't really know anything about it, but I had had a stigma, like, you know, MLM and timeshare stay away bad. Right. So she's walking down the beach with me one day and she goes, so what are you going to do when you graduate from university of Miami, I go, Oh, I'm going to go get my PhD. She goes, first of all, she goes, why are you in grad school? I go, I want to be more successful and help more people.

 JJ Virgin: She goes, huh. Huh.

 JJ Virgin: All right. You don't really have to go to grad school to do that. And I'm like thinking, yeah. What do you know Ms. Multimillionaire from the trailer park? Right. You know, I mean, it's so ridiculous now to think about it. And then she goes, what are you gonna do when you graduate? And I go, I'm going to go to USC and I'm going to get my PhD in Exercise, Science, Nutrition, and Aging. And she's like, huh, why? And I go, I want to be more successful. She said, you know, at some point you're going to realize that that school doesn't equal success. And when you're ready, I'll teach you. And I didn't really pay any attention to her. I was like, yeah. Okay. At age 30, she sent me this video from Nu Skin and in it, she talked about people trading time for money. And what had happened was Nu Skin had just started their nutritional division, which was called interior design nutrition at the time.

 JJ Virgin: And she sent me this and it was like the biggest light bulb went off in my head wave. And I'm like, Oh my gosh, this is what I need to do to really make an impact in the world. Because as a trainer, you know, I was talking to one person at a time and I started doing some speeches cause I could talk to more people, but still I was like throwing one starfish back in the ocean. So I literally threw all my stuff in the storage. Went back to Florida, dropped out of my PhD program, went all in and became a diamond in this new nutritional division of Nu Skin, which one of the fun things that happened during that time was Flo-Jo was a spokesperson. I got to take Flo Jo to the gym in Fort Lauderdale. And I remember I took Flo-Jo to the gym.

 JJ Virgin: They want her to sign a health release, you know, do you work out regularly? And I'm like looking, going like it is Flo-Jo people like…

 Wade Lightheart: Its amazing. Right.

 JJ Virgin: Are you kidding? I was like going, I ran on the treadmill next to Flo-Jo. It was quite something. But anyway, that it really was this combination of realizing that if you really want to make an impact in the world, you've got to figure out how to have leverage, how to, how to duplicate yourself, how to scale and that all the things that I'd done, everything from all the exercise, studying the nutrition, the cooking, the personal training, the speaking, the theater and the writing all kind of came together and it didn't come together overnight. And for a long time, it was like, why did I do all these silly, bizarre stuff? I started a healthy catering business, multiple times I owned a gym.

 JJ Virgin: But when I moved to Palm Springs, California, I decided that the way I was going to build this business quickly was to do local TV. And so I started doing local TV and that was really good for me because you don't want to do national TV if you've not done local TV, because you discover that you can do really weird things on camera. And uh it's better to discover that in a local market than discover it, like when you're on Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz and go, what is that weird thing that I do with my mouth? You know, or what is that weird like Tourette's like stutter thing that I do. So I did a lot of local TV, a lot of medical minutes. I started editing my own stuff. I started designing my own segments on TV. And so when I started to, you know, when, when Dr. Phil showed up, I was ready.

 JJ Virgin: And it was interesting, you know, I did Dr. Phil's weight loss challenges for two years. I had my own primetime pilot. You are what you eat. Then I had a reality show called freaky eaters, but despite all of that, I really was struggling. I wasn't really making much in the way of money. I was a single mom and it was like, you know, hand to mouth. And it wasn't until I did the Virgin Diet Book, that was when everything like everything blew up and came together. And I think it's because I was in a very crowded space of weight loss, but I picked a very specific niche that really wasn't known much at the time, Food Intolerance and a very unique approach to it. That was simple and easy to understand. And I just stayed there. I stayed in that lane instead of trying to be everything to everybody, it was like, okay, tough weight loss cases, thinking they're eating healthy foods, not realizing those could be hurting them. If you drop these seven foods for just seven days, you could lose up to seven pounds. That's it simple, easy message

 Wade Lightheart: Beautifully said, and that's a great journey. And I think it's so wonderful that you've dove into all these different areas to kind of land in the area that, that worked for you you've drove that lane. But at a certain point, you kind of went beyond just that, like you, you've kind of took another leap as, as, as your, I would say, fame and success and impact started to rise concurrently. It seemed like all these things can, you know, contributed to something else that made you more than someone that's just did a book or did it, did a TV show, or did these type of things. Do you remember the point particularly where that, that kind of hockey stick moment where everything just kind of goes and then maybe some of the challenges? Cause I think a lot of people, I think a lot of people really underestimate what it takes to achieve the things that you have in your life. And also the challenges that come with it, like, and that your people are still an ordinary person. They still have to put their shoes on. They still have to work out. They still have to fall as this, but they have so many competing pressures. Do you remember what that was, was like or what that moment was and then what were some of the challenges at that stage?

