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042: Essential Oils and Holistic Botanicals with Dr. Nick Berry

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With CBD becoming extremely popular, are essential oils and holistic botanicals soon to follow? We explore this topic today on Awesome Health Podcast with Dr. Nick Berry.

Dr. Nick is a holistic pharmacist, plant enthusiast and the founder of Essential Oil Wizardry. Essential Oil Wizardry offers over 300 different botanical extract products, powerful therapeutic formulas and elegant botanical perfumes, and also develops custom formulations for individuals and commercial brands.

Recently, Essential Oil Wizardy has been exploring ultrasonic extraction techniques to produce even more novel, potent extracts.

We dig into those topics on today’s episode, along with some basics of essential oils; essential oils are concentrated plant essences that are used by the plant for specific functions and are very, very powerful and potent. They are often volatile and will evaporate at room temperature, but when properly harnessed they can be used for a variety of functions like stress reduction and relaxation, healing of cuts and burns, stimulating the immune systems, etc. Dr. Nick also gives a thorough explanation of their unique process for extracting essential oils and the unique formulations of a few of his company’s blends.

We wrap up by talking about the impact essential oil blends can have on brainwave function. I share a quick story about lavender – my business partner and I were testing essential lavender oil while looking at his alpha readings. Alpha is a brain state, usually associated with regular consciousness. And on his test he would take just a drop of lavender oil and rub it on his hands, smell it, put a little bit on his third eye and then he’d have a 30 to 40% boost in alpha almost instantly! Dr. Nick also tells of a study done on how Palo Santo actually does cleanse an area by binding to free radicals in the air.

You can hear us dive more into the details of that study, plus the offerings Dr. Nick has available through Essential Oil Wizardry. Join us for this fascinating discussion on essential oils and holistic botanicals with Dr. Nick Berry on episode 42 of Awesome Health Podcast!

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Wade Lightheart: Okay, good morning, good afternoon and good evening wherever you are. It's Wade T Lightheart for the Awesome Health Podcast and I am so pumped and excited today because we have dr Nick Berry and he is an essential oil wizard and you know how I love this comb - the globe defined some wizards out there and he truly is. In fact recently we were going to talk today about therapeutic formulas. We talked about his new ultrasonic extract tinctures with all that's about plus some of the things he does with custom formulations and basically dr Nick is, he's a holistic pharmacist, he's a plant enthusiast and of course he's the founder of Essential Oil Wizardry. We'll talk about how you got there in a minute, and he's had a passion for plant medicine and it's expressed through his craft. He has over 300 different botanical extracts. Wow, that's crazy amount.
Wade Lightheart: Now the bottom line is I actually had heard about Dr Nick through so many different sources. Everybody you know, kind of raved about his products and what he was doing. And then recently I was hanging out with Paul Chek a couple months ago and we started using some of his, you know, his super powerful essential oils. And when you take these things, it's like you talk about a semantic effect. It's like, whoa. And I remember Paul gave me some and I was like, whoa, what is this stuff? And he says, man, this is, this is my buddy, dr Nick. You've got to check this stuff out. What's really cool about dr Nick is all his extractions are sourced directly from the farmers to sellers and small collectives. And again, he's been doing this for a long time and he's got a lot of different areas. It's not just a one stop shop. So there's, you know, there's kind of the more traditional therapeutic applications, there's some of the more spiritual applications and there's customized blends and just he's really a one stop shop for anything about essential oils. And so we've brought him onto the podcast today because I've been a big fan of essential oils. And by all means, dr Nick is the wizard of Oz and this is amazing. So, hey, welcome to the show.
Dr Nick Berry: Oh, it's such a pleasure Wade. Thank you for having me on.
Wade Lightheart: Yeah, it's great to be here. And I know you know so much about essential oils, but how did you get started in this area? What got you into it and how did you, you know, this whole journey kind of took where you are today?
Dr Nick Berry: Yeah, well, it's, um, it's definitely been a fun journey of listening to the moment and taking opportunities as they come and really following my heart. I graduated pharmacy school in 2009 with my doctorate and became a licensed pharmacist. After a year of traveling and keeping an open heart and an open mind I was really into anything that could really help people with the recovery process of different disease states and sufferings that we as humans experience. And I found myself attracted to the cannabis industry and was one of the first cannabis, uh, one of the first pharmacists to do consulting at cannabis clinics, um, to kind of advice about specific strains, um, coordinating with their different terpene and cannabinoid profiles, what might be a best therapeutically for individual patients.
