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101: Living a Healthy Life that’s Simple and Easy with Dave Sherwin

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How can we stay physically active throughout our lifetime?

In this episode, we discuss the importance of having a flexible attitude regarding our health and being able to pivot in life when a door closes. We must find a new door to walk through to reach our goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle as we mature. “I literally, on my 40th birthday, stopped playing basketball and consciously shifted to triathlon” competitions, says our guest Dave Sherwin.

Dave is a certified fitness nutrition coach, supplement entrepreneur, host of The Dirobi Health Show, and a mindfulness meditation practitioner. At the age of 47, he qualified for and competed in the triathlon Olympic Distance National Championships in Vermont and finished in the top 25% of all competitors. He completed a Spartan Beast in four hours, and last year at age 52, he set a personal best 405-pound dead-lift.

In this podcast, we cover:

● How to leave a sport you loved in your youth and embrace a new sport
● How to overcome the fears that hold you back
● The value of professional coaching in life
● The book that has impacted Dave Sherwin the most
● Why the Dirobi UnDiet is a unique, effective way to lose weight
● The seven principles of the Dirobi UnDiet

What books have impacted your career the most?

Dave is a big reader. His love for books traces back to his childhood. As a shy boy growing up, Dave could be found reading quite often, and his passion for books is still strong today. Dave has read over 700 books on health alone. “That may sound insane to the people listening.”

This books’ topic prompted our host Wade Lightheart to ask Dave which books have made the most significant impact on his career?

Without hesitation, the one book Dave shared is a classic health and fitness book from the late 1990s called Body for Life by Bill Phillips. Phillips is considered a pioneer in the “body transformation” industry who started the “before and after photos,” the “12-week transformation,” and rewarded people for their efforts. Phillips even gave away his Lamborghini to the winner of his first transformation contest.

Dave took the Body for Life transformation challenge back then and got great results. Body for Life changed his life. His friends noticed how much muscle he had gained on his formerly skinny physique, and those affirmations gave Dave a lot of confidence going forward.

What is the Dirobi UnDiet?

The Dirobi UnDiet is not like the typical diets out there where you lose weight over a few months and then struggle to maintain your weight as you feel deprived in your diet. That is why Dave calls his program the “undiet,” as he describes his Dirobi Undiet as “precision nutrition distilled.”

The Dirobi UnDiet stands on solid science.

Dave shares the seven principles to the Dirobi Undiet: the first principle is to stop drinking extra calories–especially during a weight loss phase. When you think about it, calories from drinks are unnecessary when you are eating correctly and maintaining your proper body weight. Juices are one of the biggest culprits of extra calories. Dave encourages followers of the Dirobi UnDiet to commit to water one hundred percent.

If you are avoiding soda, alcohol and only drinking “healthy” juices like orange or apple juice, Dave says that’s still too many unnecessary calories. If you eliminated those juices, you would automatically cut down a few thousand calories from your weekly intake. 

Stay tuned as Dave shares the other six principles to the Dirobi UnDiet, including his professional take on intermittent fasting and his precision nutrition approach to food that you will find to be a “handy” way to eat.

Dave Sherwin’s message for the world is living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard. Here is how to do it with ease.

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