 JJ Virgin: Well, there were challenges all along the way. You know, when I think early on you know, here I am going through building, building a business and I had little kids, I had, one of my sons was really struggling with some emotional things. We later found out like just recently Lyme and Bartonella. So here I am a single mom. My ex was very angry at me at the time. So seven years of that going on and just, you know, thinking, trying to do everything you can with nothing really hitting. I had my first book come out Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy. It was like a bomb total, total fail. And then when I sold the Virgin Diet through, I have an amazing agents, Leslie Finefolk and she really saw that book and said, this is what you need to do.

 JJ Virgin: And helped me with that Tagline, everything else. And all of a sudden, wait, it was like the stars were lining up. I got this big advance for the book that I put into the marketing. I hired my good friend, Brendon Burchard to help me line up the whole book launch. Dr. Daniel Ayman helped me get it together for a PBS special. I mean, had everything lined up. It was all perfect. And then a month before that book is coming out where I have now invested everything into that book. I have, I, one of the things that I will do is I, I go all in uh you know, if you want to take the Island, you gotta burn the boats. I had gone burn all the boats for this book. I was all in, it had to go or, you know, I was going to have nothing.

 JJ Virgin: And I'm the support for my kids and a week before, or I'm sorry, a month before this is coming out. My son Grant, who was 16 at the time, my older son gets hit by a car while crossing the street and literally left for dead in street. I mean, left for dead. And when we get to the hospital, the doctor there tells me my ex-husband and my son, Bryce, who was 15 that my son had suffered a very serious multiple injuries. One was to few seconal injuries to his head. He was in a major coma, still had brain activity, but the highest coma score you could have, he had a 20 order that he said was going to rupture sometime in the next 24 hours. If it wasn't repaired. And 13 fractures, I mean, both his femurs were, were broken in half. His tibia was sticking through his skin.

 JJ Virgin: He was covered in road rash. And he said, you just have to let him go. And, you know, that's, that's like the worst thing that could possibly you're sitting here. Like, I'm, I'm, I'm sitting here, I'm going, you know, you just have to let them go. I literally walked outside and I thought to myself, like, what do you do? And because I wanted to do what was best for my son. And I had no idea what that was. I mean, what if I were to overrule the doctors and my son was a vegetable for the rest of his life, like had no quality of life. Like, you know, what do you do? And so I walked outside and one of the things that mentor had told me was in a show, he said, listen, truly listen. Well, probably the hardest thing for me to deal.

 JJ Virgin: And probably a lot of us. And I just stood outside that night and I said, Grant, what do you want? Like, what do you want me to do? Is this what you want? And you want to go, you know, and I heard this big, like mom fight for me. So I walked back in. I told the doctor that, that um we were overruling and my son Bryce was like, when he heard the doctor go through the statistics of like, he's never surviving the airlift to the other hospital, he's never surviving the surgery. And Bryce said, maybe there's a 0.25% chance he'd make it. And the doctor said, that sounds about right. And he goes, we'll take those odds. And I said, we're overruling you like, that's it. So when the Virgin Diet came out, I was sitting bedside at a Harbor, UCLA next to my son in a coma, on a ventilator, you know, with a tube coming out of his brain that was managing the pressure.

 JJ Virgin: And I literally launched my New York times bestselling book from that hospital bed. That is why, like, when people give me the reasons they can't do something, I'm going to say the excuses. I'm like, what if, what if the reason why you can't do it? Your why not in reality is your biggest. Why? Cause I stood in that hospital when my son survived the airlift and survived the surgery and now is sitting in that hospital bed in a coma. And I promised him that I was going to get him to 110%. If he would fight, it turns out grant means warrior. So I was like, grant you fight. I will bring in everything. I need to get you to be 110%. But wait, I knew that in order to get my son to be 110%, I had to be able to show up myself at 110%.

 JJ Virgin: I put my self care at the top of the list. I focused. I said, here's, what's going to have to happen here. I can not get sick. You can't walk into an ICU with a sniffle. I have to make sure this book goes bigger than ever because I'm going to do whatever it takes to get them there. And by the way, like the things that I did to get my son to 110%, aren't covered by insurance. And then I needed to be there for my son, you know, like leading, leading causes of death, number three, death by doctor death in the hospitals. These are teaching hospitals, mistakes happen. Number um one in kids is traumatic brain injury. So like I'm not going anywhere. Right. But I have to make this book go to, so that I'd say is probably the the biggest challenge that came up along the way, but it was also the biggest motivator I could have possibly had. In fact, I look now and I go, I don't know that this book would have been as successful as it has been if that hadn't have happened because basically success was not an option at that point, right.