Dr Nick Berry: And that is really what opened me to, I'm working with botanicals on a deeper level and, um, when I started learning more about terpenes, that's what brought me to the oils because terpenes are pharmacologically active molecules, which are sponsorable for flavor and fragrance and they're found everywhere in nature and all types of plants. And so I'm really diving into the world of cannabis for a few years. What it did was it opened my eyes to the world of plants and I realized that I was onto something really, really novel.
Wade Lightheart: That's great. And then somewhere you started this company, right? So what happened there?
Dr Nick Berry: Yeah, so, um, so I dove into the world of essential oils and I was just exploring and playing with them for myself. And you know, for some of our clients, I would start making custom formulations where I would add different essential oils with other hemp oils for a topical application.
Dr Nick Berry: And I was experimenting with the essential oil different applications, um, everything from a topical application, diffusing, vaporizing, I was finding really interesting things. You know, example of that was when I had graduated pharmacy school, I had recurring respiratory infections. You know, there was a few years that I had pneumonia that had developed in the first two years. I used pharmaceutical drugs for my recovery. And so lots of my teachings came from mentors and also I'm studying on pubmed to look at pharmacologically how individual constituents found in these plants were working. So I could then deduce what types of plants might have different therapeutic effects. And so I recall this third winter in a row when I had a gnarly respiratory infection. It had been about two weeks after I started experiencing symptoms and it was just getting worse.
Dr Nick Berry: And at the time in my life I was definitely very experimental and I was just researching about carvacrol and carvacrol is a phenol and it has really powerful anti-infective properties. In fact, it can kill MRSA at very low concentrations. And so I, I looked at this bottle of oregano and essential oil vaporizer right after a coughing. And I said, well, you know, if oregano can kill MRSA I'm sure it could kill whatever's growing in my lungs right now. And so, um, I looked over at the table and I put a drop into my essential oil vaporizer and I heated it up and I took an inhalation and I started coughing and I was coughing. Um, very strongly because, uh, oregano is a strong dermal irritant and it's intense.
Dr Nick Berry: I definitely not suggesting this for anyone. It worked really well for me because I started coughing up all this yellow and green sputum and had coughing for anywhere between about five to 15 minutes. Over the next two days, I did this process about five or six times, five or six individual sessions, vaporizing the oil of oregano. And by the end of that 48 hour period, I was what I would say about 60 to 70% back to my baseline. And knowing over previous years, , when I was taking different pharmaceuticals, I would start experiencing maybe 20 to 30% recovery in about six or seven days. And so it was really wild that after my first set of inhalations, I was feeling about 10 to 15% better and I felt euphoric. I felt like there was more space in my lungs and like I could breathe after the irritation of my throat and my lungs.
Dr Nick Berry: Kind of calm down. And so this is really early on of my internal reflections of the potency of plants. And so what I did was I shared that gospel of the plants and I went to, you know, I spoke at different conferences and events. And I also went to different festivals and I shared what I called central oil play shops. And I started educating and giving people direct experiences with the oils. And I just kept receiving feedback and eventually people were wanting to purchase oils. And so, um, my collection started growing and I started experimenting more and more. And the right mentors came into my life. And here we are talking today.
Wade Lightheart: That's super cool. Now for our listeners who might not be familiar with using essential oils, can you kind of explain to them what an essential oil actually is? What are the different ways you can use it? Cause you talked about vaping it for example, and then the next thing maybe we'll go to is how do you determine a high quality oil versus a low quality oil? I think we'll start with these kind of basics right now so you can kind of kick it off.
Dr Nick Berry: I think the first one I'll dive into is - what are essential oils? So essential oils are concentrated plant essences that, you know, when found in nature, they're found in concentrations in plants. You know, many, many plants will contain less than a single percentage point of an essential oil per weight. And many of them are far less than that. And in nature plants produce these essential oils to support them with different functions so they can be immune modulating. They can attract different pollinators or they can repel different pests. They may be very attractive and alluring by their sense to persuade people to cultivate that plant. And so over millions of years plants have developed all these specific in neat expressions.
Dr Nick Berry: And so the essential oils are these concentrated plant essences that are used by the plant for specific functions and are very, very powerful. One drop of pure essential oil is really very potent, concentrated and much more than what the body needs. In order to effectively process and receive therapy therapeutic function. So essential oils are not always actually oily in nature. But they are referenced as essential oils and oftentimes they're volatile and will evaporate at room like temperatures. There's many different constituents that are found inside essential oils and the majority of time they have different therapeutic functions. So they can promote relaxation or help to modulate stress or they can aid with cuts or burns, they can stimulate the immune system, the white blood cells inside of the body, or they can have a direct effect on reducing microbe counts.
