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246: Managing Nasal Allergies: A Comprehensive Guide – with Shani Bocian

Nasal allergies, also known as rhinitis, affect an astonishing number of people globally, with approximately 100 million individuals grappling with nasal inflammation and related symptoms. 

In a recent interview with Shani Bocian, co-founder of AllerMi, a telemedicine company specializing in allergy care, she shed light on the intricacies of nasal allergies, their causes, and an innovative approach to managing them effectively.

The Rise of Nasal Allergies

Contrary to the common perception of allergies as seasonal nuisances, Shani Bocian emphasizes that, for most sufferers, nasal allergy symptoms persist chronically throughout the year. 

The increasing intensity of pollen counts, attributed to climate change and rising temperatures, plays a pivotal role in exacerbating nasal allergy symptoms. 

Additionally, pollutants in the air contribute to higher and stickier pollen concentrations, making nasal allergies a year-round challenge for millions.

Challenges in Current Treatment Approaches

Shani Bocian highlights the limitations of prevalent treatments, such as oral antihistamine pills, in providing effective relief for nasal inflammation. While these medications address some symptoms, their systemic nature poses challenges in targeting the specific area of nasal inflammation. The need for more direct, localized treatments led to the development of innovative solutions like AllerMi.

The AllerMi Approach

AllerMi’s approach involves a comprehensive understanding of individual symptoms and their severity levels. 

Shani Bocian explains that there are five cardinal symptoms of rhinitis: congestion, runny nose, post-nasal drip, itch, and sneezing. AllerMi formulates a personalized nasal spray containing five different medications to address each symptom effectively.

Overcoming Medication Challenges

The interview delves into the drawbacks of traditional medications, such as oral antihistamines and decongestants. Shani Bocian emphasizes the importance of localized treatment to combat nasal inflammation effectively. 

The formulation of AllerMi’s nasal spray involves combining multiple medications into one formula, offering a convenient and targeted solution for users.

Concerns about the long-term consequences of overusing over-the-counter and prescription medications are addressed. 

Shani Bocian underscores the potential side effects of systemic medications and emphasizes the safety of AllerMi’s topical approach, minimizing the risk of adverse effects associated with prolonged use.

The AllerMe Experience

Shani Bocian shares insights into AllerMi’s user-friendly platform, accessible through a simple online questionnaire. The company offers personalized prescription nasal sprays, providing a convenient and effective solution for individuals suffering from nasal allergies. 

The telemedicine model allows users to consult with allergists remotely, ensuring widespread access to quality allergy care.

Shani Bocian envisions AllerMi leading the nasal spray category, offering a superior product with a unique combination of medication ingredients and customization capabilities. 

The company aims to raise awareness of safer topical treatments, revolutionizing allergy care and making it more accessible to a broader population.

Tips for Managing Nasal Allergies

Throughout the interview, Shani Bocian shares practical tips for managing nasal allergies. These include keeping the nasal airway moist, using saline sprays, incorporating air purifiers or humidifiers based on climate, and considering an anti-inflammatory diet for potential benefits.

In this podcast you will learn about:

  • Addressing rhinitis symptoms effectively.
  • Advantages of localized treatment.
  • Minimizing long-term medication risks.
  • AllerMi’s user-friendly telemedicine platform.
  • Practical tips for managing nasal allergies.


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