 Wade Lightheart: That is such an incredible story. And I love the two parts of it. One is that in that moment of decision, you had a moment where you could step out and just really tune in. And I think it's an invitation for people today. It's an interesting time in the world where a lot of people are paralyzed by indecision and fear and writing things off. Well, what can we do? I don't, you know, and there's so much confusion. And I see so many people and there's an actual physiological response where people actually go into this freeze mode in a traumatic situation. Was there anything that, that you drew from in the past or is it part of your nature? Was it divine intervention? What was it that allowed you to pull through something that would have both of those things are, are huge events on, on of such polar opposites of like, you know what I mean? Like there, it's pretty hard to comprehend the polarity of those two events happening to one person simultaneously. What do you think it was that pulled you into that superstar moment? Like that, that, that made you transcend normal human behavior? Because I think we all get so inspired by people that do it. And many people who reach the higher levels of their potential have these moments.

 JJ Virgin: So I talked early on about having that mentor and walking down the beach and then deciding to like, you know, quit my PhD program, go all in with her. I mean, I literally drove my car back, went to Florida and moved into this woman's house. Her name is Kay. And she was gonna teach me how to be successful in business. What she really did was teach me to be successful in life. And if you want to be successful in business, in your career, in anything else, it's the biggest personal development journey you'll ever go on anywhere along the way. If you're not where you want to be, it's probably not because you don't know the latest strategy or you don't have a specific skill. It's probably because of your mindset. And so when I moved him to her house with her, the, in here I am Wade, I have now dropped out of a PhD program.

 JJ Virgin: I sold my business. I got rid of everything I had in, in California, you know, had people come to my apartment, take everything. And I have now moved in with her. So I mean, I, once again, like I have now burned all the boats. Right, right. And first thing she has me do, that's all right, you're going to put rubber bands on your wrist. And every time you have a limiting belief, you're going to snap them. And I'm thinking, are you kidding me? You crazy lady. Like, I just did all of this stuff. I have moved here and you want me to put rubber bands on my wrist and snap them when I have a limiting belief and this and that, and I'm going to be successful because of this.

 Wade Lightheart: This is like a Karratte kid move, flexing the fence or something. Right.

 JJ Virgin: Totally. It is my Mr. Miyagi. And so I'm going through this and I go, you know, I mean, I'm here. So I will do this. And she taught me over the course of six months before she taught me anything in business. She taught me to tightly manage my environment. That, you know, what you listened to, who you spend time with, what you read is going to absolutely reflect on who you are, how you believe, what you think, et cetera. And she taught me to like, I would back then, I'd walk, man. I had a Walkman. I got all of the different books um on tape. So I was listening to think and grow rich, you know, the greatest salesman, all those types of things. And I mean, just over and over and over, I had Brian Tracy. I remember I met him in person. I go, God, your, your voices in my head forever, because I've listened to so many things from Nightingale-Conant from you.

 JJ Virgin: And so I just, I just focused. I changed my friends. I changed what I read. I changed what I listened to. I changed what I watched and I tightly managed my environment to stay in a place of waking up in gratitude, writing down at least five things I was grateful for in the morning of celebrating little wins at the end of the day of thinking about who I appreciate throughout the, these things that changed everything. So when you look at it that night Grant got hit and Bryce talked to the doctor who had told us, you know, Grant will never survive the airlift. And even if he did, he wouldn't survive the surgery. And even if he survived all that, he'd be so brain damaged. It wouldn't be worth it to which Bryce looks at him and goes, so maybe a 0.25% chance he'd make it.

 JJ Virgin: And doctor says, that's about right. See, the doctor saw 99.75% chance kid would never make it. We just knew we needed the littlest chance he could. And that's all we focused on. Right. And I had been trained that way. And fortunately, because I had been trained that way, that's what my kids knew growing up. You know, they totally, it was completely a glass half full scenario. And the critical thing here is my mom; I'm adopted my adopted mom. That whole family are glass half empty people. There's no question. My mom will tell you what is wrong. You know, if she, if you call her up, she goes, Oh, you know, it's raining. And I'm like, I can't golf and I'm go, gosh, I'm so sorry. Then you call her up. And she goes, it's too sunny. There's a drought. And I'm like, Oh my gosh, what's good here.

 JJ Virgin: You know? So it's not that I wasn't raised in a house where there was, you know, there was negativity and lack. And you know, everyone's just doing the best they can. She was raised in the great depression, but it can be changed at any point if you focus on it. And that, that shift that Kay Smith taught me when I thought I was going to go learn how to do business. What Kay taught me during that time is the reason that my son's alive. It's the reason that I'm successful. And my success path was a success pass of 30 years of, of getting knocked down and getting back up again. No one, no one handed me anything, you know, along the way. But that's what I learned how to do was just look for the good state, stay positive, stay focused. You know, the only limitations are the limitations in your mind.

 JJ Virgin: And man, when you're sitting, looking at a 0.25% chance for your son's gonna make it, you really need to understand that the only limitations are the limitations in your mind. I knew way that if we could keep them alive, I could figure out how to get them to 110%. Right. Cause I had enough people out there that I could reach out to and I did uh to figure this whole thing out. And the big part of that was, there's a great saying, 'there are no victims, only volunteers'. Grant's never thought of himself as a victim. And we all recognize that this is the best thing that ever happened to all of us. And he, the shift in someone when they realize that, you know, they got hit by a car uh when the woman drove off and they got through that, that you can pretty much get through anything.

