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183: Primal Uprising: A Revolution of Critical Thinkers! With Michelle and Keith Norris

Time to regain control of your mind, body, and health.

We have an exciting show today! Michelle Norris and Keith Norris, co-founders and CEOs of Paleoƒ(x)™, join Wade Lightheart on the podcast. Their idea for Paleoƒ(x)™ originated in August of 2011 while on a flight home from a health symposium and it now ranks as the largest Paleo platform and event in the world.

Paleoƒ(x)™ has been featured in the New York Times, The Huffington Post, and Men’s Health. And Michelle has appeared on Good Morning San Diego and Good Morning Austin, as well as a guest chef on Paleo Kitchen TV.

Keith, a military veteran, became a serial entrepreneur in the health and wellness world with 40-plus years of real-world experience. He’s also an expert on changing habits as well as an elite strength and conditioning specialist.

Both Michelle and Keith take a multidimensional, holistic approach to health and wellness. “Our main thing is really about the lifestyle and all that it encompasses,” Michelle said. “Honestly, Paleoƒ(x)™ has encompassed this from the beginning, embracing the seven pillars of health, which we talk about in our new book Primal Uprising [poised to debut on April 29th at Paleoƒ(x) 2022]. So, for us it’s about being a fully optimized human.”

Prepare to get a sneak peek inside the paleo path to wellness. One that goes way beyond the “caveman” diet.

In this podcast, we cover:

  • What you need to be fully optimized
  • How thinking like Aristotle is critical to breaking free of the ‘echo chamber’
  • Breaking the ‘stranglehold’ of the control network
  • Who holds the keys to the ‘human zoo’ (you may be shocked)
  • The diabolical “whack-a-mole” strategy governments and institutions use to hammer down the truth
  • Even the mainstream media couldn’t ignore this shocking economic reality
  • How controversy, conversation, and change work together
  • Where the true battlefield is and what it lies between
  • The ‘drama triangle’… once in, it’s near impossible to escape

The Paleoƒ(x) 2022 event is going live

“It is our 10th anniversary and we’re super excited, and our book, Primal Uprising, is launching at Paleoƒ(x) 2022.  We’re super excited about that. It’s April 29 through May 1st, and it’s going to be an amazing show.”

In 2020, they were ahead of schedule and on track to hit 10,000 attendees. Then Covid hit, canceling all in-person gatherings. It’s now been three years since their last live event.

“I’m super excited to finally be back in-person again and back live and with no restrictions,” Michelle said, “which it was like when we first got dates.”

Wade agreed, “We’ve gotten into the habit of being isolated and living our life through his screen. And I’m encouraging everybody and anybody to make the effort to come down to the event, because there’s something magical when you get people in a room together.”

Michelle added that Wade will be one of their amazing cast of speakers. “And we’re really happy about that!”

Michelle highlights the uplifting message Paleoƒ(x)™ offers to the world

“The main thing is really about the lifestyle… being in process or in flow, not in balance, because we don’t believe that that exists.

“It’s the seven pillars of health: physical, mental, emotional, relational, financial, spiritual,  and tribal. All of these pillars really need to be in play for somebody to be fully optimized to be able to truly be a happy, productive human. Paleoƒ(x) encompasses all of those.”

“Our education system used to be teaching us how to think and how to ask questions and become critical thinkers. Paleoƒ(x) is all about critical thought. What we are not is an echo chamber, because we believe the only way forward… the only way for progression to happen… is for there to be dissension.

“The absolute truth right now is that our system is actually geared to keep us sick, to keep us enslaved, and keep us as profit centers… programmed from the day we were born.

“A couple of years back, one of our themes was challenge authority, defy dogma, and demand different. We were shocked to find so many people angry with us for questioning the government and questioning the CDC and questioning what was coming out of Washington.

“But that’s what challenge authority means. That’s what defy dogma means. That what demand different means. Paleoƒ(x) is not going to change. In fact, we’re going to double down on that. 

Wade added, “We’ve been in this indoctrination program for much longer than we think.

A look inside the book Primal Uprising

Wade asks, “Let’s get to the next piece. We’ve got Paleoƒ(x), an excited group of critical thinkers. Some willing to challenge authority. Some willing to defy whatever gets projected on to them. And now you’re bringing forth this idea in your new book called, Primal Uprising… very manifesto-ish. Where did it come from and what is it about?”

“It’s kind of hysterical because this book was five years in the making. In the proposal we sent out, the title was ‘Escaping the Human Zoo’, which is the premise that we are all in a zoo of our own making. We are both zoo animal and zookeeper. They loved the premise but by the time we got the contract, George Floyd had passed, and they were concerned about the name of the book. So, we started looking for alternative names [and it became Primal Uprising].”

“In the book, we’re really talking about how do we revolutionize the way we do things in this country?

“How do we create all the new stuff that we want? How do we create the true health care system? How do we create a true education system where people teach people how to think and how to ask critical questions? And how to be a free and sovereign being in this world?

“It just takes each individual doing their own part and doing their own work and creating their own thing in their community. It’s us coming together and having the conversations that are difficult and hard.

“We are not averse to controversy. We are not averse to having conversations around the controversy and having discussions to create the opportunity for us to make changes and to find the answers.”

When you listen to this spirited and inspired session, you’ll be at times entertained, at times shocked, and most assuredly challenged as you discover just what Paleoƒ(x) brings to the table. You’ll not only be prompted to recognize, address, and shed the programming we all are subject to, but you’ll also be inspired to attend Paleoƒ(x) 2022 in Austin, Texas on April 29th to May 1st.

Here’s how Michelle sums it up. “We are programmed to find the thing we are opposed to and fight it. Instead, we must find the thing that we are opposed to and find out how it exists within us. Then, we can integrate it and create a better world. That is what Paleoƒ(x)™ is about, always has been, and always will be.”


Paleo f(x), April 29 – May 1, 2022

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