Dr Nick Berry: And the effects and the potential of different essential oils may actually seem really overwhelming in terms of their potential to someone that's diving into essential oils, at first. I guess, maybe what I can do is I could talk a little bit about different ways to use the oils as you had suggested. So, you know, there's so many different ways to use essential oils and a general rule of thumb in working with oils is less is more. Essential oils are pharmacologically active at extremely low concentrations. And in considering their use there's a multitude of purposes that can be used in, for instance, you can use lavender or peppermint and you can dilute them at less than 1% in some good purified water and you can spray them on your plants to help repel some different pests.
Dr Nick Berry: A person can also do a similar concept and prepare a mist bottle and use it to kind freshen up a room or reduce microbe count depending upon what they're applying into it. Essential oils are amazing for the bathtub. Oftentimes you'll just want maybe about one to five drops inside of a warm bath tub. And you know, there's definitely going to be essential oils that are not desired to put on the skin because of their irritating properties. And examples of that would be oregano or cinnamon bark or red thyme. You can massage the essential oils into the bottom of the feet. So what's interesting is that essential oils they have these active, very small, constituents that are able to pass through the pore on the bottom of the feet.
Dr Nick Berry: When a person massages an essential oil onto the bottom of their feet, it will enter the bloodstream in about five to 15 minutes. People want to experiment with that. You can actually take like our organic CO2 extracted garlic for instance, and massage it into the bottom of your feet. And in about 10 to 20 minutes, you might actually taste the garlic in your mouth. So, you know, there's definitely multitude. Most people will use them topically or inhale them for director run the therapy. I've kind of alluded to the idea of using them in a vaporizer, which I use on occasion with specific intention. I don't think vaporizing essential oils on the daily is good, that's not what I would suggest, but I think it can be very powerful for specific therapeutic purposes. Or just for social applications for people who are into smoking or vaporizing - it can be another option, DNI can from nature.
Wade Lightheart: Can you explain to people what a vaporizer is in case they don't know? Because I think that's important cause I think it's kind of a new area, but a lot of people think "Oh, there's the vaping that's causing so much problems with clogging lungs with what these kids are vaporizing and what cigarettes are." But it's different of what you're talking about - so how to vaporize?
Dr Nick Berry: Absolutely. So there's a really old school device that we have and like a food grade aluminum that connects with a piece of glass and the glass is the only thing that actually touches the oil and you manually heat the oil. And the goal is to heat it at a very low temperature. In fact, you don't actually have to heat the oil, but you'll get a much more pronounced, profound, inhalation experience and get more of it into your lungs and into your body. Um, but the goal is to breathe it directly into the lungs. And so, you know, when I had my pneumonia infection, the site of infection was in my lungs. And so right after my coughing, I saw my essential oil vaporizer - that's when it hit me that I would actually be getting rid of infection directly by breathing it in directly to my lungs. And so when a person inhales the essential oils, they're breathing in these aromatic molecules in the lungs, they're going to exchange in the blood immediately. And so it's a very quick and effective way of getting lots of the pharmacological activity to get spread systemically in the body.
Wade Lightheart: Just a quick question - were you using like a volcano kind of setup? Is that what you're using or something else?
Dr Nick Berry: I can actually grab one very quickly if you'd like.
Wade Lightheart: Oh yeah, please show us. That'd be great if people can see it. So while Dr Nick is going to go get one of these vaporizers so he can show us here on the podcast, or if you've got the video, we can see it. Oh wow. Look at that.
Dr Nick Berry: So it's a, it's a very simple device and um, you, you put the essential oil in here and what you would do is you would manually heat it or you could just breathe it in without any heat. And so the goal is to heat the it without burning the oil, because when you burn the oil, you're going to get more opportunity for carcinogenic compounds to form. Right? So, you know, this is a device that a person can just deeply inhale into their lungs. And again, it's, something that should be used conscientiously. This is a tool in my tool chest out of hundreds of botanical extract that's in different applications. What I want to say that I feel is really important is, lots of the vaporizer devices that are available on the market have all types of very interesting, weird synthetic additives.
Dr Nick Berry: Everything from vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, other things that I guess I'm intelligent enough to pronounce, but, you know, I would never see on an organic food shelf. And, what I'm doing here with this device, I'm taking a drop of an organic or wild-crafted essential oil or CO2 extract and I'm heating it up and breathing it in and I'm doing it with intent. And so lots of the vaporizer devices that is on the market have all types of synthetic flavors. You know, the body may not recognize what it is and it's a toxin and it won't offer therapeutic benefit. And, it might trick the taste buds into, you know, "Oh, this tastes like fruity pebbles".
