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056: The Importance of Heavy Metal Detoxing with Wendy Myers

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So many people today feel exhausted, even with a great diet and exercise. Our guest was one of them, nothing helped her feel better until she learned the importance of heavy metal detoxing. Wendy Myers, heavy metal expert and best-selling author, joins us for episode 56 of Awesome Health.

Today, we talk about her experience creating, her work as a heavy metal expert and functional diagnostic nutritionist began and why doing a heavy metal detox should be a part of everyone’s ongoing health regimen.

Wendy’s passion for heavy metal detox began in her late 30s. She was tired all the time, even though she ate organic meals she prepared at home, exercised regularly and managed her stress. Her doctor told her she had the hormone levels of a menopausal woman and wanted her to take thyroid medications and hormone replacement therapy. She didn’t want to go that route and began her own research.

We dig into her findings more and also how you can tell if you might need to detox heavy metals in your body. The truth is most of us are exposed to heavy metals no matter what we do: they are in our water, our food supply, our soils, the products we use, etc.

Wendy tells us that many of our most common diseases and ailments can be due to heavy metal build-up, at least in part. Diabetes, for example, may be linked to toxins interfering with the pancreas’ ability to respond to blood sugar changes. Carbs can be a factor, for sure, but heavy metals often also play a big role in the presence of diabetes.

We also talk about other various heavy metals and toxins we are all experiencing in our everyday lives, and how healing can happen through our body’s energetic field. She explains the biofeedback scan she does with her clients and how it helps their overall well-being.

We finish up with a quick discussion on her book, Limitless Energy: How to Detox Toxic Metals to End Exhaustion And Chronic Fatigue, and how to get started if you think a heavy metal detox might be what you need. Join us to hear it all on today’s edition of Awesome Health!

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Wade Lightheart: Good morning, good afternoon and good evening. It's Wade T Lightheart from the Awesome Health Podcast from BiOptimizers and we've got another great show for you all lined up for today. In fact, we have none other than Wendy Myers, the founder of She's a heavy metal expert and functional diagnostic nutritionist. She's also the best selling author of "Limitless energy, how to detox toxic metals to end exhaustion and chronic fatigue". And boy, there's a lot of people suffering from that. That's why we're bringing her on the show today because we want to get into this. There are so many people suffering. She's got an incredible amount of knowledge for you to share. So if you're suffering from exhaustion, chronic fatigue, you know somebody you definitely want to tune in today because we've got one of the world's leading experts for you from BiOptimizers. Wendy, welcome to the show.

Wendy Myers: Thank you so much for having me.

Wade Lightheart: This is a huge, huge topic. People struggling with fatigue and stuff in there. They're trying to take energy boosters and five hour energy drinks and drinking caffeine. Like it's going out of style and they're going to their doctors and they're shooting up this and taking chemical that and at the end of the day a lot of those things are not addressing the underlying cause. Tell me, how did you get started in interested in addressing these issues and becoming an expert in this particular field?

Wendy Myers: Well, you know I'm like a lot of people. I just want to improve my health. I wanted to feel good and I found myself tired all the time in my late thirties and I was doing everything right. I was eating an amazing diet, farmer's market, organic, making it myself for the most part. I was taking a huge bag full of supplements. The highest quality supplements you can get. I was exercising a few hours a week. I didn't have any stress. I'm like, "what do I have to do to feel good"? Exactly. And I was really frustrated cause I felt like my full time job was working on my health during living a healthy lifestyle. And I thought, what is going on? So I went to the doctor and found out that with all this stuff, I was doing the hormone levels of a menopausal woman at 37 years old and I was super brain fog.

