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244: Biohacking and Anti-Aging – with Neil Paulvin

Dr. Neil Paulvin, an expert in healthcare, bridges the gap between biohacking and anti-aging, utilizing his vast experience alongside modern technology and data to steer patients towards improved health and longevity.

Leveraging Data in Health Innovations

Emphasizing the importance of health data and technology, Dr. Paulvin illustrates how these tools are revolutionizing personalized healthcare, especially for proactive individuals seeking early adoption of breakthrough treatments.

Dr. Paulvin’s two-decade journey, beginning with sports injuries and chronic illnesses, has evolved into a focus on functional medicine. His approach now incorporates hormones, lab testing, gut health, and cutting-edge biohacking and anti-aging techniques.

Evolving Patient Demographics

The demographic of Dr. Paulvin’s patients is shifting, with more individuals seeking optimization of their overall health rather than just disease treatment. This change is attributed to increased awareness and a collaborative, informed approach to healthcare involving advanced treatments.

Dr. Paulvin’s practice is marked by its focus on personalized treatment plans. He utilizes a range of diagnostic tools, including biomarker panels and biological age testing, to create tailored healthcare strategies for each patient.

Highlighting the “NAM Pace” test for biological age, Dr. Paulvin underlines the importance of accurate, data-driven assessments. He advocates for bespoke peptide biohacking techniques, designed to meet individual health goals.

The Role of Genetics in Aging

Exploring the genetics of aging, Dr. Paulvin discusses the latest research on longevity, noting the significant influence of lifestyle and behavior on aging, beyond genetic predispositions.

Implementing the Positive Box Method

Dr. Paulvin introduces the Positive Box Method, emphasizing a holistic approach to health. This method integrates key elements like exercise, sleep, diet, and stress reduction, encouraging sustainable lifestyle changes for lasting health benefits.

This strategy for anti-aging encompasses a broad spectrum of interventions. These range from traditional treatments like prescription medications and hormone therapy to innovative techniques such as stem cell therapies and advanced diagnostics.

In this podcast, you will learn about:

  • The integration of health data and technology in personalizing healthcare.

  • Dr. Paulvin’s journey from traditional medicine to pioneering in biohacking and anti-aging.

  • The importance of individualized care and comprehensive diagnostic approaches in modern healthcare.

  • Innovations in biological age testing and tailored peptide biohacking.

  • A variety of anti-aging interventions, including cutting-edge treatments and technologies.






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