Wade Lightheart: Right, it's a chemical age and it's not the real deal. And that's where people are running into complications or as you said, some of those, I always say, if you can't pronounce, it's probably shouldn't be going in your body.
Dr Nick Berry: Absolutely. And you know, I think being mindful with it as well, because you know, if I were to inhale from this vaporizer 10 to 20 times, which I've definitely done many times in my life, I'll start feeling a little bit of increased mucus in my lungs. And so I think there's a conscientious way to use these tools. And then there's also a way to abuse these tools. And then we come into a question of harm reduction about combusting plant material and smoking, you know, 20 cigarettes every day. Is that going to be better or worse for some - for someone then vaporizing an oil concentrate of nicotine or a different plant to extract. And so I'm doing my best to present as much information and possibility for people to do their own research and listen to their own hearts and bodies.
Wade Lightheart: That's great. And I think you have a club where you kind of explain the nuances of all these things where people can ask questions and really get down to this because again, you know, a little bit of information can be dangerous and you want to have someone like you that can actually walk a person through the ins and outs of using these in an effective way and in a safe way and in a way that optimizes the benefit and minimizes any potential harm or any risk or things like that. So if you're listening to this and you're excited about it, we'll, refer to dr Nick's site and he can tell you how you can find out more about that. So now you've got this thing called ultrasonic lens and you know, when I see that unlike ultrasonic, that sounds super cool. What is ultrasonic lens?
Dr Nick Berry: Yeah, what we're doing is we're doing our own in house extractions using ultrasonic technology. So we're actually sonicated the plant material in a solvent and we're just using water as a solvent. So we're producing very clean, full spectrum extracts. And what the ultrasonic does is it vibrates at an extremely high frequency, the water and the plant material. And what it does is it actually breaks down the cell walls of the plant material and it spills out the essential oils and the different plant alkaloids that are found inside the plant material. And through a vacuum filtration we're able to remove the plant material and we have this concentrated liquid. We take that concentrated liquid and we're using vacuum distillation, we're able to use very low temperatures to remove the hydrosol from the plant material. And we're left with a concentrated ultrasonic extract.
Wade Lightheart: What's the hydrosol anyways, what is that?
Dr Nick Berry: A hydrosol is a byproduct of essential oil production. So you know, the typical extractions, and maybe I'll touch on this for a brief moment of how an essential oil is produced because I think that's very relevant for people to know. So the most common way that essential oils are produced is through a steam distillation process. So you'll take a amount of plant material and you'll put it into a collection and you'll heat water underneath the collecting area and the steam vapor will pass through the plant material and it's a closed system. And so as the steam passes through the plant material, it collects lots of the volatile oils and it's then is run through a condenser into a collection area.
Dr Nick Berry: And so there's cold area on the outside of the distillation device. And as the steam passes through, it loses energy, it's slows from a steam to a liquid. And in that phase, the liquid and the oil separates. So you have your essential oil, which is the oil phase, and you'll have your water, which is known as the hydrosol. So the hydrosol is a byproduct of essential oil production. There's some other popular essential oil extraction techniques. There's a CO2 extract which produces a pretty full spectrum powerful extract. I've seen CO2 extract companies say that they can be about two to three times more potent therapeutically than traditional steam distilled essential oils. There are solvent absolutes, and so those are solvent extracted.
Dr Nick Berry: And it can be anything from ethanol extract to acetone or hexane. And so absolutes are not typically the premium choice for therapeutic purposes, but it can produce very beautiful full spectrum aromatic extracts. And so we're now talking about this novel extract method that we're working with, which is utilizing ultrasonic technology and water. And by putting the plant material in the water and sonicating, we're able to remove the plant's active constituents very quickly, and we're able to remove the water using vacuum filltray, using vacuum filtration and vacuum distillation. So we remove the water with that vacuum distillation part and we're left with a concentrated ultrasonic extract. And so by using very low temperatures on esoteric kind of perspective it feels like the innate plant intelligence is really kept intact because we're never heating the water above.
Dr Nick Berry: In our processes we're using about 40 to 42 degrees centigrade. And so when we produce our ultrasonic extracts, we have very concentrated, highly bioavailable plant extracts that really have a unique and potent vibration to them. So we then take that concentrated ultrasonic extract. And what we've been doing is we've been infusing it into different types of organic spirits. Many of our tinctures use organic honey spirits. So a high proof, that's distilled from honey mead and then we're producing tinctures for end users to really get to know what a plant is capable of medicinally.