 JJ Virgin: Right. You know what, if we reframe everything that's going on right now and go, all right, we're going through some challenges. If you look at history, there's always winter, but then you've got spring coming next. This, this is, this has happened throughout history. What do we need to do right now to show up as our best selves. This is the biggest wake-up call that we've ever had in our lifetimes that say, Hey, prevention freaking matters. You know, like everyone's talking about a vaccine. I'm like vitamin D people, what are we missing here? You know, support your immune system. Look at the statistics as to, as to the majority of the people who are in trouble here. This is, this is your opportunity to do everything you possibly can for you, your family, the people who you love everyone out in the world to teach as much as you can about immune health. And then also the power of gratitude, positive thinking, et cetera. You know? So what you focus on expands, you could look at the news right now and think that the entire world's on fire, the economy is going to hell everyone is dying or you could focus on what's possible. What's amazing right now. I mean, the stories of what's happening right now, when you look at the positive sides of it are incredible. So it's just what you're focusing on.

 Wade Lightheart: So true. And one of the things I face this a lot with some of my friends and some who were particularly successful business people and things like that. And they're like, wait, wait, wait, wait. Like, like the, the, the odds of this thing that you're doing, doesn't make sense. You know, you're, you're taking an extraordinary amount of risk and I'm like, well, I can see that as a general observation, but what are the factors that make that 2.5% successful? It's not focused on the 97.5% of reasons. I don't like, I always like let's, let's focus on those because one of the reasons, one of the things I love to watch is Athletics. And it doesn't matter, but the athletics is you, you see these athletes who transcend normal human performance. And I always have witnessed that when you see greatness or excellence or the maximizations of human potential, whether it's at the Olympics, whether it's someone going the extra mile at the soup kitchen, helping people out that need help or, or, or pulling over on the side of the road, when someone's got a car broken to the, those moments, when they go above and beyond, it becomes art.

 Wade Lightheart: And art seems to be the point where the mind and the heart kind of move into this other dimension. And man, it's the magic zone. It's just trimming. That's the recipe for, for miracles. And um I've, I've been always fascinated with that in your journey right now. And I want to focus on your messaging right now. You're a big leader in the industry. And I think fitness people, as you just touched on people who have been investing in their health and their fitness and taking control of themselves and not being a victim of the statistical probabilities and all those sorts of putting themselves first, what is your message for them right now? When so many people are just bunkering down and writing, waiting for some unfit person in some other side of the world, to give them an untested drug with no legal recourse, if it doesn't work. I mean, like that seems pretty insane to me that I'm going to rely on that person other than my own my own endeavors, which what's your message to people.

 JJ Virgin: You know, I think we're at a point like for me, when this whole thing started to come to happen, it was interesting this year was the crazy had been set up to be a crazy year for me, Wade, like in January, I was going, going Florida, California, and Hawaii then immediately going back to Florida over to Israel, over to Germany, back to Florida, over to, over to LA, over to San Diego, over to Hawaii, back over to LA. And I had, I mean, it was just this bizarre thing. So I normally never watched the news. Right. And I started, you know, as things started to pop up in January, I'm like, what is going on here? And I thought, you know, I'm traveling a whole lot. And normally I do all of this different assessment to make sure that I'm optimizing all my nutrient levels.

 JJ Virgin: So it's back to when I was in the hospital with Grant. And the big realization when I was in the hospital with Grant was, Oh boy, I can't get sick. I have to make life or death decisions here. Grant didn't almost die. One time. It was time after time. After time of things that went on, I had to have my wits about me. I was doing interviews and I thought I cannot get sick. What should I do? Number one, I'm going to make sure that I'm getting quality sleep every single night. And it's important to say quality. I mean, if you're going to look at the things that really make a difference in your immune system, sleep is huge and what's going to interrupt your sleep stress. So if you're in a fear state with adrenaline, your sleep is trashed. You're going to be in deep trouble and stress is going to lower your immune system.

 JJ Virgin: So I right away went into overdrive of what can I do to help with stress and sleep. So I made sure I also got in my exercise and I focused on high intensity interval training because that helps your sympathetic nervous system handle stress better. So I was putting in, I love tapping shout out to Nick Ortner tapping solution. So I was doing tapping. I was sleeping well, I was getting my exercise in which, you know, you look and go, okay. I was getting to the hospital at 6:00 AM in the morning. I'd leave there usually around eight o'clock at night. So I would just go and run the hospital stairs to do hit training. Then I made sure that I was eating correctly, not getting sugar that can lower your immune system, not eating any of the foods that are more high food intolerance foods

 Wade Lightheart: Oh, what they serve at the hospital?