Wendy Myers: I was really moody. I wasn't sleeping well and I wasn't losing weight like I had. I just thought, well, maybe I'm getting older, but I'm 37 and you know, my doctor wants to put me on hormone replacement therapy and thyroid hormones. I just thought that it wasn't really what I was expecting. And I think a lot of people are in that same boat. They are tired and exhausted and their hormones are a mess and they just feel like crap. Even if they are really taking care of themselves. So I went on doctor Google and thought, what interferes in your hormones? And I kept happening upon heavy metals, chemicals, you know, estrogens in our environment. And I started focusing in on this and I thought, why have I never researched this before? Why haven't I read about this? Or really focused on it with everything that I had read about diet and exercise and weight loss and whatnot. So I really focused in on that and the more I read, just a light bulb went off. This is a huge factor that a lot of people are missing when they're trying to resolve health symptoms and aren't successful with other things that they're trying to do, like diet and exercise.

Wade Lightheart: This is a great topic because there's a lot of people who don't realize the kind of toxins they're using in their cosmetics, in their suntan lotions and their deodorant. And then what's also not just in your food, because you can actually bring in these metals from all these things that we never really think of. And you know, I've had friends who've been exposed to like on farms, you know, problems with fertilizers and chemical agents and things like that. There's all these different areas that are kind of absorbing it. It's not like you're going out and eating tinfoil or you know, eating aluminum to be suffering from heavy metals. How can you best assess if you have toxic levels of these metals? Like what is it that you can indicate what are the symptoms maybe, and then maybe how do you discover if this is something that you're suffering from?

Wendy Myers: I think that's the questions for the whole podcast. But let's start with like, where are you getting this stuff? So, you know, we get these heavy metals like arsenic and lead and aluminum and mercury and chemicals like BPA and glyphosate, that's a herbicide, and there's a hundred thousand chemicals in our environment. So we get all this stuff in the air, food and water. So even if you're drinking perfectly filtered water, you're getting it in your shower. You're getting chemicals and metals and medications, testosterone, things like that. Estrogen, birth control pills in your shower water. You are getting lots of different chemicals and metals in your food. When we had leaded gasoline, all that lead that when it was admitted by our cars is now in our soils and getting into our food, getting into our supplements.

Wendy Myers: And it's impossible to avoid and it doesn't matter how healthy of a lifestyle that you have, you are going to have some levels of heavy metals and chemicals in your body impacting every different organ system in your enzymatic processes, your production of proteins, and so it can produce any imaginable symptom. We can go into more depth on all these different things, but that's just kind of an overview of what's going on. So it's some point, so you may feel fine today, but at some point when your body burden of toxins reaches a certain point, it's going to start causing you symptoms: depression, anxiety, fatigue, infertility is a huge one, urine function, blood sugar control. It's estimated that diabetes is really one of the number one causes. It is toxins, arsenic and other toxins that are interfering in your pancreas. It Is ability to respond to blood sugar fluctuations properly in your body. It's not just carbohydrates, but that's part of it. But you know, if you really look at all the different major health issues and chronic health conditions, hypertension and heart disease and just fatigue, brain fog, dementia, all of these have an underlying cause of heavy metals. And it's in the research, it's very, very clear. So if you want to be healthy and meet your health goals and live a long healthy disease, free medication, free life, you really need to be thinking about adding heavy metal detoxification, chemical detoxification, of course to your health regimen.

Wade Lightheart: Powerful, powerful information for people to understand. So is this literally what you did to kind of transform your health? You had to discover this piece by piece. Maybe can walk us through what that education and then obviously the transcendence of it and then now becoming such a profound advocate of this, you could share your own experience and then maybe some of the mistakes you made or things that you learned in what you would do today with some if you're in one of these conditional case conditions.

Wendy Myers: Yes. Well, my journey started with a test. So it started with the heavy metals test where I started with a hair mineral analysis, which is a great screening tool. It doesn't tell you all of the heavy metals you have in your body, but it will tell you some of them. And I discovered that I had mercury toxicity. I had arsenic toxicity and then other tests, other urine and stool metals tests reveal I had cesium toxicity. I had thallium, I had uranium and I had other metals as well. I had cadmium, I was nuclear. Yes. And I was like, what, where did I get these? You know, I've lived so healthy. I have such a healthy lifestyle and digging further in my research I was like, wow, you know, how do I not have these in my body?