Wade Lightheart: Wow. That's super cool. Thank you for that thorough explanation. I think a lot of people have no idea where things come from and how they work. And I always like to know those things. I think it just makes it a little bit more real. One of the questions that I was thinking about for people who might not have experienced essential oils, where shall they get started? Maybe you're at the massage clinic and there was a nice essential oil, or maybe your friend had a diffusers. And what are the typical oils that people would get started that maybe have the most kind of universally applicable things that you've seen in your experience and what they would start with before they kind of graduated into the more sophisticated or specific or esoterical or all these different types of plans?
Dr Nick Berry: That's a great question. I'll answer it two fold. I'll say that over the years I've formulated blends with very targeted intentional purposes. And I'm also hearing the question about what types of pure essential oils might people get most familiar with first. And so, I would say really popular essential oils on the market would be oils like lavender or lemon peppermint or tea tree. You know, all of these different oils have very unique qualities to them. Peppermint, you can dilute the peppermint oil and you can massage it onto the outside of your stomach if you have a belly ache, or you can take a deep inhalation in. Which has been really helpful for me during times when I've been traveling and I get an upset stomach or maybe I eat something and that triggers food poisoning.
Dr Nick Berry: Peppermint also can be applied to the back of the neck during a really hot day and it can actually help to cool the core temperature. That's a really nice little tip that I learned while I was traveling in South America. Lavender can be an exceptional ally to keep in your little personal medicine chest because lavender is great for bug bites, burns, inflammation. It can reduce stress for people. So you can apply lavender on topically, on a cut or a burn or a bug bite. You can massage it into the bottom of the feet or take deep inhalations in. If you're looking to reduce stress levels right before you go to bed. These essential oils - they work very intelligently because they're designed by nature.
Dr Nick Berry: And what I mean to say about that there are essential oils and lots of different essential oil blends. I think many people are used to things having a very specific targeted effect. So, you know, something will make 98% of people relaxed or fall asleep. And with a general trend and now in nature, what nature does is it likes to bring balance. And so you can actually have the experience with different essential oils for relaxing the nervous system, but having a heightened sense of awareness. So a deeper level of clarity within the mind. So you might actually reduce stress in the body, but you might have an increased level of cognition. And so like an example of that would be - if you were to work with some tulsi tincture, I have an ultrasonic tulsi shirt that's really good for relaxing stress in the physical body, calming the mind, but also in enhancing focus and concentration. And so it's a great formula for meditation or reducing stress.
Wade Lightheart: That's great. You know, you talk about the intelligence of plants. I was actually reflecting on this a couple of months ago. I was sitting, doing a little meditation, just a little relaxing meditation in a park and I was sitting under a trellis that had these lavender plants growing all over it. And I thought, wow, think how intelligent these plants are that they've created such a pleasant fragrance that here us humans are cultivating and growing them and building a perfect place for them to grow so we can just enjoy the benefits of the scent. Or if you think of how people plant flowers in their garden or put specific trees around or things where you would gather these. And it's like, here's these plants that have been around far longer than humans and they've created ways to create mobility for themselves.
Wade Lightheart: And I think it just struck me and you kind of tipped your hand on that a little bit earlier and I thought I would just mention that like how potent these are. So that those are some great tips on some of the things. Now let's talk a little bit about some of the esoteric plants. Cause I know you get down there and we have myself, I'm a meditator and I'm certainly been studying kind of the more spiritual pursuits as some of us would say, the nonlinear domains. It's outside the realms of science and casualty and all that sort of stuff. So can you talk a little bit about some of the more esoteric blends that you put together and how you came about that?
Dr Nick Berry: Yeah. I guess one of them that I have here is our third eye formulation. And third eye is a powerful blend of different essential oils including Royal Hawaiian, sandalwood, Jasmine Grande Florham. It has tulsi rosemary, cacau, and a CO2 extracted frankincense. And you know, I mentioned third eye. You brought up Paul, this is actually one of his favorite formulas that I have. And what he says is it really deepen his meditation quality. It helps to open up his third eye and open him up to clairvoyant vision. What I find for myself is it's kind of slows the energy down. It enhances my focus and my clarity. And so what I like to do is I'll actually massage and on the third eye and kind of rotate outwards in a clockwise fashion, take a few deep inhalations in. And the aromatic quality of this is,
Dr Nick Berry: you know, it's really a frequency of magic for me. I'm really life provocative and it opens up my lungs and it calms my nervous system and it stills my mind. And sometimes when I close my eyes and I go through this process, I'll actually see colors with my closed eyes. And so it really enhances me and it opens me up into a deeper level of a receptivity to meditation. We have quite a number of different essential oil tinctures. And so, you know, one thing that I think is worth mentioning is - there's so much talk for and against orally ingesting essential oils. And so I like everyone to really consider what they're putting into their body and being very intentional with that. For instance, an ultrasonic extract tincture is a very small concentration of essential oil.