 JJ Virgin: Nothing at the hospital. You know whats so crazy? I'll tell you two funny stories about that. Number one, I go down to the hospital. I maybe the second day I'm there and I walk in and it says farm to table food. And I'm thinking, Oh, well, thank God. Farm to table food. They had a little platter of apples. Wow. That was the only option there that didn't totally suck. So everyone was bringing me stuff. They kept bringing me all sorts of healthy food, which I was sharing with the nurses because I wanted them healthy to whole foods was delivering stuff. So, I mean, I made it a point to make sure I was eating healthy when Grant spit out his feeding tube and started to talk. One of the first words he said made me so proud. He said, disgusting and pointed the hospital food. I did not serve him hospital food. I had a NutriBullet blender in there.
 JJ Virgin: I was giving him special amino acids cause he was losing muscle. I was doing high dose fish oil behind the doctor's backs because they wouldn't let me. And it's like the single biggest thing for TBI that you want to do to put out the fire in the brain. I was doing like amazing. I brought him wild fish. I mean, we were feeding him so well in that hospital, but no hospital food. And I had to lug it in every single day. There wasn't a fridge I could use at Harbor UCLA. So I brought in all this stuff. I gave him extra supplements. I was loading up on supplements, especially supplements to help with stress because I knew that as much as I could employ my mindset, I mean, still just what I was going through was like crazy. So I did a lot of stress support as well.

 JJ Virgin: And when the pandemic started to hit, I looked at this and I was traveling at the time. So I'd prepared for all of this as I went, you know what? This is just like I'm back in the hospital where I couldn't walk in. If I was sick and I had done everything to optimize my immune system, I like, I always prioritized vitamin D. So vitamin D and vitamin C and zinc and quercitin load of really good, healthy stuff there, glutathione, et cetera, good gut microbiome, probiotics, et cetera. So I'd done all of that stuff. What's interesting is somewhere on our trip, people started to get sick and I never even had a sniffle. I should've put the antibodies later, but I look at this and I think, man, the first thing we should all be doing is optimizing our immune system. I don't know why this wasn't step one.

 JJ Virgin: Like, you know, here's, here's all of this. Like, you know, and Hey, you know, I'm not going to get into a masterbate or anything else. Like if they say that we have to wear a mask, wear a mask, but, but why aren't we also looking at the internal mask in our body of, I mean, even if all it was was giving people vitamin D3 with K1 and 2, you know, even if that's all we did was optimize vitamin D maybe give them a little extra C and some zinc and Quercitin, this would have shifted dramatically. I mean, dramatically.

 Wade Lightheart: A hundred percent. I think that's a good recommendation for people in the holidays. Give your family members, you know, vitamin D vitamin C some K all these types of things,

 JJ Virgin: Stocking Christmas stocking stuff so, but it's very frustrating. I mean, you look at the, what started to come out early on Wade. And I'm like, all right, what would be the common factors? We started to look at it, you know, you know that there was issues withinsulin resistance. And then there was also instances with people of color. And I thought, what's the common factor there? Vitamin D deficiency, vitamin D deficiency. Like I said, this to my husband in February, I go, this is a vitamin D deficiency issue. And now like now all of a sudden I go, but it was, it showed then, but vitamin D is cheap, very cheap. There's no patent. So poo we had anyway, it just it's at the very least takeaway, get your vitamin D levels tested a 25 hydroxy vitamin D optimize your vitamin D levels, 50 to 80 mgs per ML. Like, do this, do this for your family. Like this should be standard. Like, like, you know, all these tests we're doing, why don't we just do a fingerprint vitamin D test?

 Wade Lightheart: Yeah. It'd be so much more efficient. So now you've pivoted of course, all the events everybody was, we were really excited. We're going over to the Mindshare event this year and the course that change and all this sort of stuff. How have you, as someone who runs events and goes to events, like how have you made the shift in during this time?

 JJ Virgin: So I, more than anything else. My favorite thing to do is to build communities Mindshare happened because I was going to a lot of different events business and marketing events, and I'd find one or two health people at the, each of these events. And I remember being an event and they're like, Oh, you should have partners too. You know, so you can promote and support each other. I'm like, but there's no other people at the events. And that's where mine share started, started where I was at a Brendon Burchard event. And I had a little…

 Wade Lightheart: I love Brendan, by the way, he's a such a positive influencer.

 JJ Virgin: He is Fantastic. He's got great info right now, too. If someone's needing help being positive, go to Brandon. 

 Wade Lightheart: Yeah.

 JJ Virgin: He's like Jim, every time I talked to him, he's like, I'm like Brendan. Yeah. But you know, I started doing lunches at Brendan's event and the lunches started out with a couple of people in a room. And pretty soon there was a line down the hallway. And then we decided to have a little event after one of his events. And then I just started having my own events. He came and spoke at. And so really that event only happened because we needed it to get together. We needed a place for people who were in the health industry, who, you know, also wanted to talk about how to get their message out to the world. And for some reason, there's like, there's like the split and health industry of people were like, you know, you shouldn't talk about business and marketing.