Wendy Myers: And so it really explained a lot of my symptoms for me and it ended my frustration with trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Like why I couldn't lose weight. Oh well, arsenic poisons the enzymes that transports fat out of your fat cells. And where do you get arsenic? Conventional chicken, conventional eggs, rice, water. So it just really explained a lot of things to me and stop the self-blame that I had where it was "I'm not doing enough". I need to eat less and exercise more. Biology always overcomes willpower. So it wasn't about what I was doing or not doing. It was more about that I just had to get these metals and chemicals out of my body that are interfering in weight loss and blood sugar control and my hormones and my metabolism. And now being healthy is a lot easier and I am getting the health results that I want because I got rid of those roadblocks to how my body was functioning.

Wade Lightheart: And how long was that journey? Cause I think a lot of people expect that just going to take a magic pill and that's going to be at, and that's the big, the big lie that's being propagated inside our pharmaceutical industry. I had Dr. Sanjay Gupta honor of the British one yesterday on the podcast and he was talking about, well, when they talk about these pills and solutions that are often offered to us through quote unquote conventional medicine or whatever, if you actually say, well, this will help with whatever, when you actually look at the data, the data doesn't really support that. It's like a minuscule amount to maybe one person, which is not even the amount of a placebo side. Now when you're going through kind of a more natural or holistic form of detox, how long did it take you to go from where you were to kind of feeling better and feeling confident and being where you want it to be?

Wendy Myers: Well, I had a little bit of a learning curve, so it was a little bit slow going at first. But now I think, you know, over the almost last 10 years of researching this, I bought a lot of components that speed things up for people. But you know also another point to make is, you know, detox is a lifestyle. You know, there's no kind of finish line because we're always exposed every day to metals and chemicals. I mean the average woman just in her personal care products gets an average of 125 different chemicals,

Wade Lightheart: 125 different chemicals from all of the feminine things that women like to use on themselves. No wonder guys are resistant to using that.
Wendy Myers: Yeah. But you know guys are using more products now, so you know and then you're breathing air and you get mercury and aluminum and the other thing.

Wade Lightheart: Well they talk about like the dust that comes off brakes on highways, that goop, that's like brake chemicals are very serious and you look on your cars and you see all that scoring on that black scoring on your rims. Well that's going into the air and people are breathing that which interrupt for example, the rate of diabetes in cities or people close to highways is like some exponential factor higher.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then you have thallium. Thallium is naturally occurring in petroleum products and we know how much that's going into the air above the burning of oil and gasoline and thallium is huge contributor to fatigue and brain fog, digestive issues. It's 10 times more toxic than mercury. And it's even used in assassination attempts as well because it's that lethal. It's kind of interesting. But this is a huge, huge issue and you know, people have to be paying attention to this. So I started, like I mentioned with heavy metals testing and I started out with minerals. So just taking minerals is a fantastic detox.

Wade Lightheart: What kind of minerals should people be taking?

Wendy Myers: Magnesium. Magnesium is the number one thing that people need to be taking that they're deficient in. You can't detox very well if you don't have adequate minerals. And if you are mineral deficient, you're more prone to accumulate and retain heavy metals because the body can use some of these in the body. Like zinc for instance. If you're zinc deficient, your body get to you and you using to repair your arteries and your skin and things like that. If you don't have enough zinc, which a lot of people are deficient, then your body can use cadmium instead. Cadmium causes more cancers and all of the other heavy metals combined. And so the body can use cadmium to repair the arteries and it's very hard and riddle. So the arteries don't have that nice responsive reflex to stressors or what have you and expand a contract. And then people get hypertension, high blood pressure they get heart disease. And that's why smokers get hypertension and heart disease and cancer. It's cause of the cadmium in the cigarettes.

