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009: Using Microcurrent Technology for The Mind, Body and Spirit, with Tone Floreal

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tone florealWhat would it be like if you could tap into the flow state regularly? Our guest, Tone Floreal, is here to share how this is possible by using microcurrent technology for the mind, body and spirit.

Today on BiOptimizers’ Awesome Health podcast he shares a few of those stories, including his personal “wholy shift” moments and how they led him to find microcurrent technology.

He also explains what this technology is, the process he has created with it and how it helps people experience states of bliss. Hear all of that and more on the 9th episode of Awesome Health with Tone Floreal.

More About Awesome Health with Tone Floreal

While you may not know him, Tone is recognized and respected among some of the top leaders in many industries; he has worked with everyone from Olympic athletes to professional speakers, and he does it with flow.

When I asked him to tell us who he is and what he does, Tone explains he had many setbacks early on in his life. He was raised by his single mom, after his father abandoned them. He also had a hearing impairment, was also overweight and, as a result, suffered from low self-esteem.

But sports saved him. When he played he entered the flow state: everything slowed down, happened in slow-motion, and his senses were heightened. The first time it happened was when he surfed a wave in San Francisco. It was a moment to treasure, and a moment that would change how he experienced life from then on.

Many, if not all, of us have heard of being “the flow”, but Tone has been talking about flow before anyone else. I learned a lot from him about being present and the simple state of “beingness”. He has an incredible presence and is an amazing healer.

Which naturally led to the question of how he gets into his flow state and how can he be so present? After his experience on the wave in San Francisco, Tone was on the search for how to get there again naturally. He found he could get into the flow through alcohol but he wanted to be in the flow without any drugs. Plus he lost a kidney in an accident when he was 15, which left him with only one kidney and a different perspective on life.

Tony’s Wholy Shift Moments

The desire to reach the flow state naturally took him on a journey of finding how he can be his best self through sports and personal exploration. And one of those explorations led to a powerful experience in Guam. He calls it his “wholy shift”.

He went to Guam to follow love, and it fell apart. At that point in his life he was basing his happiness on material things, including his bank account and his then girlfriend.

To get to Guam, he spent all of his college graduation money to get there. He worked as a personal trainer and strength coach at the time, but it was the slow season so he wasn’t getting a lot of clients. To make matters worse, when his girlfriend broke up with him he had less than $60 and was nearly homeless.

But through that girlfriend he rented a room in a house full of pilots. Because they were flying a lot he was there alone most of the time. He was lonely, and heartbroken one night when he called out to God for help. At the time he was also reading Autobiography of a Yogi, which talked about the power of meditation. So after asking for God’s help the night before, he woke up in a flow state. He felt born again, what he calls a wholy shift.

What Is Microcurrent Technology, and How Does It Work?

Switching gears, I asked him about microcurrent technology and to explain what it is and what it is not. Tone explains that this technology is based on how our bodies work (both human and animals). Our system runs on electricity, all the way down to cell membranes. Microcurrent technology models after optimal human/cell physiology. This isn’t muscle stimulation (like TEMS), that occurs when you are in motion.

Instead, microcurrent is below the muscle contraction threshold, it’s measured in nano amps. It has been effective in helping people regenerate ATP (the energy packet of the cell used for metabolism). Microcurrent is like refueling your gas tank in your car or recharging your cell phone battery (whereas muscle stimulation depletes it).

He discovered it during his time in Guam and his wholy shift: he would be in a long period of meditation and his phone would start ringing with new gym clients and new business. And his reputation began to grow and he became well-known on the island.

In a short period of time his life began to reflect what he visualized for himself. But he was also burned out as a personal trainer, he felt it was hard to influence his clients when he wasn’t with them. He was looking for something that would have an impact on their bodies and their selves immediately. So he made the decision to leave Guam, and find work that had an impact on someone right away.

Not long after he got a random email about a stuntman who used “space age technology” to regenerate his leg that had been completely shattered. It turned out that space age technology was microcurrent, and the stuntman was Tone’s now mentor John Thorp.

Doctors told John his leg would never be the same, they told him he needed a complete knee replacement. But 1.5 years after shattering his leg, he ran his first triathlon. A few years after that, he ran a race and beat the same orthopedic surgeon who told him he was the “stupidest human alive” to try to run on his leg, that surgeon also told John he would be crippled for life. (That same surgeon’s eyes were then opened after losing to John, and he wanted to know how John had recovered).

John heard all of this via a conference call that had been linked to in that random email he received. After listening to the call, Tone called up the institute with lots of questions. He was a bit skeptical but still felt like this could be the next phase for him. About 40 minutes into the conversation, John Thorp introduced himself as the person on the other end.

Tone was floored, he thought he had been speaking to a technician! Never one to miss an opportunity, Tone told John he was coming back to the States and wanted to check out the technology for himself. John gave him his personal number and said to call him when Tone got to California so they could meet up.

Soon after Tone made it to Maui to visit his friend and his sister. Through the magic of life he met a massage therapist who used to work for John, the massage therapist confirmed microcurrent technology did indeed work and John was the real deal.

What followed were even more synchronicities that lined up while Tone was on the island of Maui. He called John to schedule a visit in California. But John was on Maui too, so they met up for brunch the next day. Tone met John’s now-wife and saw his leg. Before Tone even experienced the machine he knew this was his next step.

Tone then had to come up with the money for the investment of the machine, and he decided to do it even before he received a treatment because his heart told him it was what he needed to do. Tone made it happen and became an owner of a microcurrent technology machine.

Tone On Creating His Own Process With Microcurrent Technology

Tone goes on to explain the processes he has developed to accelerate the use of microcurrent technology. John Thorp, Tone’s mentor, used this technology to get relief from his pain and heal his shattered leg, but he still didn’t have full range of motion.

By that point he had used most of his savings to get treated, so he was trying to figure out how to purchase a machine. John had to seek out the manufacturer, and somehow he found their mailing address. He reached an agent of the inventor of the device (even to this day the inventor remains top secret!). John asked them for the machine, and he started working on race horses so he could generate income to pay for the machine.

While he was working with racehorses, he found a protocol based on ancient Chinese acupuncture systems. When combined with the training he had originally received with the machine, John started to find out what was working and what wasn’t. From there he created a systemic way to help people improve their range of motion, increase their blood flow and healing within the body so they could be assured of results. John created a training and he trained Tone.

As he was learning, Tone also explored his own questions about the training and the machine outside of the framework of how he was taught. That’s where the flow real process has evolved: flow is an esoteric thing for most people, but everyone understands real (as in our real, physical world).

What Tone has figured out is how to bridge the gap between the mysterious “flow” world and the real world. Using microcurrent technology, he’s able to electrically induce a flow state in people so that they can have their “holy shift” moment. It’s getting people to that space of pure silence, everything is clear and bright!

On today’s show, we talk about my powerful experience with the machine, and how Tone helps people experience states of bliss with microcurrent technology.

This is a fascinating glimpse into using microcurrent technology for the mind, body and spirit. Tone will definitely be returning to go more in-depth on these topics and more, so join us for part one of his visit to the Awesome Health podcast, sponsored by BiOtimizers.

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