 JJ Virgin: I'm like, how do you get people to take action? If you don't know this stuff? Like, like, like you with your best kept information hiding in your clinics, not doing anyone any good. Right? So that, that's what we're really focusing on is how to help you get your message out there so that people at any level, whether they want to work with you one-on-one, or they want to read your book and they want to list your podcasts, they can start to make that shift. You know, there really isn't an absence of information at this point. So it started with a couple of people getting together in a room and grew into this like crazy thing, mainly cause I love throwing parties. I love events. And so the Mindshare summit turned into it's sort a like someone said, it's like the best wedding they ever went to.

 JJ Virgin: And it started with, you know, costume party. We have a big gala black tie where we do awards. So this year we were holding out hope. Like we were literally didn't call the ball till July. Cause we kept looking at it going, you know, and the hotel said, Oh, you can have it. But turns out the hotel said, Oh, we could have it. They were going to socially distance everyone the entire time. So it would have been even worse to be there and see everyone like behind plexiglass where he passed, I go, this is not going to work. Right. Could you imagine? I'm like, yeah, I'm just waiting for that. I just, I just traveled recently and I'd say a good majority of the people on the plane were wearing those plastic face, shields and masks. And I'm like, Oh my gosh, you know, like, like, is this is this what's going, we're going to shift into where everyone's either of everybody else and afraid of human touch.

 JJ Virgin: Like you look at one of the most healing things that we have in life and it's a hug, right? So when I looked at what we could do this year, I, I, I am so concerned about the lack of connection, human connection. I mean, it, it is, it is a basic human need, the need to connect. And I thought, gosh, social isolation. I mean, they've, they've correlated to be the equivalent of smoking a half pack of cigarettes a day. Like this is frightening. So in my background, really for the last 20 years has been TV doing a lot of reality TV doing pledge drives. And then I thought, really this event, I'm going to create, go with this hypothesis that I can create an event online. That's even better than an event in person. Because for a lot of people who are introverted shy, they may not go and connect up with people they want to connect up with because it's, it's kind of intimidating to walk up to a group.

 JJ Virgin: But when you're online, you can create niche, networking, breakouts, all sorts of different events to allow people to meet a lot of different people. And you can have a ton of fun, but you got to make sure they don't click away. So, you know, it's just like TV. If TV is boring, people leave. So I redid this whole event. I brought in my PBS producer to help and we created a three and a half day TV show. Literally we had a TV host, my girlfriend, Dr. Kellyann. We had a DJ this next one we're doing in March where even we're now taking it whole next level. Now, like I'm adding in a whole bunch of stuff, but literally I did a lot of the stuff that I've done on live streams are done in some of the things we actually did. In reality, I just pulled into this so that we had a really fun experience that people just loved.

 JJ Virgin: In fact, we had more attendees. Uh we had a higher net promoter score. I mean, sure. We missed not being able to dance together and do our costume party, but we still had a dance party. So I don't think this is a replacement for having in-person events when we can have in-person events again, and we're planning ours for next September. We're definitely going for it. But I do think that the online events are here to stay. That there's so much we can do, but you cannot do them as if you took your in-person event and put it online. That does not work. You have to do it as if you are creating the baddest interactive TV show ever. And take that approach

 Wade Lightheart:Beautifully said, and it's great to be able to deal with what life gives you and create something new out of it. And I think those are the people I have categorized to people, types of people. I should say, since this whole thing has hit us. And that is those who've kind of like just shut down and just, wow, we're going to wait it out and it's over. And then there's this other group of people who are just growing and expanding exponentially. I know our company has been that way and largely in part because of, you know, Matt, my business partner, Matt Galanter and myself were just like, okay, well this is what it is. We next, keep going and keep moving. And there's less competition. Now. There's less people that are making those moves.

 JJ Virgin: What's the opportunity. Like you look at all these things. And again when you look at business business, as cycles, business has spring, summer, winter, you know, spring, summer, fall winter, it does. And we knew winter was coming. We were already planning for it over at Mindshare. We knew it was coming. We didn't know this would come, but we knew we were heading into it because it's predictable, right. And winter has to come and then you have spring. So you look at it. And if you look at the most successful companies, when winter comes, they go in there and they get the soil ready, you know, they're, they're getting everything ready. And so I just look at this and I go, all right, what are the opportunities here? You know, what are the opportunities and where, you know, where can I, where can I be of service to where are places where people are hurting, that I can, that I can help, you know?

 Wade Lightheart: Well, that kinda kind of leads to uh I think your latest book, which is called The Warrior Mom, seven secrets to bold, brave resilience, shows care givers everywhere, how to be strong, positive leaders for their families while exploring the lessons JJ learned as she fought for your son's life, which is an, a remarkable story. Who is, who is that book for? And what is the essence and why do people need to get this book right now, especially at this time and how important it is to activate that warrior spirit

 JJ Virgin: This book was written for now. It's very interesting when I wrote this book. So I didn't want to write this book..