Wendy Myers: So that's kind of that whole process. That just kinda gives you an idea of just more information about that. But so minerals are super key. Those are the super basic foundational way to detox and just doing that will start pushing toxins out. So zinc, magnesium, selenium is super important. Most people are deficient in that. Potassium is super important to push out. Cesium and thallium, which we get cesium from nuclear disasters, nuclear testing accidents, Fukushima, Chernobyl, lots of cesium toxicity. Every one I test have cesium and thallium, every single person. Everyone has mercury lead and aluminum. Impossible not to have those metals. The other ones are kind you know, people have different levels of them, but everyone has heavy metals to a certain degree. And I think a lot of people don't realize that they have symptoms from them. Maybe they have, maybe just learned to live with them. Like maybe they're just a little bit more tired or their concentration isn't as good or their sleep isn't as good, or their libido wasn't all that great or, and they just kind of learned to live with this stuff and just think that they're getting older and it just kind of slowly but steadily creeps in and people don't realize until they remove these things, how much better they can actually feel.

Wade Lightheart: Yeah, very, very powerful information. I'm a big advocate of magnesium. It made such a big difference in my own life. And we developed a magnesium because of it. Let's talk about what is your favorite most effective detox protocol. What is, based on all the information and research that you've done, what is your go to for the general public or most people that would come to see you or hire you or consult with you?

Wendy Myers: Well, you know, it's really interesting. I mean, so I love different settlements, like key leaders and things. Well, a key leader is somebody that will go in and grab a metal and remove it. And so most people think about like, oh I have mercury. I need to go in and grab it and remove it and get it out of my body. But the body doesn't always allow that. And so a lot of people have found when they go to try to do a detox that they don't, they really feel terrible. I wonder doing that and that's a sign that it's not really working for you. I mean, a part of detox is that you're not always going to feel great. You know, you're going to have a little bit of fatigue and headaches, maybe a little nausea, you know, it's just par for the course when you're kind of, the stuff is excluding from your fat cells or wherever it's hidden in the body and the body. It's got an exit the body and the body's got a process that it takes energy and it doesn't always feel great. So there's, that's one component. People don't like that, but that's, you know…

Wade Lightheart: So it sounds, I called it a healing crisis, that things start to work and people feel worse and they panic, but that you just need to go through that phase to get to the next one.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, you just got to walk through the fire. That's part of it. But there's ways to reduce those Herxheimer reactions or detox reactions. But a great thing to do is take a binder, a binder I like. I really like citrus pectin. I have a product called Citrus cleanse that's a great fruit, such as pectin that has some other things like humic, fulvic acid and some cilantro extract, which really works as a really great sponge to absorb things that are in the gut and in the bloodstream. So that's a very simple passive way to detox. And if you're doing other detox stuff like infrared saunas you're mobilizing all these toxins, you want something to absorb it. And so citrus pectin is fantastic for that. And then I also am a big advocate for different types of silica or a specific type called ortho-silicic acid and that can detox and bind to metals that cause fatigue.

Wendy Myers: So there are specific metals that we know interfere in mitochondrial production. So metals that cause fatigue are arsenic, aluminum, 10 thallium and cesium. And very, very common. Most people have these. A lot of people that are tired, they're reaching for energy drinks or supplements or carbohydrates and sugar, any illegal drugs, stimulants, anything to get them through the day. Andit pains me to see that because people are destroying their health. But with all these things I mentioned are very problematic and people don't realize it's not. And even mitochondrial supplements, which are great, you have to feed the mitochondria, but these metals poison enzymes that transport nutrients into your mitochondria. So even if you're taking mitochondrial boosting supplements, all those nutrients may not be getting in if you have significant levels of any one or more of these metals.

Wendy Myers: And so it's really important to remove these roadblocks to ATP energy production. Think these are a big, big culprit in why people are fatigued. And then that causes this domino of effects. Like your brain uses 20% of your energy. You can't get enough energy to power your brain or concentrate. You need energy to detox your food. You need energy to have a solid blood brain barrier for those astrocytes to really be held together solidly to prevent toxins from getting in your brain. You need energy for that single cell lining of entire sites in your gut to be hold held together or you can get leaky gut and all the problems from that. This is a really serious issue. It's not just about "Oh, I don't have enough energy to go play tennis". You know, your body doesn't have the energy it needs to even respond properly to health issues, to respond properly to the different stressors in your body and all requires energy.