Dr Nick Berry: It has lots of different lipids and waxes and other plant alkaloids besides just the aromatic terpenes and it's a more full spectrum extract and it contains a very small amount of the essential oil. When I look at the question about ingesting, I think that it can be a very powerful way of working with essential oils. But then it also brings up another question, which is the question of why and for how long and for what purpose. And so what I've done in my company is I've formulated different essential oil tinctures, which reduce the concentration of the essential oils that a person would be ingesting per drop. It also makes utilizing single drops more easy to administer. And it also puts it into an alcohol which makes the essential oil more absorbable into the body.
Dr Nick Berry: And so, you know, a single drop of pure essential oil in most of the traditional orifice reducers is usually about 35 to 45 milligrams. Um, but in a 15 mil dropper you get about 25 mil milligrams, and if you're using about 10% of that, you're getting about 2 to 2.5 milligrams versus a 35 to 45 drops. And that's assuming you just get one drop of essential oil when you're dropping it in your mouth upside down because many people will accidentally drop two or three. And so, you know, the question is, if you're choosing to ingest, why are you choosing to ingest something? And so what I've done is I've realized at different areas and times of my life that there's been really specific purposes. Like when I have a stomach upset or I'm wanting to drop deep within meditation or I am experiencing a cold or a flu come on and I want to stimulate my immune system.
Dr Nick Berry: So I have these tincture formulations that are ready and assessable. But I don't think that it's wise to ingest pure essential oils every day. So I just want to kind of bring the thought process forward for the listeners because I think it's important to have a connection with your own body to realize what is best for you. So kind of finishing up on other considerations on the more esoteric side. You know, we have different tinctures and also essential oil blends for different purposes. Examples of this would be our cosmic orgasm tincture. And that was actually one of the first essential oil tinctures that I produced, which is a combination of Royal Hawaiian sandalwood, Moroccan Cedar and Israeli blood orange and fused with organic sugarcane alcohol. By putting a single drop on the tongue, taking a deep inhalation in and breathing it in through the lungs.
Dr Nick Berry: What I find is that not only is the flavor profile just absolutely astonishing, which is where the name cosmic orgasm came from. But after a few minutes the flavor profile keeps changing and the mind gets really quiet and there's a deep level of focus. And it's a very inviting to go inward into the body and bring upon a deep level of inner peace. Other blends that I could talk about some esoteric formulations that had been really helpful for people just living in this modern age. I have a ceremonial set of essential oil blends and the three initial ones were formulated with the intention of supporting people during plant medicine ceremonies. The set of those is called Purity, Psychic protection and Positive transmission. And Purity is about cleansing the environment.
Dr Nick Berry: It's a combination of CO2 extracted MER, palo santo and white sage. And so what we do with Purity and this can be so applicable in office types environments or yoga studios is, I'll take a few drops into my hands and I can give you a little example for those of you who are tuning in with video. I put some oils into my hands and I'll walk around a room or an environment and I'll snap and I call this process dynamic diffusion because these aromatic molecules are going to disperse into the environment and the aroma is going to cleanse B - the environment on an energetic level. And it's also going to provide a very soothing and uplifting type of environment aromatically speaking. And so Purity is designed with the intention of cleansing a space.
Dr Nick Berry: Psychic protection I believe is probably our most widely relevant ceremonial blend. I've had everything from, you know, CEOs, Hollywood celebrities, people that are working at day jobs, all types of individuals, medicine carriers, work with psychic protection. And it's got a very unique vibration and it's very helpful in all different types of applications. So Psychic protection is really about cleansing the personal field, cleansing the personal aura and removing negativity. And you know, living in this modern day age with so many stressors, there's lots of opportunities for stress or anger or conflict to arise. And what Psychic protection does is it literally just cuts through the negative energy and the static in a moment. And it's like an energetic reset button for people. And, that formula is a combination of galbanum, angelica root, Calamus root, , spikenard, cardamom.
Dr Nick Berry: And you know, after you cleanse the environment and you cleanse a personal field, you can attract more positive energy into your experience. And so that's where the third ceremonial blend, Positive transmission comes in, applied around the Arik field and around the body round and on the body. And it's, it's a combination of different sacred herbs, resins and plants, African Copal Bark, frankincense, Myrrh, Tulsi and white Sage. And that really helps to clear the environment, clear my personal field and attract more new and fresh.