 Wade Lightheart: Why not?

 JJ Virgin: Uor not because, you know, when you write a diet book and people do not like your diet book, which inevitably if you write a diet book, you're going to get lovers and haters.
 Wade Lightheart: Oh, God big time.

 JJ Virgin: Oh my God, are they? I have feelings. Wow. But you know, but they do that. And they're like, Oh, they just don't like my diet. They, you know, they, they, they think, I mean, I had people attack me cause they go glutens in essential food. I'm like, what? You know, really. So, you know, when you read a diet book and they attack, you're like, all right, it didn't like my diet book. When you write a book that is really you know, your story and they don't like it. That's personal. So, and I also knew that writing the story I was going to be pulling back the kimono. Now I did not pull the kimono all the way back because I wanted to, some of the things that I haven't shared yet, I now can share, but I didn't know that my son would be so thrilled with me sharing it at the time.

 JJ Virgin: But it was interesting when I wrote that book, my agent really wanted me to write it because she went through it with me. Obviously she was with me during the Virgin diet and when she was pregnant with twins and the doctors wanted her to basically, you know, advise her to abort the twins because of a problem that she had in utero that she managed to find you know, one hospital who would do a surgery to, so her sons would survive, but she basically was just going through it, going through my mindset stuff. So she goes, you have to write the book. Um writing the book was really challenging because I didn't know who I was writing it for. Just like you just said, I'm like, who, like, who's this for? And what I found after I wrote the book was, and also people saw me.

 JJ Virgin: I was pigeonholed as a diet writer, even though at 30, I lived with K Smith who basically everything in this book I learned from her. She's the one who who's like, I owe everything to and everything I do. Like if you're in Mindshare or if you're going through any of my programs or books, everything I do, I start with the why I work on mindset, because I can tell you how to eat healthy. But if you don't think you're worth it, it's not going to do a thing. Right. If you do not see yourself as that healthy person, who's worth investing in themselves, then nothing I say is going to make a difference, but going into New York and they're like, you're not a mindset person. I'm like, yes, I am. I just been hiding it. So that was part of it is going into a totally new genre. But yeah,

 Wade Lightheart: I find that funny someone that has had as much success as you and overcome some reasons that someone would brand you as not a mindset person. I mean, how do you, I mean, they're just good,

 Wade Lightheart: Right? It's just, it's so ridiculous. Right? Like how could you not?

 JJ Virgin: I think because everyone has their, has their niche that they're in, but also let's face it. We all do this. You look at someone who's successful. You go, Oh, it must have been easy for them. Right there. They're so-and-so.

 Wade Lightheart: Yeah, thats a natural assumption.

 JJ Virgin: Yeah. The natural assumption is, Oh, it must have been easy for them. They were handed all these things. No one sees all of what it took. All of the rejection, all of the failures, all of the, you know, like near bankruptcy situations that it took to get to this point, you know, like I remember someone early on said, I'm maybe like 10 years ago, they go, I'd love to study with you because I really want to have a career like you. And I'm like, okay, well, let me tell you about, you know, what it's like to clean the bathrooms at the gym and the urine, all especially, are you willing to do that? You know, with a toothbrush, right?

 JJ Virgin: Most people are folded scanning on your head.

 Wade Lightheart: That's making it as hard as possible.

 JJ Virgin: It's your toes. Anyway. it really came down to, after I wrote the book, people who started coming out in droves were caretakers. Now here's the thing. We're all caretakers. At some point in our life, we are going to be a caretaker. And quite often, depending on your age, if you're somewhere say, you know, 50 to 70 right now, you're probably a double caretaker, if not more. But this book now is so relevant with so many people being caretakers out there and probably caretakers for both their kids and their parents that really gives you this mindset. That's so contrarian to what we would think because the typical mindset is, Oh my gosh, my kids are sick. I just have to focus on taking care of them. The mindset that will save their lives and yours is, Oh my gosh, my kids are sick. I have to make sure that I am at the top of my game. I'm prioritizing my self-care first. That that is selfless, not selfish so that I can make sure that my kids are healthy.

 Wade Lightheart: Ah, that's so beautifully said and such a needed message to the world today to let people know that just because you have these extraordinary responsibilities at a given time, just because you have these challenges in front of you, they, I always say that your obstacles are an invitation from the universe to activate your super self it's. Like..

 JJ Virgin: I love that quote. That's so good.

 JJ Virgin: And, and what if, just because is the reason you have to step up in this way

 Wade Lightheart: And isn't history fraught with say ordinary people, people that live that's the whole Joseph Campbell Jean Houston story, right, is that ordinary people in life was ordinary and things that are then all of a sudden, you know, something tragic happened. And that event was a catalyst from quote, unquote, ordinary people to realize that they are truly extraordinary. Do you want to hear something Hilarious about that? Yes, I do. I always want to hear that.