Wade Lightheart: I think people, an easy way to illustrate that is this. If you're driving from, you know, Phoenix to Los Angeles, you would not expect to do this on a half a tank of gas. You've got to be able to fill up the tank. Of course we would see that. Of course, that makes sense. I know that I can't do that and if I don't do that, I'm going to end up somewhere in the Mojave desert broken down and having some real problems other than just not having gas. So it's a compounding effect by not able to address the underlying energetic needs or people are putting lot of really bad dirty gas inside their system and that's clogging up the fuel injection system, etc. So what are some other things in your protocol that you like on the favorite side just to keep on target? Cause I know I kind of sidetracked you. My apologies.

Wendy Myers: No, no, no, no. I love that guys.

Wade Lightheart: I just get so interested and I go down another layer and I'm like oh God.

Wendy Myers: I love how guys always use car analogies for the lights. So far so awesome. Yeah. So you know, what I was saying before about the citric cleanse is like a binder and then the to remove the metals that cause fatigue. I developed a product called Ageless AF that really just has this ortho-solicic acid in it that removes the metals that cause fatigue. So these two supplements, it's a very simple thing. It's very easy to take. It's incredibly effective. We see it in the research to remove a lot of the metals and chemicals that people have. So that's a very simple place to start and isn't going to do everything for, but you know,you have to take certain things to go into your cells and remove metals like this, OSA, this ortho-solicic acid, and then the binder, which is the grapefruit pectin.

Wade Lightheart: Well it's obviously working for your cause you look pretty ageless to me when you started giving me the timeline. I'm going "wait a second", you know, you look like you're in your twenties.

Wendy Myers: I'm almost 50.

Wade Lightheart: You look amazing. You're looking at your skin is right. So for those who aren't listening, if you see the video, your skin is rating, you look so healthy and robust and that wasn't always the case. So you're speaking, as someone who's actually done this. What other things, cause I know once people kind of get into this and they start seeing results, it becomes pretty motivating and life changing. So what are some other things that you've been doing or maybe the next stage or you know, advanced stages? Cause I know we got some pretty advanced listeners like "oh I want to try this".

Wendy Myers: Yes, yes, yes. So the next day or so, of course it's supplements, super basic minerals, super important. But I also incorporate bioenergetics to detoxification.
Wade Lightheart: So what's bioenergetics for our listeners?
Wendy Myers: So bioenergetics is essentially the study of energy in the human body. So we have an energy field. Our body throws off an energy field. And in this energy field there are energy, energetic waves and information is transferred on those ways. It's one of the ways our body communicates. The heart sends messages to the pancreas or what have you, and operating instructions. And it works the same way like a radio. So you have radio waves and there's information on these radio waves. And when you tune a radio to a certain frequency, like 98.6, you hear this information that's transferred on the energy ways. Our body works the same way.

Wendy Myers: And so a lot of people who are not well that have trouble detoxing, they can't take any supplements because they're too sick to do that, it makes them ill or have a lot of food sensitivities that can eat five foods or whatever. What do you do with these people? You know, and his is something that really bothered me as a practitioner. I've worked for thousands of people. It bothered me like, how am I gonna help this person? They can't take supplements or they can't eat any food. Like, where do you start? You know? And so these people at the foundation of your body's physical functioning, i begins in the energy field. So if you can work in the body's energy field and find blockages in the energy, energy field and clear those, then you have a better expression of physical functioning.

Wendy Myers: And so I incorporate this into my protocols to facilitate detoxification, but it has a lot of other benefits as well because it just gets the body working how it's supposed to be working. And people start doing the bioenergetic protocol that I use is called NES health NES health bioenergetics. But I do, there's a number of things that I recommend. There's a harmony pendant that really helps to balance the body's energy field and get rid of distortions problems in the energy field. And there's other things that I use, biofield tuning, but the foundation of it is this harmony pendant and the NES health bioenergetic program. And it's just a very simple thing to do. We do this like scan, a biofeedback scan. People do it at their own home. It's very easy to do and it tests 500 different data points.