Wade Lightheart: It's really cool. And for those of you out there who are listening and saying, well, that sounds pretty wild. I mean, I dunno if that's the really working, I'll give you an example. We were testing essential lavender oil with my business partner and looking at alpha readings, Alpha's a brain state, usually associated with more states, regular consciousness, beta. And on his test we would take just a drop of lavender oil and we'd rub on the hands, smell it, put a little bit here on her third eye and we'd see a 30 to 40% boost in alpha almost instantly. So there is validity to what you're sharing. It's saying that can actually be proven in shifts in brain state. And of course, do you want to go the other way? If you look at a lot of the big humbling casinos and high end retail shops, they'll put very specific smells and sense inside that room to create and evoke certain feelings and senses inside of people.
Wade Lightheart: And I think as we live in a more, shall we say, industrialized world where we don't have exposure, like if we lived in a more forest setting to all these things, these elements become even more pronounced in their ability to alter states of awareness and states of physiological states or stress or open up people. So I really appreciate that you're sharing that and say people call it esoteric, but I think it only seems esoteric now that we are living so much in an industrialized world war before. If you live out in the forest, you get all these scents and smells would put you in. That was kind of a natural state for humanity, which is not so natural anymore.
Dr Nick Berry: Right. I really value that reflection. And I can even add to that. So, you know, there was a study that confirmed that palo santo smoke can actually cleanse an area. And what it was describing was that the PO, there's something in the smoke. Um, palo santo is a wood. It actually means sacred wood. And when you light the stick, it will release a smoke. And what the science found is that the smoke from the palo santo actually binds to free radicals in the air. And so, you know, it's just a matter of time before science really catches up with all of this, this ancient knowledge that has been used by humanity for millennia, where everything can be agreed upon from both directions. So I think that's really cool that you looked at alpha waves with lavender. I've worked with the neuroscientist before and have experimented the effects of different essential oils actually vaporizing them. And you know, we noticed that certain essential oils really, really impact a delta or theta or alpha waves as well.
Wade Lightheart: Which ones are working on those cause we're getting ready to go for another round of a neurofeedback training in February. We're going up to Dave's (Dave Asprey) place at 40 years of Zen. So what, do you have in regards to those oils?
Dr Nick Berry: Play with Tulsi! It's a really interesting, I'll send you a bottle.
Wade Lightheart: Which, which brainwaves does that evoke typically?
Dr Nick Berry: So this was about seven years that we looked, seven years ago that we looked at this. And if my memory serves, I believe it was interesting in that it stimulated both tetha, delta and some alpha.
Wade Lightheart: Wow. That's the kind of magic combo then if you can get all three going, that's great.
Dr Nick Berry: Yeah, it really is. And so from a physiological perspective, you know, it feels like calm, relaxed state, deeper level of focus and awareness and also an ease dropping into meditative mindsets. And so it's really interesting how science is able to support and validify what you can experience from these different plant teachers.
Wade Lightheart: Yeah, I think it's really important for people to understand is that, you know, science is a relatively new language for describing the world and a new pattern in many of these more ancient or traditional pathways that have in practice in the various cultures around the world had their own way of observing and describing the world, which was every bit as effective and clear as what science does today, what science calls a free radical. Maybe that would call bad spirits or you know, someone might say, inducing alpha waves today would be "Hey, I just feel more relaxed and calm in regular terms." So I think it's really important to recognize that all of these methodologies are just different forms of languages, but ultimately your own body is, and your own observations is, in my opinion, the greatest supercomputer on the world as like, well experiment with these oils.
Wade Lightheart: See how you feel, see what is the effect, see what the effect of the people in the room, what are they feeling, what are they noticing and what's going on. And you become, I think more in tuned with the power that these elements can provide for us. And it becomes kind of a fun endeavor. You know, because we're adults doesn't mean we can't play and have fun with these types of things. And I think that's something that's often lost in this science driven world. Prove it to me. I want to see a double blind study published, in a peer reviewed journal. And seven, that's coming as you alluded to, but you don't need all that stuff to kind of experiment the stuff and see how you feel. I mean, it's pretty quick and it's pretty responsive and I can tell you having used your oils, they're truly exceptional and they do change state your personal state relatively quick. It's instantaneous, which I think is really fascinating.