 JJ Virgin: Since you love Brendan. So I was at experts Academy and you know, I was in Brendan's inner circle, Brendan, by the way, flew to the hospital and helped me with my book launch. Like, you know, his mother was at my wedding as super close friend. I love him. And so Brendan, we were at experts Academy and he was talking about your hero's journey and your story. And he has, you know, he has his whole car accident story where, you know, okay, so I'm listening to that. And I go, I am sitting there and this is again, the month before the Virgin Diet's coming out and I'm literally sitting there and he's talking about it and I'm thinking, I just got no story. Like I don't have a story. And I'm walking through that airport that day. And I remember thinking, gosh, everything in life is perfect, but I don't have a story. I just don't, I don't have a story. And I still had his live love matter bracelet.

 Wade Lightheart: Right, right. Yeah. But the yellow one or the white.. Which…

 JJ Virgin: The next day I still have bracelet on and I, you know, come home and Grant's been hit by the car. And I remember I sent him a text that night and I'm like, I think that I've got life's golden ticket happening here, you know? Oh my gosh. And I kept lifestyle. I kept the live life. Live love matter bracelet on. And as soon as I could, I put one on grant two, I had them send me one because I just felt like it was good luck. Um but that, you know, don't ever ask for a hero's journey is my number one advice.

 Wade Lightheart: Yeah.
 JJ Virgin: They'll come, it'll show up. And I think most of us have had multiples of them in our life. We just discount them when they happen to us. You know, everybody else's sounds so much cooler than ours does, you know? So,

 Wade Lightheart:
 So, well the highlight reels always doesn't go through the daily grind of at all and the ups and downs emotionally and all that. And so I want to be mindful of your time any closing words for our audience and where they might reach you or find out more what the next project is for you. Please let it all hang out. So our listeners can connect and find with you, your story, your message, your community, everything that you're doing. You're such a bright and shining light in the industry. And we really appreciate you taking the time today. So have that at the floor is yours. Thank you. You know,

 JJ Virgin: One of the things Kay Smith said to me early on is she said, don't wish it was easier. She said, make yourself better. But I turned it in to make yourself stronger. And that night Grant walked out and got hit by the car. Like the last thing I said to him is because he was like, I can't do what you want me to do, mom. And I go Grant, you are stronger than you think so crazy to think about now. And I kept telling them that the hospital grant, you were stronger than you think. And I think that, you know, we're never better than when we're challenged. And the reality is you are so much stronger than you could ever know. You are so much stronger than you think. So. my next big project, we are just, we're just, I haven't even talked about this way.

 Wade Lightheart: Yay. I'm so excited. It feels like Christmas.

 JJ Virgin: It's, it's been, I've been really like, Oh, what should I do? Like, I've been really kind of spinning around on what should I do next? And my agent is, is a really close friend, my literary agent. And she goes, you're not going to like the answer. And she told me the same answer a year ago, but I didn't hear it. And I go, I'm, you know what, the biggest thing I can tell you, if you want to be successful, be coachable and find the people that are the best at what they do. She is the best at what she does. So I'm like, all right, whatever you say, I'm going to do. She goes, you need to do Virgin Diet 2.0.

 JJ Virgin: And so what I've decided to do is do Virgin Diet 2.0, because so much has come out about Food Intolerance, Food Sensitivities, since I wrote that book. But I'm going to do it in an even cooler way. So what I want to do is I'm going to take the best of the best people in the book industry, in the marketing industry, et cetera. I've been outlining this since we talked about a couple of days ago. And I'm going to document the entire process of what it really takes to take a book from your idea to out, into the hands of hundreds of thousands of people.

 Wade Lightheart: Wow. That's super.

 JJ Virgin: Is'nt that fun? That will make this really, really, really cool. That will make it really, really cool. So I'm just, you know, one of the things that I say in order to put, make something happen when I was going to do the Virgin Diet, I just started telling everyone about it. It was like, okay, this is what I'm going to do. So I have my first meeting with our PBS producer and Sam horn. Who's like the Ninja of marketing and my agent Celestin. And then away we go

 Wade Lightheart: Beautifully said, I'm so excited. I leave looking for it. Where can people reach you to connect with you and find out more about you all your work and everything that you are doing in the world? So
 JJ Virgin: My consumer, all my health stuff's at JJ, All of our health biz stuff is Mindshare We have lots of cool stuff going on there. I like I've really been focusing this year on, on that community because that community has so much needs to serve the world. And then I have we have, we have podcasts through both of those and you were just on our podcast over there. Now we have to have you on the, the health expert podcast too.

 Wade Lightheart: Well, thank you very much. You were so open and thank you for sharing those deep aspects of, of your life. I love with the message goes, and I love tracking and seeing where your career grows and the influence that you've had in the industry. Thank you so much for joining us on the awesome health podcast and for all those who are listening, make sure you check out JJs version. And of course everything that she is doing this Virgin 2.0 Diet should be something special because everything JJ does is special. Thank you all. Have yourself a great day.

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