Wendy Myers: You get this wealth of information about what's going on in your body and all your food sensitivities and you see all your nutrient deficiencies and you see emotional traumas. You see what organs those issues are affecting. You see all your heavy metals, you see the type of EMF you're sensitive to. It's incredibly interesting and eerily accurate. And I have clients, they don't tell me anything what's wrong with them and they see the scan and they say, "oh, I had a surgery on my appendix" and the appendix is coming up. Or I had what have you just for example. And so I like to use bioenergetics to help facilitate someone's liver and kidneys and in colon and skin detoxing better. But the end result is really every parameter of organ functioning improves.

Wade Lightheart: Wow, that's really, really, really powerful information. And also I love that you're leveraging us and people go, well sounds kind of wish, but I mean we live in a world of frequency, vibration, wi-fi signal, satellite signals, telephone signals, all these sorts of things. And so there, it only makes sense that anytime you have an electrical current, you also create a magnetic field. This is proven in science and our nervous system runs on electrical current as do ourselves as mitochondria, which produces electromagnetic fields. And we can feel those fields, like someone might have an amazing presence or someone might be kind of dark or these type of things. And the fact that you're also addressing on those levels for people who want to get a little a deeper look at it, I see the DNA is actually as a Tesla coil and the various minerals on it are like signals on your dial.

Wade Lightheart: One Oh one one Oh two here's country, here's rock, here's hip hop here as classical music. You're deficient in minerals, you aren't able to get all those signals that make the body work. And then also if you add these chemicals, they sit on those gaps and cause blockages so that you do not get that solid signal. And that has an impact on our health, our vibe or functionality or emotionality, all these sorts of things. So we're far more dynamic than these biological organisms. We, I mean if you dive into the physics, we're all empty space and frequencies and vibes. So that's why we go to big events. That's why I liked it. You know, the chemistry of love and all these things are all things that we can actually live in field that create chemical responses as a function of the electromagnetic frequencies that are going on.

Wendy Myers: That's an amazing explanation. You hit it, hit the nail on the head. Yeah. And everything has a frequency in which a vibration that can be measured is very simple. So, and there's tons of research behind this. If you go on pub med and type in bioenergetics, there's a tons of sciencetons of amazing studies going on. It's really the future of medicine. Conventional medicine hasn't caught up with this, but an MRI you're measuring frequencies, the look of magnetic fields…

Wade Lightheart: …EKG, all these sorts of things. They're measuring these. And of course now we have technology, we can pick up stuff and there's a vast array. Many of this research was developed or advanced in Soviet Union and some of the Eastern block countries, which are more open to it and didn't have to suffer the kind of conventional medicine locked down that was controlled by pharmaceutical lobbyists. And a lot of this stuff was blocked or banned or not allowed. But we're seeing a reemergence as this largely in part, I think is because of our exposed to frequencies and vibrations much more like 20 years ago now, everybody was walking around with a cell phone and now everybody knows what it's like to have a good signal and a bad signal.

Wendy Myers: Well, I had a cell phone 20 years ago.

Wade Lightheart: Those ginormous ones. You got to carry that like in a backpack or whatever. Great. Charlie, Charlie calling me or straight, you know. I digress. Let's talk about some simple detox tips for your listeners that can really start get there. They're listening to this and I'm like, I want to do something. I don't know what to do. Where do I start? What do I need to do?

Wendy Myers: Well, the first thing you can try on mitochondria detox, that's a very simple thing to do. And then also other really simple things are reducing stress because this is another foundational thing a lot of people don't think of when it comes to detox or anything you're trying to do to heal your body. If you're in a stress state, you are not in a healing state. And so you have to be, get into your parasympathetic nervous system. And there's lots of ways to do that in order to rest, diet, digest, detox, and regenerate and heal. And so this is another kind of wrench in people's kind of plan to try to get better and detox. And so ou've gotta be in this relaxed state. So I use the harmony pendant, so it's this little pendant right here for anyone that can't see that.