Dr Nick Berry: Thanks Wade. Yeah. You know, there's lots of different tools and techniques that we play around with to amplify the potency of our products. Everything from using different types of charging plates to putting our oils in a set of crystal bowls and tuning them to different notes. And, you know, there's really a liveliness to the vitality of the products that we're producing in house. And it's so great to hear that your first experience with our oils, as you were describing, you're able to feel it, you're able to experience a state change, because there's a lot of intention going into each of our products.
Wade Lightheart: One of the things that I was been fortunate way back in the day coming from a bodybuilding background and that sort of thing is that we had to learn how to get really in tune with their own physicality. And both my cofounder t my company BiOptimizers Matt and I, we both really try things and we can sensory feel things and they're like, "Oh wow, I can feel this happening in this part of my body. I can have this sense, right?" I now that we've done so much brain neurofeedback training, we can feel our brains switch into different states and then we can go dive in and get the proven data after. But those changes that happen and just being aware and observing them will indicate, you know, their effectiveness. We're coming up I guess a little bit over the hour, but that's okay, I'm having so much fun.
Wade Lightheart: Tell me about your tribe and where people can get some of these oils so they start playing with them. Cause I think there's going to be a lot of people who are going to say "Hey, I want to get some of these right now. How do I do I do this?" And then you can talk about your tribe as well that you have created, you know, kind of disseminating this information in an effective and safe way so that people can play safe if you will, when they're using these extremely potent products that you've developed.
Dr Nick Berry: Yeah, absolutely. So I guess lots of information is available to the general public at our website You can find us on all major social media platforms. You were also saying about our alchemy tribe. Within the past few years we've really ramped up our monthly club and we have a few different options. And so we have an option for our tribe members to receive a monthly package every month. And that package can range from anything from one to four different products, as we have three different tiers. So people can get one of our wizard alchemy blends or an essential oil tincture, a pure essential oil or CO2 extract and, and also a exquisite atomical perfumes.
Dr Nick Berry: So there's three different options for our alchemy tribe members to receive packages monthly. All of the subscriptions will have different discounts. We're going to be starting to do live Q&A's in 2020, which I'm really excited about. They'll have access to reaching out to me personally, the email, and it's just a real way that we can provide a increased level of care and information in a more coherent way. We also do some small sale extracts that are only available to our alchemy tribe members which has been really fun. We've done some really interesting novel plants including salvia divinorum and rose extract and lion's mane. And we always allow our alchemy tribe members to experience our products first. And in the many cases where we are just doing very small batches, we open it up to our alchemy tribe first.
Dr Nick Berry: And for people who are just really passionate about plants, they want to learn more. They want to experience our members only section. They want to see more of the content that we're developing behind the scenes but don't want a monthly package chosen for them. We also offer a yearly subscription, that comes with all the same perks, without the monthly packages. And so, you know, it's really been a very amazing opportunity for me to grow and to challenge me to continue to create new products, new ultrasonic extracts that we're releasing to our members and keep things on the novel and growth perspective and to really drop in and connect with our community on a deeper level. So it's really been a very special two way engagement portal for us.
Wade Lightheart: Super, great. And by the way, we'll drop all the show links into the show notes so that people, if they forgot that, uh, what your websites are and all that sort of stuff for social media, I guess they could just look up dr Nick Berry or and they'll find you one way through the ether waves, I guess it is. Any final passing thoughts before we wrap it up?
Dr Nick Berry: I'm really open to offering your listeners a 10% opportunity and would you love to see light part as the coupon code?
Wade Lightheart: That'll be great. That'll be great.
Dr Nick Berry: Great. So, remind me and I will activate that on our website. I guess my heart just wants to thank you, Wade for this invitation to connect today and for all the work that you're doing and, supporting people with their digestion and with their growth. And, you know, we're all playing our part to maximize this human experience. And I want to thank our listeners for their time listening to my perspective and my experience and integrating this plant wisdom. And I really hope that I have the opportunity to share our botanical extracts and my passion with your listeners. So thank you all for listening.
Wade Lightheart: Dr Nick, you're such a wizard and such a kind and compassionate person. Really appreciate you offering the discount to everybody. It's a all in the show notes and I just want to thank you for joining us today and sharing your wisdom. And by the way, these products are incredible. I'm excited to dive in and get more of them since my first initial experience and I've been using essential oil products for a long time and I've always liked them, but you are truly creating something very special, very powerful, very unique. And what a great way for our listeners to go in and go right to the top shelf right off the bat. So thank you for taking the time to join us today. Keep, you know, crafting your wizardry and hopefully we'll connect up real soon. One of the events that around the world that we're generally a in the same vicinity as.
Dr Nick Berry: Yeah. It sounds so great way. Thank you so much, man. I had a great time.
Wade Lightheart: Thank you. 
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