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242: Holistic Cancer Journey – with Katrina Foe

Cancer is a formidable adversary that has touched the lives of many, inspiring a quest for answers, understanding, and healing. One individual, Katrina Foe, embarked on a profound journey after facing her own battle with breast cancer. 

In this article, we delve into Katrina’s experiences, insights, and the holistic approach she embraced to unearth the underlying causes of cancer, exploring dietary choices, drivers of cancer, blood sugar concerns, and obstacles hindering the body’s natural healing processes.

Katrina’s journey into the world of holistic healing began with a personal encounter with cancer, a diagnosis that led her to question, research, and seek alternatives beyond conventional treatments. As a Pilates instructor with a background in anatomy, her exploration was fueled by a belief in the healing power of food. 

Katrina’s revelation unfolded as she transitioned into a raw vegan diet and sought answers from a Gerson clinic in Mexico, only to encounter roadblocks that ultimately redirected her towards functional medicine.

Functional Medicine and Diagnostic Tests

Functional medicine became a pivotal turning point for Katrina, offering a comprehensive array of diagnostic tests that uncovered imbalances and issues she had never considered. These tests served as a window into the intricacies of her health, shedding light on metabolic issues, hormonal imbalances, microbiome health, and more. Through these revelations, Katrina began crafting a personalized approach to address her specific needs, emphasizing the importance of tailored, individualized solutions in cancer treatment.

Katrina’s journey was not without challenges. From being expelled from a clinic to grappling with the limitations of popular alternative cancer treatments, she emphasizes the need for a nuanced understanding. She sheds light on the common pitfalls associated with one-size-fits-all protocols and the importance of addressing all facets of health when tackling cancer comprehensively.

Dietary Choices and the Ketogenic Diet

The role of diet in cancer treatment is a central theme in Katrina’s approach. Her initial foray into a raw vegan diet gave way to a profound realization – the Ketogenic diet, known for its effectiveness in addressing metabolic issues and regulating blood sugar, emerged as a powerful ally in her battle against cancer. 

Furthermore, Katrina highlights the link between the Ketogenic diet and its impact on other health conditions, such as bipolar disorder, underlining the interconnectedness of our dietary choices and overall well-being.

Understanding Blood Sugar and Cancer

Katrina delves into the critical connection between blood sugar regulation and cancer. Referencing Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg’s work, she highlights the heightened sugar demands of cancer cells and the implications of consistently elevated blood sugar levels. 

The Ketogenic diet, with its emphasis on reducing sugar intake, emerges as a strategic dietary choice to starve cancer cells and promote a metabolic environment less conducive to tumor growth.

Drawing from Dr. Nisha Winters’ insights, Katrina introduces the ten root cause drivers of cancer. These encompass metabolic issues, hormones, the microbiome, immune system function, inflammation, epigenetics, environmental toxins, and mental-emotional components. Each of these drivers is explored in-depth, emphasizing the need for a holistic understanding and targeted interventions.

Katrina underscores the often-overlooked mental and emotional component in cancer treatment. Recognizing the impact of trauma on physical health, she emphasizes the importance of addressing emotional well-being as an integral part of the healing process. This holistic perspective, encompassing the mind-body connection, is a cornerstone in Katrina’s approach to cancer.

In navigating the multitude of alternative treatments, Katrina advises a strategic and test-driven approach. She encourages individuals to seek practitioners who conduct appropriate tests, ensuring that treatments align with specific needs. From IV vitamin C to medicinal herbs, she emphasizes the significance of integration, testing, and ongoing assessment to optimize holistic cancer treatment.

In this podcast, you will learn about:

  • Katrina’s personal cancer journey and discoveries
  • Valuable insights from a holistic approach
  • The pivotal role of the Ketogenic diet
  • Exploring the link between blood sugar and cancer
  • Understanding the ten root causes of cancer and holistic healing techniques


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