Wendy Myers: So this is a very quick way to help people kind of very quickly get into parasympathetic state. But you can do in meditation and yoga and in all these different things. But for many people that's temporary and then kind of right backward they've started to and for many people I find trauma is a huge underlying root cause of just constant stress is constant energy drain and a lot of people aren't consciously aware of it. And so I like using this NES health bioenergetic program to look at what types of trauma there are and has a very simple protocol to release is another very simple way for people to release trauma bio energetically because a lot of the stuff that you can't, you can't just go to talk therapy and talk it out.

Wendy Myers: It's ingrained in your body. There's an energetic imprint there that has to be released and it's a constant stressor for so many people. Then there's EMF, this constant stressor that is these non-native frequencies that are interrupting and our body's communication kind of a stressor. And so these things have to be looked at and reduced. That's why it's not enough to go do grounding and walk on the beach or do yoga or meditation because you're kind of right back where you started. After you're done with that, with all these different stressors acting on you. So that's a very foundational thing, not just for detox, but for your health in general. And then minerals, just taking minerals. You know, minerals aren't that sexy. There's not a lot of people who get all excited about selenium because they're just more excited about turmeric or just other things that people write articles about on the internet.

Wendy Myers: Focusing on minerals is really key. Proper hydration, super basic. A lot of people just drinking water, but they're not really absorbing it ,So I'm a big fan of structured water. Even putting mineral salts in your water as well. If you're mineral deficient, you can't hold onto the water even if you're drinking it. And I love, there's a water I drink called Watt-Ahh. I'll show it to you right here. It's called Watt-Ahh and you can get it on Aquanew.Com. And this has the fifth phase of water, the gaseous state of water, oxygen and hydrogen and electrons infused into purified water. And that floods your body with oxygen and hydrogen and electrons,negative ions, which ground your body, which was what you're, that's how your body works. It has to be grounded to work properly electrically.

Wendy Myers: That detoxes you a ton. So that hydration component is super important. I drink water every single day. I love it. And it gives you tons of hydrogen and a lot of people taking molecular hydrogen. It's great, but what about the oxygen? You know, what about the electrons needed to get that hydrogen into yourself. You know, there's a little myopic just taking the hydrogen. So I like the water in that respect. So these are super basic things that people don't think of when it comes to detox. But we happen not just thinking about going in and ripping out metals and mercury and lead. You have to facilitate the body's ability to release them. And you can't do that just with taking heat later or doing inoculation.

Wade Lightheart: So concise and very thorough. I love all the components of it. So let's talk a little bit about you and your clinic and you know, what it is that you do, who comes to see you, what do you take them through? And let's walk us a person through this because I think in today's world, oftentimes, people will kind of get started on something, but there's a lot of uncertainty and having that guide, having that expert, having that person of experience that can not only provide you the type of things that you need, if you visited the insights to tweak or optimize that process. So can you share with us what's the type of person that comes to see you and how you walk them through that process?

Wendy Myers: Yeah. Well, a lot of times people come to us after they've tried a lot of other things. You know, they're eating an amazing diet. They're taking amazing supplements. They're exercising, they're trying to sleep and they've tried a lot of different things. Maybe we looked at their genetics and you know they need guidance and to figure out what that next step is. And, and they hear me talking about heavy metal drug. Oh, maybe it's that. So I have a team of practitioners that will assess someone and look at their health history and can help them decide what their next step should be. I really like it if people start with bioenergetics because we have to kind of lay this foundation for your body to work better. So I like it. People kind of do our NES health bioenergetics program for about six months, maybe out of harmony pendant to what they're doing as well.

