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015: Using the 5Ms to Become a Better Man with Vince Del Monte

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Vince Del Monte 5Ms Awesome Health Wade T LightheartVince Del Monte is a household name in the fitness world. He’s a master in exercise mechanics, rebuilding metabolism and overall health. But when you hear our conversation today you may hear a new side of him. Vince is also a father to two young children, a husband and an entrepreneur.

Recently he has transitioned from physical fitness into a male development brand. Now he’s helping men become better men, and using a framework of the 5 Ms of muscles, mindset, money, mission, and marriage. Join us to hear how Vince has applied those 5Ms in his own life to become an example, plus a lot more on episode 15 of BiOptimizers’ Awesome Health!

In this episode of Awesome Health, you’ll also hear:

  • Why is the gym a metaphor for life?
  • What is the #1 thing a woman wants from a man?
  • What is the half-pound strategy, and why does he teach it?
  • And much more!
More About Awesome Health with Vince Del Monte

Because Vince has carved out such a big name for himself in the fitness world I wanted to know what the catalyst was for his transition from physical fitness to a focus on male development.

He had a few reasons, the first being feedback from people he trusts along with his own internal guidance. People told him he had been producing similar videos over the last few years without bringing anything new to the table, and Vince also realized he didn’t want to be creating the same type of content in 10 years.

Those experiences coupled with a new role model in his new pastor led Vince to re-evaluate. In his heart he knew he had always wanted to be the type of man other men look up to, and live the type of life others would consider a trade up from their own lives.

But something was holding him back from making the leap. With more reflection, Vince understood he was being driven by protecting what he had created – a 7-figure business in the men’s fitness world – and the identity it had given him. He didn’t want to lose the reputation he had built with his peers or even within his family. But he also realized he was scared to lose what he had built and that was stopping him from taking the risks he needed to take, and being the leader he needed to be for himself and for others.

But now that he has stepped up and made the change he has discovered his audience has been waiting for him to go in this direction! They saw this coming even before he did and they weren’t surprised, they embraced it.

What Was The Key to His Transition?

There was one simple experience that sums up the key to his transition and it centers on masterminds. He was getting ready to do his next zero to six figure formula seminar, which is a two-day seminar for people who are ready to start an online business. It was planned and 40 people were registered for the weekend program.

The seminar was on a Saturday and Sunday, and on the Tuesday prior Vince was talking with Bedros Keuilian. He was considering investing in Bedros’ $50k mastermind, Vince asked Bedros if he would coach him on how to offer a mastermind to his own group at his seminar the next weekend.

Bedros gave him the script and told Vince to rehearse it, and to go into tunnel vision mode on the script. Vince was confident of the value he would be providing with his mastermind but he still rehearsed and practiced with his wife. And it paid off handsomely – at the end of the seminar Vince had 15 people who signed up for his $18k mastermind!

That was his turning point and the pivotal moment he had clarity on his path. Now he has over 30 guys in his coaching mastermind program.

Why Daily Disciplines Determine Your Character

Now that he has a new business and two young kids and a wife, I was curious how Vince structures his days and what his routine looks like on a daily basis.

For Vince routine is easy because he says he is built for it! But he and his wife have created a schedule that works for everyone. They have no nanny and decided Flavia, his wife, would stay at home with their two young children. She put her online business on hold so they could spend as much time as possible with their two-year old and their four-year old while the children are still young.

Flavia keeps him honest about the parameters they have set! He has a hard stop at 4:30 every day Monday through Friday and he doesn’t work weekends. During the week he wakes up at 4:30am or 5am every day, then he goes to the gym and works out, including adding those work outs to social media.

He gets home by 8am and is with kids from 8 til 8:45am to get them ready for the day and off to school. From 8:45am til 4:30pm he works. The rest of the day is spent with his family. On Tuesdays Flavia gets a half day for herself and to do whatever she likes. And Vince goes to bed every night between 8:30pm and 10:30pm at the latest.

Overall he sees this schedule as an opportunity even though he is growing slower than he could if he were spending all of his time building his business. And for him it’s important to live this way because he wants to work with and coach guys who are also building businesses without sacrificing the rest of their lives. It’s not worth it to him to achieve it all but be all alone when he gets there.

Vince has consciously created the structure around every area of his life as a way to hold himself accountable, and also to inspire the guys who want what he has built. He has had to learn how to work harder, not smarter now that he has a wife and children in his life.

How His New Approach Has Changed His Marriage

The schedule and structure he has today weren’t always in place and I wanted to know how it has changed his marriage. Vince explains that the #1 thing a woman wants is safety: she wants to know she is protected, and you still love her without sex.

And all of that requires one word: sacrifice.

Initially it was hard for him, and he was called out by his wife and other loved ones. They told him he was only happy when he got his way, and he only did things if there was something in it for him.

That went on for the first 6 years of his marriage, and he realized he was being selfish. Having a wife and kids has forced him to get out of his own world: life can’t revolve around his workouts, his trips, his nutrition, etc. There are other people involved and he has to sacrifice for them, which has made him a better person.

He’s learned to value more than just money, business or success – and it has forced him to put a value on things that will go the distance in life like a healthy marriage and a loving family.

On this episode of Awesome Health with Vince Del Monte, we also talk about how he’s different today than he was before those revelations and before this transition. He shares the adjustments he has made regarding his fitness and health now that he has kids along with some insider, no-nonsense tips about health. You’ll want to hear straight from the source so listen in to the 15th edition of Awesome Health!


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