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251: Improving Indoor Air Quality – with Mike Feldstein

In recent years, the importance of indoor air quality (IAQ) has gained significant attention, with growing awareness of its impact on health and well-being. 

Among those leading the charge in understanding and addressing IAQ issues is Mike Feldstein, whose insights and innovations are shedding light on the crucial need for cleaner indoor environments.

Understanding Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can be compromised by a multitude of factors, ranging from cooking activities to outdoor pollutants infiltrating indoor spaces. Mike Feldstein underscores the significance of these influences, emphasizing the need for heightened awareness and education regarding IAQ and its potential health implications.

One major contributor to poor IAQ is cooking indoors, which releases pollutants such as particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Feldstein stresses the importance of proper ventilation, advocating for range hoods equipped with sensors to adjust airflow based on cooking activities. This proactive approach can help mitigate the negative effects of indoor cooking on air quality.

In addition to indoor sources, outdoor pollutants like allergens, pollen, and wildfire smoke can infiltrate indoor spaces, further compromising IAQ. Feldstein highlights the need for effective air purification solutions to combat these external influences and maintain cleaner indoor environments.

The Role of Decentralized Air Cleaning Systems

Feldstein introduces the concept of decentralized air cleaning systems, exemplified by the Jaspr device. Unlike traditional whole-home systems, Jaspr offers targeted air purification for specific rooms, providing more efficient and cost-effective solutions to improve IAQ.

Jaspr devices have been shown to significantly improve air quality, reducing particulate matter levels by orders of magnitude. With prices now more affordable and accessible, households can take proactive steps to enhance their indoor environments and promote better health and well-being.

A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Feldstein’s dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in Jaspr’s lifetime warranty and “life-changing guarantee.” This assurance ensures that customers can experience the transformative benefits of cleaner indoor air or receive a full refund within the first 60 days if they’re not completely satisfied.

As awareness of indoor air quality continues to grow, so too does the need for effective solutions to address IAQ issues. Through his research, insights, and innovative products like Jaspr, Mike Feldstein is leading the charge in creating healthier indoor environments for all. With a focus on education, awareness, and accessible solutions, we can all take proactive steps to breathe easier and live healthier lives indoors.

In this podcast you will learn about:

  • Why Mike Feldstein emphasizes the impact of cooking on indoor air quality, highlighting the release of pollutants like particulate matter and VOCs.
  • The Proper ventilation, such as range hoods equipped with sensors, is advocated by Feldstein to mitigate the negative effects of indoor cooking on air quality.
  • Outdoor pollutants, including allergens and wildfire smoke, can infiltrate indoor spaces, further compromising IAQ.
  • Decentralized air cleaning systems like Jaspr offer targeted purification for specific rooms, providing efficient solutions for improving IAQ.


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