Wendy Myers: And following some of the basics. I just talked about proper hydration minerals and maybe starting the mitochondria detox are very, very basics. And then doing at some point a heavy metals test. We do hair, mineral analysis, urine and stool metals tests as well because there's no perfect heavy metals test. Some metals come out in hair, some come out in the urine, some come out in the stool. And so we need to look at all three of those to get the total body burdenMetals that people have and based on that can develop a customized supplement program for them to get rid of the specific metals that they have is different substances, remove different metals. And so in some people have some strange metals. We're thinking like, where'd you get that? We can help clients kind of piece together where they got these toxins and how to get rid of them within the context of addressing their other health issues and considerations and contraindications for supplements or whatnot. And so we really try to hold people's hands every step of the way to try to give them that last piece of the puzzle to their health, which is that bioenergetics and heavy metal detox component.

Wade Lightheart: Amazing. Quick question. I think for a lot of people. Let's talk a little bit about your book "Limitless Energy: How to Detox Toxic Metals to End Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue". Obviously an hour with you is not enough time to kind of give you the whole picture. And I think I would want to encourage people to grab a copy of that book. Can you talk a little bit about the book? Is it like when someone reads that or gets that, what are they going to expect and how that's going to give them the overall picture, I would assume? Is that correct?

Wendy Myers: Yeah, exactly. I really hone in on the heavy metals that cause fatigue. All the research behind that for all, you know, the biohackers that are into that and then going to each heavy metal or toxic metal. Not all of them are heavy, like, you know, aluminum is not considered heavy metal, but that's the term people use or think of. And so going through all those step-by-step and then solutions about how to detox supplements and infrared saunas, coffee enemas for liver flushing, all these different components of detox to help really give people an understanding of why they're toxic, occluded some of their symptoms and how to address it. Solutions.

Wade Lightheart: We're gonna pop some links in there. I think you can just go on Amazon and grab that as well. And is there anything else that we haven't covered in around the areas of detox and all these sorts of things that you think is really important to get across?

Wendy Myers: We covered everything. Essentially, anyone listening, if you were like me where you feel like you're doing everything right. You're eating those super healthy organic diet or you're trying Keto or you're taking all these supplements that are amazing, top notch quality. You're trying to exercise and you have this intuitive sense like something else is wrong. You're correct. I'm telling you that, you know, heavy metals and chemicals play a big role in your body, not performing how you want it to. And you want to be looking at that and not only just taking stuff out of your body, not only detoxing metals out of your body, but learning about how to reduce the influx of toxins in your home and environment. And so I have tons of free information, a hundred hundreds of podcasts and hundreds of articles on to help you to learn all about that.

Wade Lightheart: Well, where can people find you, your website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, all that sort of stuff. If you can give us stuff, we're going to put them. You can shout it out for you because I think you've got so much information and you're so clear. You're, I mean, you're a living radiant obviously a product of the information you've applied. Can you share where people can reach you?

Wendy Myers: Yes. You can go to and I also have the Myers detox podcast all about detox. And I'm on YouTube, and all the other social medias Myersdetox.

Wade Lightheart: Wendy Myers, you are amazing. And I am just blown away by how quickly, effectively, and concisely you are able to share with people the importance of detoxing, getting out these heavy metals remineralizing, getting their bioenergetics in order, getting their whole health up and running in a way that allows you to kind of get out there and feel your best and have the energy that you require. Is there any closing statements that you'd like to say before we go?

Wendy Myers: No, I think I covered it. Detox is that missing piece of the puzzle. And detox is a lifestyle. It's not something you do and like a couple of months. So if you think about it, if you're 50 you've had five decades of cumulating metals and chemicals, you're probably not going to turn that around in just six months. So realistic expectations is important, but I encourage people to incorporate detoxification into their lifestyle on a daily basis, and I teach that on

Wade Lightheart: Absolutely brilliant. Folks, this is another episode of BiOptimizers, the awesome health podcast with none other than Wendy Myers. Make sure you check out her website at and her book "How to Detox Toxic Metals to End Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue. There is no need to feel bad, to feel terrible, or to not have enough energy to deal with life on your own terms. Check out. Wendy, I want to thank you for being on the show today and for all our listeners, we'll see you again on another episode of BiOptimizers the awesome health podcast. Take care.
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